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12:27:42 PM

Hi Natalie,

So sorry you are getting an increase in symptoms.

Things to think about are: how is the diet going, are you sticking to what is recommended here? Are you getting enough rest or are you stressed at the moment? If you read the journey of people here you will be reassured that things have to get worse before they get better, so as long as you are keeping to the sum of the parts and following the advice in the FAQs then what's happening is that the protocol is doing its job and working on getting stuff out.

Remember slow and steady as if we try to rush we get too quick an increase in symptoms and this can be too much for us.

Info such as how you are doing with diet and how many drops of WPS you are on would all be a help for us to give you more advice.

Keep reading previous pages of the forum as you will get lots of useful info.

Keep going and don't give up.

Laura (aunt)

12:15:13 PM


Please remember the full moon does make symptoms more active. But also keep in mind that the stronger you get, the harder the disease fights to survive.

You are winning this so do not stress and continue doing the "Sum of the parts".

In Christ Love,

10:32:30 AM

now its the super moon cycle . not the regular full moon . my symptoms are crazy too .
Natalie R **

9:57:29 PM

I have had this condition since April 2017. Did all the research and started on the protocol a few months ago. Everything seemed relatively calm and I was beginning to feel better, but now suddenly I am itching again like I did when I first contacted Morgellons. I have always had some itching and the crawling sensations, fibers coming out of my arms and legs from under my fingernails etc. The fibers are going crazy right now. I feel like I'm molting. There are long colored fibers and some that look like fuzzy cotton pieces.

My question is why is it this extreme suddenly and could it be because of the protocol and they are trying to escape. I'm hoping someone else has had this experience and can relate to this.

Is this a normal reaction am I getting better or is it starting all over again?

I would appreciate any and all feedback. Please!!

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