How I Cured Morgellons

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6:05:47 PM

In our weaknesses we are made strong through Jesus.

He is with us on this lonely path and there are many who actually suffer from this, mot a few at all.

Matter of fact when I first began showing skin symptoms I saw a dermatologist. The nurse told me they see this condition all the time.

I have lost a lot because of morgellons but I know the Lord will never put more on us than we can bear.

He brings restoration, hope, and healing in this toxic world. I did think it was a curse initially but I don't anymore.

I put my faith completely in Christ and this is the blessed part.
This disease will make you a stronger in your walk with the Lord. He will be with you in trouble. His name is greatly to be praised.

I give him glory for this community.
that those who meet it and overcome it

12:45:48 AM

Hi Beth

Thank you for this post. I want to follow in Laura's footsteps and share how Morgellons has truly become a great blessing in my life. First and foremost, it has taught me the power of faith, and has led me to a deep and profound relationship with my creator. And about the art of miracles, and how we can release them to new life through the power of our own inspiring influence.

MD has taught me how to work miracles with praise. How to work miracles by painting visions. How to work miracles by believing in others. How to work miracles by giving courage. How to work miracles by rousing the imagination. How to work miracles by expecting great things. How to work miracles by counseling patience. How to work miracles by setting a good example. And how to work with God to inspire others to come alive to their own infinite possibilities.

On the physical plane, MD has blessed me with the knowledge that the body only knows how to be well, if we will just get out of the way. I no longer need proton pump inhibitors for gastro reflex disorder. Gone are the pain, anti anxiety, and sleep meds. Bone spurs in my back no longer limit posture, and bad knees have re-mineralized. Truly remarkable.

Lastly, I have learned that crisis is creative. That out of crisis flow new ideas, new approaches, new patterns, new discoveries, and new leadership. That crisis is both challenge and a test, and that those who meet it and overcome it become stronger in the process. And that the crisis of Morgellons births a heroic spirit never before known to us.

These are but a few of the ways that Morgellons has blessed me. Thank you for the opportunity you have given for me to share!

In His Love,

7:01:06 PM

Dear Beth,

I am so sorry that you have lost some hair and have balding spots. Its only natural that we grieve for what we have lost. And with MD we not only lose aspects of our physical appearance but also parts of our lives, things that we used to enjoy eating, activities that we took part in, people we used to spend time with. We are misunderstood, rejected by some who are closest to us and don't always get the help and support we need from the ones that we have looked to in the past.

Although its difficult for others to understand how we have suffered with MD I believe that Jesus completely understands our suffering as during His life on earth He went through so many different types of suffering eventually suffering what we will never have to suffer when we accept Him as our Saviour - experiencing separation from His Father in heaven, taking the punishment for our sin so that our relationship with God is restored now and for eternity.

It took me a while after realising I had MD to embrace the reality of it. It seemed like a nightmare and it took a while to bring my faith in God into it all. God was so good to me to answer my prayer for help and show me this website in a way that made it clear it was the right place for me.

The wonderful community here that constantly acknowledges God in the midst of suffering is such an encouragement to me and I am so so grateful to everyone who prays, posts and takes part in calls. And of course without Mel where would we all be? I am so grateful to God for answering Mel's prayer and to John B. for reaching out to help Mel. And then to Peter for being such a support to Mel and so many here.

It took me a while, about 18 months on the protocol, but I can now say what a blessing this disease has been. I have, and continue to learn so much about how to take care of my health from everything I learn here. Its enabled me to break free from unhealthy eating habits. I'm learning how to reduce my exposure to toxins. I have had contact with such wonderful people here. I can now say that I believe that not only God has worked for good through me having MD but that whatever way Satan meant to harm me God meant it for good to bless me and help me.

Beth, I'm praying asking God to restore your hair to its full beauty and for your health to be fully restored.

Love Ruth
Laura (aunt)

12:01:32 PM

Dear Beth,

What a beautiful idea! We all can relate to the loneliness and disbelief of having this disease. Although it is a long journey; I believe I will have life again. But my new life will be better than the old one. The new Laura will begin each day reading scripture and putting on her armor in order to face the world. My new life will thank God every day for my amazing children and beautiful grandchildren. My new life will be healthy because I understand the importance of proper nutrition. My new life will continue to read this forum and offer hope and encouragement to new members of the MD community; because I truly understand the journey they will face. So thank you Beth for this new thread as a way to offer positive insights to this disease. Thank you to all the members of this community as well as our leaders (Mel, Peter, John) for their love and support. YOU ALL ARE BLESSINGS.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:11-13

In Christ all my Love,
Laura (aunt)
Beth **

6:20:11 AM

Hi everyone ,

Today , i wanted to start a new topic because yes i have lost a lost of hair and have balding spots on my scalp while having morgellons.

However, today is good friday and i know christ died on the cross for us to save us from our sins. I know morgellons is also a cross that we carry . I would just like to ask everyone how can this affliction/disease be a blessing ? I know this disease is terrible but today i want to bring some light in this community to empower one another and also myself because sometimes i feel its hard to accept this sickness that only a few people have and that everyone just goes on with their lives and gets to do the things they like without having to have anything holding them back.

Do share your opinions here because i would like to hear them :)


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