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12:53:59 PM


Hello everyone, I hope all is well. Sorry I haven't got a chance to talk to any of the new members but im happy your here.

I haven't left the webside I'm still here you guys were stuck with me forever, I've just been really busy, my daughter Started school which is a whole new Responsibility in its own, Coming up with lunch ideas for her.
My work Schedule Change so I was unable to attend the conference calls I really miss everyone.

I'm Probably about 68% healed I know I have to take it slow because of the way I have to eat now. But anyhow I've been reading everyone's post and pulling Strength from each and every one of you to try and keep pushing forward.

My God Continue to bless this website and its community


10:41:36 AM


It was VERY nice to hear your sweet voice on last Saturday's call as well..!!

Thank you, to you and Kyo for being my surrogate Daughter and Granddaughter when this disease kept me at a distance from my own family!!!

The two of you are living proof for me that God gives us what we need when we need it!!!!

Sooooo happy to hear you are both doing well and I love you both sooooo VERY much, always have and always will...!!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

3:15:22 PM


Hello fellow Warriors, I hope all is well with everyone.

I was so happy to hear everyone's voice on last week's conference call and I just want to thank Deanna for all that she has done and all that she's doing for this community and all that she's done for me and my daughter.

Everything has been going okay I'm still struggling with my weight as most of you know im trying to find a balance on good healthy foods to eat while trying to gain weight.

My symptoms are still not as bad as the beginning and getting better everyday.

I want to think this community I want to thank Mel Peter and John.

God Bless you all.

1:16:53 PM


Hello everyone, I hope you all are in good spirits.

Thank you Peter, I draw so mush strength from this community.

My daughter and I are doing better that ever, I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, I'm still having trouble with my weight but it's ok. I'm still mixing essential oils with our lotion and cleaning is not so hard anymore.

Thank you all for your continued support.
God Bless


2:40:28 AM

Dear Ashley

I just want to remind you that you are working the hardest, yet the most important job there is. That of raising a child. Mothers like you, Chasity and others have such a great challenge in that work alone. Add in morgellons and you see how overwhelming this can be.

You have the love and the respect of everyone in this community because of how you embrace and fulfill this responsibility. Every day you get up and place the needs of Kyo foremost in your thoughts and deeds. I cannot imagine what strength that must take.

The weight will return, sweetheart. And as she grows, Kyo will give back to you the strength that you need. Thanks for continuing to share your journey here. I believe in you! Stay the course. You are succeeding. Believe it.

Strength and Love,

2:34:30 PM

Update 7th month

Well I would love to say we are all better but we are not over the hill yet. My diet has changed do to the fact I keep losing weight so at this point It might take longer for me to recover.

At the moment my daughter is sick but her over all health is better than when we first started this journey. She still has crawling from time to time but not all of the time, she has no more sores either. Also she still has no signs of ever, having asthma, I thank God for that.

Last week call was amazing I want to give a special thanks to Deanna, what a wonderful person she is. I also want to be apart of the fundraiser committee and do all that I can to help The He Cures All Foundation that has helped myself and so many others.

God Bless


3:28:52 AM


Thank you for all your suggestions, I really need them. I haven't lost anymore weight which is good.

If I could give myself a percent of where my daughter and I are at I would say about 65% healed.

We've came a long way from where we started without the He Cures All Foundation this would not be possible. Without this community it would not be possible.

God has blessed this community
I'm grateful to have found Mel.

My GOD continue to bless this website and all its greatness.



1:30:15 PM

Hi Ashley,

As you know this is an area I struggle in as well.

I have found GREAT success in making my morning shake with 1 cup of canned coconut milk and 1 cup of filtered water. This is the brand I prefer as it does not have guar in it therefore it is not as thick.

I also found this coconut flake cereal that is VERY good! I like mine with a blend of coconut milk and almond milk. I also add chopped walnuts as I still struggle with berries and candida.

Additionally I increased my consumption of the Almond Butter Bread to 2 slices a day instead of 1.

I have definitely gained some weight back with just these changes. Hope some of this might be helpful to you!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,
Laura (aunt)

8:10:15 PM

Dear Ashley,

I am not sure if this will help, but have you tried adding raw organic Maca Powder into your diet?

I added this to my diet a few days ago and so far it taste pretty good. There are a few healthy recipes on the back of the Maca powder you might enjoy.

It seems to give me energy and if you add some to your food, it may help increase calorie intake.

Please keep us posted on your progress and I will continue to look for healthy additions to your diet.

In Christ Love,
Laura (aunt)

4:26:21 PM

Dear Ashley,

So lovely to read your latest post and to hear that your daughter is still doing well.

I also lost a lot of weight and it got to the point that I was scared to lose any more as well. Looking through all the diet articles and posts I became aware that some people can eat foods that others can't so I was a bit cautious about them
But I found that the foods below were ones that have been ok for me and I think have helped me put some weight back on: (Apart from the dairy items I was eating the rest from the beginning)

full fat natural bio yoghurt - I eat a pot every day.
chickpeas - added to casseroles, hummous and chickpea flour to make onion bahajis
curries with full fat coconut cream
soup with coconut cream
lentil popadoms
lentils in soup/casseroles
peas AND carrots
coconut and almond flour to bake lots of cake
good butter added to almost everything - here we have a saying that there is no food that is not improved by adding a bit of butter! I make two scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning and put butter and garlic in and eat with fresh herbs and almond bread, spread with lots of butter.
I also eat some cream, but it is natural full fat cream.
Also cottage cheese, natural and fresh

I was very careful to start very slowly with these foods, just trying a small bit of one thing at a time and then building up. I managed to get to the point where I stopped losing weight.

