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Peter **

8:20:33 PM

This is my first post to the forum.
God speed and strenght to everyone like myself who is new to the fight with this disease.

I am sooooo INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have found this web site so early on with this disease...and so thankful that I held stock in the websites notion and my strong belief that all healing does indeed begin with faith in our creator and a firm committment to the simple truth that our creator....through faith... can manifest miracles where medical science cannot!
I look forward to getting to talk with you on the upcoming conference call on the 8th.
I have had Morgellons since Late Jan. of this year.
It started with a bug bite and has progressed to both arms to date. I am on the wellness protocal for 3 weeks now and just aquired msn 1,000 mg. dosage last week. Can anyone tell me how to best use it within the protocal Mel times and amounts?
I am holding my own right now with the sodium chlorite and molecula silver seeming to help.
GOD BLESS MEL, the real savior to us all!!
Strength and Love!

8:32:24 PM
Hi Peter,


It is very exciting to see how you have embraced the protocol. We look forward to hearing from you often as you continue to restore your health.

God Bless; Never, Never give up Hope!


9:07:03 PM
LOVE and STRENGTH to all.

I just wanted to tell everyone what a wonderful and uplifting experience the other nights conference call was for me. To atually hear the voices of Theresa nad Monica(google gal) gave me a stronger feeling of connection to these two beautiful and battle hardened women. As I said on the call, through reading about their lives with this insidious disease and the sharing of their ongoing experiences, I have grown to know that they are indeed very, very special souls!!

God Bless captain Mel, the ongoing quarterback that provides direction and hope in a tireless fashion that lifts me every day to continue with hope for a complete recovery.
Also, I want to tell John, that I cried during your closing prayer as i am starting to now in telling you this. I have been doing weekly bible study on the phone from my home and I am very filled with Gods healing grace these days!
Thanks also for the help with the products . Thats it.
Everyone out there feel free to contact me. Mel has my e-mail and phone #.
Finally, James...I look forward to getting to know you better as I felt a special empathy towards you from your calm demeanoor and your candid sharing.
God Speed.

2:41:06 PM
Hello warriors,

LOVE and STRENGTH to everyone.

I just wanted to share with you the dosing of products that created a HUGE die off for me in the morning.... after following John's suggestions on taking the parabolish, candita rid, and MSN.
I take 2 Parabolish, 2 Candita Rid, the olive leaf extract and 2ooo mg,s of MSN Sulphur at 10:30 PM. I then wait 1 half hour and take my MMS and go to bed. Upon waking, around 7:30 AM, I take my silver, wait 1 half hour and take 1,000 mg's of MSN Sulphur and 2 Parabolish. At 8:30 AM I eat a small breakfast...hard boiled egg and an avacado...and then begin and use Mel's protocal for all the nuetricuticals(wellness protocol supplements) and follow it just as it is laid out on this web site for the remainder of my day. I also add 2 Parabolish at 4:30 PM with some almonds. Thats it!
I know this is working for me because upon waking I saw the rhizoids on my arms were ALL LAID DOWN...and there were numerous white specks and fuzzballs where there was the die off! Hope this helps...and remember...the key is consistency and sticking with Mels protocal without trying to rush!

SLOW and STEADY as our loving Captain has had to drill in my head.

LOVE and STRENGTH to all,
And God Bless!

5:53:29 PM
Hello warriors...LOVE and STRENGTH to all

Just a quick note to affirm effectiveness of 'JOHN'S DOSING SUGGESTIONS.' 'Another BIG DIE OFF!'

The dosing approach with the additions that I spoke of in my last post continue to create a MAJOR DIE OFF during sleep. I can tell because RHYZOIDS ARE LAID DOWN upon waking and white fuzz balls and specks are more prevalent.
I also have high morning energy with minor herxes that only last about 15 to 20 minutes. Just wanted to affirm the success with the dosing within Mels protocal.

Hello Captain Mel, and GOD SPEED!

REMEMBER,SLOW and STEADY is the only way to beat Morgellons!


1:58:04 PM
HELLO fllow warriors. Hello Captain Mel.

STRENGTH and LOVE to everyone!!!

Well, my 3 day work week begins today and I continue to be BLESSED with the strengh to continue at my job. It is ironic that I am a Social worker at a Frail Elderly Retirement Community for low income seniors and am primarily responsible for their wellnes.
Anyway, as a low income senior myself, I wanted to share some PRODUCT HELP.I offer these in the hope that they might help some of you that struggle with money as I do!

But first, let me remind everyone that my portal title is based on the simple fact that I am SOOOO LUCKY because this was the SECOND WEB SITE I visited and because I have NEVER WAIVERED for a moment in MY FAITH that GOD WOULD MAKE ME WELL through that faith!!
Mel reminded me of that the last time we spoke.

OK. If you cannot afford coconut oil or the essential oils, I have found that DR. BONNERS MAJIC SOAP...the all in one Hemp and Peppermint... does a great job of cutting through biofilm and getting oils into the skin. You can find it as a SOAP BAR (which will last for at least a week) in Raleys natural foods isle for only $3.99 or so. I lather with it and let it sit on my skin for a minute or two before rinsing. If you have hard water, just do a quick rinse so as to lightly rinse it away.

Next, I have found Yellow Butter Squash in Wal Mart for only $1.58. They are huge and will provide you with two meals vegetables easily!! The cooking instructions are usually on the Squash itself.

Also, Wall Mart regularly sells Avocados for 68 cents each. $3.50 will get you 6 of them!!

Next, In have found canned AMY,S ORGANIC BLACK BEANS and LINTEL BEANS at the dollar store. These are really good for you. However, please DON'T BUY your fresh fruits or vegetables there, as most are grown in Mexico and I know the water used to irrigate them is not safe!!

One last thing...AND THIS IS HUGE. I have discovered that ROOIBUS RED TEA is a very potent ANTI FUNGAL. I found 20 bag cannisters at VITAMIN WORLD for $3.49. BUT GO SLOW, as the first time I drank it, I herxed. Now I drink it many times during the day and it lays the rhizoids down almost right away.

Finally, I have found that the ESSENTIAL FLORA seems to be more effective when refrigerated.

That's it for now. Hope this helps .



7:38:22 PM
Hello Warriors. STRENGTH and LOVE to everyone.

First. YOU MUST READ Monicas most recent post! She is the TOUGHEST and MOST COMMITTED individual who... NEVER... says 'POOR ME'. What an ISPIRATION she can be for you if you STUDY HER JOURNEY with this disease.

'WE ALL SHOULD BE SO GRATEFUL TO HER' for HER HONESTY and HER CANDID NATURE in which she shares her story.

And she does this SELFESSLY and OPENLY! So that we, our own selves, CAN STRENGTHEN and CAN ENDURE!!! WE ARE ALL BLESSED to have her along our journey and MADE BETTER because of her. LET HER KNOW what SHE MEANS TO US!!

Well, I am just a pup compared to her as I am entering my 16th week of being on the Protocol. I started 5 drops MMS Friday and I had a pretty scary herxheimer the next day. I couldn't get a deep breath.

When this happend, here is what I did. I FORCED MYSELF to deep breathe by saying out loud 1..and breathe in...then 2...and breathe out. I forced myself to do this until I ended up becoming dizzy and getting chilled!!! But by combinng this strategy with a brisk walk to help with it, I found that I come out of it really quickly and lost the fatique. THIS ORGANISM STEALS OXYGEN FROM OUR BLOOD! So this strategy helps with shortening the length of the Herx.

I also drank a huge amount of water... upward of a half gallon during this Herx so as to provide the means for my body to eliminate through urination. I found then that there were many quick trips to the bathroom but that breathing became easier with each elimination. DON'T GIVE IN TO THE FATIGUE!!!! POWER THROUGH IT and you will come out quicker and stronger on the other side.

Then, Sunday, I felt like I had a terrible hanover. I am a 12 year recovering Alcoholic and was reminded of this all day. Mel has helped me with a couple dosing adjustments and I am doing well today.

All of my lesions have closed and are now a deep purple. I have a new outbreak of pimpling, readness, and alligator like biofilm buildup on both feet that really alarmed me and made me scared that I was going backwards.

But Mel reminded me that this is going to happen and reassured me that this is part of the nature of the disese. It will not be as severe but is a reminder that THIS DISEASE DOES NOT SURRENDER EASILY OR QUICKLY! It almost has to get worse before it can get better!!! I liken it to the Vienamese War. There are pockets of biofilm (VIET CONG) throughout my body that are going to surface and attack and will not relent easily. This disease is a battle followed by another battle follwed by maybe 100 more battles. BUT I AM WINNINg one battle at a time.

Finally, I wanted to provide one more DIET VALUE. I found ORGANIC SPRING MIX in Wal Mart's produce section. It has...are your ready....10, yes 10, different greens in it and is only $2.38 for a bin that will give you 2 to 3 LARGE SERVINGS. What a powerful, INEXPENSIVE way to get a variety of essential greens into your diet.


6:27:23 PM
Hello Warriors...STRENGTH and LOVE to everyone.

First I want to remind everyone to read the new posts regularly. So important to keep your head in the game!!

Monica's week 39 post is, as usual, a wonderful reminder that she is winning her battle. You go Monica. I AM MORE PROUD OF YOU THAN EVER!!!

Our tireless and ever diligent Capain Mel has also posted the blessings provided by a good friend that ILLUSTRATE THE SUPPORT WE STILL HAVE FROM OTHERS WHO CARE ABOUT OUR PLIGHT! READ IT!!

Mel might have shared with some of you that he has been fishing of late. And he wonders why I so affectionately call him my Captain. Next I expect that he will be skippering a mighty trauler called 'MORGELLONS SLAYER' AND I WILL THEN HAVE TO PROMOTE HIM TO ADMIRAL!!! God Bless you Mel.

I wanted to share with everyone 'THE REASONS' why I choose to post every Tuesday and what I HOPE MY MESSAGE DELIVERS. Remember that I was so lucky to have started the protocol only 4 months into having contracted Morgellons.

SO FIRST, one purpose, I pray, is that anyone like myself able to catch this disease early who might have doubts that this is the best course to pursue

SECOND, for those that HAVE NO HEALTH CARE, to demonstrate that this does not have to keep you from getting well!! I have no Health Insurance and I AM GETTING WELL WITHOUT ANY PRESCRIPTION DRUGS or BEING UNDER A DOCTORS CARE by following the protocal.

THIRD, to help with DIET AID FOR THOSE WHO ARE LOW INCOME!!! I cannot stress enough THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER AND DILIGENT DIETARY SUPPORT to recovery from Morgellons!! So I try weekly to find inexpensive ways to best fuel your body with FOODS YOU CAN AFFORD...THAT I KNOW ARE STRENGTHENING ME!!

THATS IT. No ego driven desire to be somebody that everyone knows. ONLY TO STRENGTHEN AND INFORM!!

I continue to improve daily and CANNOT WAIT for the day that I can tell 'GOOGLE GAL' that I am well and coming to meet her!! 'I LOVE YOU MONICA!!' You are gonna teach me to sing some day!!

I hope to meet Mel in person soon also! WE CAN TALK ABOUT HOCKEY, A SPORT I LOVE!!!

SO STAY IN THE GAME EVERYBODY! Here are a couple diet aids I Found.

WAL MART ASIAN FOOD ISLE has CANNED COCONUT and water...only 2 ingredients... for $1.48 for 13.2 ounces with only 3 or 4 grams of sugar!!
ADD distilled water and whip it togther and you have a RICH OMEGA source and MILK for CEREAL.

SAFEWAY ORGANIC FOODS ISLE has QUENOA, MILLET. and BUCKWHEAT PALENTA for $3.09. This will give you a potato substitue that you can slice and Microwace into 3 to 6 healthy servings!! ONCE AGAIN, LITTLE TO NO SUGAR or REFINED CARB'S.

FINALLY, if you shave like I have to for work, use the DR. BARTOWS MAGIG SOAP for face lather. It will diminish any attempt from the organism to manifest on your face.





6:11:33 PM
STRENGTH and LOVE Warriors

Hello to our TIRELESS CAPTAIN, Mel

I continue to gain INSIGHT and STRENGTH in my daily life from you Monica. We are blessed by your weekly posts and I PRAY for your continued recovery daily. BLESS you PRECIOUS ONE!!

Well I have had a week filled with some unique and differing PHYSICAL EVENTS that I would like to share.

MONICA... please give me a quick reponse if you have any insights as to what I have experienced. I re-read your history of posts over the weekend and found some similar issues you have written about.

FIRST, almost each night since my last post I have been awakened in bed as I roll over or change position with sudden JOINT PAIN. This , as Mel has explained is most likely caused when the MMS gas kills a pocket of the organism. SO NO PAIN, NO GAIN, and I view it as a good sign that the MMS is working each night.

SECOND, the ends of my first two fingers on each hand are no longer numb! You might recall that I have only experienced major purging of spores from my hands and my feet, for which I am soooo lucky.

However, my fingertips have been purging a thick white sticky substance...BIOFILM GOING OUT, no doubt! Although the skin has become somewhat cracked and very dry due to this purge, they are not really hurting or very painful. Monica, can you confirm??

THIRD, the FUNGAL HAIRS on my forearms are mostly gone but have been replaced by very short but thicker
and more dense fibers. I believe these are the MICROFIBERS that Monica so often speaks of in her weekly post. Is that correct Google Gal??

FOURTH, I have had some STOMACH CRAMPING and general pain in my gut the last two days!

All of these things have just manifested this last week. THE GOOD NEWS is that I have only had two major herxes, each in the late afternoon. EACH HERX was followed by a strong feeling of WELL BEING and INCREASES STAMINA, so I can only think I am winning my batlle and getting ONE DAY CLOSER to total healing because of these events.

NO food bargains this week....I will have to look harder.




Theresa S.

10:30:26 AM

Thank you so much for joining in on the battle and exclaiming yourself as a warrior and not a journeyer. This battle is full of ups and downs as I can attest to. But it is in these moments, if we are willing, we will find our true authentic self.

Living 'aware' and 'awake' is not the common path that people take. It is much, much easier to succumb to life and go into victim mode. Yes it takes constant effort to stay on track.

I am truly encouraged to read your posts and to know that you are not only fighting but willing to help others along the way with important info. This battle can not be won alone, we must help each other and help Mel help others as the weight he bears is tremendous.

Thank you for your love and strength!

Theresa S.

10:34:01 PM
STRENGTH and LOVE warriors!


FIRST, THANKS to GOD for guiding and strengthening us all!!!
SECOND, THANKS to MONICA and THERESA for their tireless participatuion in this forum!!!
AND FOURTH, THANKKS TO EVERYONE who contributes to this forum. YOU ARE ALL VALUED by this man!!

Well I am officially two and one half months on the protocol this week. I am also moving to 9 drops MMS tonight.
Each day I persist and keep my head in the game is another day closer to ENDING THIS DISEASE and fully RE-CAPTURING MY LIFE!!!
I had some interesting physical events this week I want to share. Just when I think i have seen it all, this disease 'throws me another curve ball' and reminds me just how bizarre it can be for us.
I had a very scary herx on Thursday last week after I moved to 8 drops MMS Wednesday night. I was so alarmed that I reached out to Mel. He called within 10 minutes and reassured me that I would be ok. He knows just how to calm me with humor and good cheer! Thanks, Buddy!
Then, this past Saturday night I had the GOOD OLD VIBRATING FOOT that I have read about from Monica. TRULY BIZARRE...but only for a brief moment or two and it was gone.
Then, on Sunday night I couldn't sleep after taking my MMS. This was strange because it usually knocks me out within about 15 minutes after taking it. Finally got to sleep at 4:00 AM.
Finally, I felt a DIFFERENT SORT OF STINGING during much of Monday. Very hard to describe, and I don't really know, but feels like a WEEKENING of THE PATHOGEN is taking place as it was not really that annoying. ANY HELP ON THIS ANYONE???
Thats it. Tonight I move to 9 drops...wonder what surprises there may be next. Anyway, I am feeling stronger each day! So STAY IN THE FIGHT EVERYBODY.

**Here are a couple diet tips... SAFEWAY has 'KIND BRAND' nuts and spices bars 3 for $4.00. 6 grams of protein with only 4 grams of sugar. GLUTEN nad DAIRY free all natural/non GMO.
**BROWN COW plain yogurt at WAL MART for $2.88 with no added ingredients....and non fat milk...only 6 grams of sugar for two servings. MUST BE PLAIN BRAND!!


P.S Spoke with John and will be re-visiting ROOIBUS RED TEA as an healthy anti-oxidant in my next post.



9:50:58 AM
Yay Peter! So happy to read about your detoxing! Yep, there's some bizare events in this particular adventure. Glad to know your foot is vibrating... ;-) That's such a good sign. And, yes, sleepless nights are also normal too. Detox has different effects on the body. Sometimes, it means, you're going to have to read, rather than sleep, until the sandman finds you. I'm also glad to read about the stinging even though it's stinging... Listen, do not forget to treat yourself topically. Obviously, things are trying to purge... I suspect that's what the stinging is. So, if you can-- take the MMS baths, or spray yourself with it (mixed with water), or do what I do and use the borax, apple cider vinegar rinse after your shower ( 1/4 cup of borax, about the same in ACV, and warm water... disolve in a pitcher and rinse yourself off with it, while still in the shower. But, by all means man slather yourself in either coconut oil, or tea tree oil- treated vaseline (that you can mix up yourself, I do!)! The skin must remain supple to get this stuff out!

Again, I am so happy for you! You're on your way to fully restoring your health. And, I'm happy to bear witness to your journey. ;-)

Many blessings!


3:09:33 PM
STRENGTH and LOVE to everyone

'THANKS' to Monica for responding to some issues in my last post. LUV YOU GOOGLE GAL!!!

'Greetings' to my beloved Captain Mel!

I HOPE EVERYONE is STAYNG COMMITTED! I CONTINUE TO MAKE GOOD PROGRESS in my battle but I am REMINDED each time I think I am close that I still have a way to go!!!
LAST WEEKS ISSUES included a return to sleeplessness after taking my MMS. Monica has reassured me that this can be expected and is ok.
I move to 10 DROPS MMS tomorrow night...yes, DOUBLE DIGITS AT LAST!! I am moving ever closer to the dreaded big herx. Believe it or not, I have no fear about this, but rather am embracing it with a welcoming spirit in knowing that that it will represent a HUGE ADVANCE TOWARDS a FINAL RESTORATION of COMPLETE HEALTH!!!
I also am now getting CLUSTERS of FUNGAL HAIRS again, mostly on my calves and some on my forearms. But they are very weak and will subside with an application of Kleen Green.
THE PIMPLING on MY FEET subsides and then returns regularly. THE ORGANISM does not want to relenquish its' hold on my feet!!
I am now seeing BRIGHT RED DOTS on my forearms that will remain for a day and then subside..ANOTHER CURVE BALL!!
These so caled 'CURVE BALLS' are put in my post to remind us (as my research also supports,) that this infection is most probably a SUPER FUNGUS that has MULTIPLE WAYS of EXPRESSING ITSELF and MULTIPLE CYCLES for EACH EXPRESSION.
'SLOW and STEADY' thus becomes THE KEY to winning the battle!!! THIS IS WHY YOU MUST STAY IN THE FIGHT DAILY!!!
Finally I am NOW ALTERNATING BETWEEN ROOIBUS RED TEA and WHITE PEONY TEA, also known as BAI MU DAN TEA. Like Rooibus, it has potent anti-fungal, anti viral properties, and according to John, WILL DO NO HARM. Just remember that 'less is more' and limit your initial consumption of either to one cup a day at first!! YOU MAY HERX FROM BOTH.
That'it for now. Just ONE DIET AID. THE WHITE PEONY TEA can be puchased at RALEYS for @1.99 for 20 bags. The brand name is 'TRIPLE LEAF TEA.



9:04:56 PM
STRENGTH and LOVE everybody

Gretings warriors

I wanted to share something with everyone that I believe is SOOOO important that I am driven to put in my weeekly post today!!
I hope this is important enough for everyone to latch on to.
I now fully understand why Mel is all about investing the time and energy to GO WAY BACK TO PG. 18 and read as much of the material posted as you can.
WE MUST UNDERSTAND that Mel and the early victims of Morgellons have been experiencing and SHARING INFORMATION about this disease SINCE 2009!!!
Mel is trying to give us a POWERFUL MESSAGE in his words that are in bold type early on in this website...'MY PEOPLE PARISH FROM LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!!'
THERE IS A TREASURE STOCK OF INFO that will give you the BENEFIT OF 4 YEARS of direct knowledge from early sufferers during the EARLY LEARNING WINDOW that LED MEL TO HIS PROTOCAL!!
Here is a good example. The additional LOGOS support product MANOLARUM(spelling)...that John provides.. is a powerful anti-viral supplement. But what I LEARNED FROM PAST POSTS, is that it is derived from coconuts!
I cannot afford all of the supplements, yet I now benefit greatly from drinking coconut milk and have located and shared a cost effective means so as to make it affordable. FOR ME, THIS IS HUGE!! And I know to a certainty that it is really helping me fight the infection!!!
So, if you want the best info there is about our disease, go back and read forward a little each day.
YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the many ansers you will find to the many questions we all have!!!




11:43:15 AM
Excellent point Peter. There is a wealth of information here if one is willing to consume it.

By the way, coconut milk is great, but keep in mind that if it is pasteurized, it is not likely to contain much intact monolaurin, which is the biologically active form of lauric acid.

If you can't find fresh coconut milk, eating fresh coconut might be a better way to go.

2:18:07 PM


I have not posted in a couple weeks now. That is because I have been dealing with a pretty severe Herx that includes stomach cramping, loose bowels, chills, and a low grade fever for 7 days now. This began after moving to 12 DROPS MMS. After talking with Mel I took 3 days off the MMS and lowered to 10 drops when starting back. However, after a slight improvement during those 3 days, the problem returned upon starting back with the 10 DROPS.

This has led me to believe that I am in the midst of a major purge of biofilm from my gut. After 40 years of a diet consisting of fast food and TV dinners, this does not surprise me! After further seeking advice from John yesterday, I have reduced my Olive Leave Extract , Oil of Oregano and MSN Sulphur.. I am continuing with my regular intake of Candida Rid and Magnifizyme per his suggestion. 'Thank you,' John, as this seems to be helping already! I am also continuing my MMS at 9 drops.

Well, finally, I think I may be through the worst of it. I actually got a full nights sleep last evening and I am feeling much stronger this morning. I somehow have managed to get enough food in me over the last week to assimilate the vitamins and have only lost a couple pounds weight.

Not sure if this was 'the big Herx' that we all must go through since this occurred at only 12 drops MMS. However, I have always had an extremely low tolerance to drugs of any kind and at 6'2' and only weighing 180 lbs. there is the distinct possibility of this. I do believe that the majority of this pathogen and fungal overload does center and locate within our gut!!

I thank God I am finally coming out the other side of this. Monica, if you could respond and tell me how long your stomach issues lasted when you went through your big Herx, I would be grateful. Microfibers on both my arms have greatly reduced during this last week. I am seeing a lot of drying and flaking of the skin in place of the white fuzz balls that I was seeing prior to these last 7 days.
Finally, I want to suggest that everyone re address the forum posts back to 9/5 as there are many new additions that are informational and of interest. Also, Mel has been working tirelessly to update the Testimonial page together with other topics on the website. 'Great job, buddy!' I am looking forward to the upcoming Conference Call and I hope everyone will join in.

**One low cost diet aid for you. NATURE VALLEY ORGANIC BUCKWHEAT, FLAX SEED, AND AMARANTH CEREAL at Raleys for only $2.50 per box. Low sugar and good for breakfast add on with a little Coconut milk.



4:44:49 PM
Peter, you rang?? ;-) Ah yes, the big herx... Congrats! I have to say though, yours seems to be a bit more intense and longer lasting than mine was. I have one or two really BBBAAAADDDD DAYS. Everything after was bareable. I've been a pretty healty the eater for the majority of my life. And, let's not forget, I was on Food Grade D.E. for about 3-4 months prior to starting the protocol. And, that does keep the herxing from being completely overwhelming. Now, with that said, I did have about a weeks worth of loose stool, low grade fever, chills, nausea and exhaustion. And, again, you're at the MMS dosage that I think Mel maxed at... I maxed at 20, and am down to 18. I have a high tolerance for stuff, I guess. Well, that's all I've got for now. Again... congrats on your BIG HERX. And, honestly...if that wasn't it... lord help us! ;-) Do expect, the symptoms to come and go now and then. But, nothing like the one where you are so sick you can barely move. Don't forget Vitamin C is your ally to help with the herxing symptoms... keeps them managable. ;-)

Many blessings...and, keep up the good work!


2:02:54 PM
Hello Warriors


Well, I am now well into my fourth month on the Protocol. And I want to share some new and remarkable changes.

First, as you may recall from my last post, I had a major Herx after moving to 12 drops MMS. And for going on three weeks now, I have been experiencing serious stomach discomfort and loose bowels. Finally, I seem to have gotten past these issues. For the last two days I have stabilized and seem to be returning to a normal cycle of elimination. I have come to the conclusion that I have been in the midst of a MAJOR PURGE of biolfilm and fungal buildup that existed within my stomach and intestines.

I am now feeling a wonderful since of LIGHTNESS and a DELIGHTFUL sense of WELL BEING that I have not felt in at least 6 months!! I even got 'butterflies' last night. What a delightful experience that was!! I am sneezing again in the morning, something that I have done all my life prior to becoming sick with Morgellons!!

The purple areas around my healed lesions on my forearms are being replaced by white and smoother skin. My facial stubble has become softer and the blotching that had been on my face is almost completely diminished. My head hair is suddenly soft and supple. The red blotching on my arms and legs is being replaced with white smooth skin that feels cool and airy. All of these remarkable improvements have occurred during the course of the major intestinal purge I just went through.
I will tell you that I have gone from weak, chilled and feeling like I wanted to die, to this indescribable feeling of joy!! I tell you this to AFFIRM THAT WE DO GET WELL AS OUR BODYS REGENERATE FROM THE PROTOCOL!!

So, in one sense, these last 16 days have, by far, been the most difficult and overwhelming aspect of my detox , coming out the other side has proven that I am REALLY MOVING ALONG at a wonderful pace towards total restoration of my Bio-Terrain and a return to complete health!!


1:20:17 PM
Hello Everybody


Well, I am glad to update you that my 3 week ordeal with intestinal pain, loose bowels, chills, and terrible fatigue has completely passed!!

I have been regular with renewed strength and a continuing wonderful sense of well being for almost a week now. The skin on my forearms continues to become more supple and smooth every day. The purging of white sticky biofilm has continued to diminish considerably and has been replaced with a simple flaking of dry and dead skin. The purple coloration of my healed lesion areas continues to shrink and be replaced by a white area in it's place. I have not had a serious sharp stinging or biting sensation since this ordeal began 3 weeks back!! This, I know, is a very, very good sign and represents a more thorough diminishing of the pathogen system wide as well!!

I am continuing my MMS at 9 drops maintenance. I am continuing to use essential oils each evening when showering. And I am continuing to treat my apt. and my skin with Kleen Green daily. I can only tell you that I have such a happy, hopeful, and joyful feeling again each morning as I greet the day. Work is still a pressure cooker, but I am continuing to insure that I monitor my stress levels and take the time to keep my diet alkaline and remain consistent and steady with the Logos Nutritionals..

My family is finally endorsing the effective nature of Mel's treatment protocol and, remarkably, now acknowledge that I do indeed have a real disease that is treatable. I find it amazing that it took a noticeable healing and reduction of symptoms to create this acknowledgement on their part!!!
GO FIGURE! Human nature can sometimes be hard to wrap your arms around.

Finally, I want to thank everyone...especially Monica...for the support and involvement you all show day in and day out! We are all making a difference!! BELIEVE THAT!! And 'kudos' to Mel for the updated Protocol on the site, and a SUPER 'THANK YOU' to him for his continuing efforts to make this site a powerful and effective tool for God to work to heal us all!!!! You are a 'GOODFELLA' FOR OUR CREATOR and 'MAY GOD BLESS You abundantly!!'



1:32:33 PM
Hello Everybody


At this point in my recovery, I would like to shift the focus of my posts to a more meaningful and intimate expression of my experiences with recovering from Morgellons.

In doing so, it is my hope that you can come to a better understanding of the TRUE NATURE of our recovery and the more significant aspects of our daily effort to restore our health.

Everything about us, our hearts, our minds, our bodies are together equally significant to our approach to subduing this disease. In these matters of our daily lives, we either evolve or we devolve. Our disease is no different. The way we embrace this in our mind set, our approach to discipline and the will to muster adherence to the Protocol is either evolving or devolving!!

Our state of mind is our greatest weapon to devolve this disease. Every day that we deal with this disease we become more familiar with it. We understand it better. And if YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, that knowledge can serve to allow you to better subdue it or devolve it.

Knute Rockney, a famous football coach, once said, 'It is not the will to win that is important, but the will to prepare to win that really matters.' This couldn't apply to each of us more!!!
Stay focused and disciplined! Stay on the Protocol!! Remain steadfast in your faith that your creator will, in time, bless you with a complete restoration of your health.





3:10:59 PM
Hello everybody


I was fortunate enough to have had a wonderful conversation with a fellow warrior this last weekend. I found it both enlightening and uplifting.

However after contemplating our discussion, I was drawn to the notion that there is not a single one of us that does not hold a fierce desire to know where this disease came from and how we ended up with it!

And, it being human nature to pursue our curiosity, it became apparent that we all are tempted to spend time on other websites in this pursuit.

POINTLESS!! Government conspiracies...witches brew created in a laboratory...GMO food related.. Chemtrails...ect...ect... ect.


I, myself am not exempt from that curiosity. I have over 60 hours research on another site. Although this site is dedicated solely to pursuing the biology and chemistry of the Morgellons pathogen, I now fully realize what A DISTRACTION and IMPEDIMENT to my RECOVERY this was!!

HERE IS THE POINT to be made.

Don't become your disease. Don't obsess over it. Most importantly, don't waste precious hours of your life surfing what are often very frightening forums full of all kinds of horrifying theories about Morgellons.

As an individual who taught school for 15 years, I became keenly aware that the TRUEST form of LEARNING is EXPERIENCIAL. Where is that truest form of experience for us?? I will tell you where.

IN 18 PAGES of POSTS that express and outline years of EXPERIENCE of fellow sufferers. THAT'S WHERE your CURIOSITY AND ENERGY SHOULD TAKE YOU! And with the newly upgraded search engine, this becomes so much easier to navigate to find specific answers to specific questions.

I once read somewhere that 'Science without Religion is lame.' This proves true in that godless men of science brought this disease upon us.

I also read that ' Religion without Science is blind.' Well, God has provided the science that GIVES US SIGHT. It lies within the individual experiences of us all, and the simple SCIENCE of HEALTH THROUGH THE RESTORATION OF OUR BIOTERRAIN!!

You have that science and vision available to you within the history of the past posts.

So, when your curiosity sets upon you, GO TO THE POSTS IN PLACE OF ANOTHER WEB SITE. I know you will be strengthened beyond measure...AS I HAVE.




3:32:22 PM
Hello Warriors

Well, I am a few days short of 5 full months on the Protocol and I can honestly tell you that I am continuing to see improvement in the condition of my skin, my strength and my overall health!!

I am still purging with regular cycles, but the areas of pimpling and rhizoids on my body are greatly reduced. I also have mental clarity that I have not experienced for almost a year now!!

I want to explain that the protocol and logos nutritionals represent profoundly simple truth.

THE KEY ASPECT of our recovery involves the simple science of ABSOLUTE HEALTH through RESTORATION OF OUR BIOTERRAIN. Simple things like PH, ENZYMES, MINERALS, and PROBIOTICS. When you provide the body with these and a diet that is ALKALIZING, disease causing pathogens simply cannot flourish.

When you realize that restoration of our bioterrain involves a matrix of perhaps trillions of cells that make up every organ and system in our body, you will understand why the path to becoming Morgellons free takes a good 18 months to fulfill.

You cannot replace trillions of acid PH, weakened, and diseased cells system wide in 3, 6, or even 12 months. It takes at least 18 months or more to replace these cells with alkaline PH, vibrant, healthy ones.

That is why SLOW and STEADY over time is the ONLY WAY to restore your bioterrain.

This understanding then can provide the strength and discipline needed to be successful in becoming completely well again!!

