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How I Cured Morgellons

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Laura (aunt)

9:58:25 AM

This information is beautifully written.

It touched my heart as I made connections on all levels!

It is my deepest most sincere prayer, that all people afflicted with MD find this website before becoming isolated and lost.

I pray that all on this protocol make the complete transformation needed with diet, environment, and above all; Spiritually.

We must open our minds and hearts to the truth; GOD!

2:09:36 PM

Amen, wow I really needed to hear this today .

Thank you so much for sharing Mel it was a joy to read .
I am sure many will get so much encouragement and comfort from this beautiful message.
This was right on and confirmed so many things that I am and have gone through.

God knows what we need to hear through divine intervention

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