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12:46:16 PM

The floaties and other things lesson with time.
Try to rest easy and know that one day it will all be better.
If you have the finances one thing might be to get a room air purifier make sure it has 3 filters or one of equal efficiency. They draw in air and clean it free of bacteria, moulds and allergens.
Kleen green, white vinegar for cleaning, borax etc in the wash all help but the thing is as you get well these things lessen and finally disappear.
Vacuum as and when.
I put tea tree and lemon oil and eucalyptus oil in my vacuum cleaner.
MY bathroom floor was covered in the stuff- a year or more later there are none.
They are still in my computer and are sprinkled over my red bed cover every morning but they worry me not.
You get to a stage when you feel ok about them.
Rest and sleep are more important than vacuuming the house constantly. To help with the bed sheet question use apiece of sheeting as a draw cover on top of the sheet. This draw sheet (or a baby's cot blanket) can be laundered daily if you wish but only change the rest of the bedding twice weekly.
Clean clothes every day (trousers /jeans etc every few days.
Diaper cream contaning zinc, such as Sudocrem, rubbed over sores will ease the scratches.
Vick (for colds) rubbed on the feet is also helpful for oldies and little ones alike.
Boost his immune system with good food and cut out sugar' gluten and try him on goats milk or one of the other reccommended milks. If you are in USA they have special non dairy milks.
make the changes slowly and encourage him gently.
See the posts on children . They have such helpful information.
Mel says children are the easiest to cure of this so take heart. Give him vitamins to help boost his immune system as at that age children can be very picky.
Make him fun foods. veg with smiley faces etc etc and little cakes made from almond flour butter and Stevia and eggs.
Gingerbread men from the same but add ginger and lemon.
Keep away from sugary drinks or fruit juices.

Look after yourself. have plenty of fresh vegetables and healthy foods and all the sleep you can get.

Srray your mouth with Sovereign colloidal silver. It's wonderful stuff and will kill the bacteria in the mouth/throat.
Wipe the car seats with cloth soaked in Kleen Green or a damp cloth with a drop or two of lemon oil.
Above all take each day as it comes, ditch the what ifs and the whys and concentrate your energies on doing what you can without overtiring yourself.
It is hard but you will come out into the sunshine again. Believe me.
God Bless

11:55:40 PM

Hello Jennifer

I want to firstly say, you can rest a little easy now that you found Mel's website.

I'm sorry that you are going through this, it is not your fault you didn't do anything wrong.

I have a now 5 years old daughter and it's so hard to feel like you're doing the right thing to help the situation in the beginning. My first advice to you is do not be in denial I think this is something we all do in it will delay your healing.

So please trust in this website and the protocol, Mel will guide you as he did all of us. This community is nothing less of amazing the support here is awesome.

My daughter and I are going on our 6th month on the protocol, when I say we're so much better than when we started this journey we are. There was a time that I thought we were not going to make it through this process. But as time passes and your family will get better. Don't worry about what your family thinks! There's nothing you can tell them to make them believe what is happening so for now focus on healing your family.

You can also ask Mel for my contact info, I would love to talk to you. I'm praying for you an your family I'm so happy you found this website you are safe here and you are welcome.

God Bless

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