So, DO NOT expect a rapid recovery once you begin to feel better. Understand the science above, and it will help you be strengthened along those 18 months. Be joyous that each day is bringing you closer to absolute health!!



9:37:28 PM
Hello Warriors


By choice and the result of my working career, I have become a sociologist and an academic. I tell you this now because if you look at the hideous spelling in my early posts, it becomes a powerful testament to the extent to which my brain fog has lifted and my recovery has progressed.

Now, some 22 weeks into being on the protocol, I spend little time looking back. Instead I choose to spend my time paying attention to what my body is telling me and in strengthening my daily discipline.

This then is leading me to clarity on things like the importance of diet, rest, and consistency defined within the protocol.

In my recent posts and my conversations with those affected by our disease, I am trying to provide compelling messages that give insight and power toward recovery to each of you..


The muscle twitching, extreme weakness, and fatigue ARE GONE!!!
The weird electrical shocks that traveled the full length of my body ARE GONE!!!!
The biting, crawling and eye sight issues..... MOSTLY GONE!!!!
AM I COMPLETELY WELL?? THAT'S A BIG NO!! I fully accept that I have a good year to go before I reach that goal.

So pay attention to the larger issue. This is a long journey. Don't be fooled by the positives you experience and become lax or undisciplined because you feel better.!!!Don't let the pathogen fool you into thinking you can quit the protocol. Pay attention to your body. Stay calm and reduce stress. BE PATIENT! AND BE ACTIVE IN THIS COMMUNITY.


AND MAKE THE BIBLE YOUR BEST FRIEND!! Sometimes GOD brings calmity into our lives not to punish, but to purify.



11:17:56 PM
Hi Peter,
Thank you for your very informative and inspiring posts. It is so good to be able to read that you and others are winning the fight. Like you I also was a teacher and am now in my final year of social work. I am currently into my fourth week of my final, 6 mth internship.

My journey so far, in dealing with this disease has not been easy and there have been many times where I've thought I'm dying. I found this site last December but, as yet, have only just now, managed to get past 3 drops of MMS. I constantly suffer from nausea, joint pain & just about everything else you, Monica and others write about. With virtually no immune system I also pick up every virus that is going around and it becomes difficult to work out whether I'm suffering from herxing or the effects of a virus or infection - not that it really matters I guess. I have also developed some complicated and chronic health issues over the last 10 years, that work to complicate my healing.

Over the last 2 weeks, particularly, I've experienced continuous nausea and headaches along with diorrhea and vomiting and, at times, crippling stomach pains. I've read that you've had all of these same issues, except you haven't mentioned headaches and that the other symptoms came at a much higher dose of MMS than mine. Also it seems that your problems didn't last as long. I've spoken to Mel about what I'm experiencing and he suggested that I ask you and Monica as you are going through these now, unlike him.

I am also wondering whether you have still been able to work - I am not really in a position to easily stop mine, although of course, these things are not always in our control.

I have tried to follow advice I've found on this website and am constantly refining my diet and lifestyle. If you have any further advice or comments for me that would be very greatly appreciated.

God bless you


6:55:45 PM
Hello Warriors


Well, some 23 weeks on the protocol to date, and although I am feeling stronger each day, I am still experiencing symptoms. I am reminded that I still have a ways to go.

The full moon this last weekend was particularly difficult for me. I was revisited with serious pimpling and itching across my shoulders and chest, together with some muscle twitching and pain. Although a revisiting of symptoms like these is always alarming, I know that this DOES NOT mean I am getting more sick.


What I do now when experiencing a return of symptoms is to address and treat. In this way the specific steps I then take become 'almost therapeutic'

These are the steps I take.

** First, if time will allow, I put on a radio that is tuned to a station that presents scripture with applications for present day living. THIS IS VERY GOOD FOR REDUCING STRESS.
** Second, I examine my recent diet to identify the foods I have most recently eaten. I look for any sort of linkage; like amounts of protein and carbohydrates; different food additions; and maybe water consumption and elimination. THIS IS OFTEN VERY GOOD FOR DIET ADJUSTMENTS!!
** Third, I examine the amount of stress and the amount of rest for the previous couple days. THIS HIGHLIGHTS GETTING REST.....hence, rest replaces stress.
** Fourth, I increase my consumption of WATER and double up on drinking Red ROOIBUS TEA. THIS SPEEDS UP ELIMINATION
** Fifth, I treat topically with essential oils and Kleen Green.

These strategies merely require some specific focus to facilitate. Once again, I find them moderately THERAPEUTIC.

I have weathered this last storm.... NOT ANY FUN NOR EASY.....but another victory over my adversary. At least for today, 'The battle is won.'


P.S Hello Teresa. I Read your post in my thread. I appreciate your kind words. Have Mel provide me with your phone # and we can discuss your quetions and concerns.


4:25:47 PM
Hello warriors


Quick update some 24 weeks into the protocol: Here are all the positive health changes from MAY TO TODAY.

* My resting pulse has dropped from 83 to 68!. I have checked it every night for a week now and it has never been consistently this low.
* My blood pressure has dropped from roughly 154 over 82 to 129 over 67. Again, hasn't been this low for a number of years now!
* My ongoing Gastrointestinal Reflux Disorder IS NO MORE! And this is without the medication I took for it for the last 3 years!!
* My disphoria ( an anxiety disorder,) is now manageable without the Medications required over the last 10 years!! I find this truly remarkable when you factor in the stress that our disease can bring upon our daily lives!

WOW!! It has to be that these positive health implications result from... DIGESTIVE ENZYMES, PROBIOTICS, MINERALS, and AN ALKALIZING DIET( consisting of fresh vegetables, NO refined carbohydrates, NO SUGAR or PROCESSED FOODS, and purified water only.)


Even though I am still dealing with the ongoing demands of fighting this insidious disease, I look at all these wonderful changes that are taking place in my life, and I can see that after only five and a half months my bioterrain is indeed restoring. It STRENGHENS ME IN MY DAILY DICIPLINE!!

And when I am completely well in another year or so I will be more healthy than I have been in years!!

THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR. 'LET today birth a new spiritual awakening in your life.'Go into the silence , commune with your innermost being, and build your faith in THE GREATER POSSIBILITIES for your life when you are cured. 'This renewal we are undertaking through our healing is truly the profound exercise of spiritual birth!'
'You will then undoubtedly see BEYOND WHAT SEEMS TO BE.'You will live from a higher knowing and within the truth of what is ultimately real and important in your life!!!'


PS. Thank you, Janice, for the kind words in your post. I believe in you!



11:13:17 PM
Peter, awesome, congrats on all the improvements! Your message pertaining to spiritual awakening is beautifully written. Lord Heal me and then use me- my daily affirmation said many times

1:56:41 PM
Hello Warriors


I am about to reach an important goal that I set when I started this Protocol. I promised myself I would commit completely for 6 months. Now as I approach meeting that goal, I fully realize the significance of having KEPT THAT PROMISE!! And in reaching that goal, I better understand that 'OUR IDEAS HAVE IMPLICATIONS!'
Today, I hold the idea of being totally free of this disease this time next year!!' just as I am realizing the idea I had 6 months ago.'
I begin each day with a sense of gratitude for the present, however it looks. And holding the IDEA of being cured in another year, the implication is still more EFFORT will be required to create the conditions to bring about that cure. And that effort begins RIGHT NOW, in this moment.

Here are a couple ideas I have.

** Worry is an unproductive emotion that turns energy loose on itself. ' The idea is to assess with honesty instead.'
** Thinking about how difficult a thing life has become doesn't strengthen. 'the idea is to create the notion of vision with courage.' SEE IT, CLAIM IT!'
** I just can't do this today....will immobilize you. 'The idea is to search for SPIRITUAL DICIPLINE!' And spiritual discipline is the way to connect with great power within us, on a regular basis, and USE IT to move forward. I grab my bible , or go for a walk.
Indeed, ideas have implications!! Knowing that provides power over this disease. You too can set goals and have ideas that draw mightily upon your own inherent gifts! PRACTICE AND SEE!


Nancy G

3:40:06 PM
Peter, I should have read your post before I posted... this is what I needed to hear/read today- I was going to that place of I just can't do this today and your post changed my view yet again- thank you for always finding a way to stay in the fight and showing me how to do so also- so much of this I can do no prob- the diet, taking the supplements, cleaning, but containing the lint /the laundry aspect was becoming overwhelming and so now I just have to re vamp that process... This entire disease has us restructuring our lives in ways that seem there is no rest- but, I guess I will look at doing all the laundry as exercise - I see your point- it hits home... not easy, but better than being immobilized ----- Thanks Peter and congrats on staying the course for you goal of 6 months and keeping the vision of being free in your mind! Again, I needed that today- you are a fighter for sure!

6:19:39 PM

This year on Thanksgiving , although I am sick, I still have MUCH to be thankful for. My Thanksgiving message: GRATITUDE

This last year has taught me that gratitude not only is love in action, but also is GOOD MEDICINE!

POSTING and AFFIRMING has resulted in creating increased optimism, and a greater sense of CONNECTION WITH OTHERS. That connection has lead to higher levels of DETERMINATION, and perceived social support. towards getting well!.

GREATER GRATITUDE has translated into a stronger belief in the inter-connectedness of all of us, and has increased my overall ability to empathize and be compassionate.

Remember, YOU are a healer. YOU are powerful and able to move your life and every life around you in the direction of greater love, light, peace, and abundance.
Think of gratitude this thanksgiving as the ultimate in SUSTAINABILITY as it pays itself forward. Lets set an intention to all come together in gratitude!


1:51:48 PM
Hello Warriors

As I enter my 7th month on the protocol, I want to continue to post information to provide to you the means to better understand the circumstances of Morgellons within the protocol and my individual recovery.
Long ago, I learned something valuable from Dr. and author Dwayne Dyer. 'When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!'

Most of the individuals here that are reporting successful recovery using Mel's protocol employ a comprehensive detox program that systematically re-builds and corrects our cellular systems and functions. It is this strategy implemented as the core foundation of Mel's protocol that stimulates the immune system and allows us to regain our health.
The protocol has identified many individuals with hyper toxic conditions that contribute to the Morgellons condition and has many SUCCESSFULLY RECOVERING! Those, like myself, who are managing or eliminating symptoms have taken a 'TOXINS OUT, NUTRIENTS IN' approach.
Therefore, cellular integrity and the ability to restore natural cellular health, is directly affected by utilizing his corrective protocol so the cells can increase their ability to utilize available oxygen and life sustaining nutrients.

I am doing well. I feel my getting well has a purpose. While I am far from an expert, I feel I have enough knowledge to help others. I'm also amazed at the number of people who have taken the Mel's approach with great success.

My story shows us that a "take charge" approach to the body and discipline towards following the protocol results in dramatic reduction and even elimination of symptoms.

Various rashes continue to appear with or without itching: Hives, red blotches, itchy bumps or blisters, and eczema. BUT ALL ARE GREATLY REDUCED!!, Strange sensations such as cold, heat , electric vibrations, occasional prickling still occur and I am still purging Candida from my forearms.

If you suffer from this then you know there is something almost unholy, menacing, and terrorizing about Morgellons. Fear mounts up and rides side by side with Morgellons and can in fact be worse than the disease itself.
At times, fear is going to wash over you like a wave, you might even be gripped by it right now, unable to escape its grasp. Fear still sweeps over me at times. However, It is extremely important to your recovery that you begin to overcome this fear.. For me, I simply fight the battle in my mind each day when presented with the choice to panic or stay rational.
If the crawlies hit , you can panic and start thinking about what horrible thing this crawling sensation might be or you can simply choose not to entertain such thoughts. I am beating Morgellons, but if I let my mind run wild with speculation and again become obsessive about finding the root cause, I know It will get worse and I am certain that stress, fear, and anxiety alone will ensure that things begin to go downhill for me again.

Don't let yourself get into that mindset where you are obsessively examining every thread, fiber, and spec. I realize that sounds condescending but I'm merely relaying what has proven to be so important in my feeling better. If you are spiraling down that path it's time to pull up.

Start today letting go of Morgellons and begin to reclaim your life back, laugh, have fun, don't be afraid of the outside. Sure, if you're a sufferer you have it, but you aren't controlled by it unless you choose to be. Each and every day you need to resist the fear until you reach the place where you are no longer 'consumed by it.'

'A large part of our battle is in the Gut, in fact, probably most of it is.'
**A good probiotic taken with meals (like plain yogurt or kefir) can go a long way.
**As can also MSM. Both are helpful in balancing beneficial flora in the intestines. MSM has the advantage of assisting in stripping away Candida biofilms in the intestinal tract. Of course that is what the elemental miracle does best, throughout the entire body!
**Lime juice added to your purified water consumption will provide a 'huge' alkalizing effect as well as a reduction in itching.
** Red Rooibus Tea is a powerful anti-fungal and raw pumpkin seeds are powerfully anti
That's it. ....ONWARD TO MONTH 7

Nancy G

1:35:11 PM
Peter, thanks for your post, especially about the fear.. I will come back to this post when it hits------ ( which has been too often lately and setting me back) It can be worse than the disease itself... I am trying to stay strong, appreciate these candid words on fear

9:02:40 PM

Remember that you should attack this disease on FOUR FRONTS.

1. INTERNALLY, by strict adherence to the protocol and your proper dosing of your meds together with an alkalizing diet free of sugar and processed foods.
2. TOPICALLY, with products like essential oils, sulfur soap, or Kleen Green together with lots of sun.
3. ENVIRONMENTALLY, by doing laundry in MMS together with products like Borax, Peppermint Soap, and Odoban. And by keeping your rugs vacuumed and your house aerated!.
4. EMOTIONALLY, by reducing stress, exercising, overcoming fear, and practicing daily PRAYER. I am in a CONSTANT CONVERSATION WITH GOD!

I have added pumpkin seeds and shredded coconut to meals .I continue to eat raw vegetables, garlic, and ginger with most every meal outside of breakfast. I continue to eat black beans, lintel beans, eggs, and fish for PROTEIN. I still drink Red Rooibus and Ginger tea several times per day.

I am seeing a HUGE reduction with LESS AND LESS purging of Candida from both my forearms. I am getting into the deepest layers of the affected skin and see patches that are fully restoring. I continue to have hexing fatigue, but it is not nearly as chronic or debilitating. Rarely do I experience any shortness of breath anymore!! This last week brought a return of very deep joint aching in my left shoulder and elbow as deeper pockets of biofilm are being diminished by the MMS. I had one troublesome headache and one deep rooted stinging sensation to my left ankle. All in all. I am doing REALLY WELL!!

I read last week where a number of years back a very religious, but unknown man had been asked how he had managed to find the strength to climb Mt. Everest during what became a 'life threatening' ascent.
He responded with two words. 'MOUNTAIN FAITH.'
He went on to express that he had summoned inner power and found the will to survive his climbing THROUGH FAITH!
From his deep faith he endured a situation that he termed, THE MOST DIFFICULT challenge of his life.What a wonderful example for us all. We too are faced with an UPHILL climb that seriously threatens us. Make sure to work to understand and realize the POWER of your faith!! Practice 'MOUNTAIN FAITH' daily and believe in it!!



7:25:17 PM
Hello Warriors

As I was viewing the Forum today, I couldn't help but be moved by the most recent post by Deborah B. (Children and Morgellons)

Her message goes to the heart of what we 'MUST BE ABOUT!!'

Deborah says..quote..

' I am feeling very blessed today having just come through a week of purging symptoms, sleeplessness and pain, and coming to the other side of it this weekend with a renewed sense of health, peace and hope for the future.'
POWERFUL, POWERFUL, words. UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE IS SAYING by 'feeling very blessed' and 'hope for the future.'

She then FURTHER DEMONSTRATES a FULL ACCEPTANCE OF and a COMMITMENT TO what the future will hold as to her fight to regain her health when she says...
' I know that there will be more weeks like the last one, uncomfortable, even painful, and sometimes depressing.'
WOW, that's brutal honestly in FACING A DIFFICULT TRUTH!! That is what I mean to impart to you when I say 'STAY IN THE FIGHT', because it is a fight.

She then goes on to say...

'When this happened in the past I used to immediately panic that I might have done something wrong, perhaps unintentionally caused a relapse. Now with a little more experience under my belt I am slowly learning that these times mean progress and that I can expect to reach a higher plateau of healing afterwards. This makes it so much easier to face the waxing and waning of Morgellons with levelheadedness and determination.'

SHE IS DELIVERING a critical message about how using HER EXPERIENCE can support her and allow her the most beneficial way to make sense of it!

Finally, Deborah reminds you of SPIRIT when she writes..

'Each one of our battles with Morgellons can end in calm and victory over another stage of the bigger conflict. I know that without keeping my mind and heart calm and focused on the One who is the source of all healing, I only make it more difficult for my body to heal.'

Deborah understands what many do not. This pathogen wants to survive as much as you do! But it is just a microbe. You, on the other hand are a child of God. YOUR POWER lies in that you are a highly evolved spiritual being! YOUR STRENGTH lies in your choice to fight TO WIN!! And your best ally is GOD and this protocol!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Deborah. YOU ARE ALREADY WINNING, and you have expressed POWERFUL INSIGHTS into what I have suggested in many of my posts. GREAT STUFF!!!! GREAT MESSAGE!!!


And for you and your daughter I am PROUD to say.. I KNOW.VICTORY WILL BE YOURS!!


8:22:51 PM
Seasons Greetings to everyone!

I continue to enjoy much more free time lately because I AM GETTING SOOO WELL!!!

A recent activity this last week involved flipping through my old photo album poking fun at outdated hair styles and clothes. As I was going through this, I thought to myself, ' I used to smile more."
'Am I displaying humor in my day-to-day life," I thought? At first, these words did not resonate with me. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was commenting on something entirely different.

I was encouraging myself to display my emotions, to BE HUMAN!.Being human within the scope of having Morgellons is not a sign of vulnerability, it's the true expression of genuine HOPE FOR RECOVERY!.

Mostly, up until now and as a result of this illness, I believed that I needed to be in control all the time, constantly focused on seeking the means that will continue to get me well. And that if I displayed any weakness or wavered in my resolve, then the whole mess could crumble around me.

Now that I am truly getting well, I realize nothing can be further from the truth!!

I want to tell you that it is incredibly powerful for you to 'be human.' Know that you can get frustrated, happy, or concerned and that you are even stumped by this disease. Let it encourage you to seek ways to succeed even as you experience these emotions themselves. Let it reduce self-doubt and increase your ability to reach out, collaborate and generally become better individuals and human beings.

Let it take the focus away from yourselves and put it on the problem at hand... BEING HUMAN.

I feel fortunate to participate with this forums' wonderful group of people. Family oriented, hard workers, understanding and 'human'. It has become such a pleasure posting with you because it isn't easy to find that quality when dealing with everyday people unaffected by Morgellons. Unfortunately, when you are sick with this, it takes a while to get back into being human. Being a machine is easier because it is so necessary to 'stay in the fight,' and because everyone else is.

But it is not the root of recovery. Being human in every way is!!


May you have a blessed, and 'VERY HUMAN' Christmas!


1:57:24 PM

Hope this post is beneficial to everyone as I enter MY 8TH MONTH!!!!


John B. often speaks about the root causes of our disease. He clearly defines for us that when two or more pathogenic micro-organisms inhabit the same corrupted space it is called a co-infection. When this process is allowed to advance unimpeded, it can evolve into a full-blown multi-infection syndrome such as Morgellons. And he further tells us that ours is a chronic, degenerative disease that most definitely involves an autoimmune dysregulation component.

His step-by-step breakdown is as follows:
(1) Toxic contamination of the local environment in the body occurs under the radar for an extended period of time
(2) Pathogenic micro-organisms pile on one after another in the same area over years of neglect.
(3) The localized site evolves into a full-blown breeding ground, experiencing more toxic accumulation and unaddressed infection before becoming systemic
(4) A co-infection then often develops into an intractable multi-infection syndrome which may include bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitical or mycoplasma components....MORGELLONS!

So what started out as a single toxicity in a signature point morphs into a systemic multi-infection syndrome caused by "hyper toxicity." Numerous other co-factors conspire to ensure that the syndrome moves in the wrong direction as the key risk factors elude identification.


Many of these syndromes can and did co-exist in my body, and eluded diagnosis for years because so much was going on. Restoring my bioterrain through working the protocol and changing my diet have been the key. This journey, and it has been a challenging one, has been taken one step at a time. To use an oxymoron, SLOW and STEADY and THE SUM OF THE PARTS is actually the best way to race through this.


I now realize that my many years of exposure to pollution, heavy metals, insecticides, toxins, chemicals, contaminants, poisons, radiation, etc. have come to reflect the environmental profile of the locales I have lived in, the foods I have eaten , the beverages I have drank (soda and alcohol), and the numerous pills I have taken. Once I accurately mapped out the toxins and pathogens, getting back to the destination of wellness was made easier.

I am convinced that my journey back to wellness has been quicker and more permanent because I have systematically removed each and every possible contributing co-factor I could identify.. THIS TAKES heightened perception, self-observation, and finding your own unique intuitive grasp!.

I realized early on that as we recover, the resulting die-off, if done too quickly, can aggravate all the existing symptoms and add more to the list, especially if you have been in a toxic overload situation for a protracted period of time. Also known as a healing crisis, detox reaction and cleansing reaction, this response by the body is indicative of too much, too fast. To date, I have very few and they are no longer severe. IF YOU HERX, SLOW DOWN!!


As you work the protocol also try to develop some serious body consciousness. This is a big part of how I took charge of my journey back to wellness. LOSE YOUR FEAR and CONTROL YOUR STRESS.
I highly recommend the following:
Light exercise, deep breathing, and walks are included in my daily routine.
I avoid all negativity on TV. Watch sitcoms!! In this way the mind can be cleared of unnecessary stress and stimuli, and the body will more easily relax allowing for a more rejuvenate mode of being.


Diet, as I have said many times over, is critical and can be corrected immediately.
For me, how efficient the detoxification pathways in the liver are, the transit time through the GI tract, and general bowel health have become very significant considerations. By eating RAW VEGETABLES with every meal I discovered that I had reached my optimum diet when I was naturally emptying my bowels two to three times daily.


Address things like sugar addiction, intestinal flora imbalance, and emotional stressors like anger and fear. Using Candida-killing agents like Herbal Teas and raw Ginger and Garlic have proven beneficial for me!


6:34:22 PM
Hello everybody and 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!'

Let my first message of the new year be that you are all in my thoughts and my prayers for bountiful blessings and the promise of a complete restoration of health. Stay committed and IT WILL COME!!
I want to also extend a sincere' thank you' to our beloved captain Mel and to our kind and compassionate product provider John B. You are both treasured and loved for what you do and the manner in which you do it!

Today marks my 31st week on the protocol. I remain ever vigilante. I can honestly tell you that considering where I was this time last year that 'I am feeling remarkable!' I believe that I have found the optimum balance between diet, exercise, and rest. I remain fully engaged diligently with working the protocol and I have come to master the fear and emotional stressors that the disease presents. The key to this was learning to 'expect the unexpected.' Thus, nothing surprises me or generates fear anymore. For the last 2 weeks I am experiencing less and less purging of Candida and and a general absence of fungal hairs and the other ongoing major skin issues. I am continuing the MMS at a maintenance dose of 14 drops with little to no morning stiffness, headache or nausea. This alone tells me how much I am progressing. To date, I have not missed one dose of meds. My environment has become easy to manage and my work could not be going better. GOD IS ALWAYS ON TIME!!

Here is the MAGIC in my strategies and what you MUST FULLY COMPREHEND and FULLY COMMIT TO:

***** 'The Gut is the key:....and 'Our faith is the catalyst.'

I remain a FIERCE ADVOCATE OF A CONSISTENT DIET comprised of RAW VEGATABLES with every meal, herbal teas, and purified water. It is vital that you comprehend that 70% of our immunity extends from our gut. And the science of restoring your good intestinal flora involves and depends upon your RAW VEGETABLE INTAKE during the EARLY and MIDDLE phases of that restoration!! You only get this one window of opportunity to introduce the RAW VEGETABLES. Thus, when you do this you create optimal new intestinal tissue! I eat 4 to 5 specific vegetables that seem to work in synergy to produce assimilation of the combined nutrients within each. Believe me, my digestion has never been better!! Raw Ginger and raw Garlic are also critical, as are almonds and pumpkin seeds. I have just recently introduced Whey Isolate for broader amino acids based protein and one to two tablespoons of food grade coconut oil with my morning and evening meals.

I am now taking an MMS bath every three days. Every other day I take a sulfur with peppermint bath and in between I shower with Bonners Tea Tree oil and Lavender oil soap. I am currently using a combination of Coconut, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus essential oils which I message into my skin before bed. Of course I am still an advocate of enzymes, so I continue to spray my bedding , baseboards, and window sills with Kleen Green.

I want to STRONGLY suggest that you STAY AWAY from research on other Morgellons sites. They only generate fear and confusion together with fueling the desire to link elsewhere for more of the same. Realize that we simply have a hybrid super fungus that is created by Candida overgrowth, toxic metals accumulation, and vegetable poor diets that has been further complicated by immune deficiency that allows for secondary co-infections. Some people experience more biting and stinging than others. Realize that these are more likely the result of Aldehydes building within your skin as a waste product of Fungus. You should not assume that you have worms crawling under your skin as I truly believe this is not the case. The root problem is the fungus.

Jesus sent his disciples to fish in a life threatening storm. He did not do this to sink their boat, but to teach them something. Faith is stronger than prayer, and trust is what powers faith. FEAR MUST BE REPLACED WITH FAITH!!


1:42:37 PM
Hello Warriors

Now moving well into my 8th month on the protocol, my experiences allow me to offer much more than just weekly progress reviews. I think it is fair to say that I've become a seasoned veteran of the fight to heal Morgellons.

For now, I plan to continue to be an encouraging voice for those who are just coming to find themselves afflicted. My wish is to further strive to reassure the really bad off and to serve to provide testimony that one DOES RECOVER using this protocol. As a single man, I can also offer proven advice on how to cope with this alone , and I can now more fully demonstrate to people strategies and ways to move through this to a better place.

I have come to realize that there are two kinds of Morgellons sufferers. Those who are looking for the "magic bullet", and those who roll up their sleeves and get to work realizing that months of terrain restoration and a severe detox lies ahead of them. However, restoring my terrain has actually become a rewarding experience in that it has opened my eyes to so many things. I am convinced that I have also corrected many other health problems along the way that were not directly related to Morgellons.

This reminded me of the unique blessings that reside within the horror of our disease. Like the desire to be part of helping others and a softening and letting in of love. That I now cry tears that spring forth from gratitude. That I am completely letting go of things that no longer have value. That I now practice humility and search for a more meaningful truth. How wonderful it becomes to find this in the middle of this horror. The courageous (Monica and Theresa) and generous(Mel and John) have shown up and it means so much during this time of need. And just feeling vulnerability and genuine humanness. Heck, I was even called a 'sweetheart ' this week!

I want to share something that I recently read.

'And then it hails, and then it snows, and then there's sunshine! How can the heart feel so broken and open all at the same time? Maybe that's what openness is. What joy..the unknown.'

As my symptoms continue to reduce and the fullness of returning health increases, I get this weird feeling of a sense of loss? The huge part of me that was needed to battle this thing isn't ' as required' as it was and this strange feeling of 'what to do with myself' comes over me from time to time. This is what you have to look forward to. Not such a bad thing, no?

Stay committed and keep faith with our creator. YOU WILL GET WELL. I no longer just know this, I can now feel it as it is happening!


4:30:02 PM
Hello Warriors

STRENGTH and LOVE to everyone

This week I first want to send out a HUGE 'thank you' to Monica and Theresa for regularly checking on my wellfare and for giving me those special insights that I sometimes need when I become troubled.

Although God remains my most steadfast companion through this, I have come to realize that the affectionate expressions of friendship that these two beautiful souls pour out to me are SO PRESCIOUS!! I love and admire you both more than you know.

I will soon realize my ninth month on the protocol. In looking back, I am truly confounded with how quickly the time has passed. Once I realized the time required to get completely well was passing by much faster than I initially imagined it would, I began to better embrace my dicipline within the protcol. After 3 months on the protocol, life got so much better that I was able to shift my thinking from how tedious daily activity had become to a more realistic appreciation for the benefit of of structure within my life.

Now, I really enjoy the time I spend shopping and in the kitchen preparing my meals. My evening bathing and topical treatment rituals that I used to fight so much now are something I look forward and embrace.

I have grown stronger in my faith and have grown fond of many people here with which I have no real history. Mel has become a man who ministers to my self esteem and challeges me on so many levels. I love you brother! John provides a calm and steady tempermant which is also centered in faith and service. I love you too brother!

Although the disease still presnts ongoing challenges, I continue to see a reduction in severity and an overall strenghening that is definitive. I can further testify that if one remains focused and diligent, the rewards of returning health become more and more evident with each passing week!

I used to tell my students that a bad choice is only a mistake until you find a remedy. My mistake had been to take my health for granted and the remedy has become a more comprehensive acknowledgement of how to live a more healthy life. And so it will be with you!!


3:09:45 PM
Hello Warriors
FOCUSING ON THE CURE and NOT THE DISEASE is how I overcame fear. Early on, realizing I had Morgellons created genuine fear. I never felt sorry for myself but I did struggle with fear. When I started the protocol, I became fiercely set on finding a quicker cure. I didn't want to do the 18 months. Mel had to constantly tell me I had to slow down! Then, over the next month, I realized and full y accepted that there truly was no quick fix. But soon after that I went 180 degrees about with the feeling that I may not be able to get well at all. Although I never got sad, fear remained and I did find myself wanting to shut down. This is when my journey back to health 'truly began.'

I went to a place RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE between looking for a quick fix and giving up and I overcame the fear by committing to 'THIS NEW DISCIPLINE' that the Protocol requires. I call this ' the middle.'. This is where I have remained for some 6 months now. THE MIDDLE between fear and giving up has become 'slow and steady and the sum of the parts.'

Today I no longer have any fear whatsoever!! I know and feel myself getting well. My purging now only comes once a day and is very manageable. I have occasional stinging with little to no itching except when I purge. I am sleeping the whole night through. My clothes are no longer producing fuzz balls or anything unusual . I am seeing occasional black and now white spores after I treat my skin with essential oils, usually at night. I have also seen some glitter this last 2 weeks. VERY ODD!! There are few active fungal hairs, but am still dealing with microfibers. I continue to eat raw vegetables, garlic, ginger, and coconut with most every meal and still avoid sugar.

Your goal should be to find your own middle and live there every day starting today! Turn fear over to God and replace it with discipline. Post your progress here for others to read who may face what you are facing now. Walk one day at a time. There is no fork in the road before you. There is only straight ahead and staying the course. Every journey in life has A BEGINNING and AN END. You and you only can choose your steps. Then take them one by one, day by day. Do this and the journey WILL END IN BEING CURED.
I can truly feel the cure as it is happening inside me. BELIEVE IT!


1:09:28 PM
Hello Warriors

I am so uplifted from reading all of your recent posts! Everybody faces struggle in life, but only the best are made stronger by it. And you are all 'THE BEST.' What is the truest definition of 'a warrior?' A warrior gets the job done! Continue to be warriors!

This last weekend brought another challenge for me. You might say that I got caught in 'the Lunar Storm.' By that I mean that the full moon on Saturday brought forth a return of symptoms on my calves, upper thighs, and biceps. I was tested yet again with familiar burning across different parts of my body. No itching, however. Also felt a couple deep stings. There was purging of micro fibers throughout the weekend but not a lot of Candida from my forearms. I drank extra strong lime water and Rooibus Tea and remained calm. I still feel as strong as a bull so no need to get fearful. Here is what I believe.

The measure of our individual toxic burden is called our body burden. It is different for all of us. I have found that I go through cycles of much improved but then new symptoms. However, I don't let this discourage me or create fear because each outbreak does subside quicker than the last and I can feel myself getting stronger afterwards. The symptoms are completely gone this morning. This is part of the process of becoming completely cured. I accept that it will continue. I know that I must endure this process in stages as I complete my Detox and my bioterrain moves back to COMPLETE BALANCE.

Other ongoing health issues may find some of you experiencing this cycle of improved but then relapsed more or less often. NO WORRIES!

Here is 'the really good news.' As I go through these outbreaks, it appears they stimulate a deeper corrective response. I can feel my immune system working at a more peak performance as I come out the other side.


