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2:30:15 AM

Hello Folks

I simply want to ask everyone to give. When you do, genuine joy will abound in your heart, as you assure yourself that you make a difference. I will lead the way after I submit this post. Please follow me.

In His Love,

4:17:48 PM

I want to take a few minutes from my day to thank the HCAF. I have been truly blessed to have become a part of this community. My 5 year old and I have a new lease on life due to the generosity of others.

I occasionally go online and have noted an immense growth in the morgellons and Lyme communities. This is really sad as I see the numbers grow exponentially because there's little help out there. The HCAF is the only organization I know of that funds the needy.

Until the medical comnunity steps up to the plate we are on our own to battle this plague. Drugs don't cure they only mask symptoms. You can't cure toxic illness with more toxins. Antibiotics have their place bùt they have their drawbacks too.

In the meantime we have so many suffering. They've been shunned by family, friends, and even their Dr's. The He Cures all Foundation is a light in the darkness. I thank God for the foundation and to all who give to this organization. As scripture says, "Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over!" I believe your reward will be great now and in the world to come. I'm sure of it because Jesus said it!!

God bless!

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