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2:30:15 AM

Hello Folks

I simply want to ask everyone to give. When you do, genuine joy will abound in your heart, as you assure yourself that you make a difference. I will lead the way after I submit this post. Please follow me.

In His Love,

4:17:48 PM

I want to take a few minutes from my day to thank the HCAF. I have been truly blessed to have become a part of this community. My 5 year old and I have a new lease on life due to the generosity of others.

I occasionally go online and have noted an immense growth in the morgellons and Lyme communities. This is really sad as I see the numbers grow exponentially because there's little help out there. The HCAF is the only organization I know of that funds the needy.

Until the medical comnunity steps up to the plate we are on our own to battle this plague. Drugs don't cure they only mask symptoms. You can't cure toxic illness with more toxins. Antibiotics have their place bùt they have their drawbacks too.

In the meantime we have so many suffering. They've been shunned by family, friends, and even their Dr's. The He Cures all Foundation is a light in the darkness. I thank God for the foundation and to all who give to this organization. As scripture says, "Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over!" I believe your reward will be great now and in the world to come. I'm sure of it because Jesus said it!!

God bless!

6:15:24 PM

It has been brought to my attention on how many families are suffering from this toxic disease and are in waiting for someone to donate or sponsor them so they may receive their meds they so desperately need in restoring their health. I can't begin to tell you how much the He Cures All Foundation has helped my 6 year old daughter n myself. We were so blessed to have gotten the call from Mel that we been added to the program.

I knew they had saved our lives.

We have fought through the worst emotionally, physically, and mentally deranged experience a human would go through with the signs and symptoms you experience with this toxic disease.

This all stared 3 years ago when our health spiraled out of control to the point where living had became unbearable. I went from feeling like an alien to my skin problems to an starving zombie that couldn't eat because the nausea and loss of appetite.
I was extremely exhausted from getting up hours before my girls to start my cleaning and skin treatments.

Through Mel's Protocol, the love and support of Mel, Peter, and John, I have HOPE for our lives and trusted that God brought us to Mel's website and community for a healing.

Our nightmare was over,So many children and families had successfully gotten well.

Please understand that we are suffering from a disease that is misunderstood and undiagnosed.

I truly HOPE our story touches your heart to donate or help sponsor another family that's suffers from this toxic disease. Give them the blessing and opportunity to restore their health.

I thank those who have donated to the less fortunate for there are many others who need you're help to get well.

Ella Grace and I are about to start our 6th month on Protocol determined to make a full recovery and have hopes through all this,that I'll be able to turn around,and help another person or family who in need.

Thank you again Mel for establishing such a great cause He Cures All Foundation is 100% Gods work.

God blesses those who help others


Ashley J

9:24:36 AM

Hello everyone,

My daughter and I started our 7th month of the protocol. We are doing so well at this point in our journey some days are better than most, but as time goes by we are getting better and better.

I went through hell in hot water not knowing in the beginning what this thing was.
I prayed everyday to find some kind of a solution. When I felt like the world was going to crumble.

God! Lead me here, I couldn't afford the protocol
so I apply to the foundation for HELP!

while I was waiting I started following the diet which most of us know is not easy. Things were so difficult especially for my child.

When I got a call from Mel informing me we are now be funded by the He Cures All Foundation A calm peace came over me, not any peace you get from the world, but God sent me peace.

I tell you all that, to say this, Without Your donations individuals and families like Mine who
are less fortunate, would not be able to afford the mandatory meds we need to fight this ugly disease.

Being a mother having to explain to my child why the doctor can't help us, or why we have to continuously take our meds everyday on time while keeping the house cleaned and watching what we eat.

This is the monster under the bed, thank God I found this place.

I am a recipient of the He Cures All Foundation.
My daughter and I are the living proof of your donations Matter to us and many others.

Like so many others who benefit from the Foundation, we are truly grateful and remember no donation is to small.

Thanks you all

God Bless this community


3:26:26 PM


Some of you may know me as Jen + 5 - for those who don't really know me you can read my story on my thread "Hanging on Hope."

I started presenting with symptoms that I actually noticed during my 4th pregnancy in 2014. After lots of panicking I surrendered it to God in prayer and that's when I was led to Mel's website.

My children and I started on the protocol right away and I can attest to just how much of a difference it made. Unfortunately, we got to a point where we were no longer able to afford the protocol. Thankfully we were considerably better from having been on the protocol. As soon as we got to a point where we had a little extra money I bought what I could afford, a high-quality vitamin both for myself and my children and probiotics occasionally. That's what we've been using to keep our heads above water in respects to beating this.
Lately I started noticing a return of some symptoms here and there that we haven't seen for a while, as you can imagine this means I began to panic again.