4:45:54 PM
Hello Everybody

I am officially into my 9th month on the protocol. The best way for me to describe where I am today would be like this.

' I am no longer sailing upwind into 50 foot swells. I am now sailing downwind in slightly choppy seas. Ahead I can actually see calm water with what appears to be a slight to moderate breeze! A buoy just off my bow says PORT HEALTH is 9 months ahead.'

Today I am grateful that Theresa is sharing her gift again weekly. She is such a strong lady! I am grateful for Monica, our blessed spirit and imformation machine. I am grateful for Ellen, who mirrows myself in her career and her 'East coast temperment.' I am grateful for my growing friendship with Mel, seperate from his support with the disease. And I am grateful for John, who provides 'the Manna in the wilderness!' My life is enriched through knowing we share the body of Christ.

The fungal yeast overload continues to lower. I have had 2 days where I was symptom free without a purging cycle. The fear is gone. I feel so strong that I have started to workout again. No chills and burning
this last week. Glad to be through that!

Now I will tackle the task of mopping up the remaining toxins and completing the work of bringing every body system back to balance. I fully realize that this will take the better part of 2013, but the simple science that this protocol brings to my life continues to provide a wonderful ongoing 'organic' dedication that I am proud of.


'Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.'



6:50:46 PM
Hello Warriors


I have tried to keep my weekly posts positive. That does not mean that I do not face the same ongoing challenges as others here do. I DO deal with ongoing symptoms and purging and I DO still have regular bouts of Herxing fatigue. But I am extremely diligent in my habits. I eat raw vegetables EVERY DAY. I rotate my anti-fungals to keep them effective. I make sure that I take my meds at regular times EVERY DAY. I refuse any supplements outside the protocol excepting those that are food based. I pay attention to my environment, manage stress, and see that I am getting adequate rest and exercise. The result of this has been a solid progression back to health. This is a simple science that merely demands consistency on many fronts. Discipline is mandatory. There are no cutting corners if you want to succeed.

With a little over 8 months on the protocol, my history looks something like this.


I was swept into this whorl wind disease that trashed everything familiar in my life. Environment, emotions, and physical health, all suddenly were a mess. Fear became overwhelming and I felt nothing but despair. At 90 days came relief. Biting and stinging were gone and a feeling of normalcy in my life returned. Here also came the MISGUIDED NOTION that I was well again. This lasted a couple of weeks. Then came a period that looked like this:


A down pouring of numerous outbreaks of symptoms from feet to shoulders, chest and back. Pimpling, blisters, red dots, scratch lines and more. These would take up to two weeks to reduce. This is the time when fungal hairs were most prevalent. This is also when I fully realized the value of discipline in fighting Morgellons. I learned and practiced diligence and commitment. This is also when I began to eat raw vegetables with every meal.


Symptoms continued, but outbreaks started to become less severe and would subside in about 5 to seven days. Fungal hairs were way down and replaced with regular cycles of purging Candida and Biofilm. I began taking MMS baths twice weekly. I added food grade Vitamin C and Whey Isolate protein for broader spectrum Amino Acids. I began to eat more Ginger, Garlic, Rosemary, and added in Curry powder. I began to experience ongoing period of burning and chills . Aside from some severe and persistent deep joint pain I began to see very noticeable improvements in my skin and felt measurably better. Everything around me was becoming so much more normal again!


This is where I am at right now. Hands are greatly restored. Forearms are greatly improved. Stamina, mental clarity, and emotional calm are back! Symptoms still persist, but are marginally reduced and will sometimes even subside within a day or two. An outbreak above my knees actually disappeared overnight! I will go 2 or more days without any measurable purging or symptoms.


Time has actually become my friend and when I look back I am beginning to view this as just another aspect of my journey through life. Yes, a difficult time indeed, but a time also filled with a multitude of blessings ! I am truly getting well. What a wonderful place to be!






12:46:55 PM
Hello Warriors

My message this week is both simple, yet profound. Truth be known, this disease is most definitely curable. It is also a disease which may require dietary considerations that should probably be in place for the rest of your life.

Believe me, you DO NOT have anything outside of the scope of what nature often presents to any biological form of life when toxic overload compromises functioning of internal systems.

Producing the everyday items we all consume has loaded our environment, the air we breathe, and the food we eat with way to many toxic metals and plastics. We are all subject to these. The problem is, they build up in our bodies where they do not belong. This Fungal organism then collects internal residual heavy metals and plastics and carries them to every part of the body as fibers. Why as fibers? Because fungus naturally consists of vegetable cellulose in the form of fibers. So this also becomes a fiber disease.

The metals make the microfibers hurt when they purge. This is why it becomes imperative to remove the fungus from our body. The best way to do that is to starve it! As we do this, we also get rid of the metals.

Through paying attention to my most recent experience with the purging of microfibers and through Gods amazing grace, this stage of my detox has lead me back to what I have known since my early research. The fibers hurt because the heavy metals they combine with make them sharp. I believe that we then get well when the fungus and the toxic metals and plastics overloads are significantly reduced through our detoxing.

So put your fears to rest. The environmental toxins will not go away any time soon, but the way to health and becoming cured is simple. Eliminate sugar and simple carbohydrates to starve this thing to death as you get rid of the metals. Over time, you will feel your health returning. I am feeling this right now! Stay diligent and complete your detox.



7:55:21 PM
Hello Everybody

Learning the means to your own special insight:

This week marks a full 9 months on the protocol. As I have said many times over, diligence and absolute consistent discipline with diet and meds has lead me to the wonderful state of returning health that I am now enjoying! I have also gotten here from paying attention to my body so that to learn as much from personal experience as I possibly could. The thing is, you learn as you go, so it takes TIME and THOUGHT.

This last week I realized that I can feel that my body will tell me when a purge is coming if I am really listening to it. This allows me to then get a head start. My oils can go on, and I can increase anti-fungals and rooibus tea, take additional sulfur, and load on purified lemon water before it hits. This getting out in front makes symptoms far less severe. The point becomes to learn how to recognize that something is coming. The lunar cycle is a perfect example of this. You can then know to mark your calendar so that you are prepared for the symptoms that it brings forth before they arrive. This now becomes a useful strategy for me.

The longer you work at paying attention, the more you are going to discover insights about how to put things to work for you. Then you can arrive at the understanding that the longer you work at acting on those insights, the more efficient your treatments can become. What you are learning through discovery becomes powerful because you are further along and the disease is weaker when you learn it. With patience, you will see that these realizations arise at the best time to get the most out them. Waiting 6 months to start MMS baths is a good example of this. GOD IS ALWAYS ON TIME!

I am getting well folks! I continue to see few fungal hairs. Pimpling is greatly reduced. My left forearm looks and feels normal again. My right forearm is improved but still showing symptoms. My legs are mostly back to normal except above the knees. My biceps continue to display symptoms and purging, but my shoulders, back and chest are mostly normal. My head and hair are back to normal and my face is much better. I have seen a lot of noticeable positives in the last 30 days, and I am so excited to share this with all of you! So, "STAY IN THE FIGHT."

Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9


9:07:09 AM
Hey Peter,

I was thinking along these same lines as you have posted here. The best way to move forward with our healing is to listen to how our individual bodies respond to all the internal and external changes taking place.
For example, when I use cayenne pepper or curry spices in my food, I feel better. I recently felt a terrible cold coming on and made a tea from lemon, ginger and cinnamon and woke up the next day with no symptoms. What I think is important is to take the time to learn what is best for each of us and then continue in that direction. I know some eat only raw foods but in the cold weather here, I think having hot soup I make from scratch makes a difference for me.

I also have had some strong thoughts about forgiveness. The balance I need to strike is to forgive others for behavior that is hurtful, working very hard to let go of any resentments and truly forgive them, without having that person prominent in my life.
When I do this, the stress goes away and I can sleep better and function better. We all can find ways that we have behaved badly in the past and made poor choices, so I include myself in the list of people to forgive.
I learn so much from all of you, and wish you continued health and healing,

Deborah B

6:33:54 PM
Hi Peter,

Was wondering if I could ask you a question or two? I know you are an committed researcher and wondered what you have discovered about scalp purging. In a recent post to James you said:

'The disease recently loaded in my head, so your scalp issues tell me you already have the pathogen on the decline.

I am wondering if scalp purging is a good indicator that we are killing off the pathogen? I know some people assume so but I have never heard much to indicate this is true. When I saw your post, I took heart in hopes that it is true.

The reason I am asking is that this type of purging has been non-stop for me for almost three months now, getting heavier and more difficult to deal with in recent weeks. My little girl, thankfully, purges in this way only mildly. My diet has been extremely strict and I don't cheat. . . ever! Just the same, I was concerned with the increase in purging and so recently tightened up on my food choices and removed all grains and medium carb veggies. I have never had fruit so now I am down to just protein, green veggies, coconut, and almonds. I don't need to loose anymore weight so this is a concern and I have not noticed a reduction in purging. I am hoping to find that purging of scalp fibers and other sundries are actually evidence of progress. . . not of problems with feeding the beast, but I don't want to assume anything.

Any information on what your research has turned up or advice would be much appreciated. And thanks so much for your generosity in sharing with us all what you have learned. I am always blessed by your posts,

Deborah B.

2:53:06 PM
Hello Deborah

Sorry it took me so long to respond to you here. Truth is, I have had a challenging week on many fronts, especially with the further aspects of my continuing detox. So let me see if I can share my experiences regarding your questions.

Outbreaks on the scalp and even the face tend to present in the later stages of detoxification. In other words, once you have detoxed bilofilm, Candida, and heavy metals from the other parts of the body the disease will then present symptoms on the head and face. I see it as a good thing because it tells me that the die off is working to completion. Do take heart that this is true and is a wonderful sign of successfully moving closer to being rid of this!

As to your second concern about the ongoing length of this, just let it run its course. Be patient, but be assured that you are doing well because of this taking place. It is necessary! Honestly, I will tell you that I have always been free of scalp and face issues until 2 weeks ago. That is when my face presented symptoms and also my scalp to a lesser degree. It is still an issue, but is now subsiding.

Your diet is great so you are not feeding the beast! I can tell you that wetting my hair each night after bathing with Kleen Green so the enzymes can work on the scalp as I sleep has helped greatly!

Hope this allows you to feel better. Just stay focused and committed to finish your detox. You are winning!!!


3:45:12 PM
Hello everybody

Today I first give thanks to Christ my savior, who is the real architect of my returning health. I often end my posts with "make the bible your best friend." This is because it is not merely a book, but more a revelation of youself. To see who you are from coming to the Bible provides the gift, through Gods grace, of strengthening in the ongoing fight against Morgellons.

As I proceed with my tenth month on the protocol, I want to share the chronology of stages that have presented within my detox to date. First, of course, came the closing up and healing of my open lesions. Throughout the last nine months, pimpling redness, leathery skin, and cycles of purging have moved around to different parts of my body. Here is how it has unfolded for me.

First came a prolonged period of purging fungal hairs. This ran its course and I moved into a prolonged period of purging Candida and biofilm. This ran its course and I entered into a shorter period of burning and chill. This ended and I began a prolonged stage of purging micro-fibers. This ended and I entered into a stage where I was seeing different size soft bumps under the skin. They would pop and crackle as I messaged Kleen Green and oils into them. Very odd! I believe these to be smaller, less dense clusters of biofilm. I cannot explain the popping, but the bumps then dry and harden to where I was able to exfoliate them completely. Renewed skin follows.

I just went through a four day stage of purging green glitter. Made me sit down!! Monica tells me this is probably Mercury. The heavy metals are now coming out. THIS IS A SIGNIFICANTLY GOOD THING!

So as you can see, there are indeed many stages that arrive and must unfold. We get well by pushing everything out and THIS TAKES TIME! I am certain that I am moving into the final stages of becoming cured.

My legs have been symptom free for 2 weeks now. My shoulders, back, and chest has been symptom free for three weeks now. My stomach and trunk were never really affected. My feet are symptom free.. It has moved to my face and scalp, but this tells me I am getting to the end. I WILL remain diligent and committed to finishing the next eight months of my detox.

Here is the bottom line today. Daily energy is high, and mental clarity of mind has returned completely. My emotions are soaring with joy and peace. Everything about me is new and wonderful. So stay in the fight and complete the process. You will get better if you do!!

Strength and Love and "Remain in a constant conversation with God"
Deborah B

3:33:26 AM

Thank you so much for your response to my recent questions. My fears have been put to rest by what you shared.

Interestingly enough, shortly after I posted to you here I experienced a sudden improvement with much less purging of fibers, hairs, glitter, etc., from the scalp. At the same time I found I had a surge in energy and well-being. This long-awaited progress is so encouraging.

Hearing of your experiences and your progress also encourages me and gives an idea of what I might expect as I navigate the path a few paces behind you (I'm entering my 8th month).

Thanks once again for your help and for sharing what you have learned. I hope things have also leveled out for you as you detox and that you are feeling better this week as well.

Prayers for your continued improvement,

Deborah B

6:17:31 PM
Hello everybody

As I work toward a full 10 months on the protocol, I am leaving this sickness behind me. Everything in my life has become wonderful again. Every day I feel so good that it proves to me that I am becoming completely cured of this. My left arm looks and feels normal. My right forearm continues to improve every day and is very close to feeling normal. Today as I right this, I can see no noticeable symptoms on any other part of my body except my face. Although unsettling as this is to know how I must look to those around me, I know this is the last place it goes!

Just how far have I come? A LONG, LONG way!! I wake up in the morning and see a normal body. My sheets are free of any specs and other "junk." My apartment is normal and my clothes are hanging in my closet again. All this feels so unbelievably good. I feel a vitality and wellbeing that has been missing for well over a year now. I am living like normal again on so many fronts and I am so excited about life again. All that having been said, will I remain steadfast and diligent in working the protocol? ABSOLUTELY! I will finish my 18 months. My healthy diet and the nutritionals will always remain. I am going to take care of this holy vessel from now on!!

The great esteem I hold for my beloved "Captain" Mel and his grace in delivering this cure has become immeasurable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart brother! My friendship with John is also a treasure. May God continue to bless you and your family for the abundant work you do, brother!

I am talking and sharing the story of my amazing recovery with many of the newly stricken in the hope that they too can get to where I am today. There are so many that are telling me things are better. I give thanks to God every day and I remain thankful to all of you here for the role you have played in my journey back to health. When my arm is symptom free and my face restores, I will ask Mel to enter me into the 90% cured thread. I fully expect to meet the free of symptoms criteria for addition to this thread in about 30 to 45 days. My faith has indeed brought me home!!

"Faith is the realization of things unseen!" I pray your faith lead you home as it has me.

Strength and Love and "STAY IN THE FIGHT"

7:08:44 PM
Hello Warriors

Today is the day before the Full Moon. I am preparing for the approaching "lunar storm" with my usual measures. Extra Rooibus tea, lime water, and extra MSM Sulfur. So far, I am happy to tell you no real new symptoms have arrived! The right forearm does continue to present symptoms and difficulty, but my face is much improved! Everything else on my body remains good. AMEN.

My diet remains unchanged. I am still eating specific raw vegetables. Radishes, red onions, red bell peppers, spring mix greens, almonds, shredded coconut, jalapeño peppers, garlic and different herbs with EVERY MEAL.

The fresh herbs I am rotating are ginger, basil, oregano, tarragon, cilantro, and rosemary. I am also using Sharwoods hot curry powder. It has a blend of spices which include cur cumin, turmeric, and cloves, all very potent anti-fungals! Remember that anti-fungals break down the fungal cell walls but that it is important to rotate them so the fungus cannot adjust. I will also use 3 to 5 drops of Oil of Oregano under the tongue twice a week.

I continue to eat eggs and avocados daily, with range fed beef or chicken twice a week. I also am still taking Whey Protein Isolate and food grade Vitamin C when money will allow. An occasional granny green apple and pumpkin seeds rounds everything out.

I feel terrific. Life continues to be much like normal most days. I will still get herxing fatigue from time to time, but this just means further die off. I continue to talk with many who are newly stricken. This fulfills me and keeps with the vow I made to God to help anyone and everyone stricken. This also becomes therapeutic for me.

Remember to remain in a constant conversation with God and make the bible your best friend. Our savior will renew you if your faith is true and you are dilligent! I pray that each of you are moving back to health as I am. Stay in the fight, as I have, and health will return.


8:37:38 PM
Hello warriors

I am now well into my 11th month on the Protocol. Things continue to hold normal on my body. I am currently still dealing with symptoms only on my right arm and my face. I believe to be roughly about a month out from detoxing the remaining fibers there.

I have, as planned at the 11 month date, begun a one time cycle of Collostrom. This is because I believe that now is the right time to give my immunity a special boost. Money is still tough, but as I have said many times. "God is always on time!"

From my experience with this, here are some special insights to bear in mind. Remember, these are only meant to inform and to share.

Kleen Green contains only enzymes. It is useful for the skin, for laundry, for environmental clean up, and for pest control.

A good rule is to put nothing artificial on your skin. Exfoliating and oiling the skin are both equally beneficial and are determined by what the skin is doing. Get as much daily sun on the skin as you can.

Use only food based additional support, internal and external. Eat raw vegetables with every meal and remember that fresh herbs are a powerful way to attack this within diet. Rotate your anti-fungals and keep one in reserve for later in recovery. Remember to drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluoride free water daily.

Watch uplifting TV. Sitcoms are very therapeutic. Stay as active as you can, but get plenty of consistent rest.

And finally, build your faith and develop a stronger relationship with God. My friend Janelle provided me with wonderful strengthening scripture yesterday. Read Isaiah 41:10 and 13 if you need to find hope or peace.

I remain diligent and committed and am seeing the resulting return to complete health that was intended, as will you!


9:06:23 PM
Hello everybody

This week I want to share the importance of what I like to call a 'force Magnifier' as it applies to our protocol. A force magnifier involves the understanding that combining certain things can amplify or increase a good result... or a bad result.

One good force multiplier I observe is to take my probiotics early in my meal. I believe this best gets them into where they belong and magnifies what they do. Another force multiplier I follow is I take my essential omegas with fatty foods like Avocados. I believe this is a more natural way for the body to assimilate them and magnifies what they do. Yet another good force multiplier I follow during eating is to take my Candida rid during my meals with my anti-fungal herbs . I believe this allows them to work together and makes them more effective. So, by introducing my meds a specific way during eating, I magnify their effect.

Force magnifiers can also work against me. I realized this last week when I ate a small tangerine, a bowl of brown rice , and black beans during the same meal. Since I have been avoiding carbohydrates like brown rice and beans for the last 2 months, re-introducing them in the same meal was too much and created a reddening of my left arm. The fruit sugar together with the additional carbohydrates and the acidity of the beans became a force multiplier that brought forth symptoms!

I wrote some time back that our ideas have implications. Paying attention brought forth the idea and the implication that force multipliers can be hugely good...or hugely bad. Now I will assess the other areas of the protocol and my daily activities that should bring me to better understanding of where I can use force multipliers to better fight this thing. I am very excited about this!

I continue to feel good . My right forearm is continuing to improve. Purging is greatly reduced. I remain symptom free on my legs, back and chest. My face is much improved and becoming normal again. No biting, stinging, or itching. Everything continues to go well. I continue to give thanks to God for my returning health! Remain diligent and keep faith that you will get to where I amand YOU WILL! You all remain in my prayers.

There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can circumvent the firm resolve of a determined soul." ~Ella Wilcox

Strength and Love.
Bill M

12:59:55 PM
I like the idea of the 'Force Magnifier'. This makes sense so this is great advice as usual. Thanks also for the last few phone conversations and educating me on the different type herbs that help to knock out the pathogens.
I am the type person that wants to know why something works and not just take it because it works for others. When you educated me on why Magnifizyme is so crucial in killing pathogens, this made it easier for me to take it morning, noon, and night and I have noticed the difference. Much less itching, biting and purging to the point where I have very few overall symptoms that I have to deal with.

I am now in my 16th month and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I first knew I had Morgellons I thought I could defeat this disease within 4-5 months because I caught it early. WRONG ! This will take the full 18 months to fully detox the fibers from my body. Right now it looks as if the last stronghold for the fungi is in my hands and feet. In addition to Mel's protocol I continue to use the Kleen Green on my entire body after showering and this has helped immensely.
I look forward to the day that I can start eating some foods that will help me gain my weight back. I initially lost 43 lbs and have gained back 27, so I have a ways to go before I get back to my ideal weight. Thanks to all of you who have shared recipes and what foods worked best for you. For a guy who ate mostly processed foods this was a tremendous help. I now know the good foods to eat, mainly veggies, and the ones to stay away from, which would be all GMO foods.
As for exercise, I cannot shout it loud enough that it is key to work out every day, even if it is just a 15 minute walk. I think is a key element to the healing process and it will make you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically.
I have exercised every day when I was able, but recently I have cut back to 5 days a week. I am sixtyish so I am giving myself permission to ease up a bit..... :) Right Mel?

At this stage I feel great and I thank my Lord and Savior for getting me through this whole ordeal.
Be safe Warriors, and keep the faith....... :) ...and keep praying for all those who suffer from Morgellons.

Bill M.

9:44:20 PM
Hello everybody

He has made everything beautiful in its' time' Ecclesiastes 3:11.

My message this week was spurred from a recent conversation with a dear friend and brother in Christ. Within our struggle with Morgellons, we have, if we choose, the choice to open our life to a new opportunity, a new foundation, and a new special knowledge about our self. And we can then express this in our plan towards our return to health while here in the midst of the struggle to get well. This is what I have tried to cultivate, or grow each day.

This protocol, as intended by Mel, has always been really about renewal and restoration through life change. New habits, newfound strength, and new found relationship with God. Healing then becomes the result, but that healing unfolds on so many different levels that are 'life changing'. And the thing about life changing is that it is for the rest of your life. It is easy, in the midst of all we must do each day, to get lax or overlook these precious truths. But these truths are the most valuable part of becoming cured. And why it is so hard!

Serenity has made room for my voice. I'm not just another who is ill. I am a person with goals and dreams and a life worth living. I get to rediscover and learn and make changes. Now I can better think, decide and act for myself. I don't need someone else to save me anymore, because I have been given the opportunity to save myself!

That's it. I feel great!! The ONLY new symptoms I have right now are a small area of pimplining and redness on my lower groin. This tells me I still have biofilm in this area that my body is working against and does not alarm me. Furthermore, I have not had any intermittent serious deep sting sensation for 3 weeks now.

I will continue to remain diligent doing all the things that I have shared with you to date and I remain very confident that I will enter the 90 % cured thread in roughly about 30 days! This will mark my 12 month date on the protocol. I need to tell you that Mel has been dead on and has proven to be right in every aspect of his projected expectations!! God bless you brother.


God will bless you all with the return of your health. BELIEVE IT. This thing is BEATABLE!



11:25:06 PM

quick question

are you on any pharma anti biotic?

thanks Mark

2:49:22 PM
Hello Mark

Hope you and your children are doing well. I am not, nor have I at any point, ever used anything outside of the Olive Leaf Extract as my anti-biotic.

Take care, brother

6:28:45 PM
Thanks Peter..

they are doing VERY well==

I am doing well -- only thing I really struggle with is muscle twitching! and intermittent arthritic like pain in my hands ?

everything else has subsided,,,

keep up the good fight!!!

Mark (I also do not take pharma antibioics)


4:20:11 PM
Hello everybody

There are a couple basic considerations that I keep in mind when using MMS that I feel I should share.

1. Side effects: The usual direct side effects I experienced are temporary nausea, headache, sweating and drowsiness. And lower back pain can be expected. Also, a kind of overall body ache. The nausea has been usually mild and lasts for under one hour. This readily reduces upon drinking more water.

I believe these are all due to the rapid success of the MMS in killing pathogens. As the disease causing pathogens die off they disintegrate, releasing endotoxins, which in turn provoke an inflammatory response from the immune system. I see these side effects as a good thing! They mean it is working and one is getting better.

2. Vitamin C will deactivate MMS if you become fearful or frightened.


I have mostly tried to see symptoms as a positive thing. To me, they often represent die off of the pathogen and are actually a part of getting well. Common Symptoms that I view as positive and actually have learned to celebrate include chills, headache, joint pain, muscle cramping, tenderness, sweating, short term fatigue, and overall body aches. These don't always mean you are getting more sick! And my symptoms have surfaced and resided in repeating cycles. Again, this is part of getting well and why Mel tells us you will get worse before you get completely better.


I try to remember that our disease creates extreme acidity in our internal systems. When the body goes 'too acid,' our bones leach calcium to absorb it. This is not good for them. The Magnifical we take pushes the calcium from the soft tissue back into the bones where it belongs. For me, This seems to create a relaxation of the muscles and can thus really assist with sleep. I believe this is why the extended protocol calls for dosing them before bed. I am certain that it becomes hugely beneficial for really restorative sleep when taken before bed.


It is easy, in the midst of all we must do each day, to get lax or overlook drinking water. I believe that is very important to continue to diligently drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. I make sure to see that no less than 3 of these contain lemon or lime juice. This habit allows me to remain alkaline and gives me more opportunity to eliminate toxins through regular urination throughout the day.


As I enter enter my 12th month on the protocol, I can share that I remain stable with no overt new symptoms.
I do still have days where I feel fatiqued or just 'off' my norm. However, in a recent conversation with Ellen, I was reminded that even in good health we have some bad days. Rest, diet, and other factors can change how well we are feeling as a natural part of life whether disease is present or not! 'thank you,' Ellen.

I am advocating for an additional day of work weekly with my company. If I am successful, I plan to be able to make small regular donations to the Foundation to continue to try to help others as God instructs me to do. I am also continuing my work on a grant to help fund the many newly stricken who need help.

You all remain staedfastly in my prayers!
Strength and love

3:05:34 PM
Hello Everybody

I am now halfway into my 12 month on the protocol. This last week brought forth some ongoing fatigue in the form of sleepiness for 4 days running. I did the prudent thing and slept much of these days. This was a healing , restorative type of tiredness, and not due to die off. There was also a minor episode of some very light reddening on my biceps , neck and face this last weekend, but this disappeared overnight.

Aside from this, I continue to feel good. And the really good news is that I continue to remain free of noticeable symptoms on every part of my body, with the exception of my right forearm, together with 3 hard nodules that have arrived above each ankle. Oddly, the locations of these nodules are identical on each leg. I am working plastic like chunks of biofilm out of these nodules each night in the bath. Painful, but necessary to get these hardened clusters out!

Once again, I am reminded that an easy street never really takes us anywhere great. The truth is, blessings and struggle are often in cahoots. The key is to practice how to 'shake off doubt' and 'shake off discouragement,' and put 'persistence' in their place.

One last thing I want to share about good gut flora. This involves a food addition that may benefit you as part of your dietary choices.

The beneficial bacteria in fermented foods are potent detoxifiers, capable of drawing a wide range of toxins and heavy metals out of your body. Fermented /cultured foods should help detoxification systems in a high percentage of people. Therefore, fermented foods may be beneficial in assisting with our healing process.

The cell wall of fermented bacteria have chelators; molecules that grab hold of mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenate, and anything else toxic. 'They then hold them until they are removed through stool.'

Since fermented foods are also considered alkalizing, I have added them into my daily diet. You don't need to consume huge amounts. A quarter to a half cup a day is sufficient. The key is variety. The greater the variety of fermented/cultured foods, the better.

Kim Chi and Raw Sour Kraut are good examples of a fermented food.

Strength and Love and 'Stay in the fight!'

â How I wish that I might have what I ask for
and that God would give me what I hope for.
Job 6:8


5:26:55 PM
Hello Everybody
Strength and love


I am officially at my one year mark on the protocol this week. I continue to hold symptom free on all of my body with the exception of my right forearm, together with a returning persistent reddening and pimpling on both my cheeks. The forearm is where the initial bite took place and is proving difficult to fully restore because I wrapped it tightly early on with this before I began the protocol. I believe this drove the fungal organism deep into the tissue and really loaded it there. The two hard nodules on each ankle also remain. They are still shedding plastic like biofilm each night as I message them in my bath.

Upon exiting the tub after bathing, I have always sprayed my hair with kleen Green . I then comb it forward from the base of my neck across my forehead over the sink. I have not seen ANY shedding in the sink now for over a week! No spores, no wire like tiny black curly hairs, no brown or grey dandruff like stuff.....NOTHING! This tells me I am completing the clearing of this from my scalp. My hair is also now smoother and free of fungal hairs.


I continue to eat a diet consisting of a variety of raw vegetables, ginger, garlic, and occasional other herbs. For protein, I continue to eat eggs daily and I still eat grass fed beef or chicken 3 times a week. I also eat quinoa and sour kraut regularly and I continue to drink Rooibus, Pau D'arco, peppermint, lemongrass, and other detoxifying teas throughout each day. I have also been able to tolerate additional fruits including blueberries, blackberries, cherries, tangerines, and pomegrantes.

I continue to walk about three miles a week and I am now doing some light strength training.

That's it. My life is pretty much as normal as one could expect right now. The financial struggle remains, but I am so thankful on so many other levels of life again. I can certainly see the end to this . That's for sure!

There are only two guiding principles to live a life of service and dedication to Christ. Learn to discern the VOICE of God, and OBEY it. This pleases God and causes him to pour blessings down upon me. My faith has now, in real time, provided the knowledge of that which was unseen. My being cured!

Now I am holdng and extending that same faith for you, and if WE remain strong in faith together, God will provide the healing to you!

'Stay patient and stay in the fight!'


7:22:34 PM
Hello Everybody

I am entering my 13 month on the protocol. Briefly put, here are some more guiding principles that I want to share. I have come to appreciate how thinking along these lines has truly added to the success of my recovery within the principles laid out within Mel's protocol. I hope you may find them somewhat useful.

1. Less is more: Learn to make use of restrictions.
2. Simplify the process: Simplicity is good.
3. Sharing brings blessings: Transform your natural desire to receive into a desire to share.

While these principles may seem simplistic on the surface, learning how to apply them to your daily life on this protocol will help bring you the richness of returning health that we all imagine for ourselves. And once you come to a place where you can accept and practice these principles as basic truths, you will be on your way to experiencing an easier time with the reality of how this protocol cures Morgellons.

For me, the whole meaning of getting well and staying diligent with the protocol is about these concepts. The message you deliver in your daily life as you recover is all that truly matters. But if your life is something less than what you want it to be, if you find yourself wondering, 'how can I better cope with the ongoing challenges and not liking the only answer you can come up with, then I invite you to suspend your disbelief long enough to give some of these actions I suggest a try, and to see what comes next.'

I continue to hold symptom free with the exception of my right forearm and the persistent nodules just above both ankles. I give thanks to God for this. And I give the credit both to God and to this protocol.
May God bless you with the return of your health as he has me!

Strength and Love,

1:08:45 PM
Hello Everybody
Strength and Love

On My Progress:

Outside of some current emotional stressors, my condition remains stable. However, there are a couple new developments to share this week. I experienced a cold sore that lasted for 4 days. I also had 2 days of severe headache at the base of the skull together with some more severe muscle cramping just above the ankles in the morning. I believe this is related to deeper pockets of biofilm pulling out of the tendons in my ankles. Finally, there was some pretty severe stomach and bladder pain together with burning while urinating. I do still see these things as positive. For now, I am working to get myself more alkaline and assessing for any imbalances that I may need to address.

This disease has made two things very clear to me at this stage of my recovery. You know when you have it and you WILL know when it is going away. For me, it is definitely going away, but I still have some work to do.

Be careful here. People can deceive themselves into thinking they are well when in fact they need more time. I believe that one must accept this reality and take personal responsibility to continue until all symptoms are gone, no matter how long it takes. The time will differ between people based on many individual factors.

On Factors to Recovery Time:

We have pollution that we have to deal with on a daily basis. Household chemicals and toxins used in the home. Several environmental toxins and radiation like radium that are all around us. And water supplies that may contain harmful chemicals like Fluoride and lead.

Remember that with Morgellons, some organs of the body may be very toxic and have to be cleansed slowly over a longer period of time. Other organs have to be detoxed more slowly due to lack of function. Lungs with a history of Cigarette smoking is one good example.

If fungus is throughout the body and is concentrated in an area where you have other issues, such as, diabetes related infections in the legs and feet, then the restoring of health may also be slower.

