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4:08:18 PM

Hi Laura,

Marie sends her love and asked me to send this reply to you:

"Calm your fears with deep slow breathing and listen to your favourite musice and know that one day you will be well. Mel says children are the easiest to cure so you can be reassured your daughter will get well. There is a lot of advice on the 'children and morgellons' thread. Also put children into the search engine at the top of the page. Rest as much as you can, cut back on cleaning. Know that you are not alone as you will get help from people here. Go gently trying to change your child's diet, but go gluten free and have red berries rather than candy. Give the child her own little tub to grow herbs and salad greens."


4:05:05 PM

Dear Marie

Thank you for your words of encouragement!

I love this site and i have found it very helpful, every day that passes i get less afraid of the fibers that crawl, however there are days when i just feel so down and overwhelmed from all the cleaning and keeping up with the fibers.

I have a 9 year old that is infected and i do get scared for her. Currently trying to adjust her diet to less sugar and wheat, she is also allergic to egg and dairy so this is i guess for the good. Shes having a gastroenterologist appointment next month hopefully he can order an extensive stool test.

I will like much to know about the child protocol.

I will call Mel and ask, if there are any parents here willing to help, you are welcome to contact me.

Thanks and God is good!!

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