I know the protocol we are on is not anything as complete as Mel's and I also know that if we're going to beat this we need to be on the entire protocol (the sum of the parts" as Mel says).

I started to feel hopeless as to whether or not we would ever really be able to beat this. Then we got a spectacular phone call, I'm sure you can imagine just how thrilled and so very grateful we were to find out that we will be the next recipients of help from the "He Cures All Foundation."

I've had a hard time putting into words just how grateful I am!

I'm not really sure how much longer I could have kept it together to be perfectly honest. I was starting to slip back into despair and depression. I am trying my hardest to raise my little human beings to be beautiful contributions to the world around them and it has been so hard to do, when I'm not feeling well or even like my true self for that matter.

Once I found out that we would be receiving help from the foundation it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and I have a renewed sense of hope, it's lifted me out of the hopelessness and away from the darkness that was slowly trying to creep back into our lives.

I know this is exactly what we so desperately need, and I don't think it will take us very long to greatly improve because we have been on the protocol before and have been trying to do as well as we can, to keep up with taking care of our health.

I am by nature a very loyal person and if someone does something for me I will absolutely go above and beyond to repay them. I may not be able to repay Mel or the foundation financially at the moment but I know now that one day I will be well enough to be able to work again, in addition to taking care of my family.

l refuse to take without giving something back in return, time is money and I do have time and have committed to helping in any way that I can.

I want to say thank you from me and each one of my beautiful children. Your donations matter, YOU are real life superheroes, YOU are saving lives when you donate no matter how big or small your contribution.

I commit to help in any way I can until I am able to donate and hope YOU all will to. We were all called here for a reason, nothing is an accident.

Whether you need encouragement, a friend, advice, motivation to get on or stay on this protocol, I want to help you. The Bible says if we give it will be multiplied, I want you to know that I'm going to do my best to multiply what's been given to me as much as possible.

I'm still having issues with brain fog, but I know that when it has lifted I will once again be a force to be reckoned with.

I also believe that the things that God puts us through serve a purpose, a way to direct our paths. I know God has called me to this website for a reason and back to this website again for a reason, so here I am ready and willing to do His work.

Just knowing that I will be able to start the protocol again and will be given what I need to beat this condition has reignited a fire inside of me that has been slowly dying out.

You will be seeing a lot of me from now on, so please don't be a stranger!

Also, 5 children keep me VERY busy so if you don't hear back from me right away please don't think I'm ignoring you, I just have a very long "to do" list.

Blessings to you all!

11:00:36 PM

I for one am looking VERY forward to hearing 4 of the families currently receiving funding from the He Cures All Foundation on this Saturday's conference call.

However, I am also saddened to think that Mel tells us how the amount of people coming to this website is at an ALL TIME HIGH... Yet there are currently only enough funds in the He Cures All Foundation to give support to a small fraction of those in need.

Wouldn't it be amazing "if" every month that each of us receives our protocol we make a donation to the He Cures All Foundation... In an effort to pay it forward AND to give thanks for what has so freely been given to us by Mel, John and Peter.

I've been involved in fundraising for non-profits in the past and I can GUARANTEE you there is NO DONATION too small. So if you are telling yourself right now, I'd love to give but there's not much left over after I pay for my own protocol.... That is okay just commit to give a donation each month regardless of the size and let's see how we can grown the number of individuals the Foundation can support?!?!?!

Thank you for reading this, thank you for considering making a donation AND thank you for being a part of this AMAZING community that has saved soooooo many lives, including mine!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,
Ashley J

10:30:15 AM


I prayed every night for a answer to this disease and I found this website. When I found the website I prayed everyday to be able to afford the protocol for my family.

Again God answers with The He Cures All Foundation.

I'm am so grateful for this community, Mel and the protocol.
Mel has put in place a system that works very well.

With your continued support will not only help those on the protocol, but hopefully some of the families that are awaiting there turn. There's more and more family's be affected by this disease who needs the same help the Foundation covers.

My daughter and I will be starting our 6th month on the protocol and are getting well!

Thank you for all the love, support, donations.
they are greatly appreciated.

I want to thank the entire community.

God bless.

