How I Cured Morgellons

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6:51:14 PM

Hi Jen,

I'm sorry you have been afflicted with this disease, but so, so happy you found this site. You WILL find the help you need here to get informed and well. It will take a while to figure it all out and to realize that it is the real thing, but once you follow the protocol and "the sum of the parts" you will begin to get better.

I will tell you that I have been on the protocol for 12 months now, but to this very day, I still can't believe this actually happened to me and my family. Please know that we all understand and we are all here to help you.

Talk to Mel and start your journey to wellness.

All my best!
Kelly :)

2:42:42 AM

Hi Jen

I also want to extend greetings and welcome you here. Jenny has told you the truth. This is the place that holds the hope and support you need right now. We only focus on the cure here. Follow Jenny's advice and you will learn how to find all the useful information available on this site. E-mail Mel and he will reach out to you.

People are getting well here, Jen. God and this protocol does deliver the healing you seek. Star reading the forum posts and you will discover the journeys of those of us that are well again!

Strength and Love,

9:27:49 PM

Hi Jen!

I just read your post and thought you were typing for me! Our stories are similar, as I started the same month/year and I too was afraid to spend the holidays with may Dad... or any family. I have bites everywhere as well.

Today was my first conference call and it was so worth it! I know I've only been in this battle five months, although it feels like twelve, hearing everyone's story today was proof we're not crazy AND it gives me hope.

No matter the circumstance... I say it's only temporary!!
Hang in there Lady!

Jenny S

1:21:43 PM

Hi Jen,

You have found the right place for help. I have had md since September 2016 and got on Mel's protocol December 19, 2016. After 3 months+ I am beginning to stabilize and feel much better than when I started. I have a long road ahead, but seeing improvement does so much for the psyche.

I strongly encourage you to read the home page and particularly the faq section. After that, start reading through the content of the website and listen to the conference calls. If you can, schedule a one on one call with Mel.

You can get answers to your questions and work through the confusion. You have found a wonderful community of support and encouragement here. I will be praying for you, Jen, as you begin this journey.

Jen **

12:08:01 PM

Please can someone help me!

I've had these since Nov.2016, I spent Christmas all alone because I did'nt want my Dad getting It.

I have bites all over. I don't know what these are.

Doctors think I am crazy.

Please help

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