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9:26:22 AM

I am so happy for you that you are actually seeing and experiencing healing from this protocol. It is indeed a powerful protocol.
Maybe losing your job was God's way of speeding up the healing process because being in the truck wasn't going to get you this far along.
Maybe he's also telling you to look at different avenues too instead of going back into truck driving. Praying that you find something soon. I totally understand the feeling. My job is on shaky ground too.
Blessings & Prayers

5:53:43 PM

Week 40:

Maintaining an internal wps dose of 8/8. I am experiencing crawling sensations from my feet, ankles, and face. The pain in my kidney area and spinal areas are gone. I believe I passed a kidney stone.

My eyes seem to be a deeper green than they have ever been. I believe it is a sign of my vastly improved health. My eyes had turned gray before when I was feeling ill. Its the only time in my life my eyes had changed colors.

I believe my healing has accelerated since being out of the truck. I physically feel better. I know staying out of the truck is the best thing for me but it seems as though it's the only job I can seem to come up with. I may be forced to drive for someone else temporarily even though I don't want that.
At least I won't have the stress of owning the truck.

Laura, thank you for your on going encouragement.

I would also like to thank Mel for his ongoing support as he doesn't get enough credit!
Laura (aunt)

11:23:38 AM


It is great to know your health is getting better due to being out of the truck. You will be in my prayers as you continue to search for employment.

I know you are hurting about our friend Amanda as she struggles through some tough times. I pray for her and think of her often. No matter what we do; it still hurts. But it is truly out of our hands and we must continue to pray and be there when she needs us.

Please continue to restore your health physically, spiritually, and emotionally. All are equally important. Take care of yourself and stay focused on the cure and our Lord.

"Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind." Philippians 2:1-2

In Christ Love,

7:17:24 AM

Week 39:Internal wps dose 8/8.

Pain in kidney and spine area has decreased. I seem to be improving the more time I am away from the truck. Stress levels increase the longer I am unemployed. I really just need to find something to do so I can stay focused on a positive direction. I am missing my friend Amanda.

11:13:56 AM

As bad as the kidney and back pain was for about a week I woke up this morning and it was all gone except for slight soreness in the right kidney area. Amazing.

Thank you Laura, Deanna, and Karen for your ongoing kindness and encouragement.



12:09:07 PM

Hi Thomas,
SO sorry you’re going through all of this right now...but hopefully it will be a turning point to take your career in a new and better direction. I’m agreeing with Laura...going back to school may be a great option right now. Maybe just scale way back on your lifestyle and work part time somewhere while you’re getting training.

Part time jobs don’t always pay a whole lot, but since you live in Texas and because you’ve been on the road a lot you’re probably aware of the Buccee’s chain. A new one was just built close to my office and “igh” (please forgive my use of “igh” for the pronoun referring to myself that sounds the same...”igh” as in the word “sight”....igh’m having to use that spelling pattern because something has gone weird with my cell phone and when igh try to type the single letter that sounds like “igh” it comes out looking like this...I? annoying!)

Anyway...igh saw where they pay around $17 an hour...and it seems like it would be a fun place to work. Might be something to check out.

If you do decide to go back to school ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research to get the best deal...and make sure the graduates of whatever program you’re interested in have been able to get jobs.

It’s not hard to get a school loan...and since you’re ex-military you probably have the best deal ever in that department but obviously you’ll want to make sure you get what you pay for. Going to school and working part time will give you more control over your schedule than a full time job which would be helpful while you are still healing.

Ok...that’s probably enough of me being Little Miss Fix it...but ithis life change does seem tto be a great opportunity for you to get trained for something that you can do in your older years.

Laura (aunt)

6:43:37 PM

Dear Thomas,

First of all I will pray that God opens the window for your next job opportunity as He has new plans for you. Are you still considering school? Please make sure to take a little time for Thomas while you are looking for a job.

Next, although I do no have kidney pain; I have had some bladder issues. I recall during the time I was dealing with bladder pain (UTI's), Peter gave me suggestions on combining certain foods with our supplements as a way to treat inflammation. You may want to research this using the search engine. I am learning the importance using food combinations in addition to our protocol.

Remain strong and know this community cares and will be praying for you. I encourage you to continue posting as this is an important part of the healing process.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

In Christ Love,

11:28:41 AM


I agree with you completely... God definitely did not bring you this far to let you down now!!

I am VERY sorry to hear of all your trials hitting at once and will be praying that you continue to turn to God in your time of need as He can and will sustain you, today, tomorrow and always!!!

"Because He has inclined His ear to me, Therefore I shall call upon Him as long as I live."
Psalm 116:2

As for your kidney pain, I know you drink A LOT of water but am not sure if you add lemon juice to it... if not I would recommend you start that ASAP. I'm not sure if you are a Costco member but if so they have an organic lemon juice for a great price that makes it SUPER easy to drink plenty of lemon water!! If not squeezing organic lemons into your water works great too I just find that I definitely drink more with the bottled juice.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also good for kidney pain so again if you're not already drinking this daily... I would add this too.

As mentioned Thomas I have already and will continue to pray for you, my friend!!! God has a WONDERFUL plan for each of his precious children and that DEFINITELY includes you!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

10:22:15 PM

The past couple of days I have had right kidney pain. I thought no big deal because it's happened on both sides intermittently. It has always passed within a couple of days.

This morning I woke up at 0400 from the pain. I could barely get out of bed. Walking was even difficult. As the day progressed and I continued to move it improved and was bearable. Just before bed it has gotten worse again. I believe the area is inflamed. I am taking an extra msm tablet tonight. Hopefully this helps.

Laura, thank you for your continued and ongoing encouragement and support. I also feel your pain. Don't give up ma'am. We'll both come out of this together.

I lost my job today I do believe. It's time to focus on obtaining another source of income. To make things even more challenging I have legal matters demanding my attention.

I am not sure how this will work out but my God has taken care of me up to this point. I am sure He won't let me down now.

If anyone is interested in hiring a former truck driver and business owner just ask Mel for my #.
Laura (aunt)

8:46:03 AM


I have learned so much about this disease. And one thing is for sure; you need to always expected the unexpected.

Each time I experience something "unexpected" I try to look back at where I was this time a year ago. It is then I realize just how much I have accomplished. I am learning to accept this disease will require a great deal of my time. But once again it took many years of poor life choices (diet, stress, antibiotics, antibiotics, and more antibiotics) to destroy my health. So I must accept it will take some time to restore it. The good news is; I am winning and I am slowly, (and I do mean slowly) regaining my life.

I pray for you to continue to regain your "new" (In Christ) and "improved" (bio-terrain) life back.

In Christ Love,

9:35:29 PM

Week 38: Maintaining internal wps dose of 7/8. Symptoms are down to very little crawling on the feet and sometimes the face when I am driving. I am not getting "reinfected " in the fuel islands anymore. Strength, acuity, and digestion are all excellent.

Last week two days before the full moon I had a lot of very tiny black and white specs come out of my face and head. Since then almost nothing. Also the candida on my tongue seems to be improving finally. There is still some soreness in my back but it has improved. I am grateful for my healing.

God is good all the time.


10:02:42 AM

Week 37: Symptoms continue to subside considerably but crawling sensations continue. I am no longer in physical pain. Maintaining an internal wps dose of 7/8.

Two major stress events have occurred recently and rose my anxiety levels. One event will finalize Dec. 6.

As I am healing physically I have realized that I need to heal emotionally as well. It is pretty difficult to accomplish when all alone. But I believe it may be important to be alone until I get 100%.

I thank God every day for my healing.


1:03:01 AM


Thomas and Deanna....Hope all is well with you.

Thought it might help to suggest that you look into the Logos Joint Marvel. The ingredients are worth exploring. When you do, you will find how well they work to address inflammation and how they are specific to secure bone and joint health. Together with increased mineral rich foods, pulsing regular cycles of Joint Marvel accomplishes much.

Rest assured, experience demonstrates that joint pain is a late stage expression and "represents deeper detoxing." So, although painful, this is a good thing. Magnesium oil, messaged directly into the bone will help wen the pain is unbearable. Love you guys.


