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7:48:52 PM

This one is great too Mel!

I always learn something from every conference call...and I'm so glad you're able to utilize Youtube to get this information out to a wider audience. There are so many people suffering out there...and these Youtube videos will surely help.

Margo...thank you so much for making this possible. Your knowledge and expertise in helping Mel get involved in this type of communication is going to make a definite difference in many lives.


Donna M

9:56:40 AM

Hi Everyone,

I just finished watching the You Tube Video call from May 9. These videos just keep getting better and better! I gave it a definite thumbs up. It is a must watch for everyone or at least if you can't watch, please listen. (I was on the call but the only thing is I don't like my voice lol, but it is what it is.)

I always get some new information from these videos and I know you will too. We can never learn enough about toxic disease.

So, thank you Margo and Mel very much for taking the time and effort to bring this to the public. I hope this raises awareness of the reality of Morgellons.

God Bless,

Donna M.

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