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How I Cured Morgellons

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8:46:48 PM


What an amazing God we serve!!

Thank you for sharing your journey and I like that you remind us not to focus on the disease but on getting well!

I've just started my 4th week on the protocol and am so inspired by the journeys of those who have gone before me!

I am so happy for you Brenda!

All honor, glory, and praise to the Father!!


12:48:28 PM


You are right. My proof reading is horrible.

So sorry for the confusion.
I was hospitalized in September 2016.

I started the protocol in 2017. 9 months on the Logos Morgellons/ Lymes protocol and I was and remain symptom free.

I continue to take the protocol today!

It is my plan to do so forever as well as live and eat a clean healthy lifestyle.


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