How I Cured Morgellons

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Laura (aunt)

2:14:31 PM


Stay strong and accept this one day at a time. For me it seems to be two steps forward; one step back. But we must stay the course in order to finally cross the finish line. I am at the point of my recovery where I have a whole week of great success and then need to spend a day in bed resting. I now understand the true meaning of faith and perseverance!

"So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised." Hebrews 10:35-36

7:57:54 AM

Hi Laura,

thanks for your reply :-)

Well I have good days and bad days as we all do. Sometimes I manage to be positive, other days can still freak out a bit depending on how bad symptoms are.

If things are really bad it can make me feel quite unwell. But, it's been over six years now with many ups and downs. And one thing I have realized is just like everything else the bad times don't last forever. Everything waxes and wanes just like the seasons and darkness and light. At the worst times prayer has most definitely helped. And yes being able to talk to others who suffer the same thing is soo important too.

We have to remind ourselves we are NOT this illness and it is NOT our faults we got it.

We have to see past the illness to the people we are beyond it. Oh boy though, it's tough work spiritually working through it. It is the strangest, most bizarre, challenging thing in soo many ways!! But we fight it and learn all the time. It is never easy is it!!

But, I am really happy to say that soon I will be receiving the basic protocol from the foundation which I'm really excited about...
So for the first time I will be taking essential things that I know have been proven to help.. All together..
Instead of what I have been doing taking this and that over the years but never been able to be so comprehensive with my treatment.

So... That's great and I'm so grateful to everyone who has donated to help others get better.

it's great to be given this chance:-)

Wish you all the very best in your healing too Laura!

I love the name Laura, my best friend as a small child was Laura and we were like two peas in a pod, went everywhere together.She was pretty with freckles, plated hair and a constant runny nose. I hope you don't have a runny nose like her :-)
She was very sweet and gentle!
Laura (aunt)

7:27:13 PM

Dear Chrissy,

It seems as if you have a positive attitude about this disease. Especially in accepting the harm it would cause by magnifying it. Please stay on that path. I try every day to reject this disease.

I also understand there are many stages to healing; including the emotional aspect. This is why I feel so strongly about posting as much as possible in this forum. I believe it is also the "sum of the parts."

The loneliness and emotional aspect of this disease are......well I do not need to tell you or anyone else dealing with this. So again I encourage all to accept that they have this disease, then reject IT, and FOCUS On the CURE!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts so others can see they are not alone as they continue to heal from this disease. May God Bless you Chrissie as you cross that finish line!

In Christ Love,

6:17:15 AM

Hi Laura,

There was a time that I collected everything that came out my body for months, stuck between sellotape and bagged up, hoping to get some help and clarification on what a lot of it was. Especially the sesame seed egg things, which were dangling from my toes at one point and coming from my scalp years later. I think they are parasitic in nature, but very strange indeed!!!! They only came when I was at my very worst.

One day I had enough and I binned the lot. As science stands there is no one to my knowledge at present who can tell me what the seed things are.

In terms of a microscope, I thought to myself, these things distress me so why on earth would I magnify something upsetting so it can be larger and upset me more? ...

Unless there are scientific people who can take the specimens and confirm what they are and we as lay people, what can we do with them? It is helpful of course initially to Confirm Morgellons for some people and to see we all have similar things coming out, but after that initial acknowledgement I think it's unhelpful.

This does require us to look at things in a completely different way doesn't it.. As anything else we suffer from we would look into and try to resolve.

But this... Looking and focusing on the weirdness that our bodies eject, I think it encourages us to feel more icky, weird and abnormal.

That's good Laura you are limiting yourself to one look a day and even some days don't look.

I have itchy scratches and cuts that appear regularly especially on my back and I do try not to look too often or focus on them, boy it does require power, love and self discipline right enough!!

God bless you,
Laura (aunt)

11:15:05 AM


It is very difficult to "wipe and go" although it is a good practice. I am guilty of examining the Science fiction particles (for lack of a better term) exiting my body. But it has not and will help the healing process. So I have made this short term goal game with myself; I was allowed only one examination per day. There are now have days that I do not examine it at all!

What I have come to realize is; the days I do NOT examine the particles are my best days. The next part of Acceptance is we need to Accept that we all have the ability to get better. The protocol is already laid out for us. We must remain strong, accept the healing and reject the disease.

"For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

7:17:26 AM

Laura thank you for your very wise words.

I always refused to get a microscope to examine these strange things that leave my body. Mostly fibers, but at times seed egg type things, black plastic, black charcoal stuff, many colored fibers, white specks...

They have been disturbing enough without magnifying them and distressing myself further.

I did send some to an entomologist who declared there were no insects. My doctor looked at the taped specimens and put them in the bin, so that was that!

It's hard at times to stop oneself from looking closely as of course we want to know and understand what this is. But looking and examining hasn't brought clarity, just more anxiety. So I totally agree with you and Peter saying, "wipe and go. "

Why prolong the upset?