However now after nearly two years on the protocol I find I do not need to eat as much. I don't feel hungry so much, my body seems to use the smaller amount of food I eat much better. Maybe I'm digesting what I eat better and therefore I don't need as much. So I think you'll find the same as you go on. I now need to watch my weight again!

Of course we are all different so caution is always need with trying new foods.

Hope this helps x


1:24:38 AM

Week 23

Well guys, update time.

So I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I weighed in a whopping 98 pounds. Yes! I'm officially skin and bones, so at this point I have no choice but to add carbs. Regardless of my symptoms and up the intake of food altogether. This should be fun, yes more carbs with a side of the crawlies I guess this will prolonged my healing. But I know this will pass to.

How's my daughter? She is better then ever still no sign of her not existing asthma which is a Blessing. Her symptoms come and go but not that much so she's winning the good fight.

Everything is the same as far as diet for my daughter. I will start eating almost everything I feed her now just to pack on some pounds. If anyone has any good advice please let me know, I'm up to 4 avocados a day with meals so I could use some help.

Thank you all, keep up the good fight.

Thanks to The He Cures All Foundation


2:20:50 PM

Hi Ashley,

I too thought that you did a "great" job on the call on Saturday!

I also LOVE that you are willing to share so openly that you are shy as I believe it is a beautiful example of how God changes us through this affliction!! Even though you're shy you did it, God moved you to share your experience, your strength and your hope with others!! Our God is an AWESOME God!!!

Unfortunately, I arrived late to the call and had to leave early so I did not hear the entire call. "However" from what I did hear, I believe that all the wonderful Mom's who contributed to the call made a VERY IMPORTANT point that THE CHILDREN DO GET WELL..!!! That is incredible comfort to anyone new or anyone who comes along in the future with children, grandchildren, etc, as well as for those of us who have been here for awhile but still worry about our families!!!

Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with this community!!!! We love you and your sweet Kyo and are over the moon happy to know you are "both" doing so well..!!!!

Love, Peace & Many Prayers,

12:10:38 AM

Hi Ashley,

I thought you did a great job- like you said especially you're shy. What you and Chasity did was very kind and generous. I can only imagine how hard it is for all parents to go through that.eith their little ones. I truly think you both are amazing moms.

Thank you for answering my questions. You we're great. I thought you and Chasity answered my questions perfectly. I'm glad parents can tap into your experiences.

Please keep up the good work.


10:06:16 AM

I want to apologize, I am very shy when it comes to the conference calls. Plus I didn't have a lot of time, I was on my lunch break from my part time job. So I will tell you all what I did in the beginning.

1st Diet
This is the hardest for most,I cut out all sugar, carbs. My daughter and I went on a candida diet which for children I do not recommend! I'm just stating what I did in the beginning. Needless to say my daughter loss a few pounds and I didn't think that was healthy! I soon found out children are not as toxic as adults. So I changed her diet to some carbs from vegetables but still no sugar. To make meal time easier, throw away anything that's not protocol friendly and only buy things you and your child can eat. In the beginning I spent 6 to 8 hours in the kitchen doing meal perp a few days ahead! Because it seemed we didn't have a lot of choices, Don't do that! It's a waste of time and energy! Instead look at Recipe for 2016/2017 save some time. It's OK to plan ahead but don't over do it.

2nd Protocol
I really didn't have a problem with giving my daughter her vitamins, I just added a half of capsule to her food two times a day and a kids multi vitamin for lunch if you're having trouble you might want to have a talk with Chastity.

3rd cleaning
Body: before we were on the protocol, almost every night I would applied a oil mixture of Neem, coconut, tea tree, oil. From head to toe for about 3 months yes! Was it easy no but it helped more than I ever imagined. I didn't and do not give my daughter baths everyday, it's every other day I wash her with Shay Moisture products. I don't slither us with oil anymore I now add the oil mixture to our lotion my daughter likes it better that way.

I was her hair once a week with Shay Moisture products they have a few to choose from, find one that will work best for you. After I wash my daughter hair I spray her hair with WPS let sit for a few minutes then wash out with just water.

This is last because it shouldn't be your 1st priority! Take your time clean one room at time. I didn't I decided to clean my whole house in a 3 hour time frame everyday!!!. I payed for it, I made myself sick I delayed my healing I couldn't cook for my daughter I couldn't do anything! Please don't over work yourself it's not worth it everything will get clean in time. Also my daughter was really scared of the fibers so one of the community members suggested a magic spray bottle that you can fill with Clean Green or WPS to make them feel more comfortable.

