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8:52:29 AM

I? took the medications because I? was Diagnosed with limes and was just being hopeful they would work to treat this I? guess. Update: still stinging still crawly.. I’m just praying it’ll work. I’m taking the doxy bid.. msm bid 1000 mg.. vitamin c 1000 mg bid.. and acidophilus extra strength nightly.. I’m really really hoping this will work.. no signs yet. But my thoughts are it can’t make things worse.. please pray for me.
Laura (aunt)

9:05:04 AM

Dear Jazmine,

I am not a doctor but I would certainly ask questions. Why are you taking the prescribed medication and what type of research have you done on the side effects of it? In the midst of everything else you are dealing with; will this medication make things worse for you? I would consider doing my own research before taking any type of medication.

Please continue to research this protocol and then read about all the people in this community who also dealt with Lyme. The information is from people who have lived with it and restored their health using the protocol which is based on years of research.

There is so much to understand and this is very overwhelming. That is why I encourage you read, read, and read some more. There are journeys of people who may have experienced similar symptoms as you. Read what they did and how they overcame it.

Again please know we are here for you. You do not need an appointment to ask questions or discuss your fears. This website is always available. You will be in my prayers as you move toward making the right decisions to restore your health and regain your life.

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you." Psalms 32:8

In Christ Love,

12:22:59 PM

Tank you so much I have I’m still reading up on all th forums.. I? have A concern.. I’ve been diagnosed with Lymes and I’m taking doxy 100 mg bid.. I? was On for two weeks and experienced a very heavy menstruation.. lost my script (cleaning) had my doc call in another my bleeding stopped.. within the first day back I’m starting to bleed heavily again.. has anybody experienced this???

1:38:50 PM

Hello Jazmine and Welcome,

It looks like you have received good advice from Aunt Laura and Marie.

I would make one additional suggestion, please read and print FAQs (most of us have had brain fog early on) as this is the basic outline on what to do and how to do it. It's less than two pages.

God Bless, Those who did not give up HOPE, got well!


2:18:38 PM

Thank you all so much for the kind words and support.

I’ve been in much pain these last few days.

What money I have Is towards my child’s Christmas I’m unable to work due to this affliction.
Hopefully I’ll come into some money soon.

I’ve often said I’d rather have sores from head to toe than making others around me itch and sting and cough and ache..

I’m a nurse and I’ve always been rather independent.

I just Want my life back. My son doesn’t deserve all this.

2:15:14 PM


Your son will get his wish but tell him it may take a wee while... Or longer.
All the things you describe we all have had in variations.

It is hard when family/friends cannot accept you are ill and suffering from this disease. They are afraid.
They will still love you.

You need to start by building up your immune system with a good diet free from sugar and cut the carbs.

Eat Lemons,drink water with lemon juice,

Take probiotics and multi vitamins and start taking Mel,s protocol as soon as you possibly can.

It will heal you! It has been proven to cure.

With God,s help you will be well again.

You will be helped all the way by the good people on this site.

Never lose hope.
God bless you.
Laura (aunt)

10:59:40 AM

Dear Jazmine,

First of all, please know you have come to the right place for restoring your health and ultimately your life. Second of all, your story is no different than the other people here. We all have dealt with the same nightmare. Just different locations, different doctors and we have different names. For me, I have missed out on 2 years of holding new grandbabies and hugging my beautifully amazing grown children.

I love the spirit you have of saying you will not give up. That is so important for overcoming this. People in this community have walked the journey of restoring their health and have moved on with their lives. So there is hope! However, you must embrace each phase of this journey and learn that there is no easy fix. If there was an easy fix, this website with thousands of people suffering from this would not exist.

I encourage you to read, attend conference calls, ask questions, and read some more. The science and research has already been done. The previous "Warriors" have already walked this road and did what it took to restore their health. Unfortunately, the medical community has not researched this disease and therefore do not have answers; yet.

You should consider making some changes to your diet, the way you do laundry, and reading about the protocol. Once you read the science behind the protocol you will have a better understanding of why it works. It is not easy, but believe me it is the best way to regain your life. As you prepare for this journey you will need persistence, perseverance, and prayer.

Please continue posting here and ask questions. This community has become my second family. I can share symptoms, ideas, results, concerns, heartaches, and joy with them. They understand!

May God Bless you as you begin this journey of restoring your health and regaining your life.

In Christ Love,
Jazmine **

8:23:25 PM

Hello everyone I? have Been reading and tuning in for quite some time. I? want To share my story as briefly as possible.. this all began in April.. I? woke Up with a huge bite mark of some sort on my arm.. slightly raised.. warm to touch and began to feel crawling under my skin.. I? went On a cleaning spree.. got scripts for permethrin (I’m a nurse) used lice did on my hair.. spent hundreds in bug repellents and killers.. nothing helped.. I? ended Up quitting my job from people thinking I? had Fleas.. the second they come near me they jump hey scratch and they swat.. this has been very traumatic but I’ll be positive as I? can.. I? then Started noticing blue and red and silvery gold glitters coming from my pores.. after endless trips to different specialist I? was Tested positive for Rocky Mountain spotted fever.. doxy bid x10 days.. no relief.. different bath soaks I’ve tried from DE.. to MSM.. to diet.. everything you’ve googled I’ve tried twice.. now it’s worse I? can Trace my veins down my whole body.. I? dont Have many sores but when I? do Scratch (can’t help it sometimes) my scratches heal very slowly.. teeth pain.. lightly colored copper like hairs growing from places hair has never grown.. a change in body odor.. I? persist To another doctor where I? tested Positive for Lyme even though it was negatives at the time I? was Diagnosed for RMSF.. which is now negative.. to deep it all I’m dealing with a very non supportive family and things are getting very hard. I? write This while laying in bed feeling things.. floaters in my eyes. I? have A small son and on his Santa wishlist at the top was a healing for my mommy.. his first game was today and I? couldnt Even go because I? dont Want to embarrass him. My life was so perfect and I? know This isn’t how God has written my ending. I? know One day I’ll have a great testimony and I? will Never take for granted something as simple as rocking my child to sleep.. going to church.. dinner with friends. This will not beat me!!!! If anybody has experienced these similarities and come up with some sort of relief please help me. I’m truly terrified. Thank you so much!

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