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Laura (aunt)

6:52:32 AM


The people who post, ask questions, and attend the calls are blessed to have found and stayed with this community. I consider myself blessed to have communication with a caring, understanding, and helpful group of members.

Thank you for sharing this information. It is now my prayer that more people viewing this website learn to understand the people who become part of this community do get well.

In Christ Love,

12:05:51 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

After a few months of flying in the blind, I say this because we lost our ability to track visitors to our website due to a system glitch.
I'm happy to announce we are able to track visitors to our website for the second month in a row.

Please note, November was slightly less than October which is to be expected based on nine years of history. However, we did show a 30% increase over last November attendance and 40% increase in pages read. WOW!

Site Traffic: Nov-2016 go export
Visitors: 4040
Pages Per Regular Visitor: 14.7
First Time Visitors: 2296
Pages Served: 96937

God Bless you all; It really is true, those who did not give up Hope got well,


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