11:45:28 AM


I just want you to know that I sooooo enjoy your weekly posts!! They have been very helpful to me in my healing journey and I know they will be very helpful to all those who follow!!!

I also wanted to thank you for sharing the information you did about your Gallbladder issues with me on Saturday's call. I was hitting star 5 trying to thank you then but for some reason my phone or the conference line were not cooperating. So thank you!!! I have passed your information regarding the test they performed on you on to my daughter.

Last but not least, I too have had a lot of joint pain as a result of the Lyme Disease. For me it typically presents first in my hands and wrists but if I let it go too long it will move into my back, my neck and my knees. I have had to REALLY focus on inflammation as when internal inflammation increases so does the pain.

This became even more apparent to me after being on the Protocol for a little over a year when I hit my head causing a concussion and whiplash as well as systematic inflammation.

I know that EVERYONE is different but a couple of things that have helped me are centered around diet... I can only eat legumes (black beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc. you can google for a full listing) twice a week any more than that and I will wake up with my wrists throbbing. I have also tried an elimination diet and eliminated all night shades (you'll have to google night shades as the list is very long) as they can cause inflammation in "some not all" people, this helped tremendously. Sadly I recently tried adding back tomatoes and not only were my hands and wrists affected but my neck was too. Thus I will return to eliminating all night shades and then down the road I'll try to add a different one back and see how I respond. This as I know you know is finding a balance of what our individual bodies need.

Thank you again Thomas for your weekly posts, for your kindness and caring nature and most of all, for your overall involvement in this community!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

Laura (aunt)

10:09:56 AM


You sound wonderfully positive which is why you will continue to heal! I am making a few connections to some of your symptoms as I am only one month ahead of you with the protocol.

When I feel the crawly sensations, I rub some Kleen Green around the area. This occurs mostly on eyebrows and my head. When you feel itching on your skin have you ever notice a small granule near the area? This is something I have noticed at times.

I continue to pray for you as you search for a new line of work. However, the amazing news is that you continue to get well in spite of your environment. Praise God! This further validates that the protocol works.

Congratulations on your physical health showing signs of improvement. You are a great inspiration to all who follow your journey. The disease requires so much patience and perseverance, but when you look back at where you came from; the progress is amazing. I know we will all have a better future (especially with our Lord)once we conquer this!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

In Christ Love,

5:23:07 AM

Week 36: I am maintaining an internal wps dose of 7/8 for the second week.

I have been on the protocol for 9 months now. Over the last week I have gained about another 5 pounds. Strength, acuity, and digestion are all good. The only exception is that I have somehow pulled or strained the middle of my back.

I didn't do anything extraordinary and don't remember when or how I did it. It makes driving more challenging. It seems to improve when I am home and able to rest. Perhaps it's the Lyme catching up with me as I have occasionally noticed knee joint pain somewhat. I have never had these issues before.

The crawling sensation on my shins, feet, and beard continue. It is still manageable but still a neausance.

I also noticed a skin tag or something on my back of which is difficult to spy and reach. It was a little painful so I picked at it and it released puss which made it feel better. Let's hope it's nothing serious.

One of the major stressors was passing my DOT physical which I did with flying colors. This allows me to continue driving for two more years. Bp was 111 over 70. Pulse 75. They tested for protein in the urine as well as drugs. All was well. My blood glucose that morning was 91. It has averaged 80-100 which is perfectly normal. I tested my ph that morning and it was 7.5.

This is significant because in January and February of this year my blood glucose was out of control. My health had been greatly comprised and everything I had tried only worsened my symptoms.

Thank you Carson, John, and Mel for helping me to reverse diabetes. Although I am not completely healed, I believe I am healthier now than I have been in decades. Diet, the protocol, and the sum of the parts is working for me.

I had added Zycran and Adam's vitality to the protocol several months ago. I did this because I have had frequency problems for decades. There was a slight hormonal imbalance I believe so I discontinued the Zycran for two weeks.

A slight spasm and pain occurred in the bladder area as well as increase in frequency so I started taking the Zycran again. This stopped the spasms and has slowed the frequency somewhat. I believe I may have a deep infection in my urinary tract to include my bladder and kidneys at least. I believethe Zycran is helping with this as my back pain near my kidneys has also lessened.

Some other major stresses have been relieved at least for now. I am very grateful for this. I continue to learn what external environmental forces cause a crawling reaction mostly on my shins. I call it my "spidey sense". It seems as though I am getting less reactions so this is good.

I am learning how to look at and analyze the world from a completely different viewpoint. My quality of life has improved immensely. I am however still exhibiting crawling sensations at times. I am upset when they happen because most of the time I feel normal. I don't mean to complain though because my strength and acuity are excellent and I give much thanks to God for this.

I am able to continue working. This is a blessing. I still know that I need to get out of my truck somehow. It has just not been revealed just yet. I have faith that my God will provide a way just as he has and is continuing to heal my mind, body, soul, and spirit.

4:23:27 AM

Week 34: I continue to maintain an internal wps dose of 7/7.

This week brought more crawling and biting sensations on my shin and feet area. It seems to be worsening. I have them coming out of my beard and nose again. I am wondering if I should increase my wps dosage.

There are some major changes coming which of course cause stress. I have always been able to manage stress well, but stress still definitely seems to affect the herxing symptoms.

As I continue my journey towards regaining my health, I have realized that I seem to care less about the world. In response I feel more alone. That's exactly why I am grateful for Mel and this website and this community. Without it my give a dann would be seriously busted.

God is my Rock! My high tower and my fortress from which I praise His name from the highest roof top.

I love you all. Thank you for the encouragement.



4:13:18 AM

Week 33: I am maintaining an internal wps dose of wps of7/7.

This week brings a lot of crawling sensation on my shins. There is some biting on my feet. This symptom has been long dormant. I discovered blue specks on the feet area. This is new for this area. I have found them in the bed probably purging from my body at night but never on my feet before. It seems as though my symptoms are worse; however, my strength, acuity, and digestion are very good and continuing to improve. This leads me to believe that I am simply herxing again.

I am grateful it is manageable. I remember a time when it was not. Thank God for this protocol. Stress definitely affects this in a negative manner.

8:37:31 PM


The need to distance oneself from folk is common to all with
toxic disease sufferers. Don't let it trouble you.

As you improve you will feel differently.

"No man is an island entire of itself......" (John Donne).

Your courage and faith are enormous and you lift my spirits with your posts.

God be with you as you drive along.


5:46:46 AM

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for keeping us updated how you are getting on. And you are doing so well! How wonderful that you are feeling more comfortable in your body.

Emotional pain is the worst type of pain but God is the greatest healer. His love is the best love. The Holy Spirit is your Comforter and reaching out to more of Him will bring His presence close to you.

Having morgellons is a traumatic experience and it takes time to get our heads and hearts around it all. Surrendering our lives to God helps, and knowing that He has a plan and purpose in everything and works all things together for good for those that love Him. Rest in His time and in His ways. There will be a time ahead when you feel ready to reach out into another relationship. Knowing that its in God's ways and God's timing brings peace.

Sometimes in the loneliest times humanely speaking we can find that God is our greatest friend and companion and I pray that you find Him to be that for you Thomas.

Love Ruth
Laura (aunt)

11:39:58 AM

Once again thank you for the continued updates on your progress. You make such valid points regarding the emotional aspect of this disease. The few times I have hugged people important to me; I was just going through the actions with no emotion. It saddens me, but I do not know how to allow myself to put any passion in my hugs. This disease is the ultimate definition of loneliness.

The most important thing we can do is remain with this community and slowly work our way through it. I pray everyday to be healed from this. But God must know our emotional and spiritual healing is also a slow process. So we stay the course in all aspects with assurance that one day our new life will be even better than our old one. I pray you continue healing physically, spiritually and emotionally.

"For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you." Isaiah 41:13

In Christ Love,

8:49:49 AM

Week 35: I have raised my internal wps dose to 7/8.

