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Katharine **

12:02:19 AM
Help for itching & burning

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give some very helpful cream for itching and biting. I was having terrible reactions this week probably from the full moon and remember the prescription cream my doctor first prescribed for me when I first got was Fluticasone and wow does it work. It calms everything down right away!

I ran this by Mel and he had me write John at Logos and he said it was ok if I got relief.
Just want everyone else to get this relief as I have, thank you God!

I also had my first herx yesterday, yah!!! Really sick last night but as Mel told me to go back to bed & get some sleep this morning and he was right I am feeling great, thank you, Mel

We all need to share any tips that work, hope this helps someone else.

God Bless!

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