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How I Cured Morgellons

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3:11:48 PM

Just wanted to add,

lately my skin has been more irritated than ever. Feels a lot like when I first started the protocol , i'm not sure if it's stress related or just because I'm on antibiotics? I have been using pure aloe vera along with vitamin E oil this is helped with the stinging and burning.

Mel always says to get plenty of rest and try to stay stress free, now I know why. Hope this works and hope everyone gets plenty of rest with no stress.

Read your Word .. He gives us only what we can handle, what we can't give it to Him

1:48:02 PM

Know your not alone.

I'm sure all of us has felt alienated at some point I don't understand what all of this that is coming out of us but know that it gets better as long as you're taking the protocol .

I learned a very valuable lesson Peter told me try not to focus a look at all of the things that are coming out of us.

Just like Mel has always told me it does get better .

Once I thought I was turning into a jellyfish because my hair was very slimy . The thing that help me the most was being consistent are used a lot of head and shoulders, soaked my head in vinegar bathes.

None of this was good for me but I did not know what to do . Having very sensitive skin to begin with ,I finally found this soap called Black.
It is a medicated cleansing bar for sensitive skin it. Is an African black soap can be use for eczema psoriasis are any needs for com clear and healing skin it is high pathetic medicine hypo allergenic dermatology tested . There are many name brands but I use the one from Walmart it is Shea Moisture.

For my hair I used olive oil shampoo and conditioner therapy it's in the same section. My scalp healed very soon after being on the protocol but I am still having some issues and sometimes with my skin .

Within time I know we will heal I just asked God's patients and comfort through all of your bad days.

Stay strong and don't let these toxic diseases defeat us!

God blesses those who bless others

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