The last 3 days I have felt almost completely normal with just a few crawling sensations. Strength, acuity, and digestion are all excellent. It seems raising the dose only 1 drop helped tremendously.

When one one chances to love another there seems to be the probability of pain. It makes me wonder if just being a recluse is the best course of action. The only problem is that I am an extrovert and being alone is difficult.

My stress levels have been high. I have alleviated some of it while different stress replaces the resolution. Such seems to be the pattern of life.

I like to believe I manage my stress well. I know that balance is paramount to health. I will continue to seek My Lord my God to find my healing and my peace, but while my physical body seems to be coming around I reckon it is time for emotional and spiritual healing as well. This seems to be the most difficult hurdle.


5:07:13 PM

Thank you Sandra.

I hadn't thought of using the ice water and alcohol for the feet.
As it works for head then it should work for feet.

I Will try it. You try it too Thomas.

I guess if one lived by a beach paddling in cold sea might help too.

God bless all those still battling and all who kept strong and got well!

9:02:52 PM

Hi Thomas,

And everyone in the community!

I haven`t really posted much, because I am trying to get a system going.

I am on my second month, and just ordered my wps, I am a little nervous, but want to get this hideous nightmare behind me, and so I am taking a deep breath, and going forward.

Thomas, I read on the post about using ice water and alcohol on my hair, and it`s great!!!

I have had a lot problems with my feet, so I decided to try and soak my feet in ice water, Epsom salt, kleen green, and alcohol and it has helped so much!!!! THANK YOU KAREN!

I hope this helps others!

Take care, and "GOD" Bless All OF You With HIS Healing Touch

9:16:19 AM

Laura, Tara, Marie, and Vanessa,

Thank you for your empathetic kindness. You are all very supportive and uplifting. I appreciate it.

Miss Tara, please know I am praying for you.

Peace be to you all, and love with faith, from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.



12:01:12 PM

Hi Thomas, Marie et all,

What I believe is happening here is that the protocol is working at it's best...It is going deep into the organs/tissue/muscle and getting those rascals and they're afraid and trying to defend themselves. Keep up the faith and the good fight. You all are doing really good and you will come out of this "THRIVING" not just surviving.

6:59:12 AM

Don't worry.... Takes on a whole new meaning with this disease. Worry causes the extra stress you do not need.
Think .... I won,t worry because it will all come good if I persevere and know I am in GOd,s hands.

I too have a recurrence of the pricks and itches on my ankles and the soles of feet hurt. Head too.
My ankles were the first to be nibbled so it is surprising it has returned.... But it will pass.

You are doing brilliantly and well on your way to the mountain top.
I find great comfort in your posts as you have this wonderful faith and spiritual strength.
Keep on keeping on.
If you look back you will see the great distance you have travelled.
God Bless.

6:26:32 PM

Hi Thomas,

Your updates are so encouraging, thank you!! And I know there can be bad days, but over time they'll spread further apart until unnoticed and that chapter will close and you will begin a new one!

Those who diligently seek God and press through will be restored! Keep pressing ~ God is SO good!!

Laura (aunt)

1:02:17 PM

Dear Thomas,

The ironic thing is; this week was not a good week for me or many others I have talked to. As you know there are many cycles to this disease and last week was one of those not so good cycles.

I completely understand how you feel about wondering if this will ever stop. I believe we all reach that crossroad during our healing. We are tired and want some normalcy back into our lives. We start second guessing this whole process. But we must remain and stay the course. There is too much evidence that it works....but does take time and perseverance.

Through all of this hardship, loneliness, and not believing this has actually happened to me; I have developed a better relationship with our Lord. I know he will release me from this one day. So I continue to pray and then just listen to his message.

I am praying for you and all the people of this community. I confidently envision the days in the future when we come back on a conference call telling others that have been inflicted with this disease how the protocol works but it takes time. I look forward to the day when I can answer questions about how long it took me to restore my health and regain my life. This is my vision and it will happen for me because; I have FAITH in GOD! He does not break his promises.

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36

In Christ Love,

2:29:21 PM

Week 32:

I continue to maintain an internal wps dose of 7/7.

My symptoms have actually worsened this last week. There is biting again on my shins and feet at times. It seems to be the worst at night, times of fatigue, and stress moments. This gives new meaning to the cliche "Don't worry. "

My strength and acuity are still excellent as is my digestion. I am feeling a little stronger every week. I just have to be careful not to do too much too fast.

I am however concerned about the return of symptoms that have long went dormant. It makes me wonder if this thing will ever stop.

I can understand why many give up, But I refuse to give up.

I know that I am regaining my life and that God Himself will and is delivering me.

I would like to thank you John for your kind and encouraging words.

May God Bless you and all yours richly as well as Mel too.

Keep the faith up. Remember that of these three: faith, hope and love, Love is the greatest.

This is what is carrying me through.
God is good all the time.


3:44:45 PM


I just want to say what a pleasure it has been to get to know you in the last year or so. You have a wonderful servant's heart and a very bright mind. No telling what He has planned for you Brother.

Love Always,


10:18:54 AM

Week 31: I continue a maintenance dose of 7/7 internal wps. Week 30 was a very good week with very few symptoms. It did seem that the parasite type itching returned to my face and shins somewhat.

During week 31 my truck broke down and I spent 3 days in a motel 6. Biting was relentless on my shins. I don't like motels. I got plenty of rest but I noticed that stress negates the rest.

I am home now and the truck is working. I feel great when I am at home. I feel just a little stronger every week. My digestion seems to be working properly and I am thrilled. I believe the diet, sum of the parts and the supplements are doing their job.

Although the crawling sensation returns to my shin and face at times overall I feel nothing at all. There are times when I feel normal. I am excersising and getting physically stronger a little at a time. Slow and steady is key.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement.
Laura (aunt)

11:29:23 AM


It is so wonderful to hear you now have a goal to get yourself out of the trucking business. I am a big advocate of going back to college. I returned to college a few years ago and earned a Master's degree. I am currently taking on line classes to further my education.

This plan of action is great for your confidence, healing, and ultimately providing you with the means for your future. So Congratulations!

Stay strong with our Lord, continue to update us on your progress with this disease, as well as your college adventure!

In Christ Love,

4:13:40 PM

Yea Thomas!

You're getting all the leg work doubt you'll be successful in both your recovery and your new training / career path.

You are such an inspiration!


10:38:05 AM

Week 29.

Maintaining internal dose of wps at 7/7. I took a whole week off of work. I have been very busy.

My symptoms have all but disappeared partly due to all the rest in my week. Although I felt refreshed by the end of the week I was ready to return to work. I felt almost completely normal with just a few crawling and biting sensations on my shins and the feet to a much lesser degree. My chest cold remains but I feel strong and acuity is excellent.

For the past two weeks I have been busy contemplating what I can do to get myself out of the truck. I have decided to do something with computers.

I researched my field of interest and the colleges therein. I also took aptitude tests to insure I enjoy the work and am able to execute it. I researched computers and purchased the required tool for success. I also had to buy a new phone to ensure connectivity. This has all been Very time consuming and draining but well worth it. I will finalize setting up my computers and printer and enroll in a 6-12 month online college by the end of the month or so. I am thrilled.

I have decided to take a gentler course in my life towards any controversy or anything negative in my life. I am still assertive and strongly opinionated and will stand my ground. However I am no longer looking for confrontation. Instead I have chosen to take a page out of my father's book and pray through my emotions before I respond to anyone when I am upset.

I will rid myself as much as possible of all toxicity whether physical, environmental or emotional. I refuse to respond to negativity. I simply will not make time for it. Besides I really don't have time for it. I work 60-70 hours a week and am adding another 12-14 hours of homework to that. So get a life folks. I did.

The point is I have a future ahead of me. I am still not 100% but with every passing week I feel stronger even in spite of whatever set back. God has and is delivering me. Praise be to God and all those who have helped me along the way.


10:08:55 AM

Week 28.

2nd week of the internal dose of 7/7. This week brought hurricane Harvey. My stinging sensations returned where they have long since been dormant. The storm just missed us but devastated the Houston area as well as Austin. My prayers go out to all my people there.

