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10:21:58 AM

Hi Mel and Peter,

Thank you so much for this info and for validating my concerns; I know that they are worth addressing, and it’s helpful to know that there is solid evidence behind the choices I’m making.

In NYC, while I never lived in too congested an area, I did live in many toxic apartments, with mold, metals in water, pesticide laden places (inside and outside), and had other issues with the omnipresence of dry cleaners, construction and industry… I even had a problem in a temporary place that had electrical wires right by my window (I don’t have problems with wifi or EMFs, but something was strange about the wiring).

I have really loved living there, but with so many (failed) efforts of trying to find a healthy place, I’ve learned that at this point an affordable apartment often comes with these health challenges. If I was spending triple my budget, I would guess I’d have better luck. Moral of the story- maybe I shouldn’t live in the most expensive city in the nation ;)

I’m not surprised to hear about climate/temperature playing a key role too, considering these symptoms often develop by way of bug vector illness, and bugs thrive in warm climates. I would love to find a job in Reno! I actually am pursuing offers in southern Nevada, although that’s straying from the latitude, but is at least a drier climate. I also have a lot of friends in the northwest, which is ultimately where I’d like to settle over the next few years.

Peter, thanks for the note about altitude- I have stayed with friends in the mountains in Santa Fe, and that was a long time ago, but I do remember feeling great there. I’m happy to think that just as NYC posed certain health challenges, that there are places that can actually improve my health too :)

Thank you both so much!!

5:07:15 PM

Hello Jul and Everyone,

Jul, you and I go back many years now and have shared many of the phases in your attempt to restore your health. I have been a part of some of those moves.

I came to New York in 1959 and chose to leave in 1990 because of the ever increasing pollution. I can hardly imagine the toxins that now exists and I'm sure it must be a challenge living there.

With that being said, let me give you some insight and data I've gathered in the last nine years dealing with toxic disease around the world. Recently I brought forth in a conference call information detailing where Morgellons and toxic disease thrive and where they don't. In looking on a map, anything above the 45 parallel represents less than three percent of toxic disease sufferers. If one asks me where I would choose to move, I would say as close to that line as possible as there are many states that are above or border on that particular latitude. Toxic disease does not like cold weather. Reno Nevada is just below the 45th parallel and in nine years I only know of five reported cases.

If you wish to call and discuss this further with me, just shoot me an email.

God Bless, Those who did not give up HOPE got WELL and I know one day you will too!


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