10:33:00 AM

Hello Everybody,

I am into my second month on the protocol and I am really thrilled. To have the support of my supplements is a gift that gives me hope. I want to thank Mel and the HCA Foundation for the help that I am convinced will get me well.

Through the generous gifts of people who want to help, I have a chance that I did not have before. I will be forever grateful to these kind and loving souls who donated so that me and others can overcome Morgellons. Thank you with all my heart!


4:39:20 PM

Reading through the posts today and can't seem to find where I posted previously.

I wanted to again thank the foundation for your help.

I now have hope that I'll be able to eventually return to my profession as an Rn.
Without the help of the foundation, this would be out of the question.

My hope is that I can contribute back to this community and give others the opportunity I have been given.

After only one week I began feeling better and my skin even looked better.

The recent full moon though seemed to exacerbate previous symptoms, but I'm still hopeful because God is faithful.

I want to thank everyone for all the support this community offers.

God bless all.


10:43:57 AM

From the heart

I can't say this enough how grateful I am to those who sponsor those who can't afford to get well. I am now blessed to say this is my second month taking Mel's protocol as directed.

As a mother I couldn't imagine seeing my daughter suffering another day.

From the bottom of my heart I am so appreciate to those who made this gift of wellness to my family and me.

We still have a ways to go but have continued to progress daily. I see the blessing and miracle unfold.

I can't wait to see what the next months has in store for us.

Thank you for today we live and love like no other continuing our walk in faith and trust in God.

God blesses those who bless others!

11:47:17 PM

Thank You

We received our fourth month of protocol, I can not express enough how thankful we are. Without those of you who donate to the He Cures All Foundation this would not be possible. So many people who are apart of this community with financial burdens, benefit from the He Cures All Foundation an are getting their health back.

I want to thank you all for all the support this community offers.

God Bless you.


7:59:22 AM

We are alive and getting better!

Every week we have more strength and peace. I can honestly say I'm looking forward to each day to reflect on how far we've come. I try not to look back but, I have been so blessed with being a part of something special.

God knows our destiny. Psalms 107:19 -21 says,
"He hears our cries when troubled and saves us from distress. He sends out His words and heals us."

I cried for God to show me His love and the answers. After searching for months He lead me to Cathee with Kleen Green where she referred me to Peter, leading me to Mel's website, Mel's protocol, this community, and He Cures All Foundation.
The pieces all fit and worked in my favor. I could not have done this without His divine connections like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with me Mel, Peter, and John walked me through step by step. Their commitment and dedication to us n our families speaks volumes. God has a special place in Heaven for them. I appreciate everything and everyone including He Cures All Foundation that completed my puzzle allowing me and my family to get well. Thank you for your support throughout this process, I've been able to focus on healing mentally, physically, and spirituality.

Your contributions has been a blessing for my family and the families to come. 2 Corinthians 9:10 says, "he who helps those in need, God will multiply what you sowed." Proverbs 22:9 says,"A generous man/woman will be blessed when he/she blesses the needy." Some of us could not get well without your generosity so thank you again.

For my warriors in waiting, God hears you. Stay strong in your faith and trust your blessing will come in your favor.

John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.

God Blesses Those Who Bless Others!

3:03:15 AM

It's amazing that the, " He cures all foundation, " exists, simply amazing.

I never thought in a million years that one day I would get a call from halfway around the world and be told that I was being offered help, that in two or three months I will receive a package of wonderful medicine to help me really fight this.

It's amazing.

I have been picking specks of my body this week and feeling crawlies and bites and still getting Bartonella cuts almost six years into this and much as I fight it, the never ending relentless cycle of it going on and on is wearing.

Being told by your doctor, " you know I won't talk to you about that it's your mental health, " is also very wearing.

Hiding it from people and hiding away and avoiding contact is also wearing. be able to SAY this is what I suffer from.. and to be heard, to be understood, for others unfortunately to suffer also.

But to know we are not alone in this and to be then told.. It's OK.. We understand.. Not only that.. But hey, we are going to HELP YOU.. WE WILL HELP YOU TO FIGHT THIS..
We live thousands of miles away but it makes no difference because we can hear your voice and we know your struggle and hey.. You aren't alone...


So thank you DEEPLY to each and every person who donates, and helps and is involved with the," He cures all foundation, "

Thank you SOOOO much Mel for making it a reality!!!

Making it a reality for people who do their best daily to fight this disease but don't have the financial means to fight it fully.

I have been resigned for nearly 6 years ( and it getting bad 3 times in that time) to never being able to kick Morgellons sorry ass fully.