I was able to drive north to Wisconsin. I was able to get around the storm and flooding. As I drove north my symptoms subsided. A week later I drove back south to return home. The hurricane was downgraded but still causing tropical depression storms with much rain.

This caused my biting sensations to return again. Crazy right!? I don't care. I know and the disease knows I am winning. I caught a small chest cold Friday but
those symptoms greatly reduced within 2 days. This tells me my immune system has increased efficiency.

Although it was a terrible week for me regarding the return of my symptoms I see that I am getting stronger every week.

4:13:37 AM

Hello Thomas

"Thank you" for continuing to post here and share your journey. You are surely winning as we see how much you have already overcome. You have become a brother to me and I am proud to call you my friend. I genuinely appreciate the person in Christ that you are!

"Stay the course, buddy". You are winning!

Laura (aunt)

10:48:19 AM


You are winning! Each week I see a more positive healthier Thomas posting. You are staying strong even through the "set backs" this disease throws at us.

I believe you know the true meaning of: "The Sum of the Parts". It is evident through; your dedication to the protocol, diet changes, posting each week and most importantly; your love for CHRIST.

You and all the amazing people in this community are in my prayers as we all persevere to cross the finish line; WINNERS!

2:59:35 PM

Week 27. Going up to 7/7 internal dose of wps. This week brought the "solar eclipse ". The world made a big deal about this. It simply caused me to herx more in areas that has since been dormant. Overall however I am improving. Strength and acuity continue. I am gaining weight a little more probably due to my love for quinoa and chia seeds: D. The pain is manageable.

Thank you Julie B. for your compassion towards me. I get reinfected often at truck stops especially when getting fuel. I believe this thing actually lives in diesel fuel and filth. But the good news is that I know how to fight it now. I know I need to get out of the truck but I cannot do anything about it for now. So I am not going to worry about it. God will provide a way for me. I know this.

The pain and herxing have fallen into familiar patterns and have become predictable and more and more tolerable. I know I am recovering. I know that I know that I am beating this monster. It knows It too. It is Now fighting For it's life. It's Got to Go. I will overcome.
Julie B

12:44:37 PM


I was thinking about your situation this morning. This protocol is not easy in a home. But the fact that you are fighting & winning this battle living in a semi truck is nothing short of miraculous!

My husband & I owned and operated an automotive repair shop & towing service for 22 years, so I am well aquainted with the fumes and chemicals that you are being exposed to.

That's one of the reasons that we sold the shop. It's probably one of the main reasons that we are both sick with this now.

I am not sure if you have done anything else for a living or not. I know changing a vocation can be scary.

But I wanted to encourage you. My husband successfully changed to something else. God is faithful! He knows your needs.

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19 NASB


2:07:09 PM

Week 26: This is my 1st week on 6/7 internal dose of wps. Last night was the 1st night of the 7 drop dosage. I woke up with quite a bit of bio film expelled. This past week the symptoms have been moderate to almost unnoticeable until last night when I had to drive until early in the morning. I am also aware of the full moon which will also be eclipsed. I have found the full moon and any astronomical events affect graviy thus affecting my symptoms. I am stronger and have most of if not all of my acuity back.

Marie, Jen, Cheryl, and Laura I would like to thank you for your encouragement. Lt 1985 I would like to thank you for your input, advice and encouragement. I would like to thank all those who are and have offered your guidance, encouragement, advice, and loving kindness toward me. I thank you all for your ongoing support. And let's not forget Mel and Peter; ) I was told they are not chopped liver either. Lol

I have found that wps cleans the stove of grease in an excellent fashion. Wps cleans everything for me. Slowly but surely I am regaining control of my environment. It is the external environment which I have no control over. I am just as careful as I can be but choose not to worry about that which is out of my control.

I am having trouble finding a vocation out of my truck. God will just have to provide. I know that I need to change vocations but unsure of just how to do it. God must and will provide. Choosing not to worry but continuously move forward.

There is still pain at times but it has become more of an annoyance and it is manageable. I am starting to have more good days than and. I am expecting good days and when I have a bad day I ask them why they aren't gone yet. Lol. I understand I have a ways to go yet but am feeling better every week.

9:28:21 AM


Sorry the stone mentioned is shuNgite not shurgite as I misrembered it. Amazon sells them.

Also it was Ms V who suggests it to Craig. Apologies Ms V.

Do try it and tell me if it has any effect.

We do not know even one iota of the healing properties of plants and minerals that God has put on this earth for our benefit.

I try anything and everything that instinct tells me to try.

Another thing is that a drop of peppermint oil on your toothbrush on top of your toothpaste cleans the mouth, teeth and gums. No doubt you know this already but if not you might find it of help.There is a tooth oil which consists of peppermint and other essential oils and is said to be very good.

I wish you every blessing on your road back to health.

1:48:39 PM

I too love reading your posts and watch all the progress you are making. You are a good soldier.

Re-reading some posts by Craig I came across his mention of Shurgite. It's a stone from Russia with carbon in it and said to have properties against bacteria and it cleans water.

It's quite cheap and widely available. I've ordered a little bit.
Might it help with the truck problem? Keep a bit on the seat and who knows! Anything is worth a try.

It's also said to be useful when using phones and computers and such.

Keep on keeping on.

God Bless

5:46:53 PM

Hey Thomas,

I am another one who really likes reading your journey. I always appreciate your honesty, sincerity, and determination.

And I appreciated so much you sharing in the Conference Call. I look forward to hearing another one from you some time in the future as you continue to get better.


7:58:20 PM

Hi Thomas!

Can I just tell you how happy your post made me?

I recall just 3 weeks ago (week 22) you were pretty down, but this week it's amazing to see the change in your mood and how optimistic you sound! Keep pushing, you've got this!
Laura (aunt)

11:23:57 AM

Dear Thomas,
I hope you take time to read some of your past postings. You have made such great gains in this journey. I know we must always look forward; and yet we must never forget where we came from.

Your constant updates for this community are helping many people both now and those to come. It makes me smile to know you love God our Father and have grown stronger in your Faith.

May God continue to bless you as you strive to cross the finish line a winner!

"I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:14

In Christ Love,

2:14:55 AM

Week 25 brings much herxing. It seems as though the little buggers are just having their own way. Coming out of places that have long since been dormant like shins and feet. The black spores continue to get smaller and smaller but there are a lot of them coming out to play including the face playground; ) Blue and red dots are also coming out now.

After all the previous complaints the symptoms are all still much better. Digestion, urinary functions and acuity are all much improved as well as strength. These are All foundational elements leading to my complete healing. The herxing however intense now is tolerable which is also improvement.

I now know that I know I need to get out of my truck. But I ain't tripping cuz I know that anxiety and fear fuel these monsters. Besides my Daddy "Father God" will provide in his time. And it will be His perfect time and way. I really like what Mel says about not worrying about What one has no control over. That is the best strategy. Don't worry...Be happy: D

On the subject of reinfectiion: I have come to the conclusion there is no reinfectiion. I am simply infected and sometimes infested. But I know this infection is dying. It knows it too. It's calling out reinforcements by pheromones or whatever method it uses to try to stay alive because it knows it's dying. Hallelujah!

I understand this full moon is followed by an eclipse. There is also a meteor shower tonight. This explains why my herxing is so much more intense than normal. Usually by now I would be feeling no effects at all. I feel your pain family. Hang tough. Know that God has got you...even when it doesn't feel like it. Please please Do NOT give up!

With much love,


2:39:07 PM

Hi Thomas!
So happy to read your update, seems as if you may finally be turning the corner! Continued prayers always

8:28:05 AM

Week 24 brought very few symptoms. It was a very good week. I noticed that after extended periods of driving the truck my face breaks out with red splotches and it is swollen. I believe the fumes from the truck may be affecting me. Telling my story on Mel's broadcast was somehow healing. My only hope is that it will help those after me.
Laura (aunt)

5:07:43 PM

Once again; you are discovering the truth about this disease. I encourage you to continue to stay strong with your Faith in GOD.

