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How I Cured Morgellons

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Laura (aunt)

10:09:02 AM


You are reaching out to the right community. There is so much to this disease that it can be overwhelming. So please take it one day at a time. Begin making small positive changes and continue doing this until it becomes routine for you.

Since you already understand the concerns with our bodies being too acidic, it is important for you to begin working on this. Eat foods with more alkaline properties and stay away from sugar as well as coffee.

I would also like to encourage you to begin the protocol this community is using as it has already helped so many. This protocol will help restore your bi-terrain and immune system which is important for overcoming your issues.

Please continue to post and ask questions as this will give you peace of mind in dealing with this. We have all experienced many of the symptoms you are experiencing.

Do not give up and have Faith your can overcome this.

In Christ Love,

10:41:33 AM

Hello Janet and Welcome,

It's nice to see more people joining us from the other side of the Atlantic.

It's even nicer that in your first post you have brought forth such good information.

I hope you can arrange to join us on our Saturday calls, many from Europe do so through SKYPE at no cost to themselves.

Join our email list and be kept up to date on the latest information.

If you would like to talk just send me a Phone # and I will do my best to reach you!

Thanks again for as we all know, knowledge is power!

God bless,
it's true that those who did not give up HOPE got well!


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