I would suggest to minimize the amount of stuff in your child room especially stuffed animals! My daughter had a lot of stuffed animals and toys, she only has 4 now that a spray with WPS Daily, and a few other toys that can be wiped down after playing. It important that you buy your child new toys after getting rid of old ones so they don't think they did some wrong or this disease is destroying there life they already are giving up so much with diet and everything.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask, I can't tell you how to handle your child in this situation, we all know everyone is different it's up to you as a parent you know you child the best. I know it's a low budget sifi movie come to life but we have no choice but to follow the protocol and diet to get our children well, we found this website for a reason. Rest easy now you have all you need from this community!

I was you! 7 months ago, with every day it gets better your child is going to get better before you do! So don't worry.

Thanks to the He Cures All Foundation, and all the donations


2:46:47 PM

Hi Ashley J.,

I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a GREAT job!

It's not easy, especially with a child. You are inspiring.

Avocados, almonds, almond butter, almond cookies, and our "new bread" are all things that helped me build my weight back up.

Keep up the good work!

Kelly :)
Ashley J

4:04:52 AM

Week 20

I think I reached a point where I'm not scared of this disease anymore, I've see and feel the changes to me and my daughters body's.

We are getting well with ever day it might seem slow at times, but we are still pushing forward.

I'm starting to feel a lot of vibration in my head, also a few stings here in there more than usual.

I'm still having problems with my weight loss. So I'm trying my best to not lose another pound.

My daughter is doing well, she has not had any problems with weight since the beginning of the diet.

Some days it's hard to see the end of this.

I'm blessed to have found this website.

A big Thank You to this community.

Keep fighting

God Bless


3:35:33 PM

Week 18

Hello fellow Warriors

We just started our 5th month on the protocol, Thanks to Mel and all of your generous donations.

These two weeks have been very rocky do to the fact that we've been spending a lot of time at the park because it's been so warm outside. So I've been very tried with little appetite.

Mel told me we were doing why to much to soon. He right as usual. So we stayed in the house all this week.

My daughter seems to have little to no affect to the almost daily outdoor activities from last week's. She did develop a rash on her face which is starting to go away.

Mel suggested I tighten her diet backup for the time being, she's not giving up without a fight.

It's fine I just have to remember slow in steady even when it comes to outdoor play.

I'm mostly drinking my vegetables because I have no appetite 2 to 3 times daily with small meals.

I can see a raw vegan in my future, Amanda and I always talk about the benefits of becoming a raw vegan, so that is something to think about, for me at least.

Until next time

God Bless

12:20:54 AM

Week 16

Kyo and I are starting to get little white bumps all over which is good things are still leaving, I haven't had any headaches lately I don't know if that's good or bad.

Our diet is still going strong but I can feel my willpower slipping especially with the smell of potatoes so pray for me. Other than the normal occasional family issue I'm ok. Kyo is of course getting better than ever an happy it's starting to warm up so more outside time for her.

Until next week
God bless
Thank you all

3:12:54 PM

Week 15

I feel good, symptoms are coming an going this protocol is amazing, thanks to Mel and the He Cures All Foundation we are slowly getting our life back. So thank you to everyone who took the time to make a real difference you know exactly where your money is going unlike other foundation.

In the beginning our symptoms were all the time now it's just sometimes or full moon related. So there's no doubt we are getting better.

I never been much of a complainer, I found that the more I focus on symptoms the more symptoms I would have or kyo would have. So I just don't worry about it anymore, we are already doing the right thing with diet an the protocol so why worry.

Kyo is doing well, uncle Mel sent her a painting of a beautiful butterfly for her birthday it's really amazing, she loves it. I'm so jealous haha I want it. Did I mention the painting is from Mel's art gallery from when he lived in Atlanta.

Oh I almost forgot I had black beans the other day. My diet has been only veggies an nuts mostly raw, Every time I want to add things to my diet I think of Uncle Craig aka our culinary expert who I miss so much I hope you're doing better.

Well that's all for now we still in this fight.

God Bless


12:09:29 AM

14 weeks

When we first started the protocol, I thought it was impossible! Because getting through one day was like going backwards in time. Now I must say time really flys, 14 weeks ago I was embarrassed to even leave my house. This disease affected my face and appearance the most. I'm not 100% but my face is so much better.

This week was very eventful, I got to have fun with Kyo, we really need that. We started game night on weekends so we look forward to that. On the other note not much has changed with our symptoms, we are getting better with each week.

Thank you everyone I have made friends here I've found a support system here we are family here we talk to each other we cry to each other we support each other just like family.

My God continue to bless this community it's members Mel an everyone who make this boat sail.

Love you all God Bless.


7:46:36 PM

Hi Ashley,

Great to hear you are improving by the weeks! Yay-- put a smile on my face to hear that Kyo loves the tater tots. :)
She might even like the "carbonara" as well!

That's a generous heaping of love and health you are giving her every single day! What a gift!

Praying for you both,

7:35:22 PM

I absolutely love this Ashley, you know our children alone make us happy but this just will brighten anyone's day.

I'm so glad to hear of yalls journey to health.
Look forward to sharing more happy memories together n for our babies.

Thanks for sharing her beautiful drawings.

Tell her Ella Grace needs an art lesson or two.

5:35:58 PM

Week 13

Wow! Time waits for no one, I would love to say I'm symptom free and almost over the hill but I'm not. But I can't wait until that day. Until then I will continue to work hard, keep up the diet for Kyo an I.