But then this phone call came and I'm told in a few months I will truly be able to do all I can to really fight it with all my might. Well I cannot believe it really.

I got off the phone, jumped up and yelped a joyful shout into the air!!!!!

My dog was excited and I said to her, " mum is very very happy as good people are going to give her medicine to make her big and strong and it's GOOD!!! Mum is getting medicine "
Her tail went, she cocked her head, her ears twitching listening to me, she smiled and came up happily and handed me a toy to celebrate, ha ha.

So, thank you, that people care, you may be thousands of miles away as I say across many an ocean, but you still care about others suffering.

Through this foundation people are reaching out a helping hand and helping to hold up others and to help them be stronger and fight this strange and terrible and isolating affliction.

It is amazing.. I am truly truly grateful.

I will not take one tablet for granted.
Every single medicine is such a gift!!!!

To be cared for and helped is beautiful



1:48:55 PM

Knowing it gets better

Life is full of struggles and challenges. Having this disease has been both for me and my daughter. This past week has been rough, are symptoms have come back with a vengeance.

I have to keep positive knowing that so many have conquered this disease.

God tells us in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength". Even though the struggle in life is only a challenge of my faith and devotion, I feel it's like a roller-coaster it has its ups and downs.

Listening to others who have conquered this disease gives me and others that much more HOPE and trust we too can beat this.

On my roughest of days, Mel or Peter have always assured me that it gets better. I cannot express how much I appreciate the devotion that they have given to us and those to come.

I'm forever grateful for finding Mel's website, Mel's protocol,
and those who fund towards the He Cures All Foundation.

5:24:53 PM

My daughter and I started the 3rd month on the protocol, Thanks to the He Cures All Foundation.

I can't thank you all enough for you generous donations, an Mel for the countles time he spends to help those in need.

We're on a road to recovery.

Thanks to all who plays a part in this website.

God bless.


4:46:21 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

I wanted to bring to the attention of all of you, and although we haven't officially finalized our sponsorship level with Sovereign Silver we have completed the initial phase.

Sovereign Silver has agreed effective January 1, 2017 to lower the price on shipping to ZERO on one 16oz or 32oz bottle of Sovereign Silver.

We look forward to finalizing the sponsorship agreement within the next ten business days.

On Behalf of All of Us, a very big THANK YOU to the folks at Sovereign Silver.


2:39:14 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

We are exceedingly happy, excited and proud to announce the addition of Healthy Way Inc. as our fourth Platinum Sponsor.

They provide a great product at a most reasonable price and they are a true friend to all toxic disease sufferers.

On behalf of all of us, a very big THANK YOU!

God Bless You and Your Family,


7:30:34 PM

Thank you Mel

Thank you for all you do for this community, your community.

I want to thank The He Cures All Foundation, I will be starting my third month on the protocol.

My daughter and I are so grateful, to have The He Cures All Foundation.

We want to thank everyone who donated, anyone who contributed in anyway.

Because myself, my daughter, and many more will receive protocols to restore our health.

I also want to congratulate those who are starting the protocol.

God bless, Thank you all

7:19:13 PM


I am so excited to announce that I'm officially on the program.

This is truly a blessing considering what my girls and I have been through.

Its definitely been a struggle daily but my faith and trust in God never failed. We can only look forward to getting well.

Words can't experience our appreciation to those whom Donated to the He Cures All Foundation.
Your support and understanding is felt, and encourages us to stay strong and focus on getting well despite our financial status.

Again my family and I, thank you so much for answering our prayers through your sponsorship.

God bless those, who share with other's !

12:39:04 PM
Toll Free: 800.807.9350

Hello Everyone and Welcome.

We are so proud and thankful to announce our third Platinum Sponsorship with Natural Ginesis (Kleen Green). Cathee is the only person I know who has been serving the toxic community longer than John and I.

On behalf of the He Cures All Foundation, I am truly honored to welcome her as a Platinum Sponsor. May God continue to bless her with good health and prosperity as she has opened her heart to toxic disease sufferers for many years now.

Welcome and thank you again for all you do for others.

God Bless; Those who never gave up Hope got well.


12:18:08 PM

I've been praying for a miracle for 2 years now and through the He Cures all Foundation my prayers have been answered.

Mel told me I am approved to receive assistance starting in Jan!!

Words could never do justice to all of the warriors who give to help others. God's blessings will be rewarded not only in heaven but here on earth. As it's written, "Give and it shall be given unto you."

