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5:11:19 PM


As you get well.....and you will... the eye symptoms will ease.

The sovereign siilver can be used on cotton wool swabs to wipe the eyes and eyebrows and eyelashes. I also use it around my face.

The double vision too will pass as your immune system becomes stronger.

Cathy S.

3:58:05 PM

I also have had many problems with my eyes.

I am new to this site so I am still gathering information as to what everyone else has tried.

I have been to two eye Drs that each said I had a different thing, I recently paid $1500 for some special glasses because my eyes were crossing which never happened before and i am 65.

I just received my silver today so I am going to read about it and see if I just put the product directly in my eye..ect.

I have burning, crusting and double vision and my eyebrows were eaten off about a year ago. Completly gone.

No one believes me of course.

I've also been to 9 Doctors, three of which were skin specialists. Many creams, antibiotic,fungal, ect. Still have lesions on my face, very depressing.

Just received the porotocol as well. I am hoping beyond hope...

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