So our symptoms are much less at this point, you don't know how happy that makes me. Kyo still has the itching from time to time, because I started giving her more fruits and had to back away from them for a while so back to green Granny Smith apples for now. I'm sure most of you know diet is very important, children do get better faster but that doesn't mean brake the rules for them. We want our children to get well fast an stay well.

God will guide us all through safely.

God Bless

3:41:27 PM

I think it's safe to say week 11

This new year brought many challenges. Many of you know I lost my dad, I would be lying if I told you it was easy, it's not.

I had the support of this community, which made it easier to deal with. So thank you all. I know I would have some set backs an I did, I also gave myself a time frame to grieve. Because I can't grief and battle a toxic disease at the same time. So any emotions I have is going to have to wait until I'm healed. I have to do this for my daughter.

With that be said, a lot of my symptoms are a lot more then before, I thought I was having a big herx super early a few day's ago but Mel informed me it was all the emotional stress I was going through. So it's back to the normal routine.

Kyo is doing ok, she has a cold but she is doing great. Usually I would be scared because of her asthma, but I don't have to worry anymore about her non existing asthma, feels good to say that.

Diet is still going strong, I added monk fruit sugar, I didn't notice any reaction from it.

Amanda has been sending me pictures of her yummy chef salad, I'm so proud of her, she is very strong and giving me strength to push forward.

I want to thank Linn, boy she knows how to brighten up any day.

I also want to thank Deanna, her words of wisdom an guidance helps me to keep a balance.

Shari, Kyo love's your tater tot recipe. I think I'm going to cook them all the time now.

Thank you everyone I love you all keep up the good fight.

God bless

10:53:05 PM

Thank you

Thank you to everyone, who has prayed for us, anyone who has us in there thoughts, and sends your condolences I'm so thankful.

I felt every prayer that went out to us.

Mel, John B and Peter I thank you for all that you have done for my daughter and I. There are no words that will express the gratitude I have for you all and this community.

I prayed with Linn today, it helped put me in a better space, Thank you friend.

I love you all, not once did I ever feel alone. Amanda wouldn't let me, Thank you Amanda you're a amazing person.

I just wanted to let you all know we are okay, and there's not a moment I'm not thinking of you yall.

God bless

John B

12:35:30 PM

Dear Ashley,

So sorry to hear of your father's passing.

Mel dedicated this past Sunday's He Cures All Foundation Prayer Meeting to your family and he said it was the most well attended call ever! I just wanted to say hello and remind you that you are loved by many of us here who are praying for you and your family.

In His Love,


1:46:09 AM

Dear Ashley

On behalf of everyone here who know you and love you, let me extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to you and Kyo on the loss of your father.

Cleave to the assurance that he is in the bleachers on the other side cheering you and Kyo on and pouring out his protection for you both. And be fully persuaded that he still lives in your heart and that from there he will always be re-establishing your hopes and dreams.


3:29:14 PM

Update week 9


Over the weekend kyo, had a fever! She wasn't feeling to grate, and with a few noses bleeds. She got to enjoy juice for two days which she loved. Uncle Mel called almost every day to check on her. But since then she is all better.

Kyo also found out where meat comes from! And is now refusing to eat chicken and beef. But will still eat links, I know what your thinking cute right? No lol,

Just when you think diet is already hard enough, your child decides to throw a monkey wrench into your weekly meal plan.

With me not to much has changed, I'm still tried, most days. Which into my 9 weeks is expected. I did have less active on my face, with Mel's cold water routine.

Laura: I would love to read all about your journey, and welcome to the community. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

God bless

11:00:52 AM

Ashley J.,

I am new to this community but loved hearing your little girl's happy voice on the conference call. She is your reason and will to become a "Warrior" as you take on this disease.

I recently started the protocol (5 days ago) and will be posting my journey soon. I have gained a great deal of knowledge reading other people's post. Please continue to post and stay in the ring until the fight is finished.

In the end; if we follow the protocol I truly believe we will "ALL" win the fight.

May God continue to bless you and Kyo as you complete your journey.

In Christ Love,

8:41:22 PM

Mid 8 weeks update

Things are going things are getting better day by day. While I know we have a ways to go, it gets easier with each new day.

I want to say that having a child with this is so hard, but we will win this battle in the end. And never give up, fight every moment of everyday the payoff will be great.

No much has change with my symptoms this week. Also thanks Deanna, and I know the morgies are fighting for there lives. But we will all win in the end. As long as we keep up with the diet an protocol.

Just want to thank you all for all of the support, and to wish a Happy New Years.

God Bless

10:53:09 AM


I love reading your weekly updates, thank you for sharing them with us!!

I think your week 6 post is further confirmation that Mel "really" knows his stuff, as if we all remember, he tells us that it will get worse before it gets better!!!

Month 2 and 3 were by far the hardest months I've had on the protocol. I often wondered if I was getting worse instead of better but then I would read through previous warriors posts, participate in the conference calls and communicate on this website... all the things that you are doing and the payoff was that a little over a month ago (I am now at 5 1/2 months on the protocol) I started feeling better than I've felt in over 5, yes 5, years. Woohoo!!!!

