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Agent B1

9:50:15 AM

This was lovely to read, Karen and very nice to reflect on!

Today I thank you for all the posts that I have read and am very appreciative of the thought you put into each one---every word. Encouragement is a skill.

It is a gift to write and be able to inspire. I am immensely thankful for your words and the words of our community which help me endure and move forward.

As I move forward, because going 'backwards' is not an option, I do lament over things that were---
However, if not for this protocol, encouragement from many of you-including the Mel Man, and reading these posts, I really don't know where I would be at this point in my life.

Saturday conference calls, and Sunday prayer are added gifts.

Each time you post Karen, you 'give' wonderful, vivid descriptions which allow me to share what is going on in your life, connect it with mine, and encourage me to be strong too. Thank you again! This helps me.

"God is in the details." ---Ludwig Van Der Rhoe.

Love you all,
Agent B1

3:23:44 PM

Hi Anna, Micky and Donna,

Thank you all so much for your kind feedback.

Anna...the timing of my writing this along with your redo of your office is (to me) one of those nods from Above. There's lots of hard stuff we have to deal with, but sometimes there can be little spots of happiness here and there in our days. Be sure and take a pic to post on this thread when you get your tea corner set up. are obviously one of what my daughter would call my "tribe." Tuesday Morning is better than a decadent dessert (almost). It's a pretty inexpensive way to indulge in a little "retail therapy" if you need a pick me up. I like their mugs especially...and they're pretty cheap too.

Oh...and I'd LOVE to say I have hair down my back but, sadly, that isn't my real hair ( no one has figured THAT one out yet). I was at a friend's 50th birthday party and everyone was supposed to wear a wig. I chose long and blonde with a pink flower perched on top. My real hair is blonde...but it's cut just above my shoulders. At one time I was having a great deal of trouble with my wasn't growing very much and it was getting brittle and breaking off, but Mel's cold water treatment is just the best. It really works and my (real) hair just looks SO much better now...lots of new growth and no longer breaking off.

Speaking of the cold water treatment...I just laugh so much at Mel when he starts talking about how great his hair is. He really loves his hair, and he should...because he's put in the time and has done the cold water treatment since he was 14. just cracks me up so much when he starts going on and on about how great his hair much that sometimes I start singing the "I'm too sexy" song to him...but I use the word "hair" on every line. He laughs...but actually, he's not kidding about his IS remarkable and such a beautiful color of silver. so get it about the house situation. As a matter of fact, you're the only person I know who has done as much (or maybe more) of renovations as I have. I wish we'd have found each other as friends before we got sick and could still go at top speed on projects. We could've compared notes, and it would have been better than HGTV!

I know you're feeling so much better now, and what a great idea to start with a small project.
I actually dove back into my projects again a couple of months ago with a closet project. I finished out my closet and then got rid of SO much stuff. It felt so wonderful! To me...deecluttering an area or arranging something pretty in a corner or on a nightstand, etc. just to have something new and fresh to enjoy just lifts my spirits. This disease takes so much from us...and not feeling like working on my house (or where ever I end up living) is like losing my identity. I'm so very thankful to begin to have some of my old energy back again, and I thank God for the protocol and all the support of this community to have gotten me this far.

Speaking of houses...there are three guys working on my house as I write this, and they are so professional and detail oriented...they are painting every single surface inside and out, and I can't wait to stage it. At last I'm feeling better enough to do some projects like this, and it's just the BEST feeling in the world! Now the trick is to get it sold and find some place else to live that I love that's smaller and more manageable without going into an emotional melt down because of selling my house. Lol...I need to just over it though...this is nothing compared to what we've all gone through in this that should put things in perspective.

Ok...I did it again...lots of words but lots I wanted to share.



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