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11:24:37 AM

Hi Cassie,

While managing pH is important to good health (and especially critical in the blood), the body has a very efficient mechanism to do that (unless you take acid blocking drugs which disables that mechanism). It normally uses alkalizing minerals from the bone to maintain the blood pH within a very tight range. This is one of the reasons (bone health) that MagnifiCal is such an important part of our protocol - along with cardiac health and management of biofilm.

Unlike blood, the pH of our urine, saliva and body tissues fluctuates naturally in a cyclical manner throughout the day. In my humble opinion, the best way to combat excess acidity is by eating an alkalizing diet.

I don't recommend drinking alkaline water on a regular basis because you are constantly raising the pH of the stomach contents which our Creator wisely designed to be very acidic so as to form a protective barrier against pathogens that come into our GI tract and to help digest and assimilate foods (proteins and minerals in particular) efficiently.

There are conflicting opinions out there regarding alkaline water, pro and con, both from sources whom I respect - and a whole lot of money being made on it. I have not personally bought into the hype.

Hope this helps.



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