But this is indeed a work in progress. I find the biting sensations are distressing and I sometimes look to see the marks left and allow myself to get upset over them.
But if using the same principle, I know I should try my best to not allow my emotional attention to go there, to distract myself as much as possible.

It is very hard to accept that we have this Disease, but we must focus on healing much more than the disease symptoms themselves.
It's not easy, but it sure helps being able to talk with others on the same journey,

Laura (aunt)

12:21:08 PM

On this day as you learn to accept this disease; start looking up and out rather than looking down and desperate. God has led us here, he continues to lead us through, and eventually leads us out of this. But as we take this journey with him and for him, there are many lessons we must learn along the way. For me the most important lesson is FAITH! No matter how gloom things may look, I must remain faithful to God.

My new understanding of Faith is to accept people and situations as he presents them to me. I must remain patient with their imperfections for I am not perfect. Only God has the right to judge them. I now understand the importance of reading, listening to, and living his word. This is difficult and many times I fall short of this. But God knows my heart and he knows your heart as well. So invite him into your life and your heart.

Lastly, I understand nothing ever stays the same. Things and situations are constantly changing. So I must remain Faithful to; and constantly seek God. God is real, he is there for me, and nothing can change that!

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” Hebrews 11:6

1:59:52 PM

Amen! Very Good advice! Thank you!

Love always, Paula
Laura (aunt)

11:45:00 AM

Glory to God my Father,

Your truth is setting me free! This is the truth I am learning: First you Accept this disease then you must Reject it (Advice from Peter)

I am now angry because I have allowed it to take two years of my life. My life should be spent loving my family and my GOD! This disease is NOT welcomed.....this anger will turn into perseverance and rejection! I reject the enemy! I reject the disease! My heart has room for family, friends and GOD. Nothing more and nothing less!

How will I reject this disease? I keep moving…….moving forward with the protocol, moving forward with my faith in Jesus, and moving forward with my life! I must keep moving and call on the name of my Lord!

“And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Acts 2:21
Laura (aunt)

9:25:40 PM

After the conference call last night, I started reflecting over some of the discussions and decided to make a post in my acceptance thread. I know how difficult it is to stop looking at foreign objects flying off of our bodies. Many times I still find it hard to accept.

I am guilty of examining each and every object, mite, glitter, grass, fibers, or what ever it is. The reason I wanted to post here is to remind myself and others the importance of accepting it and moving on. Peter in his caring voice very eloquently said "We Must Focus on the Cure!"

This is the most difficult part of our journey. We really need to accept his words and start focusing on the cure rather than the objects. I am asking all my future warriors to take a stance along with me and lets begin to "wipe and go!" We can even refer to it as the "Wipe and GO" method of healing. It will be difficult at first; but practice makes perfect.

From this day forward I will begin to cut back on the amount of times I examine my debris. Each time I am tempted, I am going to laugh at myself and say "Wipe and Go!"

3:44:32 PM

Dear Laura

Thank you for this wonderful post. Acceptance is indeed the critical first step to overcoming this! And congratulations on the significant gains you have made. You are a tremendous blessing to this forum because others can clearly see that you are succeeding!


3:09:23 PM


You are spot on!
With acceptance comes a kind of peace.
Yes when things get worse at certain times we need to remind ourselves how far we have come.

The bad times pass and the realization comes that we will be healed in God's good time. However long that time is.

The children will get well again and benefit from the new healthy diet that will set them up for life.

Body and spirit are wonderfully strong.

Let go the fear and the helplessness, do what you can and God will do the rest.

He only gives us a burden we can bear. If it is too heavy He will send someone to help us carry it.

"Come to me all ye who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest"

Accept and have faith,never lose hope and all will one day be well.

Laura (aunt) **

6:19:23 PM

There are many parts of healing from this disease. If I had to sum them all up in one word; that word would be Acceptance. We must first learn to accept that it does not matter how it happened, when it happened or why it happened, but rather it has happened; Acceptance! Next we must learn that no matter how many doctors or websites we visit, the results are the same; we have this disease; Acceptance!

We must stop obsessing over the constant examining of debris because no matter how many times we look at it, it is not going to change until we do; Acceptance! We must learn to put our Faith in God by understanding His greater truth; Acceptance! It is time to hold our head’s up high and realize it is not our fault, it is not forever, but it is a process; Acceptance!

Heavenly Father help me and others dealing with this disease learn the importance of acceptance. Help us to accept that it is not the lack of love that causes our family to withdraw from us. But rather it is their lack of knowledge about this disease which causes them to feel helpless.

The more we accept God’s word and His truth; the more we are able to let go of the past and live in the present. God has a greater plan for our future; so accept it. It is all about acceptance! I pray to God that he shows me and the members of this community the way to finally accept his word and truth. For it is in acceptance of His saving grace that we will one day be free from this disease. AMEN!

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