So as hard as it might be to believe, you are "truly" winning, I promise!!!! Keep up the good work, stay in the game and know that you and your beautiful daughter are loved by sooooo many, including me!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,

12:07:12 AM

Week 6

Who let the cat out of the bag?

This week, the crawling on my face is just horrible! So I'm washing my face 3 times a day. And at night applying oils, which helps me sleep at night.

The other thing is that I'm really tired. I'm also dealing with some personal issues, not Morgellons related.

Kyo is doing well, she is now getting scratches in random places.
Her head like mine, is the main part on both of us.
Making it very hard on her most days especially her eyes.

Diet still going strong, which I think is the most hardest part. I'm not eating any fruits at this time. Kyo is eating fruits, blueberries, green apples and sometimes strawberries.

I've been on the diet for almost 4 months now, longer than I've be on the protocol. I am scared to start adding things to my diet while I'm still having so many systems. So for now I will just hold off for a few more months and see what happens.

I really enjoyed everyone on the calls this week. Just hearing you all gives me a little piece of hope back.

Thank you all.
God Bless

4:18:42 AM


Hello everyone,

Time is going by so fast. I'm starting my second month and I'm feeling a little better each day.

I had some minor set backs, but I'm ok now. I hope everyone is doing good, and in the famous words of Peter, "Staying The Course".

Kyo is better than ever, and loving her new found freedom. Her eyes are still a problem, but getting better each day.

Thank you Shari, Kelly, Linn, Deanna, Paula, Ms.V Sorry I know I forgot a few. You lady's have helped me in so many way.

Happy Holidays, and God Bless.


6:02:11 PM

Hi Ashley

It's wonderful that your face activity has lessened. My face and scalp were always my main problems. Just remember that sometimes the Morgs tries to take a stance and come back full force, but don't be scared, because as long as you are on the protocol, you will win, and they will die off again.
I suffered terrible earaches and headaches last year at this time, but now I am forcing them out of my head with daily treatments of silver.
Keep Fighting!

7:09:33 PM

Hey Ashley,

Just checking in on you to see how you are doing? Congratulations to less face activity that is always good news and a nice place to rest and be happy in. :)

Yeah I don't really love 48 hour migraines much. I still can't get used to them. Thankfully though they aren't every single day! My Dr. is all about slow and steady when it comes to herxing.

I think the protocol and diet are helping a lot and you may not notice it if you look for everything to be gone at once. No face activity is an awesome progress!


11:08:18 PM

Week 4 yesterday

Well my headaches are back, what a joy lol.
So guess that means I'm on the right track.
And the activity on my face is much less.
Not much has changed with me.

Kyo is testing her boundaries, but with some changes that Linn suggested she will be back on track in no time.

I wonder if anyone one else has behavior problems with their little one?

Or maybe since she doesn't need any asthma medication? either way she feels better this week. Her eyes are still a issue, 3 to 4 times a day.

God bless everyone.


4:08:43 PM

Dear Ashley,

I'm so happy to read about how well you're doing with such great outlook!

Yeah! I agree about those die off symptoms. We love them!
Die die die for them! win win win for us!

It's really nice to hear your progress.

I made the Paléo zucchini chocolate bread yesterday, suggested by Mel. I'm glad I did. I didn't do it perfectly, but I can taste what Adrianne said it taste like brownies.
I think Kyo will enjoy it too.

Before I got sick, my favorite coffee to drink was mochacchino, cafe mocha, mocha... because it's a perfect drink, the chocolate taste satisfied the child in me and the coffee satisfied the adult in me.
Ooo I should do that, mix some cacao to the capomo hey, that's a great idea I must say!


2:26:15 PM

Week 3

Was more of the same as last week, still lots of purging from my face in my head. I didn't have any headaches, I want them back lol where did they go.

Kyo is doing great, she is a little sensitive this week. She is still purging fungal hairs and other things. She having a problem with her eyes, which is not as bad as before. But no asthma problems at all.

Diet is still going strong, I'm looking forward to adding some of Craigs yummy creation.

Peter, Thank you I will keep up the good fight.

Shari, How's the magic spray bottle working for you? I can't believe I'm saying this but I would love a two-day headache, all die off reactions welcomed here lol.

Well God Bless everyone.

2:46:39 AM

Hi Ashley

Don't be alarmed. You are just detoxing and pushing cellular debris out. So just wanted to reassure you. Stay confident with no fear. It takes time.

That precious little girl is your reason to fight!


1:02:37 AM

Week 2 down! Yes, one day at a time.

Week 2 bought some challenge I wasn't expecting.

Like sadness, anger, and frustration. I wondered if my daughter would ever be completely cured of this, and have a normal life or would she have to maintain this thing all of her life.

Then I quickly snapped out of it I told myself it was the enemy wanting me to give up.

I also been having vibration in my head so that's new. Still having activity on my face, I've been using coconut oil and tea tree oil from head to toe.

I only take 1 bath a day now instead of 2. I'm still feeling pricks on my body here in there. I'm getting little headache's most of the day but nothing to bad.

We have came a long way and I refuses to give up!
I will fight until every last one of these things are out of our body.