On Recent Family Pressure:

My experience right now is that family and friends can continue to discourage one from taking the protocol correctly by being negative about what is being taken and by questioning how long it is necessary. I think this is just human nature. Try to remember that support from family and friends when trying to restore one's health may ebb and flow. We must do this our self, anyway.

I am getting well! I pray that each of you are too!

Godspeed and 'stay in the fight'


6:07:27 PM
Hello everybody

As I close out 13 months on the protocol this week I am happy to report there is still no return of symptoms on my body outside of the right forearm and the hard nodules above both ankles. My face does also continue to present some pimpling, but my scalp is clear. I remain completely convinced that this is coming to an end!

The headaches I mentioned in my last post have not repeated and the stomach and bladder cramping and pain has also passed. Fatigue is still present on some days, but rest clearly then removes it.


I believe it is necessary to remind everyone that anyone using any of the suggestions found on this website must act responsibly in terms of knowing his or her own sensitivities to anything recommended here. This must include foods, supplements, essential oils, detox products, cleanses, and any other shared therapies. I believe it is BEST to simply follow the basic protocol. For me, it has become the surest means to detox this disease and fully restore myself. Of course I still concentrate mostly on diet!

I still refuse to eat the top 4 GMO foods even if they are labeled organic. They are corn, soy, canola oil, and sugar. I do this because I learned that these are man-made food products and are not technically food. They are lower in nutritional value and they are processed into possible disease causing toxicity. I continue to suggest that you learn about all food addiction ingredients and all the other genetically altered foods and refuse to eat them!.

I also will not eat anything that has 'modified food/corn starch' in it. This is a PLASTIC compound being used in processed foods. I won't eat ANY trans-fats, hydrogenated fats, and Vegetable Oil Blends. I only eat whole oils like Olive and Coconut Oil.

Certain specific foods remain a DAYLY MUST. Avocados, for example, because they are a natural food source for L-Glutamine, which helps sustain our protective single cell layer within areas like the intestines, lungs, and organs . It also helps to synthesize the proteins we ingest. And I am also careful NOT to eat certain foods. Sea foods that are farm raised is a good example. Wild caught fish is the way to go.

I make certain that I continue to get a daily minimum of 10 - 20 minutes exercise with walking, and I am now doing Jumping Jacks to increase lymph activity so as to remove toxins from tissue.


I do still suggest that you assess your habits and adjust regularly when you experience difficulty. Ask others what might help. For example, Bill M recently helped me in this way. Because of recent tooth problems I learned from a link Bill provided that Coconut oil could help here. It is amazingly easy. Rinse and swish a tablespoon of coconut oil through your teeth and gums very thoroughly. Then spit it out. Do it slowly for 5 minutes, followed by brushing, up to three times a day.

'Thank you' Bill! Tooth decay is an expensive problem and there are so few dentists that are practicing with a holistic awareness. Dental offices also are still pushing fluoride, which is really toxic and not a good practice. Remember that we have the research linking fluoride to weaker bones and further reports on toxins in the dental sealants and materials used during any type of tooth work.


Being healthy continues to develop as a way of life that encompasses everything I do. Throughout each day, I make choices. Each choice adds to, or takes away from, the ones before. Therefore, whatever is happening right this moment, is the result of what I have been thinking and doing up until now. So it remains clear to me that to get the most from working this protocol, I must continue to make the right choices every day.

We all want to be rid of this and healthy again. To that end, I still believe that Recovery must continue to include further learning to understand the fundamentals on how the body works. This better prepares me to know what am I doing to improve and also what am I may not be doing.

That's it. Remain diligent. You will get well if you do! 'You all remain in my prayers!'

Strength and Love,

6:57:45 PM
Hello Everybody

I am now one week into my 14th month on the protocol. Wow, I cannot believe I am really this far along! Now, the worst is certainly behind me, and I become more certain each day that the end is well within my grasp and only a few months away.

I broke through what I would call a significant threshold with my right arm last week. The thicker and raised leathery blotches and bumps of skin that ran along the artery lines have changed. Not easy to explain, but the skin is no longer as thick and raised and not nearly as red. It is returning to a white more natural texture. I still see these changes in cycles, but it is very apparent from how this change is occurring, that there is now much less and much thinner biofilm that remains. I am also seeing many more of the tiny black hairs that are clustered in the remaining red raised patches of skin. For me, I believe these represent the secondary parasitic part of this that began with the initial bug bite.

I have tried a rather unconventional approach to these. And I am certainly not suggesting that you do this, but I feel the need to be honest with everyone about what I am doing topically. I have lathered these areas with the hairs with sulfur soap and carefully shaved them with a disposable razor. This may or may not be a wise approach. However, when done very carefully and only in small patches at one time, I have found that the skin does feel significantly better with the removal of these hairs. Occasional very tiny black spores will present in these areas after shaving. The skin then breathes better and feels much more like real skin.

I can now tolerate small portions of blueberries, cherries, grapefruit, and green apples with my regular meals. However, a small piece of birthday cake at work last week did bring forth a reddening of my good arm. This reddening subsided overnight. This does remind me that Morgellons is an OPPORTUNISTIC pathogen. By that I mean that IT WILL capitalize on any mistake you make with consuming sugar or unacceptable carbohydrates. I wouldnâ t risk eating these until you know you are well enough along the road to recovery to tolerate them.

I am continuing at a maintenance dose of 20 drops MMS. I also take an MMS bath every three days. No other changes to the things that I have shared that I have been doing.

Thatâ s it for now. Stay diligent and stay patient. I am real close, folks!

John Burgstiner

8:54:19 PM
Hi Pete,

Excellent point you made about the opportunistic nature of Morgellons. One of the life lessons I have endeavored to pass along to my children is the truth that for the most part, our quality of life is directly proportional to the quality of our daily choices. That truth becomes all the more critical when one is dealing with a compromised bioterrain.

I sincerely hope that one day Morgellons will be conclusively linked to one particular pathogen, but for the moment it seems prudent to think of Morgellons as a syndrome or set of conditions that compromises the integrity of body systems allowing the proliferation of a variety of opportunistic pathogens.

In my view, we must therefore be cautious in how and to what we attribute certain symptoms that are commonly associated with the disease. For example, your description of the arm rash you experienced after eating birthday cake is "right out of the playbook" of a typical candida overgrowth scenario and one that I have personally experienced.

Having witnessed the restoration process of Mel and many others who are traveling this path, I have noticed a familiar pattern: an unraveling of symptoms as organs and systems are restored and toxic burdens are removed. Some say that the last vestiges of this struggle involve eradicating biofilm and pockets of fungal overgrowth. That would certainly be consistent with what we have seen.

Anyway, congratulations on your continued progress and thanks again for sharing your journey and your knowledge with us.



7:12:28 PM
Hello everybody
I have had some interesting thoughts this last week that I wish to share.
I will begin with telling you that I had a tooth extracted after being told by my dentist that it was infected and had to be pulled. It was a #5 tooth, which is towards the front of my mouth. After speaking with John, I thought it best to do so. What happened next was pretty remarkable. The ongoing in and out reddening and pimpling on that side of may face became less and less as this healed. This convinced me that there was biofilm built up in my gums and root system that was fueling my face purging. The whole upper inside of my mouth feels somehow different, but better. So I know now that it was important to get that tooth out. If you have similar issues, may be something for you to think about.

I was drawn to look at my cell phone pictures that I had taken of my right forearm when I had all the serious open lesions early on with this. It was very alarming for me to see how severe these lesions were. Then I snapped a picture of the arm as it is today and compared them. I became emotional to see how far I have come with restoration of this arm. I have sent these pictures to a fellow warrior to share. They reminded me that I was pretty sick and saturated with this early on.

Then I asked my self just what does it take to reach the level of recovery that I have reached in 13 months, 2 weeks. Well, it took the kind of discipline that comes from being raised by a strict military father.

Things like only missing a nightly rotational treatment bath twice in over 300 nights. And only missing a dose of meds twice in over 400 days. Restricting sugar to 20 grams of sugar per week for over 30 weeks. Countless hours upon hours of time spent working out biofilm from my skin by using essential oils, Kleen Green, and citrus. Taking my MMS and going to bed at the same time in over 350 days. Eating specific vegetables and herbs for over 300 days without missing a day!! Cutting my hair super short and shaving my mustache, gotee, and eyebrows. Vacuuming, laundry, bathroom care, financial struggle, and isolation.

This is the bold truth of what is has taken to get me to the point of being almost completely cured of this. It has truly been the hardest thing that I have ever done in my 59 years of life!! But my efforts are now bringing forth the fruits of my labor. That is why we 'WORK' the protocol. This is the true definition of being a warrior. Stay the course and finish the job. Working this protocol is.... WORK!!

I remain symptom free on my chest, back, stomach, thighs and calves. I have 1 remaining nodule on my left ankle and 3 remaining nodules on my right ankle. These should be worked out in another month or two. The right arm is almost fully restored and my face is almost normal. There is no fungal junk in my hair. But I will still see an occasional spore which tells me I still have more work to do!

'BY GRACE,THOUGH FAITH'. Say this right now a couple times. It has a catchy rhythm and sound, correct. This is what I say out loud whenever I don't feel like doing the work. Try it and you will see that God will bring forth the strength to get the job done. You all remain in my daily prayers for a complete recovery.

Strength and Love,

7:32:20 AM
I am so happy for you that you are almost fully recovered. I am starting with the protocol as my order will be coming tomorrow. I so can't wait. Since the heat of this summer has been upon us, I haven't felt well and I feel like this couldn't have come at a better time. I feel like the one who God carries when there is only one set of foot prints in the sand. I am so grateful to Mel and to everyone for their messages and posting to let us who are just starting out know what to expect and encouragement.
It is interesting that you talk about your tooth as I went to my dentist just this week. I have a tooth needing a crown. My dentist says I am one meal away from it cracking. So I wonder, the whole left side of my face is covered with lesions. The right side is completely free of them. Could this be relevant to my tooth. It is also the side that I have swollen glands.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your journey. I look forward to sharing mine with new young warriors looking for answers as I get better!!!!!
Blessings and peace to all

5:16:37 PM
Hello Everyone

First I want to welcome you Linda to this community. You have found the one place where you will find everything you need to give you the best chance for beating this terrible affliction. I suggest that you read the thread titled â For the Newly Strickenâ when you have time. Mel suggested that I create this thread to help inform people about the many aspects of our disease. I am thankful to him that he planted this seed as it has helped many get started with their own journey back to health. You have chosen a path that will restore you to health if you commit and remain patient. There will be challenges, but by staying with this protocol you WILL get better!

As for your question about your tooth, there may be a connection between dental issues and bilofilm, so your teeth are important. You will have to talk with your dentist as I did.

As I complete my 14th month on the protocol this week, my progress continues to bring forth an amazing return to normal. I did see a return of the tiny black hairs clustered around 2 very odd looking pimples on my good arm. I have shaved the hairs and the pimples are going away. This is the first time I have seen anything that gave me cause for concern on my good arm in quite a while. I have said before that this beast is very resilient and is not going to go quietly!! This just tells me that I still have some work to do. Remember, I always see symptoms as a good thing because this stuff has to come out.

There is then only the remaining skin issues on the right forearm and ankles left to work through. With each day, I am seeing a noticeable decrease in the size and number of the red mosquito like bumps on my right forearm The hard nodules above both ankles are proving slow to massage out, but I am making progress with them. No other symptoms on my body. I feel better than I have felt in over 2 years.

There were two experiences this last week that may be Morgellons related that I should share to keep everyone further informed on what is happening physically with my recovery and my restoration. First, out of nowhere, I went through a two day bout with stomach cramping, like the kind one feels with an intestinal flu. This was accompanied by diarrhea during the first day. I have read that occasional loose stool is actually beneficial, so I was not too concerned about this as it corrected quickly. I did feel very tired during this, but not really sick. I believe this was restorative fatigue. I don't know for certain what caused the stomach issues but I was relieved that it only lasted for 2 days!

The thing that did cause some concern was being waked from a deep sleep with severe internal pain in the area of my prostate. This lasted for about 20 minutes. I believe a deeper pocket of biofilm was broken down during the night by MMS. Mel concurs. I have had no further pain there so I have no reason to believe otherwise. This also makes sense because I felt very tired the next day. This tells me I likely had some significant die off that took place.

Mel reminded me that I must remain very diligent in every way as I enter the last stage of ridding this completely from my body. I can tell you that it is easy to become passive and lazy when you are doing so much better, as I am. Thanks, brother!

Diet remains the same. I am enjoying small portions of oats in the morning again. I am tolerating pears, nectarines, and strawberries in moderation. I can now also enjoy yogurt and an occasional cooked sweet potato.

I am functioning at a very high level at work again. I know that I am heading for the finish line!! I should be home free in 3 to 4 months.

â Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.â Jeremiah 33:6


Strength and Love,

6:47:16 AM

Thank you, I feel incredibly blessed to have come here and have been welcomed so warmly.
I commend you for your hard work, and for sharing what you have done and come through to get well. I know that I would be floundering for many more years (almost 8 years with this) if I hadn't found Mel and this web site.
I read through for the Newly Stricken. Very interesting. I believe I started with some kind of bird mite and can relate to a lot of the same symptoms. I have spent countless hours with trying to keep up with oil and essential oils, etc. on the outside (like two-three hours every night for many years) never realizing that treating the whole is essential to getting well. I don't eat anything GMO and now am following the diet. It's a completely new lifestyle actually and feel somewhat better already.
I haven't started the MMS yet but am loving the supplements that were sent to us. My little one (9 years old) has this as well. She is being great so far with taking the supplements that are for her.
So thank you again and know that you are helping many others through sharing your posts and experiences. I'm so looking forward to being where you are!!!!!!
God bless you Peter

3:12:44 PM
Peter ,

Your last post hit a home run .

I have had the very same problems you have relayed to our forum . The last few weeks have been hard on me physically .

Your symptoms are almost identical to what I have been going through . Remember, that we have talked about this in the past . Its clear to me now, we are getting better , but the road is long and slow .

We will overcome this pathetic pathogen.

I will not give up .

God Bless you Peter .


9:11:48 AM
Hi Peter,

How good it is to be reading your posts again! I have not been on the forums for a while and realise how much I miss that. Over the last year or so I have often referred to your posts as a way of understanding where my healing is at. I'm not as disciplined as you, but my health and Charlie's is the best it's been over the last couple of years and we both continue to get better, although I'm nowhere near where you are.

It is interesting to hear you talk about the lesions as these are still a major issue for me. I'm also a big fan of essential oils and am wondering which ones you've found helpful for your skin. You also talk about massaging, I think that's what you meant, the biofilm out. How do you do that?

I hope you're going well and very much appreciate your time and effort in helping others to fight this fight. It's good to have people like you on here, who have so much to give.


7:40:41 PM
Hello Everyone, and Hey Teresa and Hey James

Great to hear from you both! Teresa, I just read and responded to your post in the â Hello Down Under â thread. And thank you for sharing that my posts continue to be of help to you. You will get to where I am before you know it. Remember, you are fighting this battle for â twoâ ! Remember to give yourself credit for the commitment and discipline you have put forth already.

Let me try to address your question about essential oils. My skin will cycle through different expressions. There are periods when it is dry and somewhat normal, and periods when it is red, glass like and inflamed. I will rotate between drying oils and exfoliate my skin when it is healthier, and moisturizing oils when it is inflamed.


Tea Tree oil is an astringent, which means it really helps clear the pores of toxins and debris like biofilm. It can create some stinging and is generally a drying oil. So I donâ t use it when the skin is red, inflamed and glass like. I find that Coconut oil is best for this part of the skin cycle. Rosemary oil is also a drying oil that I like but again, not when the skin is red and glass like.


Maringa Tree oil is also a wonderful nutritive and moisturizing oil that I use when I can afford it. I find that Lavender and Eucalyptus oils are somewhat neutral, but I use them also. If you struggle financially, as I often do, you can use these oils by bathing with DR. Bronnerâ s bar soaps. You will find these and other oils available in his bar soaps. I will often lather with two or three while taking a bath. Sulfur soap also is really good for overall skin health. Azure Sulfur bar soap can be found at most Wal Marts, if you have one there. Hope this answers your question.

I remain pretty much the same as I laid out in my last weekâ s post. There have not been any further issues with stomach or stool. No internal pains or difficulty. Lots more energy this last week with only one or two major fatigue days. My car has broken down, so I found a cheap used bicycle with a basket for grocery shopping. Thanks to Mel for suggesting this alternative! Riding the bike is allowing me to get more sun on arms and legs and some really beneficial aerobic exercise. No complaints about the car, just thanks that I can ride the bus to and from work with ease. God has brought this transportation challenge before me for some greater good. My faith commits me to knowing this.

As I have meditated on the qualities of humility and thankfulness in the past week, I've discovered just how strongly they are linked. We cannot exhibit one without also exhibiting the other. As we grow in one, we grow in the other and where we fail in one, we fail in the other.

I will be soon be posting some more useful information across several topics in the â For the Newly Stricken Threadâ Mel has suggested that a monthly post there is sufficient now. Thatâ s it for now. Stay committed, stay diligent, and keep faith that God will lead to the finish line. I can see my finish line not far ahead!!!

Strength and Love,
Nancy G

1:05:34 AM
Peter, just wanted to say that I recently thought if it comes down to it that I would sell my car so I can pay my phone bill and buy groceries and basics. Since I can't work, gotta do what I gotta do. This disease will break you for sure financially! Whatever I have to do to keep fighting this, I will and I will ride the bus around the city if needed. I would not have thought this way even a few months ago, but now realize I will do whatever it takes to fight! And that takes gratitude and humility to get to that point you are so right. Life is so valuable beyond a car or possessions. Besides, what a good way to get rid of the car that keeps re-infecting me with fibers. Oh gee I would not want someone else to get this... Just thought of that, but think I am even past that with all due respect to humanity. Anyway, just wanted to share. Also learned of a bus company called Mega Bus that could take me back home for really cheap should I need to go back for a visit. I have gone from living a very nice life style at one point to owning very little. Humbling and builds compassion!

6:53:32 PM
Hello everybody

Thanks, Nancy, for your recent post to me here. The Apostle Paul tells us in one of his epistles that everything we now have or ever have had is a "gift" from God. So I just say "thank you"and move forward.

As I close out 15 months on the protocol next week, I continue to enjoy daily living that remains stable and symptom free. My right fore arm, of course, still needs regular attention. Several small gelatinous (soft) lumps with a red center dot is what is present on the arm. I believe that these are actually mini lesions. Although it is taking time, I see them getting smaller and smaller.

The nodules that I speak about above my ankles can be best understood as very hard raised white lumps about the size of a small pencil eraser. They are rock hard. I continue to message them in my nightly bath until I feel them burn. Over time, they are getting smaller and smaller. I don't have an explanation for these. I can only share that they run up the back of the Achilles tendons on each leg. This should remind us all that Morgellons is a personally tailored affliction that expresses itself in different ways for different individuals.

People ask me all the time about contagion and I tell them that I have no answers. I believe that you should just use common sense and avoid close contact. Contagion no longer remains a source of high anxiety and concern for me. Morgellons is now documented on every populated continent on the planet, and the opportunity to quarantine this pathogen in it's infancy has passed. As a result, Morgellons is now going mainstream, and doing so with a vengeance. Remember, it is the doctors and the US medical establishment who are 'delusional', not us! Their apathy is more responsible for spreading this disease than we could ever be.

In my opinion, there are more important things that I think you should bear in mind. If you smoke, quit. If you drink or do any kind of recreational drugs, quit. If you are taking immune suppressing prescriptions, think about discussing with your doctor a way to get off them. Get lots of rest. Eat well. Then, there is the mental aspect. Make a daily effort to fight your own Morgellons induced negativity and actively pursue the power of positive thinking. Avoid the temptations of feeling pity and try to find a reason to laugh at least once a day! These are not cures, but for me they have slowly built the foundation for my own personal recovery.

I will close by telling you I am working with so many that tell me that there life is getting so much more back to normal from working this protocol. I give thanks every day for the chance to share with others what I have learned and what God has discerned to me this last year.

Don't ever forget the sense of desperation that you felt early on with this. Remember, that to help others get past this feeling is the greatest way you can show gratitude for your own returning health.

You all remain in my prayers for a complete cure. Stay in the fight, and remain in a constant conversation with God.

Strength and Love,

4:57:20 PM
Wow Peter! Great thoughts on the contagion factor! I think you really hit the nail on the head.

9:15:55 PM
Hello Everybody

I am now officially into my 16th month on the protocol. Let me update you on my progress.

It has been a genuine pleasure to report each week that I remain symptom free on most all of my body. However, I feel obligated to be totally honest here. So there is one change that I feel it is important to share. Nothing really alarming, but a definite new development. I have seen three very red and raised singular pimples that appeared this last week. One was on my left upper thigh, one on my left lower forearm, and the other was on my right inside upper arm. They are each identical and each very sore to the touch, but neither is purging any sort of foreign matter. They are just there?? They are not really typical of any past symptoms that I have experienced, so I will just have to wait and see what they do next. It is my belief they will probably subside within a day or two. I will let you know.

There is only one remaining nodule on my left ankle. The others here have all been worked out and in their place is a purple blotch which resembles a scar. There are only two remaining on my right ankle. Same purple blotches where they once were.

The right forearm has seen very noticeable improvement this last week and a half. It feels like I have broken through another threshold here. There are very few remaining black hairs and they are very tiny. I continue to carefully shave them with sulfur soap. Mini mosquito bite like lesions are now very small and there are less of them each week.

My scalp and hair are wonderful. On two separate nights, the only things I have seen are two or three occasional tiny black fibers and a couple tiny pieces of brown material. Every other night there has been nothing!!!

I have been yielding to ongoing fatigue, but I am convinced this is just my body asking for more time to fully restore. On most days I feel terrific! Work challenges are being met with no problem. Life is pretty much back on track. Diet and other habits remain the same. I know now that they will remain as permanent lifestyle changes that I will keep in place for the rest of my life.

Thats it. I look forward to the finish line in just a few more months, and I have no fear of getting sick again. Stay in the fight and remain diligent. You will get well if you do!1

Strength and Love,


12:22:36 AM
Hi Peter,

As always, it's so good to come to this site and read your posts. You certainly are a warrior!!

I particularly like your post of 8/24/2013. I think people do forget that the power is within them, to take control of their own lives. Staying positive is also so important and something I try to do. A while ago I took up running again. It makes me feel better about myself, better physically and gets the endorphins going. I'm also having fun, rediscovering some old music (Billy Idol, Beachboys0 to run to, which also makes me smile and feel good.

You describe, in the following post a different type of lesion that you're noticing. I also suffer a lot from these. I find that the lesion itself, is continuously evolving and looking different. My biggest problem, though, remains my digestive system. I know that I need to give more attention to my diet again, but, even so, it is pretty worrying to constantly have this problem.

Anyway, peace and strength to you brother.


4:43:50 PM
Hello everybody

A special shout out to my new "professional peer" Teresa, in the land down under. Congratulations on finishing your social work courses! And thanks for the complimentary words regarding the previous post. So good to hear that you and Charlie continue to move forward. Now it's all about remaining patient and letting time work this to completion. Best wishes to you in your new career.

There is so much I want to share with everyone about this disease that only becomes apparent as you move closer to the end. DO NOT believe any one who suggests that you cannot rid yourself of Morgellons. It is just not true! It just takes time. Stay in touch with your body. As I have said in the past, symptoms are almost always a good thing. What is really more important is to simply focus each time on just how much more quickly your symptoms reverse out and subside. Over time, you will come to understand that the disease will present itself again and again, over and over. That just happens to be the nature of getting well from it! Believe this. I know it to be true! So does Mel. So does John.

Here is further proof for you. The unique pimples that I mentioned in my last post have disappeared completely, just as I had suspected they would. Because these were not purging anything, I left them alone and let them reverse out naturally. This only took THREE DAYS! I continue to remain symptom free on my body except for the numerous tiny bumps on my right forearm and the few remaining nodules above both ankles. Every week I am genuinely feeling closer to being completely cured. I give thanks to the Lord daily as my faith in what was not yet seen is indeed now "being seen".

God has blessed me with a couple of truly kind and generous people in my life this last year that have been instrumental towards the success of my recovery. You know who you are. I just want to say thank you for the help you have provided. This is why I love to say that God is always on time!

I did have one rather unsettling occurrence this past week. Like many here, I am fighting this while remaining mostly independent and on a very limited income generated from part time work as a Social Worker. Anyway, we all have to buy new clothes from time to time, right? So, earlier this week, I bought some blue jeans from WalMart that were on sale. However, they were made in Central America, and I found this to be a problem. After the first wear, I realized that both of my legs were red and blotchy above the knees. An MMS bath later that evening together with a good nights sleep, and they were completely back to normal the next morning. I think the lesson here is this. Washing any new clothes that you buy before wearing them is probably a very good practice. I would also be careful about denim and 100% cotton clothing that is imported from Central American countries. Just my thoughts. Polyester has always worked well for me.

This was a particularly fierce full moon we just came through on the 19th. So remember to not be fearful if you had symptoms. My past experience tells me that they will soon pass and you will most likely feel much better in the next week.

You all remain in my daily prayers for a complete recovery. Remain steadfast and stay the course. Keep faith, and remain in a constant conversation with God. I believe in you!

Strength and Love,


7:42:41 PM
Hello Everybody


Wow, I am now entering my 17th month on Mel's protocol. God bless you Mel! Here are the continuing remarkable improvements to share in my overall health since I began. Outside of the minor skin issues and some restorative fatigue from Morgellons, I feel better than I ever have! My weight remains stable and in the proper range for my height. My blood pressure numbers continue to remain much lower and in a great range for a man about ready to turn 60. I have quit smoking, and I have no recollection of having had any serious bouts with colds, flu, or infection of any kind this past year. These are pretty uplifting changes for a guy that was overweight and aging rapidly. And I have done all this on my own and without the help of the medical profession. How?? Largely by letting my medicine be my food and my food be my medicine!

REFLECTION...... Believing in the protocol

Getting others on the proper level of belief and commitment to this protocol can be difficult, because it means accepting a huge change in your lifestyle. Change can be frightening. But without change, we become stagnant and less likely to think outside of the box. I may be "an older dog," but I can still learn new tricks, even if it takes me longer. At times when I felt like giving up, I realized I just needed to remember that we can obtain 100% internal cooperation by sticking with this protocol. I accepted completely that our beliefs shape and change our health and correct disease, so I worked to control my emotional network. I further accepted that if because of our beliefs, we are in a constant state of fear or anxiety, then our immune function becomes drastically compromised and less and less energy becomes available to support internal cooperation, or healing. This is why I walk in the spirit and this is part of my fundamental Faith in God. Love is most probably the strongest force in the universe, and the reason God requires it from us. So I replaced fear with love. In looking back, I have to highlight how important it has been to just "lose the fear" and believe in the protocol.

MEDICATION..just my thoughts

Please always remember that my thoughts here are meant only to share. Each of you must decide on your own what is proper and best for you. That having been said, I used to take prescription drugs for anxiety and medication for gastrointestinal problems. I no longer need or use prescription drugs of any kind. I now believe the synthetic process used to create many medications that are prescribed to be a solution actually causes a further and continuing problem. I just no longer believe in treating symptoms this way. I recently read about a Swiss M.D. who wrote "we are not called to extinguish the smoke but the fire itself." The fire itself is the underlying problem. The smoke is the resulting symptoms. It is not difficult to be convinced that this protocol is healing me from Morgellons, because IT IS!! My overall health now further convinces me that nutrition is fueling this in most every way! I no longer choose prescription meds to maintain health. However, please remember to ALWAYS discuss with your prescribing physician before stopping any medication.


So, apart from the credit given to God, I give the credit for my returning health to diet and the science of health through proper nutrition and clean living. I have posted in the past how clear it has become that maintaining proper Ph, minerals, enzymes, gut flora, and thyroid function can overcome 40 years of fast food and TV dinners. Thank you John B.!!
As for getting well from Morgellons, I am TRULY, REALLY doing wonderful!!. This last week I did again have some slight reddening and some slight blotching occur on my legs above the remaining nodules. I also had some reddening appear on my left forearm. Honestly, I was not concerned or alarmed. Why? Because I know that my body now has the vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to balance naturally occurring reactions to my disease like this. These symptoms did subside overnight. It is also important to understand that these were most likely a result of a ton of current work stress together with eating more blueberries and strawberries than I should! So, I simply see that it is important right now to cut back on the fruit and to reduce stress, and remind myself that I still have some work to do and more time is needed to complete this.

Believe, love yourself and others unconditionally, stay on the protocol, eat clean, and lose the fear. Do these things every day and you will, in time, be where I am. Beating this disease!!!!

Strength and Love'

9:18:19 AM
Hi Peter,
Thanks you, once again, for your ever-wise words. I truly live each day without fear and decided a couple of years ago, that I would not let fear of this disease rule my life and recovery. It does cloud or judgement and shapes our thoughts and actions.

You have always been so right about nutrition and it's good to keep getting that message from you - it reminds me to keep on track - thank you.

I am very interested in emailing you about the stomach and digestive issues that you were talking about. Will try to do that in the next day, as I've had a lot of problems and have been very sick with these. I know you are particularly busy right now, but hope you will have some time.

Keep well and please keep your wise words coming.

Strength and peace to you my warrior friend.

8:38:32 PM
Hello Everybody
Strength and Love
16 and half months along.


So many of us here are succeeding in recovering our lives! So many heroes here in this community, like what you have always wanted most, are healing! By grabbing onto your passion for providing hope to EVERYONE afflicted, we are figuring out together how to organize, and we are sharing. In the 16 months that I've been sick, I have seen much progress here from what you created. It is priceless, brother! I see a future here where we all will continue to bring forth even more answers… where we will all guide others through this experience with even greater success. You have changed the world and you have been our friend. You do the work here simply in service to others, and for our Lord. We all love you, brother.

To This forum...My Gratitude

In the end, it is all of YOU, which are helping ME, heal. You guys are really my support system. I have never ever really felt alone since I came here. You, and this place of healing and hope, continue to provide me the reason and the means to carry on with this fight. Please know that I have returned to a sense of being myself in so many ways because of you! I love you all.


I recently read this. Take it in, folks. It is for you. It was written by another stricken warrior and I want you to take these words to heart.
"If you have Morgellons, then I'm talking directly to you. You are courageous to carry such a heavy burden and are not alone on this road—even if it feels that way. I say this for myself as much as to you—forgive yourself for any mistakes made unwittingly while journeying with this illness, and give yourself a pat on the back for the hurdles you've managed to jump."

Wow, how I have taken those words to heart! I will NEVER set aside that becoming ill with Morgellons is devastating. How we face a situation in which there are more questions than answers. How the uncertainty about what we are dealing with and how to treat it scares us terribly. How we endure the lack of empathy from the current medical establishment. How there is not enough support from family members and friends. Unimaginable! Seeing others who will not acknowledge this disease as real unless an "authority" tells them so. Living with the difficulty of the ongoing nature of symptoms. Seeing optimism degrade and wane. Feeling the deep emotional pain and isolation. The withdrawal and the tendency to even die emotionally.

BUT WE DONT QUIT THE FIGHT and we never give up hope! And through faith we then discover that it is our own great inner strength that will make us well. If we are not all heroes, then what are we?


Remember, you will become more likely to stay the course when you have a meaningful reward that you can see, feel, and BELIEVE is unfolding. Keep faith. Pay attention to look for the small improvements. As you do this, you will SEE that you are getting better. Use this to keep you patient and keep you fighting. Just believe that you are returning to a level of health with a future where you will embrace each day and live your life without disease or disability." My God and my own personal experience affirm this for you. Know that God does indeed work all things for your greater good!

Stay in the fight, and remain in a constant conversation with God. I believe in you!
Nancy G

10:44:41 PM
Beautiful post Peter... the part where you describe Morgellons and what it is like living with it... this should be on a billboard or in some mass marketing campaign!! People without Morgellons have no clue what we are enduring and fighting!

Congratulations on your success Peter. And thanks for all your help in the early stages for me.

SIncerely, Nancy G

8:36:35 PM
Hi Peter,

Thank you for your post, it reminds me of a song that I heard today by Madisa. I hope it is ok if I put some of the lyrics on your "How Lucky Can You Get" postings. It reminds me of what you are saying to us and of your journey, as well.

