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1:43:22 PM

Hi Karin,

Acid blocking drugs work by raising the pH in your stomach by lowering the acid production of the parietal cells that line the stomach. While this can and does mask reflux symptoms, it does so at a tremendous cost to the body - especially when used long term (which is why such drugs come with a warning not to use them for more than 14 days - something that is almost universally ignored by practitioners).

I have written extensively about this in the past, both here and through articles, one of which appears in the articles and diet section of this website.

If you are following this protocol, eliminating sugar from your diet, taking the probiotics twice daily and using the digestive enzymes with meals and are still having issues with reflux, there is a fair chance you have a physical defect in your esophageal valve that can be easily and effectively addressed through a simple outpatient surgical (Lynx) procedure.

Look it up and talk to your doctor about it, because you were designed by your creator to have a very high acid content in your stomach for a number of very important reasons, not the least of which you brought up in your question.

How do we maintain a constant pH in our blood? We access alkalizing minerals that are stored in our bones. What happens to our bones when we raise the pH in our stomach for an extended period of time? Bone loss because we can no longer effectively absorb and assimilate minerals into the bone.

Protein absorption is also compromised, along with a multitude of metabolic and hormonal pathways. Last but not least, esophageal cancer, one of the most rapidly emerging in recent years, was almost unheard of before the introduction of acid blocking drugs.

So talk to your doctor, but meanwhile try this little trick that has worked for many. When you feel symptoms of reflux coming on, take an Essential Flora and then open a capsule of Essential Digestion, empty it into your mouth, swish it around with your saliva and swallow it. Don't drink anything for a few minutes, just let it coat your esophagus.

For most people who, like me, only have occasional mild flares, this works wonders.

Hope this is helpful Karin. Happy New Year to you and yours!


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