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11:09:26 AM

Just found and interesting article on Hashimotos and stomach acid connection.

I would like some opinions/advice cos I know I have low stomach acid.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Be blessed, Stay blessed
Laura (aunt)

8:34:58 AM

Dear Karen,

I laughed when reading your experience of putting the rebounder together. I found the Gold's Gym rebounder at Walmart and it took me over an hour to put it together. It might have taken less time if I had the proper tools (an another set of hands. My tool supply is non existent and the little thing that came with the rebounder did not loosen the bolt.

I decided to place the bolt section in the freezer (reasoning; cold makes things contract)before finally being able to loosen it. Anyway I managed and loved hearing your story as a way to realize we are tougher than we think and "we get it done!"

How long are you jumping and have you tried using one pound weights while jumping? I honestly had never heard of a rebounder until Peter told me about using it during his college days. He also said there were You-tube videos on different routines to use. However, I just put my old 70's music on and jump away. Keep up the great progress you are making my dear friend!

In Christ Love,

8:20:58 PM

Hi Karen,
I just read your reply today. I have to agree with Ruth - "your posts really do make me laugh" and YES, You are a joy to have around!......I'm sure Melvis (yes that one really made me lol) will whole heartedly agree with that :).
Prayers and Blessings on your healing journey

7:51:51 AM

Dear Karen,

Thank you! Your post made me laugh and laugh. You are a joy to have around!

Love Ruth

6:38:14 PM

Thanks so much Deanna for responding. The price of this rebounder is so reasonable and definitely affordable. After reading your response I placed my order on Amazon and am excited to start using it once it arrives.

Prayers & Blessings

2:41:39 PM

Hi Everyone,

I got a rebounder a couple of days ago, and I LOVE it. I'd gone to several stores before finally finding one at a second Walmart. The first Walmart I went to didn't have any, and the second store I tried...Academy only had fancy ones for $100...and no luck at my Super Target either...but finally...I found one at the second Walmart I went to.

I didn't want to order one because lately I seem to be having difficulty with delaying gratification, which knocked out the idea of ordering online and waiting for it to come in.

All of this is nothing but a pity party though.
Sometimes I just get fed up with being so "good" all the time and I get a little wanting a rebounder RIGHT NOW.

The one I found was $38 and the brand was Gold's Gym. It didn't have the hand held things, but I bought a long bungee cord thing with handles for $8 to hook under the rebounder (saw this trick on Youtube).

It wasn't too hard to put together even though the instructions said you needed "two strong people" to unfold it.

After I realized only one fairly wimpy person was available (me), I just put it on the floor and flung myself on top of it and smashed it open with my body weight (135 pounds) which seemed to work just fine. I was so proud of myself that I was singing the "I am Woman" song afterward, so there was the added bonus of self esteem involved in this pursuit.

There was some whining involved when I tried to hook the protective pad around the edge...but once I decided to try the technique I use to put on too small jeans, I got it on pretty quickly.

I'm enjoying hopping on it every time I walk past it in my bedroom. I can do it barefooted, and it's easy to do for short periods of time.

I can already tell the difference in my energy when I use it...and that's the best part!


9:59:02 AM


This is the EXACT Rebounder I purchased in February of this year and it is absolutely perfect!

Using the Rebounder has significantly improved the swelling I was dealing with in my ankles and feet (primarily the left), swollen lymph nodes in my neck, as well as fatigue and most importantly overall healing. My goal is to bounce twice a day... I started slow and worked up to 100 bounces per session as a minimum. I always use it first thing in the morning and then again at night. Now that I've been using it regularly I will bounce while watching a television show at night or listening to a conference call, podcast, etc. I actually enjoy it!!

Additionally, I love the resistance bands that were included with this model so that I can work out my upper body too!!

Good luck, I definitely DO NOT think you'll be disappointed with this purchase or the regular use of a Rebounder as part of your healing journey!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

10:25:29 AM

Thanks so much JohnB. I will start scouting for rebounders.

For those who have rebounders, is this one good?

Let me know what brand you'll use. I've seen some for $500+ and that's really too much to spend.