"You're an overcomer
Stay in the fight ‘til the final round
You're not going under
‘Cause God is holding you right now
You might be down for a moment
Feeling like it's hopeless
That's when He reminds You
That you're an overcomer
You're an overcomer

Everybody's been down
Hit the bottom, hit the ground
Oh, you're not alone
Just take a breath, don't forget
Hang on to His promises
He wants You to know

The same Man, the Great I am
The one who overcame death
Is living inside of You
So just hold tight, fix your eyes
On the one who holds your life
There's nothing He can't do
He's telling You"

I really like her words and wanted to share.
You are amazing and I am so happy for you that you are almost there.


8:01:19 PM
I love that song Linda....I think that should be our new theme song! Its definitely inspiring :)

8:18:55 PM
Hello Everybody
Strength and Love

"Thank you to Nancy and Linda."

I begin month 18 on the protocol this week. Most remains the same, except for a few things to share. I have experienced a return to a runny nose. This is a good sign of continuing clearing of my sinuses. I have seen a return to periods of chills. The chills do not last. These are very good signals that a normal immune response is unfolding. I have seen a return of the body burning sensation. This is isolated to my face and my right forearm. This tells me the disease is surrendering. I have had little to no fatigue issues. I do now feel more occasional deep stings here and there. No major reddening, blotching, swelling, or pimping is taking place, except on the right forearm. This remains the real ongoing issue. This will just take more time. All is good. I get stronger each week.

From my journal….

Too often, with Morgellons, we can experience a heavy heart from being abandoned from someone dear to us. But this shouldn’t make us angry and shouldn’t make us feel alone. To accept difficulty from those we hold dear with grace and dignity can teach us that “we care.” Albeit difficult, others can actually complete us through that very acceptance.

I believe I now understand how a cancer survivor must feel. At work, I have lost residents to cancer. Seniors that I had grown to know and become close with. But there is also one or two that are in complete remission! They are the ones that remind the rest how to discover the real value in fighting through disease. “Life lessons” that hurt can teach us so much! Peace of mind replacing anger….love becoming the one true constant…faith bringing forth substance…. better realizing that we are all flawed and to learn how to nurture forgiveness, no matter what. Don’t yield to feelings of anger, despair, loneliness, regret, or contempt. These are seeds that can grow into weeds and choke the beauty that is here in this journey.

Now, more than ever, and because of fighting against all the overwhelming obstacles of Morgellons, I struggle to fully comprehend how anyone using this protocol and recovering could then just disappear from here. Many suggest that they just need to move on. Maybe they just need to feel like they never became “unhinged.” I don’t know.

Mel, John, Teresa, Nicole, Bill, Justin, just to name a few, demonstrate more of what I would expect. Continuing to be of service and staying involved here. Mel has always taught that getting others to where “you are” is the whole point of this. You are making a HUGE difference for countless people afflicted who come here and then discover real hope through your experiences and ongoing support. “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” *Colossians 1:27*

God’s beatitudes are not only a guide for how to treat others. They are also meant as a way for us to learn to love ourselves. You all remain in my prayers for a complete return to health. Stay the course. Be patient. All it takes is time.


8:26:12 PM
Hello Everybody
Strength and Love

Now 17 and 1 half months on the protocol, I remain “in the fight” and continue to work daily to get to the finish line and completely rid myself of this affliction.

I remain thrilled with the ongoing participation here from those of you that are getting well. Keep on sharing what you have learned with others and I know that God will bless you with a return to abundant health. Remember, this is only a disease. A disease that myself and so many others are beating. Don’t ever doubt that!

I want to remind everyone that Mel has a very difficult challenge before him regarding publishing the many posts that are submitted to him. This is a HUGE responsibility that he does not take lightly. To determine what is appropriate and “what is not” can become a daunting task. Remember, first and foremost, that Mel strives to maintain this web site as a source for healing and for focusing on getting well! We should not lose sight of what a difficult endeavor this can become for him. Then consider that he must remain mindful of issues like “brain fog” and we realize and better understand how the lines can blur between what posts are appropriate and what posts could be harmful. That being said, the challenge for him then becomes how to get the best information to the community and still “do no harm.” Let’s never lose sight of this.

This last full moon unfolded with a serious challenge for me. I saw reddening above both knees, and on the underside of my left arm. The return of these symptoms was a little discouraging, but I feel that I must be honest with you about them. As expected, they have since mostly disappeared and the skin in these areas is returning to normal. My right arm also became very red and blotchy again this last week. The numerous mini clusters of bumps I have posted about continue to be an ongoing issue. This is thought provoking because this forearm has become so relentless and has yet to completely restore. I also had some serious fatigue over the last week. These symptoms tell me that this was another particularly difficult lunar cycle and remind me that I still have a way to go.

You all remain in my prayers. Continue in Faith and in Fellowship and Christ will not disappoint!

Strength and Love,

6:07:38 PM
Hello Everybody and "HAPPY THANSGIVING"

I am finishing my 18th month on the protocol next week. Although I am not completely free of symptoms yet, I remain convinced that I am getting very close. I read something last week that I believe applies to me. Morgellons is not so much a “thing” as it is a “state”. And this “state” or condition is the result of many, many things. In my case, viral and bacterial overloads from my past together with many years of alcohol abuse are definite factors that are in play. Because of these factors, I will just require more time. So, aside from intermittent fatigue, I can say that I mostly feel in good overall health right now.


Here is a quick look back. Open oozing lesions that would not heal on both forearms are healed. Only the issues with the jelly like bumps on my right arm remain together with some purging of biofilm during the full moon. Crawling, biting, stinging, and itching sensations are seldom. Pimpling, blotching , blistering, scratch marks, and rashes on my thighs, calves, chest, shoulders, back, feet, and face no longer present. Enduring the constant purging of Candida, microfibers, plastic, and other "stuff" daily from these areas is no more. I am free from brain fog., Although muscle cramping continues, Joint pain is only occasional. Vertigo is gone. Anxiety is mostly gone. Difficulty Breathing is mostly gone as overall respiration improves. Chronic fatigue has been replaced with occasional fatigue. Digestion is greatly improved. Blood Pressure is normal. Chills are only occasional.

There you have it. All I have left is a bit more time. How can I not be convinced that this disease is curable?. How can YOU therefore not be equally convinced? If you follow the protocol, adhere to a strict diet, and remain patient and committed, you succeed. The only thing left in ruin in my life is my bank account. Not such a bad thing, no? What good is the money, if you don't have your health.

I will continue to post here until I can write for everyone to read that I am cured. With God's grace and through the manifestation of my faith I promise you I will make that post!! I plan to review some key concepts to remain mindful of in my next post. Always remember what God has declared. Faith is the "substance" of what is not yet realized. Faith becomes the key. Relationship with God through that faith brings forth the miracle. Never doubt that! Now my faith extends to you and becomes your faith.

"Slow and Steady" and "Sum of the Parts,"

Be Blessed!


8:55:11 PM
"Progress not Perfection" Thank you Peter for your early encouragement, I wish you and your family well this Thanksgiving Holiday. We have so much to be thankful for!

I am so grateful to have found this site and it's fellowship. Wishing you well!
Deborah B

1:00:03 AM

You were one of the first persons to post a word of encouragement to me over 15 months ago when I first arrived here. You were just a few months ahead of me in the protocol, but reading of your progress often kept me going. Reading your honest evaluation of your progress today, again gave me hope since I also have co-infections and health conditions that have slowed my progress. But I was reminded of how far I too have come.

While I doubt I'll finish exactly at the 18-month mark either, my finish time in this race should not discourage others. The fact that I am doing as well as I am with so much to overcome is nothing short of miraculous. Your recovery is too. How fast we run this race against Morgellons is not nearly as important as it seems sometimes. There are only a few things that really are important. . . running the race well, helping others along the way, and giving credit to Him who enables us to do both.

Thanks Peter, for the example you consistently set as you run your own unique race. I'll be one of the crowd cheering for you when you finally do cross the finish line!

God Bless,

Deborah B

8:29:31 PM
Hello folks

I have now officially completed 18 months on the protocol, so "I want this post to be especially meaningful and comprehensive for you. " Honestly, I want to tell everyone that this has become, far and above, the most rewarding accomplishment of my life. Reaching this goal has brought forth a special internal peace and calm. This feeling could only come from "the knowing" that the commitment and due diligence it took to get here is complete and the certainty of the cure is felt! Although I will need more time to be completely rid of this, the feeling I now have from reaching my long term treatment goal is truly overwhelming in the best way! You will better understand this when you get there yourself.


The reason that I can write to you with certainty that "this is curable" comes from my understanding of what this is. That understanding has mostly come from the knowledge gleamed from the words and writings of John B. Johns father spent a great deal of his time in his practice regulating and restoring hormonal balance in women. The motto of his practice was "If you maintain normal physiology, you prevent pathology and disease.".

Here is a sample of his words describing Morgellons back in 2009.

" In my opinion, what is at the root of what is going on with Morgellons is a situation in which peoples metabolisms have been fundamentally changed in a way that allows organisms that are not usually allowed in the human body to set up shop and flourish. They have become very good at survival and I believe this is one reason why they are so hard to overcome and destroy. We are exposed to toxicity from our environment, low level chemical exposure, GMO food exposure, and a diet that greatly promotes acidity in the body. Because of excess exposure to refined carbohydrates, most people also have a serious problem with yeast and fungal infection."
"Because our bioterrain has become so disturbed and corrupted, there now exists a spiraling effect where chronic toxicity is suppressing glandular and hormonal function." This chronic toxicity is what has set the stage and opened the door to Morgellons. To put it as simply as possible, it is affecting our ability to produce energy at the cellular level."
That's it. It is simply a situation where as you eliminate the toxicity and reduce the fungal and yeast overloads, you return the physiology to normal. As hormonal and adrenal suppression reverses, you become well. I am proof of this! This is why you need not have any more fear. Just continue to work the protocol and watch for your hormonal and adrenal suppression to also reverse.


Most all of the tiny black hair like fibers on the right forearm have been removed by carefully shaving them with sulfur soap lather. There is often a tiny black spore that will surface after shaving them. This is the tell tale sign that they are no more. It has been an ongoing task to carefully get them all out of the deeper layers of skin here. The hard nodules on my ankles are now softened , but there is now a run of smaller nodules and fungal cords moving out from them. This fueled some blotching and some small scratch marks(lateral lesions) around the ankles. There was also some reddening and blotching around both knee caps and above the knees. I believe this is a result of these nodules breaking apart and spreading up the legs. This does not concern me as I understand what is taking place. I am confident that my immune system is working well enough to reverse this out. My scalp is wonderful again. The rest of my body remains clear right now. Energy is improved. Everything is remaining mostly normal.

MY THOUGHTS....more things to share and consider from my journal

I accepted early on that I would have to be my own primary care physician and that I would, within the scope and sequence of the protocol, have to create my own treatment plan. So, I mapped one out that projected a course of action for future dates. This included introducing things on a timetable. This timetable then allowed me to meet set goals upon reaching the dates around these things. This became a great motivator to stay on track. Around 4 months, as a result of my big intestinal purge, I began additional probiotic support at lunch. After 6 months, with Mel's guidance, I began weekly MMS baths. At 9 months, I introduced a cycle of Colostrum for boosting immune support. At 11 months I began a small dose iodine supplement to improve restorative fatigue. At 18 months, I now take grapefruit seed extract. All of this within a plan, designed by me, with the notion that being patient and bringing things into play at the right time and in the right way was the key. This kept "Sum of the parts, and slow and steady" in place.


I continue to enjoy and tolerate strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, and green apples with my daily meals. I have introduced brown rice and amaranth flour bread with no problems because I can tolerate more carbohydrates now. I am now eating less fermented food. I believe smaller amounts are better. I am lightly cooking more vegetables like broccoli now. I still eat raw cucumbers, radishes, red onions, garlic and ginger regularly. I continue to drink Rooibus, Pau D'Arco, Peppermint, Ginger, and Dandelion Root teas. I continue to ingest Whey Protein Isolate once a day. I am never hungry and digestion is excellent.

"And I want you to know, my dear brothers and sisters, that everything that has happened to me here has helped to spread the Good News." (Philippians 1:12)

Stay in the fight! Keep faith. Make the bible your best friend. Rremain in a constant conversation with God. And pay it forward!!

Strength and Love,

7:43:43 PM
Peter, Your recent post brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.

First, let me congratulate you on your success. Success you have so diligently and persistently worked for. I know how painful this journey has been and that you were and are diligent in pursuing this disease and Peter you are overcoming. Again congregations.

Secondly, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share with me what you wrote in your journal so that I can succeed as well. We have talked on a weekly basis for nine months and I have followed your advise you so freely have given and continue to give me. Your knowledge is amazing and you always share in such a caring and compassionate manner. This has helped many times to keep me calm and to be able to continue with this journey. I know I am beating this disease.

Our Lord has blessed you and will continue to bless you because of the unselfishness knowledge you share with many. A crown of life. James 1:12

I know our Lord is in charge of all things and He will not bring me to anything I can not bear, with His help a way will be provided for us to be able to endure. 1 Corinthian 10:13 Peter you are that help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God Bless

6:10:26 PM

I just want to say "thank you" to Deborah and Roberta for your kind words here. To know that I have made a difference to you both lifts my spirit and brings me great joy! In the words of my mentor Mel, "it's been an honor." I love you both.

In His Love,
Bill M

7:02:20 PM
Hey Peter,

Congratulations! .....on your completion of 18 months.

Your words just jump off the page with the excitement that you are feeling as you edge that much closer to your goal of being completely healed.

Because of your continued research and the information that you have shared, I believe it makes it that much easier for all of us to face this disease head on, and to keep moving forward.

I know that is what you did for me with your guidance and mentoring and I cannot thank you enough. And even though I have been on the protocol a few months longer than you have I think you will just beat me to the finish line....but not by much my friend...because I am in your shadow..... :)

Thanks Peter and God bless.......
Bill M.

1:42:30 PM

I am so very proud of you!! You have proven such an inspiration to so many people. When we first started talking 9 months ago, I was in shock with what you were telling me. As time went on, you have gone from being my counselor to my big brother. Your inspiring and loving words have lifted my spirits and let me know this disease is curable.

Thank you, Peter, for giving so much of yourself into fighting this disease. One of my favorite quotes from you is, "God is always on time!" And He really is for all of us. Keep being our Warrior and staying in the fight!

So blessed,

6:48:44 PM

Hello Everybody

Sorry for not posting sooner, but I have been challenged on so many levels these past few weeks. The loss of yet another senior resident at work who was dear to me, the ongoing health crisis that my mother is facing, my blogging to the greater community in advocacy of this protocol, and the return of symptoms to both my lower legs have kept me from my thread. Anyway, here is an update for everyone.

I am certain that the return of symptoms to both legs was a result of a more final breaking down of the remaining hard nodules above each ankle located on the Achilles tendons. What I saw was two smaller and smoother bumps showed up beneath each nodule. There was also cord like strings branching out from these in several directions. Theses ripples then fueled redness, blotching, and pimpling with itching in a circle around each leg from the lower calf to the tops of my feet. Once again, knowing what was happening kept me from becoming fearful. However, I knew that this would take a few days to reverse out. It took 3 days. My legs have returned to normal except that now I have two smaller and smoother bumps that must now be massaged out. Interesting to note that so often I have seen that symptoms will be identical in location and scope on each leg and arm. Also, that bumps will run up and down acupuncture lines. Very odd, no?

The rest of my body remains symptom free with the exception of my right forearm. It still goes through a cycle every 5 to 7 days where the soft jelly like bumps will return and there will be a minor purge of biofilm and Candida. These will be followed by 5 to 7 days of pretty normal skin texture. Remember, I tightly wrapped this arm early on with this and I now know that I drove the biofilm deep into the tissue on this arm. Naturally, this is making it more difficult and taking more time to get it all out.

Energy is good. Mental function is good. Diet remains the same with the exception of adding more fruits and some alternative grain breads. Even a kind bar after my evening meal is tolerable. The idea is to find a good number of grams of non refined sugar that one can handle. For me, it is around 10 grams total per 24 hours or each day. I then just pick and choose the way I want to have those 10 grams. Some days it is coconut sugar on my oatmeal. Other days it might be 2 kind bars or a big bowl of strawberries or blueberries.

I continue to research the spirochete and co-infections that are at the core of MD. I still insist that it is vital to eat clean and get daily exercise together with avoiding all synthetic products of any kind on or in your body.

Life will continue to be about making good choices and furthering the acceptance of Christ as my guiding principle. I remain firm in the knowledge that MD is curable and confident that complete remission for me is attainable in the next few months. Meanwhile I URGE YOU TO STAY PATIENT AND COMMITTED.

Keep faith, deepen your relationship with God through reading scripture, and pay it forward when you are able. Slow and steady and the sum of the parts surely will bring you home. You all remain in my prayers for a complete return to health. May God bless you and bring you peace!

Strength and Love,
Deborah B

5:31:45 PM
Another awesome and uplifting post Peter, as always.

Thanks, Deborah

11:10:42 PM
Hello Everybody

“There is something precious about the things we learn from healing from disease.”

This week I will complete 20 months on the protocol. Today, as I write this, I am doing much better. A call to John B. has helped me sort out and move through the elevated stress I was experiencing. “Thank you, my friend.” I also want to say a special “thank you” to Mel. Here is why. About 4 months ago you suggested that I introduce additional vitamin B-12. You seemed to know that I would benefit from it at THAT POINT in my recovery. I followed your suggestion and you were right. This additional support has lead me to understand the role it can play to counter fatigue. I am now sharing this with others that are further along. Still learning from you, bro!

I wanted to start including a potpourri of learned insights that can only be understood as coming from the healing. I want to share some of those things here today. These are only my opinions and only meant as food for thought..

Remember, MD is not so much a "thing'" but more of a "state."


MD and the structure of Mel’s protocol will challenge us in ways that we are not always completely aware of, especially with our emotions. For example, last week I was with a friend who was helping me try to fix my car. We have teamed in car repair many times in the past and had good success. While underneath the car helping, I got some gasoline and oily dirt on my hands and some concrete dust on my forearms. This started to really stress me. But I stopped and thought about the 20 months of work I have done to restore proper physiology. I realized that I was imaging myself as “frail” and “sick.” But I am not as frail and I am not as sick. I am closer to 100 % again. It was right at that critical point that I broke through a threshold. “I am OK.” “I can be cold, miss a meal and meds, and come in contact with “stuff,” and still remain ok!” Look to recognize thresholds that you must break through.


For me, I have come to understand the idea of growth cycles with MD. Growth cycles that will repeat regularly. For me, they have always been every 5 to 7 days. Different aspects of discomfort and levels of symptoms seem to have played out on this regular timetable. Since every body is different, it may be helpful for you to develop the same notion as it applies to you. Understanding growth cycles will allow you to prepare for an increase in symptoms and view them as part of getting well instead of thinking you are getting sicker.


Remember that it is very good to rotate your anti-fungals. I find that teas can be used to introduce many good ones like Pau D’Arco and Red Rooibus. I don’t feel like I am mixing protocols when I drink teas. I just recently introduced Cats’ Claw and Uva Ursi. Cats’ Claw is suggested to be helpful with Lyme. I find that Uva Ursi is good for fluid balance and can help regulate proper stool. Drinking anti-fungal teas also allows you to hydrate. And we all like the idea of fewer capsules, right? Peppermint and Ginger teas can help with things like digestion.

I believe that Monolaurin is playing a significant role in the success of my recovery. I just happen to believe that there may be a viral aspect to MD that should be given proper consideration. I have shown to have the anti bodies for Hepatitis C, and this is why I really feel that Monolaurin has been important to me for over a year now.

Finally, I want to thank everyone for the prayers you extended for my mom together with the many uplifting and kind words that so many of you have sent my way. I am truly blessed to have so many that I have become so fond of. I love you all!!! Stay committed! Stay firm in knowing this is CURABLE! Identify your next threshold and break through it. You all remain in my prayers. I believe in you!!

Strength and Love,
Nancy G

12:02:13 PM
Peter, first of all, happy for you that you are doing so well! Your post reminded me of early on when I needed a new pair of jeans and I went to the store to buy them. At that time, I was petrified of clothing due to all the reading about GMO cotton. I was afraid to sift through the sizes and try them on. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Fast forward a year later and I have no problems going into a store and getting what I need and I even have worn my jeans two days in a row!!! ha ha...

7:37:41 PM
Hello everybody


I am happy to share that as I write this today, I am into my 9th day without any reddening or blotching on my right forearm. That’s a record number of days for me! Although I still have raised clusters and bumps of biofilm here, they are remaining calm and quiet. I do still see tiny dots of white purging from these areas, but the arm seems to be much more stable and calm

There has been an increase in morning muscle cramping above the ankles to the knees. These cramps can be really painful, but they do not last long. There has also been a return of muscle twitching in my lower legs. But apart from some remaining rippling beneath the skin in the area where the nodules were smoothed out, I remain symptom free on my legs.

My stomach, chest, shoulders and back also remain symptom free. Energy is good and I am feeling wonderful. Aside from a 3 day bout with the flu, there are no other changes to my health to share. Considering that most people are laid up for a week or two, I see this as further evidence that my immune system is working well again.


We all know how important it is to our recovery from MD to eat “clean.” Wouldn’t we rather have the organic food be the one that we can afford to choose? Thankfully, it looks like more and more attention is being placed towards making available and lowering the costs of organic food.

Organic foods that are being sold in mass market grocery stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, Kroger and Safeway are gaining momentum. This is great news for those of us on a strict budget. Hopefully, large discount natural food chains, along with small natural food chains or independent natural groceries and health food stores, may now also provide more for less. So, opting out of our conventional, chemically-intensive food production system and eating organic is becoming more available to us.

Why the high costs for organic food? The scrutiny that these foods undergo is enormous and expensive, driving up prices for those producing them on the farm. There are charges to organic farmer’s to prove that their crops are safe. That’s like getting fined to wear your seat belt. Yet there are incentives (called subsidies) paid to the farmers using genetically engineered seeds and saturating crops in insecticides and weed killers. So wrong!!

Stay committed and reamain patient. You all continue in my prayers for a complete recovery. I am thinking that I will soon be able to tell you that I am in complete remission.

"Remain in a constant conversation with God, and make the bible your best friend." The Lord will not dissapoint.

Strength and Love,
Mike M

1:29:48 AM
Peter I been praying for your recovery still and always.. this is beautiful to see ! I havent heard from you in a while so I have to say I was a bit worried and I knew you would buddy like i said your a damn super hero and karma will give.

God bless you all, Pete Mel and the community.
Keep the faith stay strong.

8:16:02 PM

I am still working through the tiny clusters of jelly like bumps on my right forearm. I believe these to be what are called "angiogenic cysts." Simply put, they are fortresses of biofilm where the remaining MD pathogen is hunkered down in sanctuary sites. I believe that they are a part of a Bartinella co-infection. Bartinella is one of only a few bacterial spirochetes that can actually create artificial blood capillaries. This is what fortifies these biofilm cysts. The really good news is that these cysts are no longer surrounded by the tiny, thick, black hair like fibers. But they do continue to cycle through times of occasional purging of a white filmy substance. I am also now into 2 weeks without any significant blotching on this arm. This is another very good sign as it equates to less of an inflammation response. Less of an inflammation response means the bumps get smaller and smaller with each cycle. Furthermore, I have only had 2 or 3 incidents of minor reddening here. So, still moving forward, just needing more time for immunity to completely reverse these away. I feel really good most of the time, with only occasional brief periods of fatigue. The only other thing to report is the return of several of these cysts to my scalp. I am calling these "Custer's Last Stand!" I am convinced that they too will naturally disappear given time. All else is good!
IN MY OPINION... sharing things with you that come from my research
I now understand that the herxheimer (healing) reaction is fueled by this "acute inflammatory response.” This is part of natural immunity. Inflammation begins the healing and is the means with which you get well. It will often raise human temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure, and bring forth symptoms. Your individual healing response will be ongoing. The time it takes to recover from each episode will depend on what you are infected with and how much internal toxicity you have. It will also depend on how loaded up your body is with biofilms and how long you have been infected.
At this point in my recovery, I am focusing on what I call "inflammation modulation." Pretty catchy term, no? It means that I want to regulate the amount of inflammation that is occurring. Therefore, I have added black cumin oil to my diet, only because it is helpful with modulating this “acute inflammatory response.” I believe this is what has kept the blotching from occurring.
I also believe that my red Blood cell count is up and that I am now producing more Glutathione. So, glutathione is also now helping modulate inflammation. .
For me, itching and sweating became signs that my natural immune system was no longer outnumbered and outflanked and that it was back in the fight. During my recovery, too much immune response activity did often result in excessive chills. When I became really chilled, I would rest and drink extra water. If you start getting chills after you have been on the protocol for some time, I would view this as a sign that your immune system is recovering. Another sign that your immune system is recovering is itching. I believe that a return of itching is caused by histamine released by damaged cells. The histamine release is an attempt by your body to increase detoxing through the skin. So, as your immune system recovers, chills and itching may return or increase.
I have been wondering lately about thinking big and how God wants us to ask for really big things in our lives. So I am asking God for really big things for me.... like the notion of traveling around the country visiting lunchrooms and gymnasiums to speak to adolescents about the importance of understanding environmental toxicity and how to avoid disease. Or , as my good friend Bill M. recently suggested, going on talk radio to educate and inform as to the real truth of Morgellons disease and how we can recover from it. So, for starters, I want to share with everyone that I have created my own blog. This is giving me the opportunity to write about things that I want others outside of our community to embrace. I have already had 2700 hits in the first month. The excitement I feel from this is incredible! We can all think big things and we can all ask God for big miracles! Keep posting and sharing your individual journey in the hope that you can help so many that are still tormented. Ask God for your own "big miracle." I testify to you today that he is the real architect of my healing and the genuine author of my faith.
You all remain in my prayers for a complete recovery. Know that "By grace, through faith, Christ will deliver this!"
Strength and Love,

10:31:03 AM
Hi Peter,

Well it's nice to see how far you have come since our first conversation. I remember when we first met as well as the day we went to Dr. Zamboni together.

Your chosen path of studying our disease will, now and in the future shed light for many people. Like most younger brothers you are still at times a pain in the butt, but I am very proud of what you have accomplished. Thanks for responding to the new people in my absence.

Continue to heal, continue to learn and continue to serve.

God bless,you never gave up HOPE!



7:53:22 PM

This is great news! A website and being closer than ever to a full recovery. Thank you for sharing your story, and being there for so many of us still struggling along the same path.

It looks like you are about one year ahead of me. I hope it is ok if I ask you a question or two? Since you mentioned Bartinella; do you think you have Lyme Disease as a co-infection? Do you think the white filmy substance you mentioned is from the biofilm?

Thank you for your wisdom and teaching. Many Blessings to you.

Bill M

8:58:23 PM
Hey Peter,

Great post!! Lots of good information and I think we all benefit from the research that you are doing. Many thanks.....

I feel at this point I am getting close to being symptom free, but what I have been concerned about was my experiencing more itching than I have had in the past few months, especially around the scalp. But, from what you have found in your research really makes sense, especially the increase in histamine and the body’s attempt to increase detoxing through the skin.
What I have also experienced is an increase in post nasal drip and alot of nasal drainage, lasting practically the entire day. This has been going on for the past two months, and I have to keep a box of Kleenex next to me, even in my car, and when I work out on my bike I have to constantly take kleenex (or a bunch of rolled up toilet paper) from my pocket to clear my nasal passage. But....the good news is, and as we discussed, you have been experiencing the same symptom and you feel that this in is the immune system getting stronger. My gut feeling tells me that you are correct because overall I am feeling much better, and if this is the “mopping up” stage, then I am a happy camper!

The Castile Soap is a must, and this really makes a difference. The brand that I use is Kirk’s Castile Soap. This can be found in Walmart, Kroger Stores, Cracker Barrel, and the Family Dollar – which I found that they have the least expensive price of $3.25 for 3 bars. You can also visit this website: to find out other stores that may have it in your local area. After an MMS or Kleen Green bath, I just rub it in and let it do its job on the scalp for 5 to10 minutes. Great stuff!

Hang tough fellow warriors.......and remember that you have to win the battles in order to win the war!

God Bless,
Bill M.

7:49:49 PM
Hello everybody

Well, I am now well into month 22 on the protocol and I continue to feel really good most of the time. The best way to describe how I feel comes from an interview with a young woman who has been fighting chronic Lyme disease for years. She says…

“I am out of that dark hole, but I am still on a very long leash. And if I am not careful and reach the end of that leash, I hit a wall and I am reminded that I am not completely there yet. But where I am now compared to where I was then is like night and day.” “It is a surrender of sort. Not a weak surrender, but a powerful one where you do learn to accept and grow in the knowledge that symptoms will resolve.”

I hit that wall this last week. The stress of losing my mom, the tears, the fear, and all of the other emotions put me there. Let this remind you that stress does indeed, as John B. tells us, wreak havoc on the body. Sometimes, however, stress is just plain unavoidable! It is part of the life experience….and so is disease.

And through that loss and through my disease, I have figured out the secret to it all. The secret is YOU! It is in how you react to it all. Life, at times, can be devastating. However, reacting with dignity, acceptance, and perseverance does conquer any trial or tribulation! YOU, control how you react to this horrible disease and how you navigate through the stress. By grace, through faith, you choose. It is all that really matters.

Hello Linda. Let me try to answer your question. I grew up in Massachusetts. As a young boy, I remember my father removing tics from me after playing in the woods all day. Then, in Clear Lake in 2000, I was again bitten by tics while hiking in the woods. I had no knowledge of Lyme disease before getting Morgellons in 2012. Now, I cannot help from thinking there may be a connection. Other tic born infections like Bartonella could be a possibility with me. Remember, MD is different for everyone, and I do not claim to know what it really is. I simply accept that it is a co infection and that it is curable given time and this protocol. I suggest you focus only on the cure!

These are difficult time for many of us across many different fronts. Everything about MD will present a difficult challenge. But the challenge is not insurmountable. I am proof. Stay in the fight. Stay committed. You can overcome anything with God.

Strength and Love,

8:27:52 PM
Hello everybody

April 1st marked the beginning of my 23rd month on the protocol. There are so many things that I want to share as I write this, but far too many for one post. But I will try, in the hope that my posts may continue to be useful to you. So here goes.

Energy is so good that I no longer need to take naps during the day, and I still have energy to spare after most work days. Pretty amazing considering that early on I could not be active for more than an hour without having to rest or lay down. I have come a very far way from then. I continue to sleep the whole night through and wake up feeling rested and looking forward to the day. The right arm does continue to cycle through symptoms, but I, in turn, continue to observe that I am getting closer and closer each week to completely reversing them out. So I am not discouraged by this. Scalp, legs, back, chest, trunk, and everything else is good.

It has been suggested to me that it might be necessary for a course of bactrim or other traditional antibiotic to fully eliminate this from my arm. Although I could right now, I still refuse to take pharmaceutical antibiotics. Why? Because I want to prove to myself and demonstrate to all of you that MD can be brought into remission through purely natural remedies and the miracle of this protocol. I got this far without them, right? I have also studied many protocols along my journey, yet I have yet to be swayed from this one. Again, why? Simply because all those studies allowed me to fully realize that this one provides the most adequate, comprehensive support of them all. Take the time to learn about what the meds include. You will be surprised.


I have had several days lately where there are absolutely no floaters in my vision and my nearsightedness appears less severe. My scalp has had nothing present that is at all unusual. I have not seen any spores or any noticeable debris in my tub after bathing. I am enjoying cheese, mangos, pears, berries, yogurt, and spelt bread in moderate portions with my meals. I have been anxiety free. It seems to me that these things are pretty representative of being normal again on so many levels, no?

This is what your efforts will bring forth if you refuse to quit and stay in the daily fight. You can get to where I am. It will be no different for you. The worst is behind me because I refused to quit. It just takes time! So stay committed, stay patient, stay disciplined, and give any fear you have over to God. He is the true architect of all healing. Have faith above all else!

Remember, you are only as far away from remission as you are close to it. Think about that! Use the bumps in the road to climb on, and let your tears form into rainbows. Love you guys! You all remain in my prayers for a complete recovery. May God bless you abundantly, as he has me, along the way.

Strength and Love,
Bill M

1:39:30 PM
Hey Pete
Congratulations on reaching another plateau, and thanks for your informative blog. I must say that your commitment to your diet and the protocol has really been an inspiration to me and I am sure others.

