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2:40:42 PM


I have just been watching a video interview and have learnt a lot about EMI...electro magnetic interference and how it interferes with our body's cell electrical activity and thus cell communication.

So it disrupts the cells work in bringing nutrients to our bodies

Even more so if you have heavy metal toxicity.

You can get a device to fix on your cell phone and computer that blocks emi.
Google Hedron EMF protection for more info or look on amazon for emf protection.

Each of us have different levels of sensitivity to electro magnetic waves.
I cannot go near electric pylons or near radio masts without real discomfort.
I did have problems with my former computer and bought a piece of shungite stone which seemed to help.

You will find that as you get well the hair problems will resolve.


1:04:02 AM

I have scalp issues as well, although I do not have the gel you are experiencing. I have found rubbing alcohol on cotton makeup removers to help my symptoms. I rub in a circular motion on spots then throw away. It’s not easy, but i use one hand to part the hair so i can reach the scalp. At first, I was using many of these, and I’m not sure if that’s wise, because of the fumes, but it did reduce my biting, itching symptoms and kept me from scratching my skin. I have also used antibacterial wipes in the same way.

My hair is shoulder length, and I did think about cutting it even shorter, but the protocol is reducing my symptoms now.
I also switched to a dandruff shampoo that I let sit in hair almost 5 minutes before rinsing in the shower, then use a coconut conditioner to counteract how drying the shampoo can be.

I’m sorry you have these scalp issues, but know this is the right place for us to heal, inside and out.

Perhaps you could pose these questions on an upcoming Saturday conference call, or arrange one-to-one coaching with Mel.

May God bless and heal you.

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