Good days are on the way trust in God, God will light your path.

Ashley, kyo, "don't forget me mommy."


7:53:50 PM


This is great news! I am so glad to hear this.

I have made the magic spray bottle as well for tonight and I too, will choose to be excited about my migraine for 2 days!

Yay die- off! :)

Thank you so much!

1:06:19 AM

Dear Ashley

I don't often see such strength as is in your post! Indeed, you must take time to affirm that in the journey back to health we learn how to rejoice through the pain and trouble. You are a warrior! Stay in the fight.

Strength and Love,

7:44:53 PM

Dear Ashley,

Yeah!! You're triumphant! Die-offs is great news. You had a great first week!

I'm happy to hear Kyo is getting better.


2:14:05 AM

Week1: I wasn't expecting anything to happen in the 1st week, but I was so happy two days into the week in the middle of the night I woke up to a headache. I was so happy lol. I've never been so happy to be in pain, things are dying.

My daughter still has not needed any asthma meds, what a wonderful thing. Her Uncle Craig suggested in last weeks conference call that she has a magic spray bottle to keep her safe when she sleeps in her room, and its works except, when she sprayed the kitchen floor and I slid all the way into the laundry room but I'm OK. She is doing better, her back is cleared up she has the fungal hairs. And she has fibers coming out mostly at night, better out than in.

Paula thank you.

9:23:54 PM

Hello Ashley, Welcome!

So happy for you to be starting the protocol!

I am glad you are on this website. You have found a family that will support and love you.

Love Paula

12:02:59 AM

Today marks the date I started the protocol.

I must say God has been with me, the entire way. I wonder if anyone who's found this piece of heaven feels like they were guided here. I know I was for sure.

I am more than grateful, this is a safe place so don't be afraid, don't be skeptical it's our human nature to second guess things we don't understand.

What I'm saying is if you found this place, your supposed to be here, Trust in God! And you already have claimed your healing!

I will make weekly posts of me and Kyo progress.

Most of my daughters I progress I will post in the thread children's and Morgellons for others with children.

I want to thank everyone. I don't family.

He Cures All is all my family has. So many of you have made me feel like family.

Mel all I can do is give glory to God, because he made such a wonderful giving caring man.

8:03:48 PM


I am so sorry that you are feeling so symptomatic and that your daughter is not feeling well..!!

You are right we "all" have a long road ahead of us but I think what is best for us and for our disease is to take it "one day at a time". Just for today God will provide for us!! Sometimes even one day seems like too much so I break that down even further.

I am also sorry you are having such a hard time with your daughter and her food... Just remember her health is worth the fight!!!! Have you tried a reward system? I know that can be a touchy subject but at this point I think if it works, use it. You can print a calendar off of the Internet and then have her mark each day that she doesn't fight you over a meal or snack, maybe with a star or something she personally likes to draw, a smiley face, etc. Then when the month is filled up you can let her pick a prize out at the dollar store. Just a thought. Also remember the longer she eats the new foods the more she'll get used to them and the less resistant she'll be about them, so staying the course is important for both of you.

I will continue to pray for you and your family and I am adding extra prayers that The He Cures All Foundation will be able to help you VERY soon!!!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,


6:28:24 PM


Do not fret. I too am having a ton of abnormal activity on my face, arms and scalp. Sometimes we just dont know why and we have to be comfortable with that and to KEEP ON KEEPING ON! or as someone wise once said "Calm. Blue. Ocean." or "Serene. Green. Trees.

I wrote a Morgellons song for us about being strong through this trial - it is called "Conqueror."

If you like ask Mel to give you my email today and I will share it with you.

Sending understanding hugs from NYC,

Romans 8:31-39

31 What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? 33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. 34 Who then is the one who condemns? No one. Christ Jesus who died—more than that, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36 As it is written:

“For your sake we face death all day long;
we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”

37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

"Nor anything else in all creation..."

5:34:59 PM

Hello everyone,

Today is a reminder of the long journey ahead. I'm having a lot of activity on my face and head.

While my daughter's asthma is still good, she's not feeling well.

She is fighting me with every meal/snack.

As most of you know she is on some of the protocol. And doing better than I expected I would like to add to that and I think she will benefit more from it.

Her father and I are not on the protocol and doing everything we can to make sure she gets well. I have applied for the He Cures All Foundation, In hopes we can get help.
So thank you for all your prayers we really need them.

Ms.V., I'm so happy to know that your asthma has also improved, that's amazing isn't it.
Now we can focus on the MD and getting well.

I would really love the recipes you have to offer,
I think my daughter would love them and others will to.
Ms. V.

11:58:38 PM


I haven't been able to attend the conferences lately, but I try to listen to each one. I heard you talking about your daughter and how much her asthma has improved (such wonderful news). I wanted to reach out to you as a mother, as an asthma sufferer and as a fellow newcomer to this disease under Mel's amazing umbrella of support.