You are literally saving lives and in doing so helping individuals to become productive again allowing them to give back to this incredible foundation.

To think this all started with one man who kept his promise to God. I'm so humbled to be a part of this, not only now, but until the Lord calls me home.

God bless everyone of you! Xoxoxo


4:56:14 PM

It is sooooo wonderful to hear how well Ashley J and her beautiful little girl Kyo are doing as well as how well Shari is doing... What a beautiful gift we are being given to witness their healing!!!

We all know that this wouldn't be possible without the He Cures All Foundation!!! So I ask you my fellow community members to please consider joining me in giving a year end donation to the HCA Foundation today, so that we can not only continue to receive the blessing of watching Ashley, Kyo and Shari heal but we can give this gift to so many others who are ready and waiting to start their healing journey too!!!

May God Bless you and keep you this Christmas Season and always!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,


6:58:38 PM

I have just received my Logos package from the He Cures All Foundation and I am so happy to see it! Thank you everyone! We are extremely grateful for this protocol being given to us by the Foundation and thankful to all of you who donate!

Blessings to you AshleyJ! I am happy to hear someone has donated 2 months of protocol for you and your family! What a beautiful gift for the season!

I am extremely grateful to all who contribute to this website and its' ongoing efforts at helping people to find hope, support and to heal from this terrible malady.

Anyone who has not yet, please consider giving to the He Cures All Foundation this year and be a part of someone else's wellness who cannot yet afford to pay so that we may all reach "Mount Wellness' together.

If you have influence with anyone with financial resources that is seeking legitimate charitable causes to include in their support allocations, please introduce them to the He Cures All Foundation; their contributions will bring Hope to life and bring glory to God who gives to all freely.


1:37:32 PM

I'm starting my second month on the protocol, Thanks to the He Cures All Foundation.

Thanks to your generous faithful donations, my daughter and I are on the road to recovery.

I want to thank Mel for this man has gave his all to insure everyone gets the help they need, Even at his own expense.

John from Logo's Nutritionals I give thanks to you. You have saved so many. My daughter asthma is gone! Something she struggled with since about 6 months.

So I want to thank Mel,John, Peter And this Community I'm ever so grateful for you all.

God Bless, Happy Holidays.


12:45:57 AM

Dear Mel

Thank you for the link to the beautiful letter of acknowledgement and gratitude you have written thanking Logos Nutritionals and their president and CEO John Burgstiner. I share your joy in celebrating the love, wisdom and grace that this family has demonstrated to all who suffer with Morgellons and Lyme disease.

It is an honor for me to personally thank John, Jill, Glenn, and the staff at Logos. This beloved group and this great company is all about obeying noble impulses to give and help and inspire. To have felt the deep bond of warm friendship and deep affection that is freely given by these inovators, is to discover the scope of great people.


You have made me a rich man John, through teaching me that what a man is, not what he has, is the measure of real wealth. When you have a oneness of all life; when you experience kinship with every person; when you are open to the buoyant spiritual lift of being in tune with the infinite; when you know the power of prayer and faith in Christ. You have come to know John Burgstiner and the richness of the kingdom within.

With all my love,


12:11:02 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Once again, it is with immense gratitude and great pleasure that we dedicate our second Platinum Sponsorship Page to our devoted friend John Burgstiner and his company, Logos Nutritionals. John's knowledge, advice and consultation as well as the unsurpassed quality of the Logos Nutritionals dietary supplements have been integral ingrediants to the success of How I Cured Morgellons and to the restoration of health to so many in our community.

Our website could never have accomplished helping thousands of people without his tireless devotion and unselfish willingness to help us help others.

I will always be grateful for all he has done for all of you.

God bless you John B!

Love Always,

Ms. V.

10:25:22 PM


This is such good news and I am so pleased for your family. Mel's foundation is truly a blessing. Things have been a little tight for us lately but we are certainly prioritizing the He Cures All Foundation for future giving, hopefully after the holidays.

There is a reason I sign off on most of my posts with Luke 1:37 - "For with God nothing shall be impossible." I wear a little Archangel Gabriel medal and this was his message to Mary and Elizabeth as the messenger of the Lord. When we become mired in what we think are impossible situations, God often reminds us that He supersedes the impossible. Sometimes He uses us as instruments to help each other against the odds and against situations that seem at first blush to be impossible. This blessing from the foundation for your family as well as Mel's own recovery and ability to foster and help others are all proof of this in living action.

Bless you and your family. Sending you warmth for maximum healing and peace -

Ms. V.