I had an idea what was in the meds but it has been some time since I looked at the labels. So I took your advice and really took the time to see all the ingredients in the meds and was pleasently surprised. No wonder I am feeling really good.... :)

A couple of weeks ago you suggested that I read the articles that are on John B's web site at Very informative reading and I would suggest to others that they take the time to read the Natural Health Articles. At the menu on top of the page, click on Articles & Alerts.

Thanks for all the time and effort you have put in to your blogs Pete, and thanks for being my friend.

God Bless brother.....
Bill M

7:12:15 PM
Hello Everybody


As I write this today, I can continue to tell you that I am still doing so very well on so many fronts. Always remember that the real secret to my getting well was having patience and giving the protocol time. Now, after almost a full 23 months, I am enjoying the energy, mental clarity, and emotional stability that a fully functioning immune system brings forth each day. Although I am still dealing with continuing symptoms on my right arm, I never let this frustrate me or cause me to lose faith that it will completely restore. I simply choose each day to stay focused on how well I am doing and give thanks for how far I have come. This last full moon was difficult for many of you, including myself. Try to remember to not be alarmed by increased symptoms during the lunar cycles and to learn how to roll with them. Understand that this is just the nature of Morgellons and leave it at that.


There are three areas of regular therapy that must be in place.

1. The Burgstiner Wellness Protocol to provide the Internal medications which introduce the antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-virals, anti-parasitics, probiotics, enzymes, herbal medications, detoxification enhancers, immune boosters, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormonal balance, and stress mitigation. Take your meds every day as Mel has laid them out for you and adjust your diet to include no refined carbohydrates or sugar. Replace coffee with specific herbal teas.

2. Topical treatments to include coconut, tea tree, and lavender oils together with enzymes like Kleen Green. Regular bathing to include MMS baths after 6 months is also important.

3. Environmental cleansing to include special approaches towards doing laundry and household cleaning. For laundry, I found that Odoban (from Home Depot,) borax, enzymes, (Natural Genesis) and Arm and Hammer detergent mixed together does the job. For bathroom and kitchen cleaning, Odoban and Enzymes together does the job. Early on, vacuuming to remove the spores, is also very important. Remember, as Mel tells us, that as you get better so does your environment.

These three major categories must be in place for a prolonged time period in order for there to be a good remission from this disease. The hard part is to find the time, energy, and money it takes. Ask God to provide these. He did for me!


In my opinion, there are three stages of infection and then improvement that must take place to heal from Morgellons. Mel simply describes this as getting sicker to get well. Right you are, Captain!

The first and the WORST stage are after initial infection. This can be anywhere from 4 to 12 months of black specks together with various fibers, fungal hairs, and other “junk” appearing constantly on the skin.
The second stage can be anywhere within 6 to 12 months, where sporadic black and white fibers, postules and bumps appear and persist. Fatigue will often increase during this phase. Make sure you give in to it and rest!
The third stage arrives anywhere from 18 to 24 months, where no more black or colored fibers appear, and energy and mental focus return. However, new infection on the skin from the environment can happen if there is a mold or mildew present in your environment.

Remember, it is possible to reach the third stage sooner or later, depending on the nature and degree of your co-infection, so be flexible in your expectations. Again, the key is to be patient and stay committed as you experience these phases. Don’t become discouraged and quit the protocol or go to another one. It just takes time to get there. Believe it because we know that if Mel, Ellen, Kathy, myself, and countless can get there, so can you!

Today is the day that the Lord has made! Keep faith that the day he will make tomorrow will be for you to be healed. If you do this each day, eventually you will awake to it. You all remain in my prayers that today is that day! Stay in the fight and you win the trophy.

Strength and Love,

8:49:12 PM

Awesome man of God! Thank you for your update and also tips of reminders which are new to me. I'm still reading, reading, and learning ('s so much!) I've listened to most of the conferences as that's been easier and very informative as well. It hasn't been easy, I'm trying to be so very positive as you all are so very loving and encouraging. You all have uplifted me with words of encouragement but it's just feel lost!

Many continued blessing to you!


7:06:27 PM

Hello folks…..Wishing everyone hope for complete recovery.


In a recent post I presented some concepts gleaned from reading some of Marc Neumann’s writings and I was remiss in not properly crediting him with quotes. This was brought to my attention, so I thought it best to revisit this and clarify his contributions and my good intentions.

My post should have been written as follows....

My research within my struggle to overcome Morgellons over the past 2 years lead me to the significant contributions put forth by Marc Nuemann on his web site.

He states that "many people may carry the fibers which may live unnoticed, at first, on the body, and that only when certain factors are in place do Morgellons symptoms become noticeable." He further states that "the parasites do seem to adjust to individual body chemistry which the respective host puts at the disposal of the organism". He then concludes and states that "If a person is generally healthy and strong, then possibly not much happens."

I brought forth his statements because I so very much agree with them and because I respect his opinion and the body of his work. However, as is the case here, “paraphrasing” of certain concepts, information, and specific conclusions of others that I put forth in my posts must include the author. I must remain mindful of the responsible consideration to provide the source of the research that I bring forth. This represents integrity. Otherwise, I offend the talented and dedicated individuals who are doing the body of the work.

The structure of my research and my posts mostly involve finding the significant work of others. I will often bring forth other's contributions with regard to how they may benefit someone sick with Morgellons. Although I am very enthusiastic about discovery, I am still learning the manner in which to best accomplish this.

I have come to realize that I have not shown due diligence towards observing copyright protections put in place to secure authors rights to ownership of their research. I will do better as I intend to continue seeking and bringing forth information that may prove helpful in our understanding of Morgellons and our challenge to overcome it - along with other topics of interest - with the hope of making a positive impact in the lives of others.


I continue to enjoy each day. Digestion is good. Energy is good. Outside of the right forearm, skin is good. I am finding the introduction of two specific herbal tinctures, that have shown to be effective with Lyme, appear very promising here. I will update you when I know more. Remember, however, I did little outside of Mel’s protocol for 18 months. You must not mix protocols until you allow your physiology to return to balance. You must remain patient. You must learn to roll with cycle after cycle of returning symptoms. Then you must accept that, with time, you CAN get well.

Let your research take you into the field of nutrition. Read the articles on the Logos web site. Cultivate discipline and diligence. Ask Mel what you can do to contribute to the furtherance of the fundraising capacity of the foundation. Post your progress. Share information. Keep a journal to revisit. These things can become so very therapeutic. They continue to be a mainstay in why I am doing so well. Do them, and continue in a belief that "complete remission" from Morgellons is within reach for everyone. That means you. And it means me. It won’t be long now before I will be making the most significant post of my life in just this regard.

Strength and Love,

8:02:35 PM
Thank you Peter I love your posts. I have also noticed that I am becoming less self reliant and more God reliant. I believe the Lord let this happen to us believers for a reason and will look into giving and helping more to the He cures all Foundation. For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory; 2 Cor 4:17 This does not seem light but when we are in heaven we will understand.

10:45:38 PM
Hello Folks

First, I would like to say “thank you” to those of you that continue to post and share here. I always feel pride when I see others describe their experiences as they dedicate themselves to the difficult challenge of curing Morgellons. You may never know the good you do for others who desperately seek to become more hopeful. Your posts continue to affirm a web site which combines reliable information with a treatment approach that brings forth amazing results. Your will and your action are bringing about knowledge and health. Keep it up!

I would like to further assure you that, “in my opinion,” anyone who might suggest or imply that Morgellons is not reversible has just plain got it wrong. More importantly, I have come to understand that Morgellons is as much a spiritual disease as it is a physical one. Something else, separate from our bioterrain is broken, and must also be mended. We must repair a neglected spirit. It may be a failed relationship. It may be financial despair or career disappointment. It may be drug or alcohol abuse. Or simply daily stress. Whatever it may be, something has become emotionally toxic. Healing from this co-infection involves more than just medical science. It must include restructuring how you view yourself and your relationship to your world.

I like to describe getting well from Morgellons as like a box puzzle with maybe 100 pieces that you would lay out on your kitchen table to put together. To heal, you must find and then fit together the right pieces just where they belong. This is “the sum of the parts.” The more pieces you discover and fit together, the clearer the picture becomes. By working the puzzle, and with time, it gets easier to recognize the pieces. Then, the picture becomes a fuller landscape with each piece you add. And the more you work the puzzle the more you realize remission. But what you must understand is that Morgellons only gives you one piece at a time. So you must be patient and not give up.

For me, the puzzle is almost complete. It’s a picture of the Logos Nutritionals artwork that borders a garden brimming with fresh foods. There is a church with a cross in the forefront. Mel is also taking children on a miniature train ride around the garden. The picture is a representation of the significant elements of my journey. It is the sum of the parts. Now I can look at it and feel joy in place of fear and despair. And so can you if you stay determined to complete your puzzle. This is my truth for you this week.


The two herbal tinctures that I am taking are considered to be bio-film busters. After three weeks, they are clearly reducing the size of the cystic clusters on my right forearm. They are also fueling an ongoing low level Herxheimer reaction that is posing some fatigue and inflammation. This is why I have not been as active here lately. This poses some challenges but it has to be done. The results are clearly noticeable and enough for me to get excited. This is the last hurtle. No worries.

Stay determined and remain in a constant conversation with God. If you fully embrace and allow him, he will heal your spirit and further define and deliver a greater purpose in your life. You all remain in my prayers for a complete recovery!

By grace, through faith, comes the gift.

4:00:56 PM
Hello Everybody

First, let me assure everyone that I am doing fine. I am just behind on many fronts right now. However, I want to make a quick post to get you caught up. I have had some challenges these past few weeks, due to the addition of the two herbal tinctures that I am taking to treat for Lyme.

I am experiencing times of low level fatigue together with some aggravated symptoms arising around my ankles and elbows. This was expected. It tells me that as I am pulling this out of the cysts on my arm, it pops up briefly somewhere else. I don’t see many of the little black hair like fibers on my arm. However, there is still serious muscle cramping from time to time. All of this represents deeper reduction of these cysts and must take place for me to cross the finish line.

Those cystic bumps on my right forearm also continue to cycle in and out of inflammation. In other words, they will increase and then decrease in size and redness. However, the length of time between cycles continues to get shorter and shorter. The purging is also greatly reduced. This lack of purging is the most enjoyable thing for me right now. As energy is now becoming steadier again, I remain convinced that, as these cysts get smaller and smaller, I am closer than ever to reaching complete remission.

That’s about it for right now. Remember the basics. Stay committed and stay patient. Remain in a constant conversation with God, and keep faith. You will get well! Believe it.

Strength and Love,

5:52:21 AM
Hi Peter,
I've been thinking of you and praying that you find yourself completely healed...sooner rather than later. Your patience and fortitude with this whole process brings tears to my eyes. Yes it takes time, patience to remain hopeful and the belief that this is temporary. I try to picture myself healed, smiling, face to the sun, no sores on my face.I know that I am in His arms,as you are,being comforted. You have been on this journey a long long time, longer than anyone else I know of. I believe I have had this a long time and it seems that I may even break your record. I have some issues that are different from most people and pray that Mel and John B will come up with new things to try. Thank you for reminding me to be patient and not give up! If you can do can I!
Sending healing Blessings,


5:30:08 PM
Karin is right, you have been so diligent with fighting this for a LONG time! And you've always been soooo positive! I always picture you handing me some positivity whenever I'm having an off day or feeling so down about myself and "woe" me. I feel like I do a lot of crying compared to you, you're so strong!
And also, I know I've told you this before, but with your wealth of information and knowledge, you've helped me with planning my daily routine as well. Right from the start you've taught me about food and how important raw foods are, the importance of taking supplements on time and never missing a dose, rotating teas as well as rotating spices and oils, and getting plenty of rest (as in trying to go to sleep and wake up at the same times every night/morning).
I wouldn't be so disciplined or hopeful if it weren't for you. Your posts have taught me so much, making me BELIEVE in so many things that I never would have thought of when I first caught this.
Even though I'm new (only just about to embark on my fifth month), I'm yet another warrior that's here to cheer you on and give you support, as you do for me and so many others! You're a beautiful soul, and for that I thank you.

9:18:58 PM
Hello Everyone

I am now well into my 25th month on the protocol and I am doing really well again. Although there have been increased stressors both at work and in my personal affairs, I find that I am able to remain emotionally calm and mostly free from anxiety. This really amazes me! As I expected, the fatigue issues and the return of symptoms spurred by the Lyme tinctures I am taking have mostly passed. For lack of a better term, I looked at this as “treatment induced anemia.” However, I know die off is certainly a factor. So, energy is good again because I am not in that constant low level herxheimer reaction that I was in for the first month upon introducing them. The main thing is the tumor like cysts on my right forearm continue to reduce out more each day, so I remain convinced they are doing what they are intended to do.. It is definitely noticeable, but just slow going.

My scalp remains healthy. My face is clear. Digestion is good. I am sleeping the whole night through. There is still regular muscle cramping in the morning, but only occasional joint pain. Mental focus and clarity is better than ever. A pretty good report card, no? The biggest hurtle in my recovery still remains to be the financial burden. However, God continues to provide what is needed.

I am seeing more and more testimony from others in this forum that offer proof of moving forward and reaching remission. These continue to serve and affirm that the science is sound and that this protocol heals. There is no doubt! Follow it, and you get better. Simple as that.

I will be working on gathering the really good parts of my past posts to bring forth in a single future post. I got the idea from Mr. CS. It is my hope that to re-visit these may be useful to people on many different levels. I think this may remind us all of important issues across all stages of recovery.

Lastly, this week I want to again thank Mel, the He Cures All Foundation, and John B. The dedication that I now hold to this community was first demonstrated to me through their example. They remind us all that the hope for fulfillment of God’s promise is made real when we walk in the spirit and “take care of one another”. Nobody does it better!

Strength and Love,

3:15:33 PM
Hip Hip Hooray! I am so happy for you!

11:43:50 AM
Hi Peter,

It's great to hear how well you are going - very uplifting and inspiring and well deserved. You are so committed and a wealth of information for all of us - thank you.

I think it's a great idea to put together some key bits of information from your previous posts, into one post, once again, thanks. I'm also really interested in the Lyme tinctures as biofilm is a major problem for me too. I will be getting some myself soon.

You are such a steadfast warrior Peter who helps so many through your contributions, including me. I'll include you in my prayers tonight. Keep well.

Deborah B.

4:38:09 PM
This is awesome news Peter!

So uplifting to hear that you are feeling much better and that the herxing is on the decline. You have done an amazing job of fighting this disease in your own life and sharing your successes with others along the way.

I'm not sure what our community would look like without you. While we would still be here and God would still be using this website and blessing us with folks like Mel and John, without you there would be a noticeable gap. In unique ways you have encouraged and influenced the journey of so many. I am grateful to God for leading you to us!

Prayers for your continued improvement and for blessings in every area of your life,

Much Love,

Deb & Carrie

7:50:20 PM
Hello everybody

Thank you Deborah. You make me feel happy!

And a very special “thank you” to Deborah B., and Teresa. I so appreciate and admire you both. We share a history together and now we treasure our shared victory over Morgellons. Where would we be without this protocol? Mel’s miracle has become such a gift to us. And there are many others. This is only the beginning. We know that more behind us will now choose to accept the gift and heal. How wonderful is that? To know that people will experience noticeable improvement through the protocol gives our struggle meaning and makes it worthwhile. Be uplifted in that knowing. We know the truth about how it restores. We share in that truth because we are that truth. I love you both!

I have been posting here now for over two years. Why? There are two reasons. The first is spiritual and goes to the core of my faith. I made a vow to God that I would pay my healing forward. The second is factual and very real. This protocol is the best, current treatment model that exists. Results bear this out. It works. I just want people to realize that it is the answer that they so desperately seek. It is the answer to the disease.

Accept that we are delivered by this protocol through patience, dedication, and the investment of time. The full value is only realized over time. So ask yourself, does anything in life really worth achieving come quickly?

I look at nature and I see cycles where life is constantly moving through summer, winter, spring and fall. Each is part of a greater cycle of renewal. I look at my Morgellons and I see the same thing. Cycles that end in that same renewal. Keep your eyes open for this. You are cycling towards renewal.

I am doing really well. This was a really difficult full moon. If you had aggravated symptoms, don’t be alarmed. I felt it too. I still have issues with my right arm, but it is no longer purging yeast. The cysts are smaller, but more numerous. I still need a liitle more time. I am social again with neighbors and friends. I have been to the Golf course to enjoy practicing again. I am more active in my work where people tell me I look like myself again. Renewal indeed!

I love you guys. Stay patient. Keep faith. As a matter of fact, Hebrews 11 is a powerful expository on what faith has done. I consider it a must read. You are all in my prayers.

Strength and Love,

7:49:20 PM
Hello Everybody

I wanted to give you a quick update. Now some 27 months on the protocol, I am still doing well. My mind set still includes acknowledging that every day brings me closer to the reality of reaching “complete remission.” Strangely, this is in the midst of seeing a return of inflammation and blotching to my left forearm and above my right knee. Let me explain.

I very well may have had co-infection for a very long time, and I am convinced that these symptoms are a result of a deeper detox that is occurring. Although I am disappointed that they did not reverse over night, I am convinced that they do not represent a setback. As I write this, after 5 days, they are almost completely reversed out. They did not affect my sleep or appetite. Digestion is good. There is no biting or stinging. There is only a deeper kind of itching that feels like healing.

I continue to eat clean. I pay attention to rest. I take every step to manage the stressors of work and daily living. I am not at all worried. I will update everyone in my next post. Be well! For now, I will be focusing on getting rest.

Strength and Love,

10:25:51 PM
Hello everybody

First, a “thank you” to Mel for hosting the conference call Sunday. It was another good one. You can listen to it in the conference call archive here if you were not able to attend.

Ellen described many significant aspects of her journey. Twiggy described her experiences with the new soap. John presented a fascinating description of thyroid function and his views on how to best restore thyroid dysfunction. This is a “must listen.” And there were some excellent questions with answers.

After thinking about the comments during the call, I kept having one prevailing thought. There is one thing that Mel, Ellen, I, and others getting well understand completely. Here it is. Your body is a temple and “there is no more important object of attention to which you must flow appreciation than that of purifying this temple.”

We look for each day to bring forth new beginnings. We accept that disease is displaced where there is an appreciation for health. This is the real key to getting inside the way that we experienced, endured, and healed Morgellons. And with diet we all did the following.


Employers use this term to identify certain behaviors that will be cause for immediate termination. Steal from your employer or test positive for drug use and you are gone. They have zero tolerance for this. From teaching, I can tell you that public schools are no different. They will immediately expel a student for bringing a knife to school. Again, they have zero tolerance for this. Morgellons is no different. The disease has certain behaviors for which it has zero tolerance. Diet or what we eat is the biggest of them. Eat the wrong foods and you will likely remain sick. Accept that you have zero tolerance for them, avoid them completely, and you get well. Understand that if you cheat, there will be a price to pay. That price is usually aggravated symptoms.

Until you have several months on the protocol and you are noticeably better, avoid all sugar, period. The disease has zero tolerance here. Stevia is your new sugar. This also means there is no fruit except for lemons and limes. There are other foods which you would be wise to choose to completely avoid. No dairy. Dairy equates to mucous and acidity. This means no cheese. Coconut or almond milk is your new dairy. No wheat. You want to avoid Gluten. No corn and soy. These crops are mostly modified. Brown rice and Quinoa are your new carbohydrates. No corn, canola or safflower oils in cooking. Olive oil and coconut oil are your new cooking oils. And no other modified foods. TV dinners are out! Dedicate to accepting that you now have zero tolerance to eating certain food.

Follow Mel’s one profound thought. “Keep hope alive.” He told me early on that great beginnings don’t guarantee great endings. He told me about people who had great beginnings in their recovery, only to lose their belief that they could get well. He said they became careless or impatient, and lost the battle in their heart. He taught me that if you lose hope and begin to coast, it does not end well. Don’t lose the war inside your heart.”

“Don’t become spiritually lazy. Press on in prayer. Press on in faith. Press on in remaining here.


Don’t be duped. Claims by some on line predators that Morgellons can be only coming from Mars spores, self-assembling plastic fabrics, robots and nano-technology, are simply absurd! Based on farfetched theories, these notions are disgusting and, in my opinion, grossly irresponsible. Learn to have zero tolerance for this too. and refuse to visit alternative theory websites. Marc Neuman said it best when he wrote.

“These theories are from not seriously thinking or responsible acting people. Rather they are people who are not really helping others, but only supporting their own egocentric and ambitious goals to get more reputation and fame, and mainly having dedicated efforts to make big money out of all!”

Strength and Love
Bill M

12:36:37 PM
Hey Peter....great post. I especially liked the part where you wrote about "Zero Tolerance". That is right on when it comes to the diet.

Right now I consider myself to be symptom free, and that is because for the time that I was ill I incorporated Zero Tolerance in my approach to defeating this disease. So the key was to have a strict diet and to stay with the protocol.

Patience, courage, discipline, and prayer....... key ingredients for healing.

Bill M.

7:42:49 PM
Hello all

Thanks to everyone that is posting and sharing here. You continue to give information and to forge relationships that demonstrate how we can feel mutual support and a sense of acceptance. I applaud and commend you again for doing this. Your posts do inspire others to accept this protocol as the proven way back from this debilitating disease.” Don’t seek the healing, seek the healer inside.” And don’t give the medical system the power and authority to tell you what to do to be healthy. Your own informed choices are what tell you what to do to live a vital life. You have my hope for the blessing of complete healing.

I am now at 28 months on the protocol. However, there is nothing that you should consider unusual about this taking longer for me. The real net gains remain. Energy is good. Digestion is good. Mental focus and clarity is better than ever. I sleep the whole night through. The time for me has been longer due to several pre existing factors. I am 60 years old. For most of those years my diet was filled with refined carbohydrates and modified foods together with many years of alcohol abuse. My medical history includes additional viral and bacterial infection that is more extensive that most. I have been dealing with other co infections for a very long time. So don’t be discouraged by this. I feel really good. I just want you to realize why it is taking me longer.

During the last three weeks I did experience an increase in cycles of inflammation. I also saw small patches of reddening, blotching and leathery skin around my angles, knees, elbows and wrists. There was also a mental funk that I am not accustomed too has come and gone. The nature of these symptoms is hard to explain. I know it is NOT a relapse. It doesn’t feel like that. It’s different. It feels like deeper healing because each expression leaves me feeling better on the other side. So I simply continue to accept them as part of the end stage of my detox.


“What if the lunar cycle is not a reproductive boost, but an immune response triggered by regular daily and monthly hormonal cycles?” What if symptoms are aggravated during the full moon not because the pathogen is multiplying, but because hormone levels have fluctuated? Hormonal cycles do change on regular intervals. Menstruation is a good example. This makes sense to me, and is a far more optimistic view to take, no? See symptoms as an inflammatory response. This will eliminate fear and allow you to see that you are still moving forward.

“What if you fail to consider the law of unintended consequences?” There is always the possibility that something you do may bring forth unintended consequences. For example, antibiotics kill bacterial infection, but as an unintended consequence, also create an imbalance in friendly bacteria. It is wise to pay attention to this rule in all matters. Especially in the foods you eat and the products you use. Good intentions can have unintended consequences.


Walking in service, as God commissions us to do, does have rewards. Here is an example. I have developed a relationship with my health and vitamin store manager by being of service to him. A simple sharing of information during an uplifting conversation given with love has brought forth a special friendship that is Christ centered. Out of love, he now gives freely to me whenever he can meet a need. You might say this is the flip side of unintended consequences. I am blessed through my relationship with him because it was unexpected. God only asks us to spread the gospel. Provide your testimony to others and the blessings arrive. It is God’s promise to us all.


Finally, the following was written by a Morgellons sufferer who is now almost completely healed:

“Morgellons for me is like that impossible teacher I had in my youth. The one that frustrated me, and demanded too much at every turn. The one that was contrary and mean and who pushed too hard. But it has also left me savoring hard won battles and set me straight on how to live more in balance. Therefore, I try not to rail against the unfairness of the experience, but to look at how much I learned and the ways in which it has stretched me as a human being. Yes, it has been a miserable teacher, but by its hand I have been transformed into a wonderful student.”

Strength and Love,
Deborah W.

12:23:55 PM
I have been making great progress and about 95% healed. Full moons barely bother me anymore. Just inquiring if anyone has experienced a sore right neck towards end of healing? I have surmized that healing starts at the feet and ends at the head so I guess that would make sense, have a few tiny bumps on chest barely any itching. Prayers to all. I have also found that just Borax and 1/2 cup ammonia and soaked for 1/2 hour is just enough for laundry towards end of healing. I also have a plug in with essential oils for car-used lemon, clove, eucalyptus and red Thyme on pad, plug it in and heats up. The M's do not like the smell and it cleans the air of mold, bacteria and virus's. (This combined with spraying down car with Kleen green has work fantastic!) Bought it at the health food store for only 3.95 and pads that are inserted are extra for a couple dollars.

6:05:08 PM
Deborah W

Congratulations, Deborah. I really appreciate you posting how well you are doing. I am thrilled for you because I know how happy we become through recapturing our health.

God has fullfilled the promise for you. Now you fullfill your commission and lift others with the knowledge that remission is within their grasp. God is always on time!


2:05:49 AM
Hi Peter and Deborah,
I wanted to also thank the two of you for all the inspiration you provide here! Peter, I love to read your posts and see you get better and better. I also really appreciate your generosity in sharing the reality that you are still not quite 100% which is frustrating for me too because I want you to be there so much!!! You've given a whole lot of love and caring here. And, you are a patient soul and I know that attitude is helping countless others currently and in the future to have patience, too, with their own journeys. Stress is not helpful so patience is essential. So I want to emphasize how helpful your total openness is and to thank you deeply. :)

Deborah, you're almost there too and it is wonderful to hear! You've also given a lot to this place and it's members. Thank you! Now I'm really interested in finding the diffuser device for the car you have. If you can share the manufacturer I'd appreciate it. It sounds much more user friendly than other methods discussed. I didn't think I'd be able to do the menthol chrystals because I'm a clutz so I'd spill it and forgetful so I would likely walk in the room before it was done and be overcome by fumes :) but the disks of material sound doable to me.

Love and strength to you both, Mary

4:25:11 PM

I would like to give thanks for the information I received on this WEBSITE!

A special thanks for having a coach like peter to help me to get well and kick the morgellons in the butt.

I now have a very good diet and have planned my Thanksgiving menu.

I will be having some natural turkey burgers with some greens, brown rice, lemon juice, almond milk for myself!

Be careful what you eat or drink, for me, I will be alone again,
so the diet will be simple.


12:50:29 AM
Hello Folks

First,"thank you" Lyle for posting. You are really moving forward! It won't be long now.

I must be doing something right.(LOL) First, I am feeling terrific. There are still occasional episodes of inflammation in my right forearm, but it does not advance to blotching. This is huge because it equates to a very adequate and well regulated immune response. That makes me happy.

My Body Mass Index (BMI) is 21, which is a really good number based on my height and weight. The nature of the proprietary blending within the Logos Meds has brought about specific, internal balance. Now my body gives me abundant energy and good digestion. Add regular light exercise, and a consistent diet of living foods, and adrenal and hormonal balance is in place again. Blood pressure is beyond good for my age. I am sleeping great. Emotional calm continues.


The tiny cysts on my right forearm are still numerous, but continue to be less noticeable. Occasionally, I will have a non specific itch here or there, but not much more. The nodules around my ankles have left purple scars as a reminder of just how far I have come.

I want to keep this post positive today. God is telling me that you already know all that you need to. One thing is clear. Morgellons is curable. Your faith can awaken deep inside, and God’s infinite love can pour out healing grace. You can come to understand this profound truth.

Leave you with this thought. What we are doing here today, is a great thing. We are showing what noble ideas people with serious disease can bring to bear upon our world. There is beauty in that. Heavens’ light is shining inside each of you and it cannot help but make you well.

Thank you Mel, for the remarkable work you do!

“In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15



7:14:29 PM
Hi Peter,

I am quite new to this website but I wanted to thank you for writing this:

"God is telling me that you already know all that you need to. One thing is clear. Morgellons is curable. Your faith can awaken deep inside, and God’s infinite love can pour out healing grace. You can come to understand this profound truth."

It has given me hope and comfort on a day that I am struggling to keep positive. Thank you.

Deborah W.

4:41:16 PM
Does any one know how Monica and Theresa is doing? I miss their posts and hope they are doing well I am thinking about starting the Monuka honey.

3:51:01 AM
Hello Folks

Hi Christel, Thank you for your heartfelt words. Hi Deborah. No word from Monica or Theresa. Where are you guys?

I hope all is well with everyone. Wow, so many here continue to share about getting well. It truly is remarkable. Your posts remind me daily of what is important about returning health. Thank you!

I am doing great. Got through my first Christmas without mom. This was in no small way because I had so many of you to talk to. And Mel called every day to make me laugh and let me know I am loved. I am grateful, brother.

I remain strong and I feel wonderful. Only occasional bouts with fatigue and congestion. There are fewer cycles of inflammation in my right forearm. I am seeing only slightly new blotching these days. It is feeling better than ever as I get closer each day to being completely symptom free.

Always remember that recovery focuses on the continuous process of healing in stages inherent to complete the protocol, while realizing in each phase the meaning of the experiences. See crisis as involving opportunity. Determine to value creativity as you explore different aspects of recovery. Develop and stay true to a personal sense of security. Write your own personal narrative here, because this forum especially emphasizes the importance of each person's own voice, resourcefulness and wisdom.


I believe that developing a personal sense of meaning and overall purpose is important for sustaining the recovery process. For some, this will involve recovering or developing a social or work role. It should also involve renewing, finding, and developing a personal guiding philosophy about religion and faith.

I have learned how to become my own expert about my own key stress points and possible crisis points, and to understand and develop personal ways of responding and coping. Posting here motivated me to do much of this. So, I remain grateful to everyone here who grew this in me through your own participation. This forum makes it all work.

Accept fully that if you stay committed to the guiding principles of this protocol, you will get better. Be strong, and know that through faith, by grace, God does strengthen you and does guide you everyday to stay the course. So allow him into your heart and accept the promise. He will see that you all succeed.

Deborah W.

9:26:34 AM
I am so glad to hear you are closer to 100% Peter! I know that you will be healed! I just have a few itchy like pimples, few stings/crawleys during this full moon, I get discouraged but then look back at other full moons and realize that I am making some strides! I am sorry about your Mom, my Mom passed away 5 years ago and I missed her to for the Holidays. Gods speed!

2:43:44 AM
Hello Everybody

First of all, I feel great. Together with God, I remain in this wonderful place in my heart, body,and mind through becoming well. You know what folks? By this taking longer for me due to the ongoing issues with my right forearm, I get to keep learning. Then I get to share with you those special discoveries that can only come from lengthy recovery. I love that! Here is an example.

PERSPECTIVE MATTERS…Everything takes time

We must remain patient. Patience leaves no place for fear and stress. Let this protocol push you along. Let it keep you plugged in to what is really important… taking back your health.

Think purposely in the following ways. Accept that this is co infection, and nothing more. Because of that, see the disease as not a thing, but a state. You can change a state, right? So you know you can get well. Go with the notion that you have to get well in stages that can only unfold over time. Then,just continually practice patience.


The World Economic Forum estimates that the world will spend $47 trillion over the next 20 years on lifestyle preventable chronic disease. That’s more than the annual GDP of the world’s six largest economies combined. They still don’t get it.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) have announced that genetically engineered (GE) crops and bee and bird-toxic pesticides will be banned in National Wildlife Refuges. The ruling impacts more than 150 million acres of federal land. That’s a huge victory for our children, folks!

Whether it is a GMO, genetically modified organism, mercury and heavy metal toxicity, toulene, plastics, a stealth virus , or “whatever," the people that recover employ a comprehensive detox program and systematically re-build and correct their cellular systems and functions. Sound like what we are doing here? You bet it does.

Finally, on behalf of everyone, I want to say “thank you” to John B. for your recent 2015 announcement by Logos that their web site now has new content available for us, and for the mission statement dedicating their continuing support for everyone that is stricken with Morgellons. Give thanks for the profound blessing of his ongoing, selfless love for us! Philip Glyn, a welsh poet captured it best. “Through our actions and deeds, rather than promises, let us display the essence of love-perfect harmony in motion!”

