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Jen + 5

9:48:48 PM

Hello All!

I missed all the calls...again. Honestly my week days are so hectic and stressful that on the weekends I just want to unplug, recover and prepare for the next week. I started the extension protocol this month and am definitely experiencing some increased symptoms / increased herxing and fatigue BUT I feel like I am just on the other side of turning the corner from being "more sick" to "more well" if that makes sense. I will give a complete update once we finish our 3rd month. I mainly just wanted to apologize for not being able to participate as much as I want to and still promise to make up for it once I am up to par. Today I am incredibly greatful for the HOPE that the He Cures All Foundation has restored to us, because even in the face of these setbacks that used to be really scary - we don't have to be afraid because we know we are getting well.

4:08:08 AM

Dear Jen

"Thank you" for acknowledging my efforts in last Fridays call. I am thrilled to know that you gained from it.

You are truly a super mom and most definitely set a remarkable example for others of how we must fight to overcome adversity in life. Your determination and commitment should be honored.

Keep up the fight for you and your beloved family.

To me, you are a HERO!


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