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8:37:25 AM

Hi Everybody,

Since the Keto Diet was one of the things people had questions about on Saturday's call, I am bringing these 4 great threads containing information about it forward.

1. Food for Thought and Food for Life
2. Ketogenic Diet
3. What if I'm trying to gain weight? Can I still do low net carbs?
4. Sugar Sugar Sugar

God bless,


9:30:22 PM


I would just like to say that I agree with what you have found. A ketogenic diet is what has changed my life. It has helped tremendously with my lyme and MD. It has also reversed my type II diabetes which I was treated for by western medicine from age forty to fifty. I am no longer diabetic.

Since implementing the "sum of the parts", Mel's protocol, and the ketogenic diet my health has improved.

Thank you Karen for sharing this information.
I just wanted to put my two cents in.



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