Your daughter is so blessed to have you as a mother. I could literally hear the love and nurturing in your voice on the last conference call I listened to where you reported on how well she is doing. And our children bless us so much in return with their existence, too. It is so hard in the modern world we've constructed to get them to understand why they shouldn't eat all of the 'foods' that they are exposed to at school, that their friends are eating or that they are enticed by on commercials, etc. I use scare quotes there because I don't believe a lot of what is being forced on our children by bureaucrats and corporations should really be categorized as 'food'. You are clearly doing so wonderfully with her and for yourself. As a mother and aunt who would also do anything for her children, you brought tears to my eyes when you related her healing progress.

My asthma and sinus issues have cleared up about 90% - 95% on the protocol so far - to the point where I don't need the inhaler as a backup anymore either. Amazing!

When I read your first post I felt like I was still so new I couldn't offer much beyond praying for you both, so that's what did. Perhaps someone has already presented this quote on the forum, but I kept thinking of you and her in my prayers along with Matthew 19:14
'But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.'

I have a few 'tricks' I use to get my kids and niece and nephew to make healthier choices or to make things more palatable. I have a really good non-dairy hot cocoa recipe whenever she's able to tolerate a little chocolate and a warm vanilla-spice non-dairy drink that is also great for kids. Both can also be combined with protein powder or grass-fed gelatin to make a healthy, warm nutritional snack. I was thinking of posting both in the recipes thread on the forum for upcoming cool weather.
Let me know if you'd like to have them.

Not sure if you are already aware of these, but if your daughter has cold symptoms, an upset tummy or needs something to just help her relax and sleep, a wonderful option for kids are some herbal tea blends by Traditional Medicinals, one of my favorite herbal tea companies. Their organic ingredients and processes are among the purest and cleanest. They have a line of products formulated especially for young children that you may be interested in:

The Cold Care, Nighty Night and Tummy Comfort are excellent. I've used all of those for the kids. With the addition of a little Stevia to sweeten, they love them.

I love most of this company's teas - too many to mention all, but a few of note for us adults, are the Gypsy Cold Care, the Detox with Dandelion and the Peppermint. Many people on the forum use Pau D'Arco tea and they carry a great version of this as well. The Kid's line is only available on their site that I referenced above, but I buy the 'adult' teas on because they are a lot cheaper there.

Thank you for joining the community here. Many, many blessings to you and your sweet daughter. I'll keep both of you in a special place in my prayers.

Ms. V.

"For with God nothing shall be impossible." Luke 1:37


6:14:28 PM

I am sad to see this post simply because it means I missed the conference call. Its Saturday and I was thinking only of the one this Sunday. Doh!

The good thing is that I am sure it was recorded! Ashley I am elated to read you are having mostly good days!

God bless you

2:16:53 AM

Today has been a good day,

The conference call was amazing as usual.
I just want to thank you all.
I Never would have ever thought, that a stranger could care
about anyone,that they had never meet. Mel you are my counselor in my confidante you are my strength and leader to all.

Linn you are my guardian angel and my friend.

Craig I haven't talked to you on a personal level yet but you are my advisor/ teacher I sure others feel the same way.

Lastly, Peter you are my trustee teacher and for some reason when anyone tells me anything I go and research before I believe anything, lol but Peter I never have to do that, I just listen with pen to paper. In hopes I can write fast enough.

So thanks to everyone I know this list will grow I can't wait to meet all of you!


5:30:18 PM

Hi Ashley,

I hope I have your correct phone number, if not, get mine from Linn.

The crawling in the head, forehead, face was always the worst for me and my husband.

Besides staying on the strict diet (which will get better as you do), staying on the protocol (the MMS is SO important), and washing with what works for you (many, many suggestions on the site), I also used and still use, 100% pure Bentonite clay on my forehead, face and scalp. It helps me so much.

In the beginning, when I had crawling, it soothed it while the protocol was working inside. Now, that I am getting better, it completely takes away any itching, burning and swelling I may have. I'm sure there are many brands. I bought mine on Amazon (Molivera Organics 100% Pure Bentonite clay). I've read that some people use it all over their body. I only needed it where I spoke of, but it everybody is different.
My husband has just one knuckle that is swollen and gets open sores every so often. He puts it on the knuckle and it's better the next day.

We do have to help our skin while the diet and protocol help our insides.

Stay positive and strong!
Kelly :)

9:17:53 AM

Dear Ashley.

Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed meeting you very much!
Like I said you're already doing so many things right. Keep up this amazing work that you're doing.

I like the scripture Paula use for her thread Proverbs 17:17. We are just like that for each other throughout this trial. At the end of this trial, we will show we are people with endurance. I'm looking forward to the qualities I can be refined through this process. But loyalty in friendship is so precious. So I love this scripture Paula chose. We're in this together:)

Thank you too for sharing, your daughter is so precious
Nancy S.

3:41:27 PM

Hi, Ashley. You are in my prayers.

Back when I was raising children, I was probably a forerunner "health nut"! I made everything from scratch, no soda or high carb junk food. My children thought I was "Cruella Deville"!!!!!! It takes life experience for children to catch on to parents' sincere heartfelt motives and intentions!

Two weeks ago, I had a cardiologist appointment. I knew that I was better but had to word everything carefully about how this happened! I have more energy, my heart sounded much better and the computer generated report from my pacemaker was remarkably improved.............I told her only what she could receive and work my case that I was responding to a Lyme and Lyme co-infection protocol, and that I was fighting systemic fungus and putting more effort into fighting heavy metals in the process. I didn't dare mention the M word (Morgellons)! For me this worked. I didn't alienate her.