Each month has new challenges along with new successes. And yes; the environment and this disease requires a great deal of time, patience, energy, money, etc..... However, as Mel has mentioned many times; as you get better so does the environment.

I spray my apartment in the morning and at night with Kleen Green. In addition, I diffuse essential oils in my bathroom, bedroom, and living room. I do this when I am not home for at least 6-8 hours. I am noticing an improvement in my environment along with myself. I also mop my floors every day with Kleen Green or WPS. It is important to alternate this.

I have found that by spraying my laundry with Kleen Green immediately after wearing and placing in a zip lock bag for two days before washing; has helped cut down on with movement in my clothes. Especially my jeans.

I use the jumbo slider bags from Target as it is cost effective. Make sure you are aggressively treating your laundry with Kleen Green, Borax, and Eco type detergent or what even you have found to work. I also add Odoban as a special "dessert".

You are winning this race one baby step at a time. Every day you should picture yourself "FREE" from this disease and living a healthy life. I continue to pray for you and look forward to listening to you tell this community you are 70, 80, 90, then 100% restored!

Keep the Faith strong; Thomas!
"Therefore, since we have been justified through Faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ" Romans 5:1

In Christ Love,

4:04:25 PM

Thank you Thomas for your encouraging update. It is clear you are doing everything you need to do to get doubt, you'll experience success.

And YES...people really do read your posts...I just every word of it and your discipline is inspiring.


12:47:43 PM

Week 23 brought weakening diahreea. I am on my 2nd week of 5/6 drops of taking wps internally. I feel as though the diarrhea was very productive as starting week 24 I am much stronger. Last week was miserable but this week brings the black spores coming out much smaller and lower in the face. I somehow feel this is also a good sign as they are getting smaller. I have to say this detox is for no sissy. This makes Marine boot camp look very easy to me in hindsight. Until this experience I always said that boot camp was the most difficult challenge in my life bar none. Not now.

The love and support I feel from all the beautiful souls responding to my posts are amazing and overwhelming. Wow! And thank you everyone. Although I have felt in the past like I am walking this path alone I have been proven incorrect by all the caring suggestions by you all. Thank you all. May God Bless and shine His face on each and every spirit encouraging me.

I have studied and am studying essential oils, aromatherapy and their uses and am applying them to my environment. I use an air purifier, an ozone generator, baking soda, Kleen Green, wps, and my diffusers with my essential oils and 55 drops of wps in a plate of a little water to sterilize and clean up my environment.

To add to this I cannot stress enough importance on the protocol. Thank you so much John for engineering and producing these essential necessities. Diet and drinking only water is also an essential element. I know that so many people try to fight the diet by finding replacements for sugars and starches but trust me when I say that if one gives up ALL sugars and any other processed foods the short time of suffering to accomplish this is more than well worth it! I am stronger than ever. This diet coupled with logos supplements, cleaning up my environment and getting right with My Lord again is what I believe is healing me. Let's not forget Mel's undying faithfulness and guidance.

It has seemed like a complicated formula, but thanks to Mel for listening to the voice of God and Peter's loving kindness as well, I have been guided to the fact that my life has been literally spared not to mention that now I don't pray every day that God send his reaper to take me home. I now have hope. I now see the struggle as a fight towards health and that it is cyclical with pain being very intense but the recovery period leading to absolute normalcy. There are actually days where I feel normal with no symptoms at all.
I am happy to report that I took the semi truck back almost single handedly with wps. It took 3 weeks. I used some Kleen Green but the wps is a killer. It kills this thing no matter internally, externally used as a spray or if you let it evaporate. It is simply amazing like magic or something. I strongly recommend it for anyone. It simply works. The other thing is the rebounder. If you don't have one I very strongly recommend Anyone get one. It moves lymph but more importantly it strengthens the cell walls for every cell in your body. Rebuilding our strength at a cellular level is What I believe this fight is about. What a blessing. Thank you again Mel and Peter.

I am fighting the same infestation that was in my truck at the house now. The difference is I now have the strength, wisdom and understanding to beat this thing. I also now know to clean in the morning when I first wake up and am at my strongest. I usually only clean once a week or so now and only change my bedding every other day or so.

I would like to close saying that initially I began posting this as a record for myself as much as anything. I now realize there is a body of people actually reading this much to my surprise. I would like to encourage anyone new reading this to heed Mel's direction. I believe more than ever that Mel and Peter are blessed apostles simply trying to heal those of us affected by toxic disease. May God Bless you both richly.

8:15:35 AM

Dear Thomas,
Every day that passes is a day closer to wellness.
Every mile driven takes you closer to the rainbow.

The truck is not the problem as others have already told you.
There is a room freshener I use. It is called Incognito and contains garlic oil, pine oil , camphor powder and organic Java citronella. It has a calming sort of scent. It's small and round. If you can get this or something similar with Menthol added it might help. Tape one or two to the dashboard.
Maybe wipe over your truck seat with a rubbing alcohol.

The bathroom troubles pass. See Craig's post on these problems. I found black walnut hulls with wormwood and oregano oil helped. It's just the parasites that come with the bacteria passing through your system.

Appetite loss is fine. I couldn't eat for three weeks, (lost two stones) but now every meal is a joy.The body knows best what you need. Listen to it.
It is just that it can't function so well at present being over burdened with morgellons. Gradually they will be killed off as the protocol and an improved immune system work their magic.

Always have your bottle of lemon water/ slush in a cool bag for your journeys.

Spray clean green over yourself before you get out of the truck and then when you get back in.

I am still in the room (my truck) that I was in when this thing attacked me.

The room is clean now. Oh there are still the white bits around but they have lost their power over me.
Once the fear abates you are half way home.

You are coping splendidly and doing everything you should so just "keep right on till the end of the road..."
He is right there alongside you.
God bless you and your truck.

12:29:19 AM

Your reply could not have come at a better time - wow - talk about feeling lifted up .
That meant so much and I really appreciate you taking the time to write that....
And I enjoy your posts too - also heard you on a recent conference call and love your your accent -

Peace and grace to you
And sending good thoughts for strength and grace to all who are on the healing journey - ;)
Laura (aunt)

10:43:25 AM

I love the information in LT's post. I have used all the essential oils mentioned and believe them to be very useful. In addition to the oils, you might consider getting an air purifier to keep in your truck. LT mentioned that it does not matter where you are because it is us causing the environment issues. As we have read and heard; when we get does our environment.

I would also encourage you to keep positive thoughts while driving. It does get better Thomas and keeping positive thoughts are so important. I actually find myself laughing at some of the things that happen to me. I know GOD has a sense of humor and I tell him thank you helping me to see the lighter side during my darkest moments.

The following verse was part of my daily scripture: "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" Hebrews 12:1

In Christ Love,

6:05:23 PM

Dear Lt1985,

Thank you so much for your posts! I miss you when you are gone and when you return I am so grateful for your presence here.

Thank you for reminding me that God knows each of our situations and knew where and when we would be dealing with morgellons. I know its true and have thought it before, but it is such a help to be reminded of it and I loved the way you worded it.

Thank you for being part of my spiritual family here. I've found it odd not feeling able to ask my church family for prayer for morgellons as I would normally do, even fairly close friends I've not talked to about it. Yet here its so wonderful to read posts by people expressing their faith and trust in God in their own individual ways. It has been and continues to be such an encouragement. Again it was lovely the way you worded it :)

Also thank you for all the info you share!

God bless and love x

And dear Thomas thank you for being here and on the calls and praying for you in this difficult period. Six to seven months was my hardest time. Things got so much easier after I'd got to my max dose of WPS and worked through the next month on the high dose.
Jenny S.

11:02:31 AM

Hi Thomas,

We have had great success with diffusing menthol crystals overnight in our van when things got really bad. It is important to be careful with menthol and I diffused overnight, while we were not needing the vehicle, and would run out early in the morning to crack the windows to air out. When things were really bad, this helped a lot and we treated it often. This combined with weekly vacuuming and kleen green spray helped so much with re-infection.

