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How I Cured Morgellons

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10:20:02 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome.

While the title of this thread is certainly heartwarming, I want to make sure we give credit where credit is due: All restoration that comes from this website springs forth from a commitment to God. A promise made and kept… not only by me, but many others who have been called here for His purposes. I consider myself blessed to be well and able to serve. Without His intervention, I believe that would not have been possible for me or for you.

So let the glory go to where it belongs… our Heavenly Father!

God Bless you all, and yes its true: Those who do not give up Hope get well (if you don’t believe me, check out the latest two threads)!


Brenda from Texas

9:00:28 PM

Hi Kelly!

Thank you so much for your post.

I too have recently become well from Morgellons and am so thankful to Mel, his wisdom, experience and this protocol.

I am especially thankful to Mel for his selflessness.
Karen has made us more aware recently of just how selfless Mel has really been and I am so happy that he has made some changes that I hope will benefit him in the future.

I believe that God is using Mel every day to help people like us to recover from Morgellons when others have turned their backs on us. I also believe that God is using John and our Logos supplements to heal us as well. Isn't God awesome?

A little bit about my story... like most of us, I was told by doctors that I was imagining all my symptoms and that they were all in my head.

Mel says to not go into scary details of our Morgellons illness and I don't guess we really need to but, we all have our own frightening experiences and having doctors telling us that they aren't real makes things worse.

Some of my biggest symptoms at the time were sores on my feet and scalp that would not heal, tons of small sand like gritty granules coming out of my body, especially the skin on my lower torso and from my eyes, and memory problems.
I had other problems but these were a few of my biggest ones.

Somehow in my quest to find out what was wrong with me and how to get well, I came across At the time, I don't remember looking at other websites or even how I determined that I had Morgellons and not some other strange illness.

My testimony is that it was God because I was talking to God all the time. I was praying for God to please show me what was wrong with me and to lead me to the way to be made well. Frankly, that is all I remember except I do remember looking at this website and seeing the He Cures All Foundation and I was so impressed with the idea that those who could not afford the protocol could still receive the supplements and get well if they followed the protocol. That just seemed right to me.

Somehow this website, Mel, the supplements, diet, the forum and conference calls and the access to be made well by those who could not afford the supplements just seemed right to me.
In my memory fog, I do not remember ordering my 1st order of the Logos supplements but I know I did because I received them in the mail.

Mel says that I have been healed of Morgellons pretty fast and of that I feel very blessed. I just ordered my 10th month of Logos supplements. Although I no longer have Morgellongs symptoms, I still battle other serious coinfections, so my journey is not over.

While I do not have Lymes as so many other Morgellons sufferers have, I do have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, so I take the Logos Lymes supplements. If I went to a doctor today who did not know my background, they would not know of my past history with Lupus, as all of those test and numbers today look great! I attribute this directly to our wonderful diets and the Logos supplements, WPS and Colloidal Silver.
Like you Kelly, I do not plan on ever returning to my old eating habits nor do I plan on stopping the supplements, the WPS or the Colloidal Silver.

While I listen to past conference calls and I dial in to present conference calls when I can, I am not good at making forum posts.
I am on the website daily reading the posts of others and I cook using the recipes posted under Articles and Diet. I've learned to make adaptations of my own "old" recipes and have incorporated the recipes here as well as my own into my daily cooking. For me, enjoying a wide variety of foods including lots of fruits and vegetables has made my diet pretty easy. I think variety of foods makes it easy for me to stay on this diet and I also think sometimes I need to have some foods that I can cook quickly or have precooked.

My prayer for all of you who are new here, is that this site feels like home to you as it did and still does for me. Many of us who are not new will be around for a long time.
One thing I really enjoy is silly Mel and his funnies.
I literally laugh out loud at the pictures where he inserts his head in the photo like the one where his face replaced the face of a Thanksgiving turkey.
Mel reminds us that we need to laugh!

Please stay and join us as we all heal both physically and emotionally from Morgellons because;


Love ya'll!

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