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12:53:59 PM


Hello everyone, I hope all is well. Sorry I haven't got a chance to talk to any of the new members but im happy your here.

I haven't left the webside I'm still here you guys were stuck with me forever, I've just been really busy, my daughter Started school which is a whole new Responsibility in its own, Coming up with lunch ideas for her.
My work Schedule Change so I was unable to attend the conference calls I really miss everyone.

I'm Probably about 68% healed I know I have to take it slow because of the way I have to eat now. But anyhow I've been reading everyone's post and pulling Strength from each and every one of you to try and keep pushing forward.

My God Continue to bless this website and its community


10:41:36 AM


It was VERY nice to hear your sweet voice on last Saturday's call as well..!!

Thank you, to you and Kyo for being my surrogate Daughter and Granddaughter when this disease kept me at a distance from my own family!!!

The two of you are living proof for me that God gives us what we need when we need it!!!!

Sooooo happy to hear you are both doing well and I love you both sooooo VERY much, always have and always will...!!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

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