As our health has improved, we have had to treat less. My daughter and I have improved at different rates, so I don't think I would have to treat any longer, but still do if she thinks she is having a problem.

Praying for you as you recover. God bless!

Jenny S.

2:18:17 AM

Hi Thomas - I started writing to you with your last post - but got sidetracked - and feel God has brought me back here again and so I want to leave a few thoughts -
First - your updates are great and I am sure they inspire so many folks - I have not read them all - but you are succinct and it reminds me of the book of Mark in the Bible (tempo and style)
Ok - nkw some thoughts -
1. With your truck - try not to have too much angst with it - because if you "think" your truck is a huge trigger - it will become more of one - and it could be a big trigger for symptoms - but in my experience with Morgellons - "we" are the host and "we" are contaminating the environment.

This is why Mel always tells folks that their environment gets better as they heal up.
And so your truck might be a big trigger - but it is mostly the infection inside of you and try to see that more and more cos u could stay home and have the exact same problems -

try and change your "thinking" about the truck so that you can change your chemicals that flow from your affect.
((What I mean is you know how sometimes we keep telling ourself something and then reinforce it and get more and more worked up?)

So if it was me - and I had to drive another 3 to 6 months - or even another week - I would make the truck as MD friendly as possible and then "stop" all thoughts that say "this truck is killing me" or "this blasted truck is making MD worse" or "I can't get better driving it" (cos these are defeating statements)
Don't even go there cos it will add to the cortisol that flows thru your body
Replace those thoughts with:
"God knew my future before I did and he knew I'd be here - he has me covered"
And "this will pass - I will spray the truck and get some fresh air and cover my body with borax (or KG) and drive some more"
"I can do all things with Christ"
"The truck is not necessarily making me sick - it is the morgellons affliction inside me and I would have it rough even at home - and I am on Mel's protocol where people get healed - and good things are happening in my gut and I am getting stronger each day"

Possibly hang up a bible verse or two - but just a reminder to watch the little things we allow to flood our mind ( bring every thought captive)
Also keep in mind that u could get fully away from the truck right now and still have same exact symptoms - it happens all the time - people move three and four times - or someone quits a job to stay home - but Morgellons is back and the symptoms are the same - and this is because it is inside us - and so while environment does matter somewhat - and certain things do make us breakout - a change of environment (away from truck) might have little effect -
And trust me - I had a somewhat ideal environment and still had to "process" this stuff out!
Oh and in your truck I think it could help to add some peppermint essential oil to the mats and to the ac vents - few drops go a long way
- keep two boxes of baking soda in truck - opened -(absorbs odors) and put a solo cup out (or two) with some activated charcoal in the bottom - just a little - or buy the activated charcoal pouches they sell for air purity -(saw them online) charcoal has so many uses and cleaning the air is yet another use. it could help with your truck and it could minimize some of the gunk (microbes or hairs) floating -
And get one of those travel diffusers (if u don't have one yet) and let it add essential oils to clean and enrich the air - a while ago someone posted about essential oils - so check archives if u want know more about oils -but anyone in a vehicle can benefit from the aromatherapy ;)

I always tell folks to start with three essential oils (or actually 5 if u include oregano and Clove for antibiotic help) and the three I like for environment are

1. peppermint (wakes u and can bring cheer like citrus essential oils do) but peppermint is good for so many things - a little under tongue with oil can calm tummy and then breathing in some of it occasionally while driving can help sinus and mind.
Add mint to the ac vents too

2. Lavender - should be a staple cos it calms - it can help you as you bring thoughts captive - but lavender is so crucial

3. Cedarwood - I like this essential oil- it is cheap and bug deterrent - I heard that a company was asked to make a flea repellent for desert storm and they used cedarwood as a top ingredient -but it makes might also repel many other insects

and so add all three to the diffuser - or get some other oils and have fun with trying some -
but I used a diffuser when traveling and it was super helpful -(for the vehicle and hotel room)
I also used it while on computer (and in back of my computer I had a bowl of activated charcoal (with an ounce or two) and a separate bowl of baking soda (half of bowl) and I believe it helped wth cleaner air - less itchy and more healing -

So I am not sure what the inside of your truck looks like or if you have pimped it out with morgellons helps (ha) but want to encourage you to remember that god knew you would be right here - right now - and he has a plan to provide what u need -
And he is all powerful - all knowing - ever present - fully in control - and he knew where each of us would be when morgellons came calling!
He knew you'd be in a truck - and he knew who would have little kids - who would have a house to restore - who would be engaged - etc.
god knew that many of us reading would get this long after Mel and peter - and so we can benefit from their sweet help and wisdom -
I believe god knew all that -
And he will never ever give us more than we can handle
he promises that
he promises to give us strength when we need it most!
I know u know this
But we need reminders
Esp during Morgellons
in your last post you noted the gas and diarrhea kept u up - and dude - I am so sorry for that -
also keep in mind that a huge part of healing will require time in the bathroom - lol
And while we know sleep heals and really is crucial - there might be times when the bathroom demands time or pulls from sleep
- part of the process
A huge part
i sometimes hear folks say they want to do a cleanse that won't involve being in the bathroom - and these are not MD folks - but I smile cos they have a lot to learn -
cleaning intestinal pipes takes bathroom time - there is one way in and one way out.
so when I used to get weary from BMs - I changed my thinking and said things like "better out than in" - or just tried to remind myself of the gift this was to clean out so well! Honestly - I had to work at seeing as many perks as possible - cheesy but worked really well for me!
so when your gas gurgles and when you need another new roll of toilet paper - I seriously encourage u to smile and imagine being healed (someday) and imagine how healthy u will be!

god always gave me grace for the nights my sleep was interrupted (I also did some nice reading in snippets during many of those bathroom releases)
Sorry if this is long
But I am feeling very connected to my friends in the morgellons community -
God knew who would get this
He knew When
He knew how we would go about recovery
And Knowing that still brings me comfort
He also knew what we would contribute as a body here!
Just like the church is a body -
Our morgellons community is a body and we all bring something unique from our journey and our perspective - some move on for good - some stay around for good - and some check back in as they are led
Thomas - u are definitely in one of the toughest phases of the healing part - so keep that in mind too - so many better months are coming :)

Peace and grace to you

2:43:15 PM

Hi Thomas!

The fatigue and emotional/depressive aspects of this illness have been the hardest part for me! I battled some pockets of extremely scary depression and fatigue, thankfully I knew what I was facing and took it as a sign to cut myself some major slack. I've read that depression is tied to inflammation, which is obviously a big part of this illnesd as well. Just rest in knowing that the protocol you are taking is definitely working slowly but surely to rid you of that inflammation, praise be to God! I also went through a phase where I was allowing myself to get really stressed out over my environment, keep in mind, I have 5 little ones so it is nearly impossible to keep things as clean as I normally would! I found it did more harm than good, the stress really doesn't help us get well! As hard as it may be try not to let yourself get too stressed out with your environment. Do your best and like Mel says, as we get better out environment gets better. Blessings and prayers!
Laura (aunt)

11:16:35 AM

I feel like this disease is training us for life lessons. Think about an athlete that is training for a marathon. They work hard to overcome fatigue, to build muscles, to gain endurance, etc. And no matter how long and diligently they train, many times they have set backs. Perhaps they pull a muscle or hurt their ankle. But they do not give up. It is a minor set back which requires them to regroup and start again.

You have had a minor set back. So I say; regroup and get back into the race. Do not let it get you down too long. Remember that you have God cheering for you. He never promised it would be easy. But he did promise to remain with and Love you through it all. WOW; what a great feeling to know the Almighty GOD loves you!

