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Laura (aunt)

4:44:15 PM

Dear Katharine,

If you type the letters WPS into the search engine, you will find many posts on this topic. I have made small amounts of mixtures (4 drops of each along with water) to put in a spray bottle as I believe it may loose its potency after too long. However, every situation is different and you may want to start off with less.

It is wonderful to see you posting on the forum as this provides great information for others. I pray you continue to heal and stay on this amazing protocol.

God Bless you and your family.
In Christ Love,

12:53:33 AM

Dear (Aunt Laura),

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, I was thrilled to hear from you but only saw your response today because silly me did not know you had to go back to my letter to get your response, new learning this forum, now I will look for letters.

Your advice to not use as much cream and gloves makes sense. I have been on the protocol 4 months now and will try to be patient.

The flaking skin just seems to activate the crawlies and my clothes.

Your idea of WPS spray sounds good, do you know how much to mix with water in a spray bottle?

Hope to hear back from you soon and now I know how to look for responses.

Thank you so much!

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