Another question: Is this true?????
Regular consumption of a variety of nuts promotes strong bones and teeth, lowers LDL cholesterol levels, supports the immune system, lowers the risk of coronary artery disease, increases concentration and protects against cell-damaging free radicals. The alkaline-forming nature of chestnuts and almonds is simply an additional benefit to the multiple health benefits these nuts provide

4:44:00 PM

Hi Vanessa,

Do a search here for the word "Rebounder" and "Lymph" and you should see some great info on the best way to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid.



4:08:51 PM

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I could get suggestions on how to clear my lymphatic system. Yes, I am exercising, but when you have thyroid issues, it's hard to sweat even after being on the elliptical for 45 minutes.

Any suggestions/ideas?


5:55:48 AM

Hi Vanessa

Very considerate of you to share your test results. Thank you! I believe it is the Thyroid peroxidase antibody panel that identifies for Hashimotos.


5:19:47 PM

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to list the tests I regularly do to test my thyroid.

Panel of thyroid tests
Free T3 (FT3)
Free T4 (FT4)
Reverse T3 (RT3)
Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) [0.9 - 2.0 mU/L]
Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb) < 4 or negative
Thyroglobulin antibody (TgAb) < 4 or negative

I just want to point out that sometimes a low or negative TPOAb does not put you in the clear with hashimotos. It could mean, the immune system is weak and hence cannot make as many antibodies.

Back in 2015, my TPOAb was 150, which showed hashimotos but it was low and hence manageable. However at the same time, a stool test showed low sIgA (Secretory Immunoglobulin A). So my doc put me on colostrum to up my sIgA and within 3 months my TPOAb shot up to 650.

6:00:48 PM


Thanks so much for the warm welcome.

I know I've had quite a few calls with you and you kept telling me to get on the protocol, but I always hesitated.
You will be glad to know, that I am now on the Basic protocol.

I started 10/14 and would like to document my journey here for anyone else who might be going through something similar and may want some answers


Thanks so much for the information.

I will definitely read John B's article. As I update this thread, I will look forward to valuable input from you.


2:46:41 AM

Hello Vanessa

Here is an excerpt from an article, "Hypothyroidism Type II - Hidden Epidemic," found on Logos Nutritional's Health Info page, articles section. I would like to lead you to this article and to the other articles found there that sadly, so many miss. This will give you deeper instruction that then will more fully inform and equip you. Their is a wonderful amount of really sound information. Please remember, this is just a small segment of what John B. has included to teach us.

"Primary Symptoms of Hypothyroidism Type II"

The thyroid is the master gland of the endocrine system. It determines the basal metabolic rate for the body, so one of the most noticeable signs of thyroid malfunction is low body temperature (below 97.6 degrees) and a resulting intolerance to cold. Puffiness along the jaw line and around the eyes are another telltale sign.

Hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin, migraines, immune suppression, asthma and allergies, heart arrhythmias, anxiety, depression, stubborn weight gain, menstrual problems and infertility are all common symptoms of thyroid insufficiency. Left untreated, this type of thyroid suppression can lead to:

Heart disease
High blood pressure and cholesterol
Chronic Fatigue
Rheumatoid pain and joint deformations
Factors That Complicate Diagnosis and Treatment

1. Heavy Metal Toxicity - The thyroid is highly susceptible to the damaging effects of environmental toxins. Detoxification protocols to reduce the toxic burden on the body are critical to successful recovery.

2. Chemical Toxicity and Fungal Overload - Many chemicals and fungal mycotoxins have an estrogenic effect on the body, further suppressing thyroid function.

3. Nutritional Deficiencies - Mineral deficits are common, particularly magnesium, zinc, selenium and of course, iodine. These and any others present must be addressed.

4. Adrenal Exhaustion - Suppressed adrenal function has an adverse effect on both diagnosis and treatment due to the closely interrelated functions of the glands.


4:38:05 PM

Hello Vanessa and Welcome as Always,

I'm sorry that I am not the best equipped to answer your question. I feel that both Peter and John B are best suited to respond to you post as well as any others who have had success treating their own autoimmune related issues using our protocol.

I thank all of those in advance.

God Bless You All, Those who did not give up HOPE got well.


Vanessa **

10:32:57 AM

Thread for all questions related to health, bioterrain, Bowel movements and other autoimmune related issues.

If there's anyone here who has thyroid issues and autoimmune thyroiditis please post questions here. It'll be really helpful

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