May God Bless,

9:43:58 PM
Hello Folks

I hope everyone is faring well. I love you guys for continuing to show up! It’s when you show up that you ease suffering, offer hope, and end up healthy again. I read your posts and I see the results you share. I listen to you ask questions on the conference calls. They are compelling. You are honest. You are genuine. Your posts continue to make it clearly apparent that real people dedicate to this protocol and that real people get noticeably better. Hold tightly to a deeply felt belief that all will turn out well, because your body will never entirely give up on you. Accept your own ability to rise above the challenges and keep going.

I remain healthy. Energy is good. Digestion is good. Brain function is good. I can see where hair has grown again on my left arm, legs, and chest. My body is taking back the hair follicles that were lost to infection. I went from fungal hair when I was sick, to no hair during the majority of my detox, to normal hair returning again. Proof enough for me to know I am in remission, and proof that you too will eventually capture healthy hair growth again. Lastly, I went 10 days without any inflammation in the right forearm. That is a record to date. So I am getting closer still. I need 30 days, or one complete lunar cycle, with no onset of inflammation. With that in mind, nothing is required of me other than to remain patient and to live each day rejoicing.


The key to understanding this protocols’ success lies in understanding Morgellons disease as a mitochondrial dysfunction in energy metabolism. The mitochondria are little powerhouses within the cell that are generating the energy currency, (ATP), from the oxygen we breathe and glucose. It’s not a matter that you have Cancer, or you have Morgellons, or you have Lyme. They all go back to the fact that the mitochondria are dysfunctional, and the body is not getting the oxygen and the energy it needs to function. Until the mitochondria are fixed, there is no cure for disease. The protocol addresses this. It is treating disease at this basic or causal level.

Morgellons can teach us so much about how we entertain feelings of hurt, fear, frustration, and injustice. Let it teach you to see that our feelings are responders to our thinking. I used to think that wisdom was the proper application and use of knowledge. It is more than that.

It is the fear of God that is the beginning of wisdom, and wisdom is the beginning of the love of God. Morgellons aligned me to that love. Divine love that sees miracles that is invisible to others. That is why I confess Morgellons to be a blessing. The experience of pain takes our path to spiritual growth and expansion because what we must endure brings the opportunity to increase the power of our inner and outer strength.

“Then your light shall break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up quickly.” Isaiah, 58:8

Godspeed, and stay the course,

1:23:33 AM

Wow! That's amazing news! 10 days with no inflammation. You are licking this m - truly a example of SLOW and STEADY.

I miss you much and will be leaving you a message soon. I just wanted to say I (and likely so many others are) am so blessed by you being here and the fact that you stay and that you care! Even after being well!

You ARE strength and love Peter! You are! Praise God he has and is doing a work in you. May you always remain humble and faithful to Him in your learning and path to wellness coaching..

You are in my thoughts,

4:10:21 AM
Hello everybody

Mel has asked me to tell everybody about the foods that I am now eating again. We feel it is important for you to see that the food restrictions are not forever, and that we can return to enjoy many foods again as we become well. I shocked him last week when I told him that, at work pot luck, I had a small piece of chocolate cream pie, a small piece of apple pie, and a small piece of carrot cake, all desert during the same meal. I only do this occasionally, and I do still eat a wide range of raw vegetables and herbs each day.

Mel and I want you to further be assured that when you get well, and in moderation, you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods again. To be honest, a couple times a week, I have been tolerating eating raw cheddar cheese with organic tomato sauce with free range chicken in Mel’s favorite dish, Chicken Parmesan. I include Rudi’s spelt bread with this too. Oranges also are now regularly eaten with several meals.

Meat Choices

A recent USDA inspection of hamburger meat that looked at 563 sources nationwide discovered Clostridium perfringens in 53 percent of the batches, Staphylococcus in 30 percent, and Listeria monocytogenes in 12 percent. So again, grass fed and free range are safer choices. Here is a tip. Add fresh oregano to your burgers and meat loaf. When researchers at Kansas State University mixed a variety of common household spices into ground beef to test their antibacterial properties, oregano tested as one of the best at wiping out E. coli. Use at least 1 tablespoon per pound of meat. I eat Bison two or three times per week.

Remember that free range chickens, which are given more room to roost and are usually slaughtered in smaller numbers, are considered safer. For example, Ranger chickens, a free-range brand sold in the Pacific Northwest came up negative for Salmonella and Campylobacter in recent consumers’ union tests.


Did you know that any food introduced that the body cannot recognize leads to inflammation? Gluten is a good example. Gluten cannot be accepted, recognized, processed, or utilized because the body is not designed for it. This is why I avoid it completely.
Did you know that one third of yeast genes are similar to human genes? What conclusions can you draw from this?

Did you know that without enough salt, adrenaline will switch to aldosterone, a hormone encouraging the kidney to excrete potassium into the urine and retain sodium, thereby retaining water? And that swelling may be the colons attempt to hold salt? Is this hormone playing a role in swelling and low energy? I will tell you that I eat salt with every meal and I have no swelling and plenty of energy.


You dignify disease through perseverance. A greater fear drives out a lesser fear, so let the fear of God be your greater fear. Strengthen in faith and keep your heart right, for out of it flows all the issues of life. Stay the course and you will get well. Believe it!

Strength and Love,


2:26:14 AM
Peter! Thank you so much for sharing this! Wow, I can't believe it either about all the desserts you sampled that day! :) Though I'm not a big dessert person, this clearly that shows that once you're well, you are truly well and those bugs just don't magically re-appear when sugar enters in. I'm really stoked! Now, I really am starting to believe that it is a cure of 100% and not just 90. Thank you soooo much! Your transparency is most appreciated.
I also like the tip of the study of the beneficial effects of adding Oregano to the ground beef. I know I'll never go back to beef that isn't grassfed nor chicks that aren't free range.

10:32:21 AM
Hi Peter - wanted to reach out and ask if we could talk on the phone sometime soon. I'm at 7 months now and most of the symptoms have dissipated. Think what I need most is moral support at this point to keep the momentum going. Talked to Mel this morning and he suggested talking to more people from the website. Hope we can connect. Thanks for all your contributions to this website. Nancy

2:25:00 AM
Dear Nancy

Sorry I did not respond sooner, but I have been fighting the flu. I would be happy to speak with you. Mel, please feel free to provide Nancy with my phone number.



2:24:05 AM
Hello Folks

I hope everyone is doing well. First, I want to remind you that there is a conference call this Sunday, May 3rd. I hope everyone who is able will join in because I believe the topic is an important one.

These last 3 weeks have been very difficult for me. It began with getting the flu and then going through some very alarming experiences that I would like to share. I hope some of what I will describe is meaningful. I think there are things we can realize from them. Physically, this flu started with a fever and a severe burning sensation in my lungs. I got very weak and very tired and had to take several days off of work. There were night sweats, blurry vision, hand tremors (shaking) and a mental flux between depression and anxiety. Old familiar symptoms that reminded me of when I was really sick early on.

Being sick has taken me on a roller coaster ride. I have had to put some things into proper perspective and I have had to reexamine other things. Like why was my vision blurry? And why the mental funk? I don’t really know for certain. But this is what I do know. I was not paying attention to certain things that the disease has already taught me that I must. Like how important it is to maintain a regular bedtime schedule. Like how important it is to manage stress and to exercise daily. Like taking time for myself! And of course remaining disciplined in my dietary choices.

Here is what else is important. Remember to fall back to basics when you get out of balance. Understand that you may get a cold or you may get the flu, but these are OK. They can lead you to discover that your immune system is working. I came through it and I am back on track. Energy has finally returned. The night sweats have ended. My vision is no longer blurry and I am no longer depressed or anxious.

However, this was a wake up call in a very huge way. Remind yourself each day that balance in all matters of life is part of remission and remaining well. I again fully accept this, especially at my age. Morgellons is to some degree a chronic disease. Accept this too, and allow yourself to see that you must be paying daily attention to healthy habits. Manage stress, eat clean, and get regular exercise and adequate rest. Do not deviate from these.

I will try to catch up on reading your posts and responding where I might be of help. I love you all. Stay patient, stay committed, stay disciplined and stay in the word. Remember to draw closer to God each day. He will then no doubt draw closer to you. You all remain in my prayers for a complete return to health.

Strength and Love,

4:57:46 PM
Hi Peter,

I am sorry to read that the flu got a grip with you and your symptoms, i am also very happy that your immune system kicked in and battled to fight this off and won!! I too got the flu 3 weeks ago with horrendous symptoms, my immune system kicked in and it diminished within a week. Everyday your immune system will gain strength and will overpower this completely.
I agree we MUST stick to the SUM OF PARTS, we will all beat this ugly disease!!

God bless

9:42:36 PM
Thanks for the update Peter and thanks for reaching out the other day. I'm glad you are feeling better. Health is everything. Wishing you continued success on the road to recovery!

12:51:57 AM

"Thanks you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


2:13:15 AM

Yay! I am glad you are back! =)

2:47:45 AM
Hello Folks

Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

June will mark three years on the protocol for me. I am 61 years old. Here is where I was three years ago when I began Mel’s protocol and Morgellons was ravaging my body. Chronic fatigue; immobilizing back pain; arthritic knees; gastrointestinal re-flux disorder; anxiety and depression; slurred speech; shuffling feet; lesions; brain fog, and on numerous pharmiceuticals. Not a pretty picture.

Here is where I am today. I am 61 years young! I have energy again. I have no more chronic joint pain. I have great digestion again. I am free from depression and anxiety. There is no brain fog. I take no pharmaceuticals. Now you know why I cry. They are tears of joy.

I remain on the full protocol. I am currently on a maintenance dose of 15 drops MMS 4 nights per week. A teaspoon of silver morning and evening. Additional vitamin D3 and B12 daily along with Monolaurin for my extra viral load. I pulse three specific tinctures to address Lyme and Bartenella co infection because I am convinced this is what remains in my right arm.

I shampoo with Shea Moisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo for the combined properties of the neem oil and plantain enzymes. Nothing else is needed. Scalp and hair are normal again. Only an occasional tingling sensation. I use Kleen Green for shaving. No itching in nose or ears.

I alternate brushing my teeth using three approaches. Myrrh tincture for its antiseptic properties. Good for the gums and breath. MMS to eliminate biofilm and related plaque. Sea salt and baking soda mixed together to whiten teeth and restore oral tissue.

For laundry, I combine Odoban , enzymes, borax, and Arm and hammer detergent. There are no residual fibers in my clothes and I can get more than one wear from clothing.

I continue to rotate anti fungals. Three to five drops oil of oregano under the tongue two or three times a week. Grapefruit seed extract once a day. Grape seed extract a couple times per week. Fresh basil and rosemary here and there. Garlic every day. Ginger a couple times per week. And I eat a garden of vegies a week.

I walk most everyday and get as much sun as the weather will allow. I try for 7 hours sleep each night. Resting pulse is 68 to 71. Blood pressure is excellent. Still have occasional fatigue.

There you have it. I call it remission! I am whole again. Morgellons has taught me that structure and discipline enrich daily living and bring the peace and fulfillment that hap hazard living did not.

Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing, and that there is no recovery except in the fulfillment of this obligation. Stay committed. Remain patient. Work the protocol and take your health back. By faith, through grace, God will fulfill the promise! It just takes time.I remain as your proof of this.


7:19:03 AM
Hi Peter,

I have a question about the laundry. Could you break down the exact amounts of Borax/Odoban/Enzymes/Arm & Hammer you use for your laundry, and are these enzyme in pill capsule forms?

I haven't been able to find Odoban here in Canada, what exactly is in it that makes it work, maybe I could find something similar? I have used Borax and Arm & Hammer before but not together. Don't some laundry detergents contain enzymes, like Tide?

Thank you



9:34:11 PM
Wow I'm so happy for you Peter! I hope to be where you are soon! And I'm def. gonna use your suggestions for the toothpaste and laundry.

12:56:35 AM
Hello Kim

The enzymes area liquid concentrate called Kleen Green from Natural Genesis. Odoban is also a liquid concentrate multi purpose cleaner that serves as a viruside, mildew-stat,disinfectant, and overall sanitizer and deodorizer. It is produced by Clean Control Corporation. I believe their website address is

I add 4 ounces of the enzymes and let laundry soak for about ten minutes to let them work. Then I add one half cup borax and agitate for a couple minutes. Then I add 5 ounces Odoban and one quarter cup of the Arm and Hammer and just let the washer cycle run. Hope this answers your questions.


7:23:12 AM
Hi Peter,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I have to use a coin operated front loader machine with no soak options which I am sure the soaking is key to getting these pathogens out of our clothes.

Also, I was hoping you had an alternative option to Kleen Green as it is very expensive for me. I have bought it twice online but I cannot afford to keep purchasing it. Maybe just the other three ingredients would work?

In the past I tried using ammonia for laundry but it was too toxic and I am not sure it every worked.

I also tried 20 drops of MMS with water in the bleach section of the washer but got bleach like splotches on my dress clothes which I had to throw out.

Front loaders work a lot different than the top loaders as you have no control over the cycles, even though I put the MMS right into the bleach section, so I am not sure why this keeps happening.

It would be nice if I had my own washer/dryer then I would have more control over my laundry but for now I have to deal with what is available to me.

I am still hand washing all of my underclothing with MMS which over time takes the colours out and destroys the elastic bands but it is working on killing the pathogens in them as they are a lot safer to wear without getting stings. Also undergarments can be hidden under other clothing so it doesn't matter if they get discoloured and lose their elastic. Lately, I am into baggy clothes anyways!

I would be so grateful if anyone reading this post and are using a coin operated front loading machine, and are having success getting the pathogens out of their laundry (without using Kleen Green), please post your suggestions.

Thank you

Deborah W.

10:53:24 AM
Dilute the MMS in 2 cups of water before putting in front loader.

I also wash with Borax, Ammonia and Dr. Bonners peppermint soap which works quite well. No ammonia smell and it does not destroy the clothes

3:35:53 AM
Hello Folks

Dear Mel...

I want to say “thank you,” on behalf of everyone here, for recently sharing the information about Eucalyptus Oil with us. We now further see your “behind the scenes” involvement with a greater network of others who, through you, bring their own positive experiences to bear on us. The oil is demonstrating powerful properties, Bless you, brother!

Here is something more. I recently listened to an archived conference call from a few years back which reaffirmed something significant, as it applied to my own experiences. During the call, you discussed newly discovered information about a greater five week cycle where symptoms become more aggressively active. This is so true. And the communities back then new it. Now you and I are reminded of it. Nothing teaches like experience, no?

Here is a quick update on my health. I remain on the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol (for bioterrain support) and the extension kit (for fungal and anti-biotic support.) I am pulsing in a cycle of Collostrum every 6 months (for immune boosting.) I pulse in a cycle of Parabolish every 9 months (for parasitic control.) I look to organic seaweed to deliver additional food based iodine (to combat fatigue.) I continue to rotate between grapefruit seed extract (oil) and oil of oregano, usually alternating between the two every other night, or, when I think I may need them (for fungal protection.) Energy is good. Digestion is a little off, but I am correcting dietary choices.


I recently wrote in my “three years later” post that one must keep their mind focused on truth. So, I am inclined to share with you this truth. Two days ago, my left bicep and above my left wrist showed two white welts. I felt inflammation underneath them. Although this got my attention, I was not fearful. More so, disappointed. I have been symptom free here for over a year. I left them alone except for rubbing in some Eucalyptus oil. Talk about Mels timing, eh? And, of course, God’s perfect timing here.

Anyway, as I write this, they have reversed out, except for several little red dots that remain. These dots are classic indicators of trace Babesia, and a stern reminder that I still have co-infection to consider and that I must correct current eating habits that are not acceptable (like dark chocolate and pot luck deserts.) Make the corrections, and all is good.

So, I am suggesting to you that you change your definition of symptoms. Instead, a better choice is to consider thinking that inflammation, blotching, and other expressions are “singular” events that are simply our body’s various reactions as it heals infection. It makes more sense that an isolated welt does not signify that I have symptoms. It does not signal greater infection or re-infection. This played out as correct!


I cried today as I sat in my car looking across a parking lot at a homeless man. His cardboard sign said hungry, please help. As I watched, I counted 20 cars drive by and look the other way. The drivers were so preoccupied and so detached from this struggling soul. I looked up to GOD and whispered… “Look how much we have lost our way.” I went and visited him. It was good for both of us.

Stay the course. Make the bible your best friend and remain in a constant conversation with God. “Take the scary out of morgellons by trusting in the heavenly Father, not yourself,” And after all is said and done, watch out for what you think you know.

Strength and Love,

10:36:15 PM
Hey Peter,

Thanks for your thought-provoking post. I have ongoing fatigue issues, so might try the organic seaweed. I also have Babesia as a co-infection but never realised until now that that's what the red dots were - hmmm……

It is amazing how detached we, as a society, have become from one another. In some ways I work to remedy this, both personally and professionally, as I know you do too. It's easy to get caught up in the 'self' and our own issues.

You are such a great model for clean living and having a enquiring mind - always an inspiration - thanks.


4:42:23 PM
Hi Peter,

Great post as usual. You always give needed advise and have the ability to look at conflicts with caring and compassion.

I enjoyed out telephone conversation the other evening and wish to thank you for your sound advise.

In Gods Love.


2:26:17 AM
Hello Folks

"Thank you" to Roberta and Teresa. I love you both!

I am doing well. By grace, through faith, I remain “Rejoicing” in my recovery. There are still days when I feel challenged, but there are mostly days where I continue to excel. I am still looking regularly for something significant to share with everybody. In the meantime, here are just a couple things which I offer to strengthen you.

Pepper an egg…… “when you feel all broke down and crowded out.”

Mel once said to me that it was not enough to be strong. He said, “You have to also be brave, and those that get well come to understand the difference.” He was right. And I did come to understand the difference.

It is one thing to be strong. It is quite another to be brave. And it takes both to win this fight. You must remember this when you feel "all broke down and crowded out," and force yourself to, “Practice a different sort of courage.” I would pepper an egg and savor it, while refusing to allow the notion of “spores” to enter my mind. Now that will make you brave!

I believe that is why I succeeded. I learned to look each day to find a bravery that goes beyond strength. Mel’s words moved me to look for ways to practice “finding” personal courage “…..differently.”

You are not a victim, right Mel?

You cannot view yourself as a “victim,” and get well. It does not happen that way. To empower healing is to choose to “demand” this disease to prosper you and to teach. In doing so, you neuter the trickery inherent to Morgellons. You thus unveil, and re-acquaint to yourself, that part of you which does not “know how” to work alongside confusion, or to be a victim. Instead, you come to, “just agree with yourself to get well.” This is how you empower healing.

Hold your head up, right?

God cultivates in us a tendency towards optimism and a positive spirit. Develop it! During each crushing aspect of this disease, you must look torment, confusion, disappointment, and despair right in the eye, and say, “I am well”. That is how you escape seeing yourself as a victim. That is how you become brave. That is how you get God on your side.

Francis Thompson wrote…
“From an immortal power, all things are connected. And so connected they are that you cannot touch a flower, without disturbing a star.” Remember that.

Strength and Love,


1:54:41 AM
Hey Everybody

Just received a municipal water notice informing local residents of higher than acceptable limits of Chromium+6 in 3 of the 6 water tables that feed the system. But for me, the focus is not so much on the pollutant, but on..... "what a wonderful example of how local governments can do a good job to serve the public good." Look for the good....It's healing!

Guess I will now rethink occasional Starbucks, though.


4:04:25 PM
Hi Peter,
I loved your August post. I have been reading on positive spirit, faith, strength and bravery and to be mindful is critical to great healthy. Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn and Deepka Chopra to name a few all agree about quieting the mind – remove the negative thoughts and be present in the moment. Find peace. My reading and experience is fear, worry, stress, and negative thoughts & words can impact our health (especially this illness) and we need to quiet ourselves so we can heal. The soul is when you are in the moment and have peace. Our minds are not just our brains, but everywhere. The body and mind are integrated so one needs to manage one’s thoughts to heal. Your body is integrated with your thoughts, emotions, biology, and environment. Science is showing our body/ mind/ soul can impact others too. We need to calm the negative chatter in our heads. It is important to think positively on outcomes in our lives. It takes practice. A few things that I do- I turn on music to dance to be happy, take nice quiet walks at pretty parks, call a friend, cook, play, affirmations, and pray. I have reduced TV and turn off my phone more especially when having dinner with family and friends. I am learning to meditate. I feel fortunate I have greater peace these days with my faith. I am looking into Michael Miller and Rabindranath Tagore now since they integrate faith into healing and their complete life. Michael Miller, who had huge struggles, shares that his faith made everything work out. My impression is Tagore use to have discussions with Albert Einstein, but he had the upper hand since Einstein only had science where Tagore had science and faith.

Tagore -Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.

I am so happy and agree that God cultivates optimism and a positive spirit. I think we also agree that this is mind, body and soul health journey. I am still working on it, but very happy to say it is getting much easier.

Cheers, Nancy

PS. I used to be Starbuck regular, but I think Chai Rooibus tea with a little dash of cinnamon is my new drink of choice.

PSS. Speaking of water in your last post - I am looking at different water filter options; mostly pitchers since I am renting right now so if you have any insight let me know.

4:18:34 AM
Hello Everyone

In my arrogance, I have forgotten of late to pour my heart for you. So, please take my love and my prayers and my faith. I believe in you so much!

If you are suffering, or desperate, or completely broke down, grab on right now to the real miracle souls that love you....because everyday we "feel" what you are going through....and because we know you need our strength....and because we will never quit on you.

Hold on to the real encouragers truly expecting you to reach the finish line. Our beloved Mel, whose grace persuades God every day on your behalf. Ellen, who still reads here every day. Kathy, who overcame Morgellons with additional co-infection with MRSA. Nicole, Amber, Roberta, Janelle and countless others. Real miracles who made it "all the way back."

Be assured this protocol is a "gift" from God delivered quietly through the Burgstiner Ministry. It cannot fail because the science cannot be refuted. John's vision has unfolded in the proof that so many have healed so much.

I will never lose sight of what you endure. Nor will I ever forget how difficult it is to reach significant remission. Nor will I ever leave this place of healing. You will get well. Period! Believe it!

Strength and Love,

10:43:09 PM
Dear Peter,

Thank you for your kind words and your consistent example that inspires us all to be and do our best.

I would not presume to take any credit, for who could have envisioned what God would do here in our midst when Mel invited us all on this journey together eight years ago? Serving this community has been one of the most challenging and uplifting experiences of my life, and I consider it an honor and a privilege.

May God continue to bless and protect those who are led here, and may the victories they claim bring him honor and glory now and forever!


12:29:18 PM
Amen Peter! You said it so beautifully. Thank you, John. I know you have had to make so many sacrifices to help others and you do it with such grace. I thank God for you, John, Mel, Peter and the others who work tirelessly to give people hope and health. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Much love and respect,

2:16:43 AM
Hello Folks,

I was looking at my e-mail history to clean it up and found this article. I remembered how instrumental it was in understanding why the protocol was the right choice for me....especially since I knew I had Hep C. I wanted to share it because it was meaningful for me and in no small way the reason I committed to Mel’s protocol early on.

This article is factual. You should know this actually occurred. It is vital and a must read because it describes actual events that directly affect everyone afflicted now! These events are significant to all, especially any who may still doubt the sound science and inspirational outcomes of the protocol.

Let me be perfectly clear. I am not being paid for bringing this forward, nor have I ever requested or received money for being an outspoken proponent of Logos Nutritionals or the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol. It's just that - like Mel and many others, I feel that I would not be here today if not for the ground breaking research of Dr. Burgstiner and his legacy which continues through the ongoing leadership and dedicated ministry of his son John.

Most who are rescued from this nightmare and regain their health move on with their lives, and rightfully so. There are numerous reasons why one would - and indeed should - move on to new challenges and the pursuit of their highest calling. As for me, I am compelled to remain involved here, learning and serving alongside a remarkable gathering of souls that have dedicated their lives to restoring hope and health to those who are suffering.

As the article below demonstrates so well, “All things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). When I first read the article, I realized that I was witnessing the unfolding of something special in John’s passionate pursuit of his father’s legacy. As the writer so aptly put it ,"a medical maverick like Dr. Burgstiner, years ahead of his time, becomes a pioneer, a founder and an innovator whose work far exceeds his life.”

Reprinted from the Connect Savannah Weekly News Magazine.
Originally published December 10-16, 1999

By Timothy Daiss

Dr. Burgstiner didn’t know why he felt this way: sore joints, fatigue and flu-like symptoms. But it became suddenly, painfully clear something was wrong. He had a hunch, and it proved true. He had Hepatitis B, a highly contagious and life-threatening disease contracted in an operation with an infected patient. To compound matters, this would spell the end of his medical career, a career that had spanned nearly three decades.

He could continue examining patients, but was prohibited from performing surgery or helping bring new life into the world, both a source of joy and personal satisfaction. It appeared that Savannah had lost a gifted physician in his prime.

Seven years elapsed, and Dr. Burgstiner was still a carrier of the hepatitis virus, but, as often is the case with great men, he would turn tragedy into triumph. He went back to the basics, consulted his medical school books, and searched for answers.

Finally, a principle, long forgotten, sprang to life. Dr. Burgstiner reflected upon that time, “I recalled that I was taught in medical school that the thymus gland controls the immune system. It is large in children and decreases as we age”. He reasoned, if the thymus gland could be reactivated, it may be able to boost the immune system and deal with the hepatitis that plagued him.

Armed with this knowledge, Dr. Burgstiner visited a health food store and bought a preparation made of calf thymus. To the thymus he added a vitamin-mineral complex, digestive enzymes, and several herbs known for liver and immune support. He began to ingest the formula daily. Simply put, it worked. In six weeks his hepatitis had converted to what is described as a “non-carrier state”.

Elated with his personal breakthrough, as well as the ramifications for the medical world, Burgstiner contacted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta and reported his findings. Blood samples were sent to Massachusetts General at Harvard as well as Scripps Institute in California. Countless studies were performed on the samples, including DNA testing and liver enzyme levels. The test results were encouraging, his hypothesis confirmed.

Dr. Burgstiner took the next step. He consulted with other physicians and researchers, most of whom responded with great interest and enthusiasm. Dr. Julian Whitaker, America’s foremost physician advocate of natural healing, talk show host, and author of the nationally circulated newsletter Health and Healing remarked, “The ability to maintain high levels of thymus hormone activity has enormous potential for alleviating suffering from age-related diseases.”

Dr. Burgstiner stated, “With this confirmation from my colleagues and with the knowledge that the government would not support studies on these products because they are food supplements, I began to recommend the thymus, vitamin-mineral supplements to my patients.”

In a short period, many of his patients reported marked improvements. In a span of only three years, Dr. Burgstiner had arrested 84 cases of hepatitis B, 34 cases of hepatitis C, and 28 cases of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as 12 cases of lupus, 10 cases of multiple sclerosis, 7 cases of squamous cell cancer of the skin, and several cases of atopic dermatitis.

No small feat, for a simple yet overlooked fact-reactivation of the thymus gland boosts the body’s immune system. The next step in Dr. Burgstiner’s journey was a report in the January 1991 Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia which published his findings. Soon physicians across the country took note. Burgstiner stated, “The results of this article [were] overwhelming. We received thousands of letters and calls from MDs throughout the country.”

This simple yet amazing breakthrough continued to gain momentum, in spite of naysayers and disregard by the established medical community. An Atlanta television station, hearing about a “small town” doctor and some sort of perceived medical breakthrough, sent their medical correspondent, Dr. Michael Rosen, MD to Savannah to investigate what Dr. Rosen presumed to be “quackery.”

Instead, Dr. Rosen filmed a multi-part report praising Dr. Burgstiner’s findings. This time news spread quickly, and the Atlanta station was inundated with calls from across the globe. Once more the determination of this medical pioneer was changing history. Yet, formal “double blind” studies needed to be conducted before the FDA or the medical community would give credence.

Though highly respected as a surgeon and OBGYN, many of his colleagues thought that Dr. Burgstiner had crossed the line of medical orthodoxy and entered into “alternative” medicine. In fact, the medical establishment cautions that herbal remedies pose unknown dangers due to lower regulation as well as lack of patient supervision and direction.

Many also disagree with Dr. Burgstiner’s thymus hypothesis. Thomas Boyer, MD, professor of immunology at Emory University stated, “My guess is that the thymus gland shrinks for a good reason-it is no longer needed.”

Yet, Dr. Burgstiner saw his breakthrough as anything but alternative. Instead, he believed that sound nutritional support was integral to wellness and sound health.

Dr. Burgstiner continued using thymic formulations in his practice. Eventually he developed a comprehensive wellness formula that bears his name. Thousands began to benefit from the use of his formula and anecdotal evidence continued to mount. Reports of the hepatitis virus being arrested were cited as were positive reports in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, allergy problems and chronic fatigue syndrome.

This was big news, and people took notice. Several celebrities tried and benefited from Dr. Burgstiner’s formula.

Country singer Naomi Judd, diagnosed with hepatitis, consulted with the doctor about his thymic research during her recovery. Former baseball star, Brett Butler, diagnosed with throat cancer in 1995, also used his formula and discusses in his book, Field of Hope, its role in his recovery.

It was Dr. Burgstiner’s desire that double blind studies be conducted to prove his theories, to confirm the anecdotal evidence. Unfortunately, he died in 1997, partly due to liver damage suffered during the seven years before re-activation of his thymus gland. He did not see his wish of double blind studies come to fruition.

The torch was passed to his son, John Burgstiner, who took the helm of the nutrition company that Dr. Burgstiner founded. Hoping to validate his father’s claims, John began pursuing the evidence so long hoped for. “I thank God every day for using my father in such a powerful way, and it is my passion to fulfill his legacy,” John said.


Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., recently approved an FDA protocol for a double blind/placebo controlled study on chronic fatigue syndrome using Dr. Burgstiner’s formula. The study will begin with the enrolling of patients next summer.

In addition, another double blind study using Dr. Burgstiner’s formula is being prepared by the Anti-Aging and Life Enhancement Institute, an affiliate of Savannah Plastic Surgery Associates at Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Arcie Mizell, a naturopathic practitioner and medical research director at the institute, is hopeful. He stated, “Dr. Burgstiner’s formula appears to be just as beneficial as homeopathic growth hormone which is used to stimulate the body’s production of growth hormones and slows the aging process.”

He continued, “As we age, growth hormones are depleted, and our physical functions are diminished. Ailments such as heart diseases, thyroid diseases, and joint disease become prevalent.”

“If the study proves Dr. Burgstiner’s hypothesis,” Mizell stated, “it would potentially save billions of dollars by delaying the length of time that new populations of elderly would enter long-term care facilities.”

Dr. Eric Scheinbart, a board certified physician in anti-aging medicine affiliated with Memorial Health University Medical Center, validates the importance of the thymus gland in maintaining good health
and delaying the aging process. He said, “Reactivation of the thymus gland increases cell longevity, thereby diminishing the decline of immune function.”

Yet, according to Barry Schlafstein,MD, a young physician and surgeon that worked closely with Dr. Burgstiner the last year of his practice, Dr. Burgstiner’s legacy was not limited to his medical research. Schlafstein said, “Every young physician should have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a physician like Bucky Burgstiner. Not only did he have outstanding gynecological and surgical skills, he related to patients in a unique way; he genuinely cared about each and every patient.”

When asked what kind of legacy Dr. Burgstiner left, Schlafstein remarked, “He was a medical genius. It was his superior knowledge and grasp of human physiology and anatomy that allowed him to be more aggressive, to move into new areas of research.”

While waiting for the results of the double blind studies, Dr. Burgstiner’s research continues to help, continues to heal, and increasing numbers of physicians validate his claims.

With the increasing awareness in alternative medicine, it is inevitable that the established medical community will take note, adhere, and join the fold.

In this regard, a medical maverick like Dr. Burgstiner, years ahead of his time, becomes a pioneer, a founder and an innovator whose work far exceeds his life.

Strength and Love,

2:58:36 AM
Hi Folks

I hope that everyone is moving forward towards remission, and I am more confident than ever of the truth within your indomitable spirit to succeed.

It has been quite a while since I last posted, so I thought it was time for an update. The thing that is difficult for me now is to find the way to continue to create really new and useful messages because I have already written much of what I know to be important. I find that I am more inclined to respond to the questions and concerns of others seeking immediate help. But let me just say this…..