In Christ Love,

12:36:15 AM

Week 22. I would like to start by thanking Jen, Laura, Paula, Marie, and Peter. You have all sent me gentle loving kindness just when I needed it. This week I was able to get the critters under control with the wps and Kleen Green. I am grateful that now I have knowledge and weapons with which to defend myself. Thank you Mel and Peter for giving us the knowledge to overcome this gruesome enemy. It took 2 weeks to catch back up to where I was but the difference is my understanding and ability to react. Just as I got caught up the last three nights bring terrible gas and diarrhea in the middle of the night. Not good. Guess I'll sleep when I die right. Only problem is I know I need my sleep to get better. Getting lots of excersise though walking back and forth to the blasted truck. I don't even want to eat but am out of habit and because I know I need it. Fatigue is the words of the week and I am hating the world. There is no sight on the horizon of getting out of the truck soon. Possibly 2-6 months if I am lucky at the rate things are. I know not to waste energy on things I cannot change. Change comes on God's time, not mine. I just know that I need to change my environment in order to complete my mission of wellness. I believe it's the last and final key.

10:10:30 PM

Thanks Laura,

I needed that.

And yes, Praise be to God. He is the God who comforts us. I hide under His wing. I will not cease praising Him until my last breath.

9:47:36 PM

Hi Thomas!

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I really appreciate being able to read the progress that others are making with this protocol. My favorite thing you wrote was from "week 20" when you said "I can see myself again." I know exactlly what you mean, I recently felt like this as well and it was such an amazing feeling. Prior to that I would look in the mirror and didn't even feel like I was looking at myself, such an odd and scary feeling. I know you said you feel like you've reached a major setback this week, but go back and read your thread from the beginning and instead you will see just how far you have come. Sometimes all it takes is a perspective shift to get ourselves back on track. You are definitely beating this, keep using the wps and kleen green on your truck and carry on soldier!
Laura (aunt)

10:07:20 AM

Dear Thomas,
You are in my prayers! Please remember that knowledge is power! You now understand how toxic our environment can be and have the tools to get through it. Consider increasing your water intake and spray Kleen Green on your hands before and after fueling up. As your health gets stronger, you should be able to battle your environment better.

Stay positive as you know that can take a toll on our healing process. Focus on your healthy future and continue to pray. Try changing the approach you use to clean your truck. For example try different essential oils one day, WPS other days, and Kleen Green(always!)

You will win Thomas. Do Not Give UP! Please keep posting and we will keep praying!!!

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God" 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

In Christ Love,

11:18:19 PM

Week 21 brings a major set back. I fueled at a truck stop South of Chicago. I was being careful but was still reinvested by my environment. It took all week to get them out. Then the beginning of this week I checked into a paper factory and the same scenario happened. It has me convinced I need to get out of my truck. But I just don't know how. Environment is definitely as much a factor as any of All of the Sum of the parts. God help me get out of this nightmare situation.

5:48:41 PM

Well done Thomas!

Thank you for posting your progress.

It wonderful to hear how you are improving. You will have more ups and downs as it doesn't seem to be a steady recovery for most people, but we know that despite the ups and downs there is overall progress being made.

Just stick at it! :)
Laura (aunt)

12:09:19 PM


I have enjoyed reading your journey. It is amazing the strength you have gained since your first post. Praise God! You are such an inspiration for us all. I admire your strength, perseverance, and determination. But most of all, I admire the way you give Glory to our Lord.

I am Looking forward to reading your post when you are 100% cured. I know it will happen for you; so keep on "Truckin!"

"Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. James 1:12

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

11:37:38 PM

Week 20. 5 months. 3 months on the Lyme expansion protocol.

Acute symptoms started 9 months ago. By January 2017 my body was shutting down. I simply prayed God take me quickly.

I am much stronger now. Symptoms have greatly subsided. I am still dealing with pain, but that too is slowing.

I feel like I can beat this thing now. I say this apprehensive because it seems to adapt and rebound.
However this month I am starting to believe it is dying.

Praise be to God. I cannot say enough good about Logos and Mel's protocol. If the pain was completely gone, I would say I feel stronger than ever.

I have returned to the weight I was in The Marine Corps just out of high school.

My pain this week was minimal even throughout the full moon phase.

Now I am only feeling the crawling sensation not the stinging biting. My skin even on my face is almost back to normal.

I can see myself again.

9:42:30 AM

Hello Thomas,

I love reading your posts and following your journey.

Thank you for sharing with all of us! Keep up the

good work, this is a tough journey but you can do it!

Love always, Paula

5:27:51 PM

I would like to share how I seek relief.

I use a cream made up of six essential oils.
They are camphor, menthol, tea tree, thyme , cloves, and sage. It was the first thing I applied to my skin that actually healed it. I believe it's so effective because it is only comprised of essential oils.

I also use a diffuser to diffuse lavender and eucalyptus with some other combinations of essential oils to calm me, fight thrush and other microscopic and parasitic components as well as bacteria.

I also spay or spritz my skin with WPS. Wps is an awesome product.

It kills germs and bacteria and repels bugs and mosquitos I believe.
I also clean my vegetables with it as well as my dishes and teeth. I mop my floor with it. I alternate cleaning my car with wps and Kleen Green.
I alternate spraying my skin with Kleen Green as well. I believe this hits the disease on 2 fronts. I soak and wash my clothes in Kleen Green, borax, Odoban and a cheap liquid detergent.

This all brings relief to varying degrees.

I have noticed that it depends on the moon cycle. When the moon is full and about 4 days before it doesn't seem to matter what I do the onslaught is relentless, but Slowly month by month though I see major improvement.

When the attack is stronger I try to rest or sleep more. Diet and rest are key. I also bought a rebounder. It helps tremendously to jump on that miniature trampoline.

The only soap I use is sulphur soap from Natural ginises.I am bald so I get away with this;) Cathy has some other natural hair products there.

The only thing I cook is my streak twice a week with coconut oil and a local organic butter I know is safe. I eat only raw fresh foods otherwise.

My body is expelling this poison that seems to be regenerating itself inside of me, but I believe this plan is working overall however slowly. I AM much better and improving.

My advise for whatever it's worth, is to go slow and steady.

I mean: Stay on the basic protocol as long as possible before continuing with whichever extension pack. And DO NOT rush the WPS plan, I did, It's not good. Just follow Mel's direction.

I truly believe he has a lot of experience with this Morgellons monster. He has not had time to write the Book,
He is the Book!

I fear not though because my Father is a dragon slayer. No manner of weapon brought against me will prosper.

Ya'all keep the faith and stay clean, Or at least as much as possible.

4:41:40 PM

I would like to share some thoughts.

#1. Rest! When I don't get enough whether at night or my naps the pain is insurmountable.
#2. I drink at least 1 gallon of water a day; alternating purified and distilled. My body is trying to flush out this poison. I only drink water.

Breakfast: Dukes sausage from walmart/ no nitrites or hormones. 1 scoop renaissance whey with 1 teaspoon moringa with water.
5 non salted almonds, 1 avocado, 100% organic lemon juice, sauerkraut, minced garlic, sprouts or other organic greens.

Logos supplements, I believe the supplements help with digestion.

When I get hungry before lunch I eat chia seeds and quinoa. If I get tired after lunch I have a little bit of chia seeds. It replaces coffee for me.

LUNCH 1 organic granny Smith green Apple. Whey protein and moringa drink, 3 olives, lemon juice, garlic, sauerkraut, 5 almonds, 1 avocado, greens and salmon or dukes sausages. Logos supplements.

DINNER I omit protein. Moringa drink, sauerkraut, 3 olives, 5 almonds, 1 avocado, greens. If I am at home I will fix a grass fed steak from Sprouts at either lunch or dinner replacing the salmon or sauseges. That's usually 1 or 2 days a week.

I travel weekly thus the need for non perishable foods. The brussell sprouts I get at walmart in a microwaveable bag. It helps it keep longer without refrigeration.

I truly believe the logos nutritional supplements help tremendously with digestion.

I tried a different whey protein because I had run out. It caused inflammation, bloating and stomach pain.
Laura (aunt)

10:08:42 AM


I understand the doubt. WE ALL DO!

But think about life before MD; did you ever have doubt? I know I did. I had doubt the first time I ever tried to ride a bike or drive a stick shift...but now I have successfully conquered the things I once doubted. MD will be no exception.

So a little doubt is okay, but you must continue on this journey until you have conquered MD.

