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4:08:18 PM

Hi Laura,

Marie sends her love and asked me to send this reply to you:

"Calm your fears with deep slow breathing and listen to your favourite musice and know that one day you will be well. Mel says children are the easiest to cure so you can be reassured your daughter will get well. There is a lot of advice on the 'children and morgellons' thread. Also put children into the search engine at the top of the page. Rest as much as you can, cut back on cleaning. Know that you are not alone as you will get help from people here. Go gently trying to change your child's diet, but go gluten free and have red berries rather than candy. Give the child her own little tub to grow herbs and salad greens."


4:05:05 PM

Dear Marie

Thank you for your words of encouragement!

I love this site and i have found it very helpful, every day that passes i get less afraid of the fibers that crawl, however there are days when i just feel so down and overwhelmed from all the cleaning and keeping up with the fibers.

I have a 9 year old that is infected and i do get scared for her. Currently trying to adjust her diet to less sugar and wheat, she is also allergic to egg and dairy so this is i guess for the good. Shes having a gastroenterologist appointment next month hopefully he can order an extensive stool test.

I will like much to know about the child protocol.

I will call Mel and ask, if there are any parents here willing to help, you are welcome to contact me.

Thanks and God is good!!

9:35:02 PM


You have come to a safe place now.

The white things are not eggs just rubbish.
They can't hurt you.
Don't be afraid of them . wipe them away.
Vacuum the floor/ spray Kleen Green.

Yes the hair, the eyes/ eyebrows, the crawling and itching are a nuisance but it will all pass as you begin to build your depleted immune system with the right things.

A Hemp cream with canaboil helped me with sore feet.

Get some Sovereigh colloidal silver. It's wonderful.
I use it for almost everything but didn't think of using it in around eyes.

I do now, following Mel's suggestion on the forum .

I had used Ocusoft plus wipes for months and very good they were but silver is as good.

Everything went quiet , eyebrows grew back, hair grew back and things stopped their nightly prowl round my face.

The hair still did the occasionally waltz ---then bang! It has all started up again but it will pass.

We get a lot of hiccoughs along the way so be prepared for them and do not get downhearted.

I take my drop of oregana oil under the tongue in a little coconut oil.

Look for Miss V's post about essential oils. ( there is a search box at top of page so put Miss V in it

Once you lose the fear then you can use that energy to get well.
Ditch the junk food, Think Green-Kleen Green, green veg , green herbs, grass fed meat, green Stevia etc.

Read the FAQS, read the stories.

Remember everything passes and this time will pass and you will look back in wonder at how powerful you were and how you were never alone for God walks with you every step of the way.

God Bless.


11:01:51 AM

Hi Laura, and welcome to our community. My name is Laura as well. Although I have been here for only a few months, the results of this protocol are amazing.

Please take time to navigate your way through this website and read, read, read. It is overwhelming but you have come to the right place to overcome this disease. We have weekly conference calls that are most beneficial where you can ask questions or just listen.

Take this one baby step at a time and you can restore your health as many before you have already done. The people in this community have lived with this disease and base their information on facts as well as years of research. I pray that you decided to stay with this community and learn what it takes to restore your health.

“From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”
Psalms 61:2

In Christ Love,

1:53:12 AM

I am new here and all started wit a rash due to rosacea then evaluated to mite and now fibers that move in my hair!

Gosh I've used oregano oil on my skin and gosh it hurts immediately I saw black things surfacing my skin!

I still see white sees when I apply coconut oil but not as many as before, are the white seeds eggs ?

9:25:13 AM

Welcome Terry and Liz!

I am 9 months now on the protocol and feeling great!

Stay here and learn as much as you can from this site
you can be healed! Mel is a wonderful man and is very
willing to help. There so much information here!

Liz, I don't see any reason why you couldn't leave the
mattress on the floor. And yes I believe any of the products would help that you mentioned.

Have you looked into Kleen Green? it is an amazing product!

Love always,

1:28:18 PM

Hi Liz,

When I first got sick I lived in a home that was only 10% carpeted. I tried everything on that minimal amount of carpeting, DE, Borax, daily vacuuming, yet my body was still overcome with the biting, stinging, crawling symptoms so many of us suffer from.

After being on the protocol only 20 days I moved to a new home that is actually about 80% carpeted. I've never done anything more than vacuum and I have had ittle to no biting, stinging, crawling symptoms in a VERY long time.

The key is to heal our bodies from the inside and the outside environment will also be healed/cleaned up. If you haven't already done so, read the FAQ page, print it and read it several more times, change your diet (following the suggestions on the FAQ page) and get started on the protocol as soon as possible.

I understand that it is all VERY overwhelming but this is where your healing journey begins. It would be best to request a one on one coaching call with Mel, he will get you started in the right direction. You can also attend the weekly conference calls and can find more information on those in the thread More Communication is Better.

You are in a good place, where healing is our main focus and our main goal...!!!!

God Bless...!!!!


11:07:31 AM


I am moving to apt with partial carpeting, and I am buying new bed. If I buy air mattress, the new "double height" type, can it be on the floor? Is there any way to elevate air bed off floor, but what kind of stand? frame?

It is apt building, downtown city, couldn't get unit without carpeting.

Any suggestions, I am new, will DE, vacuum, bake soda help?


12:32:05 PM

Hi Terry,

Welcome to the forum. The oils you are using are all excellent for treating this disease - clove, cedarwood and oregano. Another very crucial thing to add is coconut oil. You can use coconut oil topically on your skin - note - it makes the surface area of the essential oil expand though you don't need to use more of the essential oil. Coconut oil makes fibers, black specks and crystals come to the surface and makes them easily to wipe off with a paper towel. So, I typically slather myself in coconut oil after getting out of the shower/bath. I also cover it all over my hands while watching TV since I have sores on my hands.

You can also use coconut oil internally. It is a natural antifungal, antiparasitic and antibicrobial. I add it to my smoothies and you can also use it to cook with. Use extra virgin unrefined coconut GMO oil and you will start seeing improvements immediately.

I haven't tried raw oats for candida. There is candida rid in part of the protocol and from what I've heard and read online, it is very effective.

Good luck and keep the faith!
Terry **

10:06:38 AM


very new to all of the information provided here and on the internet..

very glad to read that people have found a way to beat this disease.

The pest that passed it to me I believe are mites.. as I have seen them crawling on me. They were large and tiny and moved very fast, and as soon as I close my eyes to fall asleep they sense this and begin moving or feeding.

Using 100% clove or cedarwood or Oregano seems to help with the crawling and biting.. and bring the tiny black or white specs to surface.. but Im not sure that if these black specs arent alive as I have a couple that burrowed back into my hands.. A swell a larger spot just under the surface on the sole of my foot I tried to use a needed coated with cedar oil to remove it and it appears to have burrowed deeper.

Anybody tried raw oats for candida??

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