6:30:35 PM

Hello everyone today has been a exciting day. I have received the PROTOCOL! I'm so blessed to have found Mel's site for the safety of my family. Thanks to all who has and who is praying for my family we have a long way to go. Thanks to the He Cures All Foundation for help my family unit we can get on our feet again.

10:01:28 PM

Deanna thank you for your prayers.

I'm so blessed an thankful for all the help and advice you all have offered me. The support here is nothing less than a blessing!

I don't think anyone can battle this disease alone or without God's guidance.

I am so blessed that my family can start healing and take the Journey with you all.

Thanks to all of the prayers and the He Cures All Foundation, and Mel's dedication!

I'm so grateful...

2:28:10 PM


I am touched in so many ways by your post; too many to list them all but the top 3 (in no certain order) are as follows...

1) Sooooo happy that you and your family will be able to begin the next step in the healing process!!! I know you've been very diligent with the diet change and everything else you could do without being able to afford the full protocol... so as a girl from the Chicagoland area rooting for our Cubs in the World Series, I would have to say adding the full Protocol will be the "home run" that we all need to overcome this disease!!!

2) I "love" that even through these hard times you give the Glory to God.... AND.... I agree COMPLETELY, God is good all of the time, all of the time God is good!!! He is with us today and always, perfecting His plan EVERY step of the way!!!

3) I also agree COMPLETELY that there is Power in Prayer!!! In fact I added the He Cures All Foundation to my prayer chain at Church last Sunday. Now I'm not saying that's why you were sponsored but I am saying, PRAYER WORKS!!! So I am requesting that we all not only add the He Cures All Foundation to our personal prayers but we also ask our prayer communities to pray for the success of the Foundation too!!! Mel is AMAZING at what he does and helping him raise the funds the Foundation needs to help those who cannot afford it otherwise is most definitely what Jesus would do!!!

Sending continued love, peace and prayers to you and your family Ashley and to the He Cures All Foundation too!!!



9:39:39 PM

Uncle Mel,

I just finished reading the Testimonials, Success Stories and About Us on the new He Cures All Foundation site. It was quite a moving experience, full of inspiration, love and hope. It is so well done and beautiful in its layout. The writing is excellent. Everyone afflicted with Morgellons' disease who reads this new site, whether they need its help or not, will find the courage to start down this hopeful path to Wellness, Wholeness and Freedom.

I am blown away by what you and your partners have accomplished with so little resources. Surely those who can support this ministry will also see the professionalism and integrity that leads one to trust and fund such a well run organization! May your dedication bear fruit and many more join the growing list of success stories.

Blessed Be,

"The opposite of Love is fear,
but What is all encompassing
can have no opposite."
Ashley J

5:25:20 PM

Glory to GOD,

I got a phone call this morning from Mel. He told me that one of Gods children I don't know which one, is paying for two months of the protocol for my family.

The Joy is overwhelming, the person want's to remain anonymous, so if your Reading this you have truly blessed my family. Thank you so very much. I feel like there are no words, I can express to you that will fully capture how grateful my family is for your kindness.

I want to thank Mel and the He Cures All Foundation, also the person who blessed my family. because, with out this safe place

I would of never found such wonderful community.
I'm so thankful...

There is power in prayer.

Ashley j


1:47:57 AM


Great job Mel! I am very happy to read this.
Actually, as I write this, I just finished reading several testimonials and remembering.

I remember the assurance through foundation help that Linda saw in a rainbow.

I remember the great gratitude of Nicole, a single mother of Tyler, her 7 year old son, who had been suffering for two years. She saw the Foundation help as delivered through angelic influence and loved Mel profoundly.

I remember with great fondness, the strength and dedication of Amber, one of the Foundations greatest benefactors, who did whatever was asked of her because the financial support restored her to health to advocate for her young son, in his battle to overcome Cancer and Morgellons.

I remember writing myself, “Foundation assistance brought forth the friendships, the guidance, the tools, and the miracle of a return to a full life. Through the foundation, I also now realize the opportunity to serve others that I have wanted all my life.”

These are real testimonials of real lives restored because the Foundation helped.

However, the means to give to the sick requires that perspective donors be identified and asked to take initiative and give. Every one of us who has shared in a blessing delivered here must now work to generate donors. We must embrace the opportunity, and accept the responsibility, to advance success to future recipients through our own individual effort.