As I write this today, I am grateful for the absence of brain fog. I am grateful for emotional calm. I am grateful for the deep sleep each night. I am grateful for the energy that is available each day. I am grateful for a body that is free from purging. I am grateful for freedom from itching, biting and stinging. I am grateful for clothes that can once again be hung in my closet and put in drawers. And I am deeply grateful for the ministry here that God has chosen me for and instructs me to pursue. I make it a point to remain mindful of these things each day, because I believe with all my heart that one must fulfill God’s purpose to remain wholly healthy. “Christ was not fearful during the storm because he was at peace.” I have found that peace.

“His power is made perfect in weakness” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

It was this way of thinking that got me through the difficult times early on and throughout my journey back to health. Lastly, there are dental issues to correct that I can no longer ignore. I still go through regular episodes of inflammation in my right forearm. However, they come and go very quickly now, which convinces me that my immune response is aggressive, yet balanced. I just need to remain patient for a bit longer.

The truth is that for anyone who is willing and able to remain patient and committed to the test of time, this protocol does heal. I pray daily that people who suffer will find their way to this profound truth. Stay committed! Stay the course! Give your immune system time to evolve and restore, and, like so many others here, you will succeed in taking your health back. Believe it!


10:31:43 PM
Thank you Peter!

I think for us going through sufferers, we can never get enough of these reassurances. Each time I hear or read, "yes you will restore your health, yes you on the road of health..."
It's so encouraging and comforting to know. It truly is!

May God continue to bless your such a willing heart.
Proverbs 19:17 " The one showing favor to the lowly is lending to Jehovah, And He will repay* him for what he does."

Thank you for giving me immediate support and those answers. They were extremely helpful.


10:35:53 PM
Hello Folks

I wanted to give everyone a quick update. I am doing great. Each day when I rise I begin with giving thanks to God for all the blessings I have received. Then I have fun by saying, "I feel marvelous...I feel terrific...I feel wonderful," about 5 times. It really wakes up the mind. It treats spirit.

Something I want to share today. Although I do not advocate for "The King Diet," I recently read a passage written by Richard Kuhns that I found compelling. He wrote the following in response to someone.

The problem is that Morgellons is a disease of infinite faces. You want to identify the tunneling organism, another sufferer wants to identify the black goo, another the 3 inch long spine-plastic like thing she pulls from her skin, another the weird mites that come from his skin, and another the waspy thing, and on and on. The common denominator is a spirochete creating an iron sulfur complex that is at the basis of Morgellons. The basic complex hijacks other organisms through which it thrives and multiplies.
"End quote"

So simple and accurate. To look through this lens removes all distraction, and thinking less does lead to "more meaningful conclusions." First God teaches me to be still. Then he gifts me with knowledge about the disease. Here is a quick example.

The spiritual look for answers with no science, while the science looks for answers with no spirit. The Holy Spirit told me to connect the two. Connect spirit with science. Connect the two is how you rid yourself of the disease. I understand this. It is the defining characteristic in my approach to reaching remission, and it came after my second baptism. It is profoundly true, and why I tell people that you must treat the spirit. God is real, folks.

God is also good. Therefore, it is not over until it is good. God first treats spirit. Spirit gifts you with understanding the science. Release the science with faith in it. Get well. Simple wisdom. It is faith with works, together, that brings remission. Together. Some are missing this. Are you? I hope not.

Choose to always be more excited about how far you have come, instead of dissatisfied in how far you have to go. Be mindful of God and spirit first, science second. Release your faith and stay the course until it is good! This is the heartbeat of the doctrine of grace. Truth is, it was by grace, through faith, that "I was indeed healed."



11:31:57 AM
I'm always so grateful to hear of your journey and lessons, brother Peter!! Thank you!

1:04:29 AM
Hi Shari

Thank you, Shari. Coming from you, I am honored. However, I am just a vessel. God fills me up and I give it out. I truly do give all the credit to Him.

You and I share a common history. I too, remain mindful of how inspiring your contributions to this community and to me personally have been. You gave much and you gave with your whole heart...such a blessing! Hope to speak and get caught up with you soon.



4:35:45 PM
Dear Peter,

I was just about to complain how bad things are right now. I feel completely lost and my life has no direction it seems.

Then, I read your post about understanding or the lack there of. I can't tell you how uplifting it is to me right now!

I'm sure I will read it again and again today and many others,


I do feel that God is moving in my life, it is just hard to know what direction to take sometimes.

thanks again!

2:13:47 AM
Hi Joy

It gives me happiness to know that my posts are helping you. Thank you for edifying that for me. Below is some core truth that is taken from Lady T's most recent post. If you dedicate to understanding what she offers, you will have some very important fundamentals for your journey back to health.



You will also be reminded again and again that everyone's body is different and so you will need to be in tune with how foods and herbs mix with your body -and try to notice when changes are needed - but that can/will unfold for you naturally.

The good news is that even with our unique customizing - as humans there is a universal approach to fixing and fortifying immune function! And so this is why Mel's protocol works - it is science - it helps repair metabolic syndrome, helps the pancreas and liver process fats- helps unclog gut passage ways - feeds glands - cleans the blood - feeds your cells and fortifies you!

You see - Mel's protocol is balanced and effective. The liver formula is a blend - the cal-mag is a blend - the omega oil is a blend - so is the enzyme and flora - and the coq10 adds another immune building and para-rid layer! The multi vitamin is a thymic formula that is actually an immune system complex. This means it is a multi vitamin "plus" and it was created to help a body heal! So it is not the same as any other multi!

All of the items have a balanced formula designed to work together - synergistically! Further - the protocol is gentle as they err on the side of caution with all suggestions! This is why it takes so long! Small things are happening at a pace your body can slowly heal with! And because this illness has certain critters that have hijacked our body - we have to "cycle" them out - and so in my experience and from reading many others - this means that each month or maybe every 5 weeks - we move through these phases of hatching and release.

We manage symptoms while we take stuff to rid pathogens and rebuild the body terrain! Each cycle begins to get less and the sores heals - bumps dissipate - and our immune system kicks their butt!


What you just read can prepare you by providing what she learned from getting well. I agree with it and it is on point. I hope you remain here and I hope you share your experiences on your journey back to health.

Strength and Love,

1:11:59 PM
Hi ,

I remember from a conference call peter having mites, are these black mites part of the morgellons, Mel says environment-gets better as we get better. but im worried that these mites may be separate issue ... Also no mater what i do i see tiny mites in the clothes.. Is this from morgellons as well ...
Ive started washing in mms and clean green
Ive bombed, sprayed and to no avail, well mms may be working on clothes ...! help also if the black mites which may be noseeums

What was name of the company peter used to get rid of these

Thanks to all of you!!

4:39:33 PM
Dear Mel,

My name is Meyung.

I discovered that I have morgellons about a month ago. I'm still in shock and in a great fear. I'm so terrified of developing more severe and horrific symptoms.

I read so many stories online of people suffering and the only way to end it was to commit suicide. I've entertained this idea myself.

I've emailed and have left messages for Rady Wymore at OK university, Charles, morgellons foundation and so many more, but unfortunately I've not heard back from anyone.

I went to see three doctors but they didn't take me seriously. The only thing I got from them was anti itch cream and anti depressants. I'm not taking the anti depressants! I just threw them in the trash when i got home.

Please i need help! I would very much like to take Mel's protocol but am not able to afford it. I'm not working currently and am all alone. I'd like to get this thing under control to the point where I can work again.

I'm experiencing:constant itching,crawling, biting,headaches,dizziness, stomach problems,not sleeping at night,brain fog, extreme exhaustion,flu symptoms, tiny fibers of all colors coming out from my skin,black speacks, tiny white oval egg like things, and some grain like hard tiny things emerging from skin! I don't have any open skin lesions yet. But I'm so cared that I'll get the lesions too!

I've been meaning to write this email for the past week but was too exhausted to write this.

so far I've been taking salt baths with:epsom salt, borax and baking soda. This always helps to calm the itching for a few hours.

please, I'd love and appreciate greatly it if you can help me.

Thank you,


3:32:43 AM
Hello Meyung

My name is Peter. You posted your cry help in my thread so I want to help you. God has led you to this place of healing and hope. There are many people here who have gotten better, and you can get better too. No horror stories here. We focus only on the cure.

Almost all of us have experienced the difficulty of convincing medical doctors, family, and friends that our disease is real. We have endured the difficult struggle that is involved with taking our own health back. But we do get well.

Please e-mail Mel with your phone number. He will call you. I would suggest that you read the FAQ page here. Then read Mel’s story. Then the protocol page. The forum section includes pages of posts from people back several years. This is where you will find useful information from others who have experience to share.

I hope you choose to remain here, and dedicate yourself to this protocol. It is the way back! You will be in my prayers.

Strength and Love,

3:56:59 AM
Hello Folks

I thought I should post an update. I need to follow the guiding principle that posting here is therapeutic and instrumental to recovery. And “thank you” to everyone for the kind words people wrote.

The best way to describe where I am today would be to say that although Morgellons may still reside in me, it has gone very quiet. The right forearm has even gone a full 7 days symptom free, but cycles of inflammation do still repeat.

It happens like this. The arm will start to burn. It will feel like it is flooding from the inside out. Classic swelling, no? That is when I look at it and realize, “aggressive immune response; totally as it should be; now modulate and do your job!” And it does. Sometimes in as little as ten minutes, sometimes as long as in a few hours. Either way, this is what is supposed to happen. My immune system is doing its job perfectly. What comfort and security this brings.


Clinically, I wrestle with compassion fatigue disorder. Don’t laugh. It is a legitimate occurrence with social service workers and is the effect of embracing the deep needs of frail and disabled elders in an all inclusive community setting. It is manageable, but it does influence my state of mind and has created some problems with serving this community.

Christ does strengthen and sustain me at work and keeps me able to fulfill the duties of my job. This continues to convince me that I am going to stay well.


I do better when I remain on the Logos nutrient support. They continue to make a difference. I say this because my body tells me that nutrients are missing from my food. It feels like they fortify foods, because I feel better from them. Recently, I discovered that the Logos Collostrum helps with energy and boosts digestion. I am adding it in the morning with Magnifizyme. They work together well this way. With Candida Rid, I can eat fruit daily. The MSM sulfur makes me feel more calm and buoyant.


Information often has many sides. It comes forth, and then disappears as new information comes in behind it. Then, at a later date, it comes back around and it becomes news again. The only difference is in the packaging. A repeating round of advertising to bait and switch. Designed not to heal, but as a temporary, ripe "revenue generator." In a word, GREED! Deceive and predate. Take a closer look....

A Lyme Research Institute then... A Functional Alternative Research (FAR) Clinic now. Far Infra Red Sauna (FIR) then...Whole Body Hyperthermia now. See my point? Same thing just captured with a new catch phrase and new packaging. Disgraceful.

Look at this one. Therapy built upon “Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields(PEMF.)” Pulsed?? See the deception? Someone read about pulsing and saw an opportunity. Shameful in that this degrades the honest efforts of the pioneers who did the hard work that defines pulsing. Dedicated people like John Burgstiner, one of those pioneers. It’s like stealing. Reprehensible.

How they think…

We’ll give a name to anything, but we won’t tell them what it is. We can call it anything we want because they won’t try to figure out what it is. If they are not looking for anything in particular, everything looks good. If they are looking for something in particular, it will be harder to find.

There you have it. Here is verifiable truth. People get well when they commit to this protocol. The science is already proven here. There is no evidence to support otherwise. Don't be fooled.

I love you all.! Stay the course. If you do, you will get well. Believe it! Better yet, prove it for yourself. God is faithful and this too shall pass.

Strength and Love,

11:00:50 AM
Dear Peter,

Thank you for your updates! I'm happy your arm has been good for this 7 days.

I understand about the compassion fatigue. It happens a part of occupation hazard. However all the elderly who's at the receiving end of your compassion has been blessed. Thank you for taking good care of them. They should always be respected and loved.
Isn't that interesting where God knows we are formation of dust (Psalms 103:14) which means he knows our limitations and he knows we are imperfect, yet Jesus tells us in Matthew 5 start from verse 43, start talk about this agape love, how God our Father, shows this agape love to all even to those not kind to him or don't even know him yet, in verse 48, God does expect us to show agape love perfectly as he does.

I love this point that God never wants to burden us 1John 5:3 but this is one thing he definitely expect from imperfect people to do perfectly is to Love. I love this so much.

You're doing a great job with this! At your work and here on the website too. So we all need to recharge then give again.

You're doing good! We understand your heart is with all of us from Mel, John, down to every single person tap into this website.

Thank you! It's like oxygen mask on the plane, parents always put theirs on first children second, too you have to make sure you take care of yourself first, then we all benefit from your knowledge of this disease.

Sorry this is kind of long :)


8:31:16 PM
Hello Folks

Here is some supporting medical evidence I came across that explains why I have always told you that posting on your progress helps you heal. It also supports that as you get well, coaching others on how to work the protocol will promote your own continued remission.

I was introduced today to the term "therapeutic alliance." It was presented within a radio discussion to inform patient populations of the value it brings to those dealing with "chronic" disease. It simply describes the notion that treatment protocols addressing chronic conditions should fundamentally include having someone to talk with and to participate with in their disease.

Could it be that this alliance with others may be what is missing from those that do not get well? Could it possibly be that to share your recovery and to choose to remain active and available to this forum is the magic potion that is needed?

Now you have categorical proof found in this doctrine of Therapeutic Alliance. Surely, as I have suggested many times, this is something for you to think about.



4:09:06 AM
Hello folks.

It’s been a while since I last posted so I thought I should provide an update. Let me start with my head and move down. I no longer need to aggressively shampoo with tea tree soap and sulfur soap. I use a chemical free herbal shampoo. For a best practice, I do continue to spray my head with Kleen Green as a preventative measure. I will occasionally feel a very slight tingling sensation in the Galea (crown of the scalp,) but nothing more. I have a normal full head of hair folks. Something more worth noting is that even my eyebrows are close to being fully grown again.

The skin on my neck, my shoulders and my back is normal. My chest, stomach, thighs, calves and feet remain symptom free. The purple scarring from the cords around my ankles has even disappeared. My left arm remains symptom free with normal hair. My right forearm no longer has the raised lines of hardened cysts, but does still display regular episodes of inflammation with pimpling. Black hair like fibers do still extend and then retreat within these inflammation cycles. I also see cyclical pronounced striae (irregular areas of skin that look like stretch marks) on the underside of my biceps (upper arms.) These sometimes remind me to do incline push ups in order to retard muscle atrophy. A good motivator at my age to work out, no?


There are no more swollen lymph nodes, gastritis, skin rashes, fasciculations (muscle twitching), headaches, abdominal pain, and tender subcutaneous nodules in the extremities. There are no episodes of chills or fever. Blood pressure remains consistent at 129 over 68, with a resting pulse around 70. I consider these to be remarkable numbers for a 62 year old.

Anger and obsessive-compulsive behaviors are gone. However, I continue to experience cyclical bouts of anxiety and depression. Again, these usually arrive during a cycle of inflammation in my right forearm. There is also some fatigue during these.

There you have it. All good news for you. I continue to take the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol and the Lyme extension kit. Like Mel, I just see wisdom in this as the means to remain in significant remission and in an overall state of good health. Praise and honor is given to Christ for this gift that Logos delivers. "Thank you John B."

God’s discernment does keep me mindful to acknowledge the chronic nature of co infection together with the daily challenges that must be addressed to keep my remission intact. I call it healthy living. But I am verifiable proof that God is faithful and that the miracle of God’s promise has delivered me from my disease.


I am still working on an immune pulse post where I will inform you about the role that it played in getting me over the cysts in the forearm. I am fully persuaded that the immune pulse was necessary. I consider it a huge tool for those that face issues with Lyme, Bartenella, Erlichia, and other related spirochete infection, as is obviously the case with me.

Stay the course, folks. Trust in God. Remain active learning and sharing here. Always remember that Morgellons does not surrender quickly or without a fight, so stay patient. Make the bible your best friend and remain in a constant conversation with God. If you do, as with me, his promise to you is that “this too shall pass!” I love you guys.

I invite you all to join Mel for Coffee Tea and Me. I am almost always there to lend a hand.


3:51:46 AM

Your posts are always so encouraging. It's truly amazing how far you've come! I appreciate you thoroughly documenting all of your symptoms throughout this thread. Every time I have a new strange symptom, I come straight here to "see if Peter had it", lol. And just seeing how you stayed the course and made it through helps me to know that I can, too :)

I also appreciate your advice to stay calm. It's so true how important this is.

Take care,


3:09:51 AM
Hello Everybody

First, "thank you Amy." I am always happy when I read that my posts are helpful.

The Bible is where lies the veiled answers to your questions....

I do not often make the theme of my posts of a religious nature. That is because I believe that a secular message will likely reach a more widespread audience, so more might then gain. I am going to step aside from that today to ask those of you reading this a simple, yet profoundly important question.

"Do you want to be delivered from this disease or do you want to know the deliverer?"

I ask you this because I know that seeking the deliverer is wherein lies both the purpose and the cure. If God's word were studied as it should be, those afflicted would find, as I have, a breadth of mind and a stability of purpose that lights the individual path to remission.

I have known this since my second baptism, early in my journey. Biblical literacy delivered how to see our disease for what it is. It is where I found the real answers about Morgellons Syndrome and why I have often written for you to make the bible your best friend. All the pieces of the Morgellons mystery are there. In His word are all treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

When I was sick, every time I Opened the Holy Book I found answers and guidance. My battle evolved and I was able to remove a veil of deceit to discover and then prescribe the healing force contained in reading it. I chose daily to go in and draw this out, and I got well. Pretty amazing, no?

Choosing to know the deliverer will actualize the healing force which "He" has already given to each of you. This is the true measure of the great physician. Just go in, draw it out, trust in it, and await for "Him" to fulfill the promise.

I love you guys,


12:06:15 PM

God is good and prayers are being answered!

I got a surprise package this week from Logos with my first month's protocol!!

I was so happy that I can't put it into words. My friend was able to get his church to pay for the month to get me started with a couple extras.

Can you help me get started?

I have from Logos, regular support kit, extension kit, monolaurin and parabolish. I also received the Sovereign Silver and MMS.

I have read your protocol page but I would just love to check in with you and make sure what I take and what I wait on until next month.

I have yet to hear back from my application from the He Cures All foundation on whether I made the waiting list. I so hope they find in my favor, if even just for 1 or 2 months until I am back in the work world,

Hope this finds you well and happy,


4:09:41 AM
Hello Folks

Mel...can you respond to Jamie? Thank you.

Here is wisdom from Dr. David Jeremiah. I dedicated myself to it while recovering. When I look back upon myself as I was then, I see the purpose to adversity. I hope it will serve you well when you are deeply challenged to find the strength to continue to fight. It certainly did me.

"You must practice being joyful in adversity by remembering the gifts that adversity brings: Wake up to these hidden gifts."

Adversity promotes growth in our lives. Somehow, I got through the tormented times by clinging to the notion that there was something special to be gained through the adversity I faced with MD. Then, I learned how the Apostle Paul saw his imprisonment as maturing him in Christ. Meaningful coincidence unfolded. I felt stronger.

Adversity prepares us to see life and death in perspective. Believe me, I was dying when I began this protocol. This made things get very clear and very real. Then, I learned that from prison Paul declared: to live is Christ, to die is gain. Boy, contemplate that in the midst of spiraling towards death. Meaningful coincidence again unfolded.

Lastly, Adversity promotes the progress of the Gospel, which is simply "spreading the good news." The good news here is that you get well. Paul said his imprisonment in Rome actually contributed to the furtherance of the Gospel. We all further truth through adversity.

Find strength in the adversity. It's a big part of it, and you must accept it to succeed. God did a work in me through this disease. I know that it was purposeful. Value adversity. This is purposeful.

I love you guys!


3:24:57 PM
Hi Peter,

Thank you for the advice and clarification yesterday. I appreciate it more than you could ever know! Today my PH is staying where it is suppose to be!!!

Thanks again and God bless :)

1:45:37 AM
Hello Folks

I wanted to share the contents of a recent email generated from Logos Nutritionals. It describes significant new information about the efficacy (capacity for producing a desired result or effect; effectiveness)of their Fitcose 1C formula for blood sugar support.

I wanted to make sure this was available to people who may not subscribe to Logos. It can be viewed as uniquely substantial and pretty remarkable. The contents of the email is as follows (see below):

Board Certified Functional Medicine Doctor Praises FitCose 1C

Dear Friends,

I received this product feedback letter today from Dr. John Abell who is gathering clinical experience with FitCose 1C, our breakthrough Blood Sugar Support formula. Dr. Abell, one of only 500 Board Certified Functional Medicine Specialists in the country, is a brilliant physician and a loyal and valued client who uses our products (and many others) to transform lives through his cutting edge medical practice in Albany Georgia. If you have complex medical issues no one else understands, he is your man:

Dear Mr. Burgstiner,

I have been using Fitcose 1C in my practice for close to a year now, and together with appropriate dietary restrictions, it has become an invaluable clinical tool for helping to support patients with blood sugar related health issues. Typically we have seen A1C reductions of 1.0 - 1.2% in patients taking Fitcose daily for three months. This is highly significant as it represents a reduction of average blood glucose levels of 15-20%. Equally impressive, we often see significant improvement in their lipid profiles as well.

Congratulations to Logos Nutritionals for producing one of the most effective nutraceuticals I have seen in a long time. I will continue to provide you with feedback as we gather more clinical experience.




3:11:31 AM
Hello Everybody

Looking back....Things that I wrote to myself.... Please enjoy them. They are given here for you to see where my thoughts were back then.

From my Journal.....

NOV. 2014

ENTRY..."Morgellons is infection. I will call it Borrelia dermatitis, or Lyme expressing with skin issues. Carnicom convinces me that Morgellons is a self filamenting cross domain bacteria that actually grows from a single cell into a new life form."

ENTRY..."It is highly acidic and highly magnetic. It communicates using quorum sensing. It expresses symmetrically on both sides of the body at the same time. It loads in Acupuncture reflex points and along Langer Lines. Nothing mysterious, because there are other known classes of bacteria that have similar properties. It fits!"

DEC. 2014

ENTRY..."It is much more of a plant than a bug. The fibers act as a rooting network that favors ligature where it can utilize collagen and keratin, the building blocks of hair, nails, and skin. Again, nothing mysterious. It demonstrates rapid growth and I am persuaded that it moves within the lymph while depositing biofilm and fruiting pods (spores.) Degrade and eliminate the roots (FIBERS) and you return to normal. This is curable!"

Journals are compelling to look back upon, no?



1:39:09 AM
Hello Folks

"I hope you are all succeeding in your journey back to health."

One habit that recovery demands is budgeting and buying necessities differently. During recovery, I tended towards buying things with a designated life time for replacement. With all the demands of recovery and very little money, this was the only way to meet the needs.

With clothes, I must budget to buy new clothes twice a year, one shopping session for summer clothes, one for winter clothes. I went to Khols this past weekend on a hunch. In a separate men's section, I saw a clearance rack loaded with very nice shirts and pants.

I found several items at 80% off. They were all the right size. Bottom line, I bought $600 dollars in new clothing for around $80 dollars. I never shopped this way until I had to as part of getting well. Quite an "eye opener."

I hope you look for and then find great joy in hidden opportunity like this. Our journey back to health can lead us to wonder in a realization of past behavior now replaced. The deep surrender does eventually shed light on how new behaviors bring us to live a more wiser way! Then we see clearly the little miracles happening in our lives.

Luke 10:23... Then He turned to His disciples and said privately, “Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see."



7:46:15 PM

Talk about coincidences; My sister and I were walking around Belk's Department store (similar to Kohl's) and I found a 50-75% off rack. I took what I thought to be a $12 shirt to the register to find it was only $5 dollars. I looked up and whispered "Thank You GOd!"

I appreciate you helping to put some normalcy back into our lives. Thank you for sharing these small miracles!

In Christ Love,
Sue L

1:57:43 AM
Hello Peter

I have loved your story.
I sat down this afternoon, with my rooibus tea and read from start to finish.

It is amazing and made me feel great and further inspired. I am 62 and have had this for a while. It is a lonely place in NZ with this disease and Mel and John also have been great to me.

I have aligned the protocol as best as i can here as of course we can't import the Logos. I am at 8 drops of MMS at present and Day 170 on the protocol.

I loved all the posts of yours and actually feel more grounded from them.

This is the first time i have posted and am at the early stages really. i am working full time and am sooo lucky there is the odd bit of glide time (I work in behavior around the schools and it is a bit of a stress to say the least).

Anyway although i have read widely on this site i just felt motivated to comment. thank you for your dedication to the posts.

You do not know when your words and to whom you are lightening the load.

4:00:29 AM
Dear Sue

"Thank you" for your kind words of acknowledgement. It brings me joy to know that reading my journey has helped you. I started this thread in the hope that it would help people like you that came behind me. So your telling me that it helped you assures me that it is doing what I had intended.

May God bless you with restoration and renewed health. This is most certainly the way back!

In His Love,

8:34:06 PM
Hallo Peter.

We have never "met" but when God led me here in april/may 2016 Mel/s story and yours were the first things I found,
It took me a while to digest more than a few lines at a time but the more I read the greater comfort I found.

I had been drinking Roobush tea for years and found you did too. A little link- but there were more. All the things that I know now were morgs/ lyme or whatever you had too.
I still have the scars of those first bites on my ankles!
Your posts have given me the will to go on struggling when I would just rather have given up.

"Courage and Confidence" was my school motto.

I never had much of either but this illness has enabled me to battle on because I just couldn't manage life with morgs and the lonely misery of it.

You, John and Mel are my three wise men to whom I shall always be grateful

I found my faith again through this disease and this site and I truly value your knowledge, insight and your goodness.

Thank you and God Bless you all.

3:59:00 AM
Hello Marie

"Thank you" for lifting me up. I have seen you respond by posting words of encouragement and wisdom time after time to others in this forum. This is a wonderful thing that you do. It shows how much you care. You are a blessing and we are all very fortunate to know you.


2:18:41 AM
Hello Folks

Hello Folks

I was sitting here lining up and scheduling wellness protocol nutrient support and I had an interesting experience I want to share. I lined them up by sub category in an effort to investigate a different way to classify the individual product support....kind of a thought experiment . What resulted follows. I think you will find it thought provoking as there is truth in it.

Line them up like behind the other.Thymic is for overall metabolic support...Magnifical is for bone and muscle health...Liver CS strengthens the liver and restores detoxification and elimination pathways...Ubinal CQ10 supports cellular metabolism and cellular energy....Magnificyne reduces and regulates systemic inflammation and reduces unhealthy fibrous tissue....Essential Digestion and Essential Flora support and stimulate digestion and restore the microbiome of the gut...Essential Omegas support the kidney and support brain health.

Count them down. You get seven physiological provisions where they deliver adequate support. Pretty comprehensive protocol, no? Hope you had fun listing them in this way. It surely identifies and assures every important physiological need is being met. The science is sound, folks!

In His Love,

Laura (aunt)

9:16:50 AM

Thank you for making it easier to understand the importance each component of our supplements play in restoring our health. I can honestly say although I know the combination and timing to take the supplements; I never really knew the specifics of what each was helping.

The information you listed makes sense to me and further validates the research behind our protocol. This is why people must stay with this community in order to overcome this disease. This protocol is based on facts from years of research!

In Christ Love,

6:37:33 AM
Thank you so much for spelling it all out for everyone. This protocol is so amazing, but it is important for each of us, and those who follow us, to know why we are putting this in our bodies and how it all works. You explanation is great!!

Thanks again,
Julie B

4:01:20 PM

I have listened to the conference call, "Painting Pictures with Peter" several times. Thank you for explaining in a way that's easy to understand.

We are truly "fearfully and wonderfully made"!

You obviously enjoy researching, because your excitement comes through so well when you explain what you have learned.

And I am thankful for that because science was never my strong suit.

It is hard to be patient. It seems like it takes so long to get well. But I was thinking about what you said, that we have 23 trillion cells in our bodies. It seems to take about a year on average to get well.

That means that our bodies are making or healing about 63 billion cells EVERYDAY to get well in a year. Wow!

No wonder we need so much rest! When I think about it that way, it seems unbelievable that it could be possible so soon. Thinking about it that way has caused me to feel much more patient.

My body with the Lord's help is doing all the work. My job is to follow the protocol, do my daily work and WAIT!

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Psalm 40:31 KJV

I also wanted to tell you that I've missed you not being on the conference calls that last few weeks. I know you are very busy, but I hope you can make the next one!

You are loved and needed here, Peter!

1:05:05 PM

Laura...Glad it helped.

I was actually pointing out what each of the Logos products does for my friend and barber as he was preparing to cut my hair. He too mentioned how comprehensive he found the explanation. He is now considering beginning the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol himself.


Good to hear from you! You have always given me great feedback and I am grateful to you for that. I am also glad that it was useful to you.

Julie B.

"Thank you" for your kind words of encouragement. I am honored. I love that you pointed out about how we must realize and then accept why it takes time to restore the internal bio terrain. This is important for others to understand and embrace.

Scripture clearly points out that in the end times lovers of God will be lovers of the truth. One truth I would like to share with you and the greater community is that I am quite well and remain in remission from Morgellons. With that said, it is my hope that future opportunities to serve here unfold. Take care and be well!

In His Love,


9:29:14 AM
Peter my brother in Christ
I just wanted to say thank you for all that you bring to this community and sharing all your knowledge, love, and support for all of us. You where there for me at the weakest time of my life. You continue to share the purest form of love, support, and knowledge that is so unconditional.

Mel's protocol, you, John, and Glen have been such a God sent team for us all.

( Ecc4:9)
I pray that God will continue to use yall for this purpose and this ministry. We must fight the enemy at all times and continue to supply His fruits of labor together to not only to help many defeat this disease but also to bring those to Christ whom we all need.

Thank you again for bringing so much knowledge and truth in understanding this horrific disease. We all have had so many questions and concerns throughout the healing process. So blessed to have all the encouragement through Gods work and His Word.

All the chapters of my life have not been written. God is not only redeeming my past and blessing my present, He is also FAVORING my future!
There are things happening in my future for my good that I can't see right now BECAUSE MY GOD IS ALREADY THERE! When the time comes HE will put me in front of the right people, places and circumstances to bring FAVOR and BLESSING to my life! So even during the times the conditions don't match who I am, because of God's grace and love I AM BLESSED AND MY CONDITIONS DON'T DEFINE ME. GOD AND GOD'S WORD ALONE DEFINES ME! My life is marked by the kingdom; RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE and JOY in the Holy Spirit! I am blessed to be a blessing!"

"Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord..." (Psalm 31:24)
In Love
Your Sister in Christ

7:50:07 PM
Hello Folks

Here is an excerpt from of an article I came across in the Spiritual Care Association. It represents why I have come to so strongly believe in what I call
"treating through spirit."

By the middle of the 20th century, modern medicine was firmly anchored in science and developing technologies and had completely negated the role that religion and spirituality played in the health of people. However, there was gradual awareness among medical practitioners that, with all the advances in modern medicine, some aspect of care was being missed. Medicine, in fact, accepted very little input from patients and their families in treatment
planning, once they consented to treatment. Patients were viewed as little more than passive receivers of medical interventions. The medical establishment, it was felt, had become dehumanized.


The 1990s saw the emergence of literature that reexamined the role of religion and spirituality in patient care. While there is no unanimous agreement, the preponderance of the literature suggests that both concepts are important for patients and play a role in health behaviors, compliance with medical treatments, provision of social support and coping with their illness. Indeed, there is growing consensus that the study of the interplay between
spirituality and medicine is here to stay. This is particularly true in the United States where
spirituality and religion have been central to the lives of millions of Americans.

Hope you now see more clearly how important our faith becomes towards us fully recovering.

Laura (aunt)

6:58:33 PM
Dear Peter,

Thank you for reminding us of this truth. Too often we get caught up in the "poor me" routine. When this happens, we forget to pray and then HAVE FAITH.

Recently a friend told me about a family dealing with a child that had cancer. She was helping them holistically while encouraging constant prayer. They were already a spiritual family and not only did they pray; they had FAITH.

When the family went back to the doctor about six months later, they could not find any evidence of the cancer. It was completely gone. FAITH!

Thank you again for the reminder of having Faith as we continue this journey.

In Christ Love,

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