In raising children, I was also alternative and carefully thought out my wording at doctor appointments. I prayed ahead of time for peace both in my heart and the doctor's. I hope that you feel supported even though you may not be heard or understood by the system at times. Nancy S.

3:47:56 AM

Today was a good day and I hope to have many more.
I got a call from a angle! Linn you are a amazing person and I'm blessed to have you in my life and I think Mel was trying to keep you to himself you have to share now Mel Lol.

Looking forward at what's to come makes me excited as it should.

I've totally committed to the diet and when I say it's helps a lot I mean just that. so yes diet is very important.
I have not fully committed my daughter to the full diet she still has a cup full of organic chips ever other day.

she did have a complete change in her asthma. And I'm amazed!

While my family has not started the protocol I understand more than ever diet is a important part.Seeing how diet change can change your body is some what scary, makes me think what in the H-e double hockey stick, have I been putting into my body.

I am still having trouble sleeping and some crawling sensation on my face mostly on my head but not nearly as bad as before other than that I'm here for the long run!

I'm servings this darkness the eviction notice!!

My Samurai Warriors and remember today is tomorrow an tomorrow is yesterday helps me get through the day.

4:16:07 PM

I want to thank you all for your prayers it means the world to me, the support here is nothing less than amazing. And for that I am already blessed to have found this safe haven. I also pray for anyone who suffers from this affliction. I am currently reading everything I can about this darkness of a disease. I call it that because it takes you to the darkest places of isolation. I will not let this darkness put any of my lights out! Before I realized what my family was dealing with I had already started DE, colloidal silver, probiotics and. Since then I started my daughter on colostrum as a addition. My husband and I have not started the protocol yet because of financial reasons. But we are no unprotected either. We are moving bills around and cutting out amenities that are not as necessities to save money. And should be able to start the protocol soon. But until then I will continue to clean up my environment. I've been have a lot of trouble with the diet when it comes to my daughter. So I'm taking it a little slower she has me beat and she knows it. If she doesn't get what she wants she will cry. Which will make her have a asthma attack and here comes the steroids. I don't know which is worse starch or steroids? My daughter has never been a big sugar/candy eater more like chips and crackers she doesn't like anything sweet. I will keep you all updated and I can't thank you all enough. Peter Linn Adrianne Deanna

9:54:31 PM


Please know that you and your family remain in my prayers!!

I agree that God led each and every one of us to this website so that here we could learn together, from Mel, to NEVER give up HOPE and to be reminded of the following words spoken by Jesus himself.

Matthew 19:26 With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

It is possible for your family to be healed. I am praying that you are all able to start the protocol VERY soon!!!

God bless!!!!


6:07:46 PM

Hearing that a child has this made me cry. Doctors let me down as well. They won't be getting any more of my money. God is looking after all of us and has led us to this site.


Please guide Ashley through this. Give her strength and peace of mind to trust that you will heal her and her daughter. Help her daughter to not worry about this and keep an optimistic mind. Please give her the fastest recovery possible, but give us patience as only you know how long it will take to heal her. Your timing is perfect and your ways are beyond our comprehension. Bless this family in their health, their relationships, and their finances. Help us to help others any way we can when we recover from this.

In Jesus name,

12:40:31 AM

Dear Ashley

Please try not to be dissapointed. Why should you be? As a responsible parent, it is only natural to look to the medical profession. Your efforts show that you are pursuing every available resource for the welfare of your children. That is commendable. I think Mel would agree.

Mel and I both understand that outcomes stemming from primary care, infectious disease, diagnostic and other specialist practitioners simply disappoint. This is because the gravity of our condition raises our expectations so high.

Herodotus, the father of history, once wrote, "if you are not acting as your own physician, you are a fool."
I once wrote that "I consider doctors as toxic as our disease." Put this behind you and commit to taking your health back yourself. That's what we did.

The pharmacogenetic testing John is working towards will give you a great deal of help in the diagnostic arena. Look forward to that, OK? And in the mean time, continue to develop your faith. Trust in this treatment approach. Remain involved here. Lift your husband up and spend quality time with your daughter.

There are no mistakes...only remedies.


11:58:40 PM

Dear Ashley,

Welcome! I'm sorry you had to go through the let down. I'm glad you spoke to Mel, you are in good hands. Your daughter is going to heal well. Mel always recommend for parents to read the entire thread of 'children and Morgellon'. Also the conference archive of children and Morgellon.

I hope you get even more comforted after that.

It's nice to read you also saw God led you to the cure. That's how I felt too, within 24 hours.

May He continue to hold your right hand through this.
Isaiah 41:10,13. 2Corinthians 1:3-5.
We're all here to support you and your daughter.

AshleyJ **

7:02:31 PM

Well I got the results to my daughter's lab testing from children's infectious disease doctor today. Why am I so disappointed?

Mel told me this very thing would happen. And still I put my faith into a medical community who clearly doesn't care.

When my faith should be with God and him alone. After all it was God who pointed me to this Web site almost 2 months ago!!!

But I already had this appointment scheduled.

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