The “He Cures All Foundation a profound vehicle, in real time, of a greater ministry. A ministry of hope to the afflicted. A ministry of relief from suffering. A ministry of bringing people together. A ministry of searching for what "really matters." Simply, a ministry of fellowship to those in need for which I will be eternally grateful.

Charge ahead with me and seek out donors.


3:07:55 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

It is with immense gratitude and great pleasure that we dedicate our first Platinum Sponsorship Page to our devoted friend and webmaster, John Waiveris of Invisible Gold.

Our website could never have accomplished helping thousands of people without his professional skills, tireless devotion and unselfish willingness to help us help others.

Over the years John has dedicated countless hours to our cause at

I will always be grateful for all he has done for all of you.

God bless you John W!

Love Always,


5:42:20 PM

I just wanted to write to say how very grateful we are to have been chosen to begin getting assistance from this wonderful organization! He Cures All Foundation

We have gotten our first shipment. The new secure feeling of knowing that this part of the treatment will be covered by assistance for the next 6 months is immeasurable and indescribable!

Financially, we have been in a very tough space for the last years or so since I have been sick. My fiancée is on a minimum wage income, (I have been unable to work due to this) and we have exhausted ALL of our resources by now, even to the point of having to move. I was so grateful to Mel (and to God!) when he gave me the news. How patient the two of them worked with me (since I am also on medication with my LLMD for many other co-infections) in going over the options and how everything will work together. Thank you to John also.

My fiancée is so extremely grateful and thankful for the kindness. He says he felt really relieved because we just didn’t have the money to afford the protocol and no matter how hard he worked, no matter how many hours he put in (sometimes 50-60 hour weeks) it always felt like it was never enough to cover everything this illness requires. He says he felt that for me it also was an acknowledgement of all my hard work, determination and strictness toward sticking to this protocol.

What we also realized is that this has only been made possible by the hard work of many. Mel’s hard work, my hard work, John’s assistance, God’s grace and mercy, as well as all of you reading this. Yes, YOU are all responsible for this.

Thank you!

However, I must point also point out that I realize we are not the only ones who will need help. We are one of so many who cannot afford this protocol and are in desperately need.

I would humbly ask and urge you to please consider giving to the He Cures All Foundation How I Cured Morgellons-Please Help if You Can for the next months over this season.

If you are a believer in God I urge you to remember the purpose of the tithe which is to give back to God what rightfully belongs to him, your first fruit. Your hard works results. To give a small portion of ALL that He has given to us, remembering all the ways He blesses us and how we are to love others, carry each other and set ourselves apart in that way. The Word speaks of tithing to God, however, helping carry the burden of other true believers IS spoken of and it is also LOVE, and also continuing to fellowship with one another (as we do here).

In the early days of the bible there were no buildings, no pastors presiding over a group and conducting sermons or asking for money. Paul worked and all in the early church worked for their keep. Most worked outside of and had jobs not related to the meetings/bible studies. It was just believers, in rooms, in houses, over food discussing and reading the Word of God that was available to them. Learning the Word through the Holy Spirit and Jesus presence being “among them.”

This community is showing much love so often, and people are getting well with this protocol. I hope to be one of them one day soon. I am grateful for everyone here and I feel that we are helpful to one another.

I am vulnerable here in mentioning that we have had this heavy burden to bear and the He Cures All Foundation stepped in to assist us.

Please consider giving to the foundation so that they may also continue to bless others through your contribution.

Whatever you can give IS enough!

Now more than ever it is easy to turn a blind eye to the pain of others when we are focused only on our own issues and our own pains, but this is not the way.

Every little bit of contribution counts.

Never. Give. Up.

3:50:34 PM

To all those who are concerned with helping people:

I am endorsing Mel Friedman and his total commitment to helping people all over the world to rid themselves of Morgellons, MRSA, Lyme and other toxicity related illnesses. Mel is a survivor and is honoring his divine promise that, if cured, he would devote his life to helping educate and serve anyone in need that reaches out to him. His websites (this one and the He Cures All Foundation site) have been an inspiration and education to thousands of people all over the world.

Mel provides everything free and spends countless hours each day counseling and encouraging others. This dedication has been given to everyone that has made contact with him. I have seen him focused on helping so many people that I must try to keep his cause alive. Since for years Mel was the only person funding and supporting this great work, He has told me that his efforts now need financial help as this has grown bigger than his ability to help all that need help.