Please keep us up to date on your journey as I pray for you and all the others who are working hard to cross that finish line as winners. You are succeeding Thomas, I can hear it in your voice and read it in your posts.

"Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass." Psalms 37:5

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

8:19:23 AM


Christ said to an earlier to another Thomas,
"Cease thou doubting and believe" John chap 20 v 28.

You will be well again one day.
There are always the ups and downs.

Hold fast to the fact that the protocol combined with the diet really works.
Those on here prove it.

Have faith and hope and don't let the wee critters get you down.

Every day that passes is a step to health.

Don't forget the lemon juice.

God Bless.

5:04:00 PM

Week 19 brings severe headache and swelling, especially behind the right eye.The right eye even swelled shut with sinuses swelling too. This passed in 4 days.

And ever since I have felt great!

My biggest hurdle now is the doubt, but now I truly believe I am turning the corner again as I am getting stronger every week and every month.

All my symptoms have dramatically improved!!
I am so grateful!!!

2:43:19 PM

Hello Thomas

Just want to encourage you and congratulate you for hitting week 18. And to assure you that it is very important to healing that you continue to post and to share your journey. The issues on your face are not unusual to detoxing from MD. Expect that they will cycle in and out as you move further towards remission, but don't be fearful. Now you must continue to settle into "slow and steady" as you work to develop patience. Love you buddy. You are a blessing to this community!

Strength and Love,

8:44:05 PM

Week 18.

This thing is moving all over. This week started out with the face around the go tee area, if I had one. Then this morning into the sinus cavities including the eyes.

I am sure infection is being flushed out of every area one at a time. Just when the pain stops in the feet area it returns the next week.

Thank you Marie for your kind words and support.

May God Bless you richly.

10:55:54 AM


You might not think the end can ever be near but believe me you shall be healed one day.

Just read the stories and see the results.
It's hard going at first but just press on.
I am so glad you mentioned " TOO MUCH"!
Go steadily and sure. More is not better and less is more.

Some people get better more quickly than others but the main this is to eat all the right things to build up the immune system, take the protocol as directed and drink plenty.

Listen to your inner self. It can be your guide if you let it.
I think you are coming along splendidly. Remember it is early days yet.

Never get disheartened. God is beside you.
After the rain comes the sun and the hint of the rainbo.-(sorry got no doubleyous)

Thoughts and prayers


6:23:40 PM

Week 17 brings much pain for only 2 days. The rest of the time has showed strength improvement as I am lightly exercising now. The rebounder from walmart has helped tremendously. Thank you Mel and Peter. I think it actually confuses the enemy: ) It seems like this will never end but I refuse to give up hope.

12:41:15 PM

Week 16. Unknowingly because of brain fog I more than doubled my mms dose. DO NOT!!! Do this to yourself. I have brought it back down to 4. Slow and steady. The herxing is worse than ever now as is the pain. Following the established plan is the way to go. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

1:29:47 AM

I would like to take the time to thank everyone both on the calls and on this post for showing this stranger with tags much needed however undeserved love.

May God Bless and keep each and every soul.

He Is alive while my flesh is dying and purging.

A special response of prayer for Aunt Laura.

Thanks Mel for all you do. God Bless you Mr.

3:24:51 AM

Hey Thomas

Thanks for continuing to post. I am very encouraged to see your pH was recently at 7.25. That is a very good sign. Try not to let the purging in your nose and face alarm you. Many people have this when they begin to detox. Just be careful to not rub tour eyes. Continuing with silver in the nose, ears, and eyes should help. This phase will pass.

Everyone here is pulling and praying for you. I love your spirit and you have the heart of a warrior and have become the brother I never had. Thank you.


2:44:18 PM


Your prayers n support has surly been felt. Doing lots better just ready for a new month and positive thoughts.
Glad to hear your still improving. I wanted to still encourage you to not let that get you down. Just know that that is part of getting better always have faith and trust in God that he lead you to the right place. Through all that I have gone through I am so grateful for my health every day and it makes me that much happier to hear my friends in our community getting better . You have came along way my friend stay strong and her other we're off weather and know that you are still on the way to recovery just getting all the bad out . God bless and have a great weekend Thomas
Laura (aunt)

1:01:30 PM


I agree with you about night + darkness = fear. So as you continue to heal, try listening to scripture on your phone. This has been such a great comfort for me on this journey. On so many levels I am making connections as I listen to scripture.

The one I use was suggested by Peter and the words are easy to understand. I started with Acts and then Romans. Believe me it is very comforting especially during times of fear or stress.

May God continue to bless you!
In Christ Love,

10:24:09 AM

Hi Thomas,

I'm so glad you are doing better. Just remember, better out than in. Also, this disease is very cyclical, so symptoms that you think are gone will try to make a comeback, but each comeback gets shorter and shorter. They are very opportunistic and patient buggers, but slowly but surely we will knock them all out.
Keep up the good work.

All my best!

9:23:34 PM

Week 14 brings improvement, with the attack on the shins ankles and feet.

But now they are pouring out of my nose and face. Just when I think I am flushing it out it seems to rebound.

I am able to eat more foods and am gaining strength daily I believe.
I am able to exercise somewhat now so I believe I am improving.

Praying for Chastity and her daughter.

11:23:46 PM

Week 13 brings more improvement with ph levels at 7.25.

The Last 2 weeks were really difficult with much pain.
I think it was a major herx. Just trying to move past it all.

As long as it's daytime I am pretty good. Hating the dark right now. Wps seems to really help along with the Kleen Green.
I recommend both.

11:27:49 AM


My heart went out to you the first time I heard you on the BYOQ.

I am so happy to the improvements in your health after being on protocol.

You have definitely came a long way and your commitment has shown through your help being restored.

Don't ever give up, this community, Mel, and Peter is rooting for you.

We give all the glory to God.

Have a great week n God bless

6:05:44 PM

My Week 10 continues much improvement with my condition. Strength and acuity continue to bolster.

Many strange things are happening to my body, but for the first time I actually feel like I am killing this thing, instead of losing ground.

I found roasted quinoa ready to eat out of a 10 oz bag from Carrington farms online. This and the chia seeds have helped me round out my diet.

Thank you all for your support. And Praise be to God!
Laura (aunt)

7:00:00 AM

Dear Thomas,
Last week on the conference call I could hear strength and determination in you voice. You are on your way to winning!! I welcome anyone who wishes to share their journey with me as this is such a positive part of healing. You may get my number from Mel. Please continue to attend the conference calls and keep us up to date on your progress through your postings.

"Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous be shaken."
Psalms 55:22

Stay on course and finish this race a winner!

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

11:47:09 AM

Thank you Kelly and Laura for responding. It means a lot to me. I wish upon you both a special blessing. If you wish to speak to me personally just contact Mel. I could use all the support I can get right now. Thanks again. God Bless.

11:29:48 AM

Week 9 shows continued improvement with some diarrhea. They are attacking my face now especially the ears. I have also started the Wps. I believe they are dying as digestive health is returning and their movement to the face. Thank you Lord for your healing. Shh thank Mel too:D

7:55:12 AM

Hi Thomas,

I am so happy that you have begun to find relief with the protocol. And you are correct about Mel and Peter, you will never find two people who are more knowledgeable about this disease. Keep up the good work.

All my best!
Laura (aunt)

7:04:40 PM

Dear Thomas,

So happy to hear you are starting to feel better. Praise GOD! Please keep us posted on your journey back to health. May our Savior continue to heal you.

I agree with you; Mel, Peter, and John remind me of apostles as they live in God's Holy word while leading us to physical and spiritual health.

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)
Thomas **

7:16:17 PM

Praise be to God for Mel and Peter whom I consider His holy apostles.

1st day in 6 and a half months I've had no pain only a little crawling sensation on my face and some minor rectum issues. I felt so good it made me cry. I couldn't stop crying and singing praise to His name.

Still got a long way to go. I am grateful for the break from the pain.

I started the Candida rid expansion yesterday.
Maybe it's that or that we are on beginning of moon day 5

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