Many people that have been cured have gone on with their lives with a thanks to Mel but are not yet in a position to support his continuing efforts. We that are in a position to help need to realize that when a person is only trying to do more for others, his cause is worthy and should be supported. I ask that you check out Mel's websites, testimonial letters from survivors, and all the education and support that Mel offers to anyone in need, and most importantly, that you donate to keep this worthwhile cause alive.

Mel needs to know that this dream will be kept alive for all future people in need. This is something that has gotten bigger than Mel and needs all our efforts to ensure its survival. My personal thanks to you for reading this and believing that one person can make a difference. Mel is a living example of this. Thank you Mel for your untiring efforts. May we all keep this dream alive until these illnesses are eradicated.

God bless you Mel.

Your fellow supporter and friend,



2:20:34 PM

Hello everyone and welcome,

It has now been two months since we announced that the HE CURES ALL FOUNDATION was up and running once again.

Last evening at our weekly prayer meeting, we announced that our first of four applicants had been approved and will be receiving her full Lyme protocol Later this week.

We are HOPING to add at least one per month as we intensify our efforts to help those unable to afford the protocols.

We would truly appreciate your tax deductible donations:

We have had a remarkable history of helping those in need and their families.

Thank you from those who shall benefit from your generosity!

God bless, those who did not give up HOPE got well!



8:36:28 PM

I am so elated and blessed to be able to receive assistance from this organization and to remain committed to my healing.

I cannot even describe the joy we got from the news earlier this month. Two people being supported on below minimum wage and trying to get well is simply tremendously difficult and doesn't bode well for healing!

I just wanted to write and say how grateful we are to be accepted by this foundation! It is a wonderful gift not to be taken for granted, and I look forward to beginning October 2016 with my Logos product assistance!

My fiancee and I are overjoyed and so very grateful to Mel, john and most of all the He Cures All Foundation.

To us, this is a prayer answered at a time when the assistance is really needed the most and we just cannot get on our feet!

I am grateful for our humility in knowing when to ask for help and the wisdom to discern how much help we actually needed. This illness is nothing if not completely humbling.

Never give up! God bless all of you.
John Burgstiner

1:38:08 PM

Congratulations Mel!

Your persistence and dedication is inspirational to all of us. You are a living example of what it means to never give up Hope, and I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve God and others beside you.

I share your joy in celebrating this milestone of the rebirth of the He Cures All Foundation, and look forward with great anticipation to seeing the immense impact it will have in the lives of those it touches.

May God continue to protect your ministry and bless your efforts to serve.

Love Always,

John Burgstiner

7:16:43 PM


I am so happy to hear this and that it was all able to be sorted out by you for us!

I am praying all goes well with the new 501c endeavor!

God bless you and all you do,


2:32:17 AM

Hello Friend

Congratulations, Mel. Considering the challenges you faced, you did a remarkable job. I work for a 503 C nonprofit foundation, so I understand the complexities you have faced through having attended our quarterly board meetings for some seven years now.

Your true spirit steps out again to show us that, if we persist, we too can do “whatever it takes to get the job done!” I will be mindful to keep my eyes upon the goal of finding corporate donors. God bless you.

Again, well done!

Mel **

6:01:56 PM

Hello everyone and Welcome,

As many of you know, a couple of years ago we formed a non profit foundation known as the He Cures All Foundation for the purpose of raising funds to help people stricken with toxic diseases to access care that they otherwise could not afford. Obviously, this ministry and this website are a more than a full time job for me, so I delegated responsibility for getting the foundation’s 501c3 requirements filed and documentation completed to a trusted friend with legal expertise.

Unfortunately, I delegated that responsibility to the wrong person, and found out some time later that our status was not completed correctly. When this discovery was made, we immediately took the Foundation website offline and stopped soliciting donations, but we basically had to start the whole process all over again of submitting our application and navigating it through the approval process.

Thankfully, we had immaculate financial records that documented every cent that was ever received and/or disbursed through the foundation - which helped to demonstrate not only the tremendous need it was addressing, but the integrity with which it was pursuing its high calling.

Today I am overjoyed to announce the reintroduction of the He Cures All Foundation which is duly recognized as a 501c3 organization and is better than ever. We have added several new Board Members and our officers all have direct prior experience with Morgellons, Lyme or similar illness.

If you have influence with anyone with financial resources that is seeking legitimate charitable causes to include in their support allocations, please introduce them to the He Cures All Foundation where their contributions will bring Hope to life and bring glory to God. It is to Him I give thanks and praise as we celebrate this momentous occasion.

God Bless you all; Those who never give up get better!


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