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11:59:50 AM

Hi Leslie,

YOU are becoming an inspiration to all of us!

I've been around for a while and one thing I've learned is that people who are as dedicated as you are WILL succeed. I know you're dedicated from a number of things, but mostly from what I heard in your voice on the first time you came to a Sunday call.

You were SO had steel in your voice. I thought back to the point in time I was where you were...and I was sniveling in a corner and feeling 100% sorry for myself...and I'm not all that much of a weakling...but my point is, this disease can knock any of us to our knees. However...everything you said on your very first call expressed strength and determination...and I think we all heard it and felt so impressed. The beginning is one of the most difficult times to be strong. The realization that you have this disease is nothing less than terrifying...but you were fully present and in control of yourself...facing it like a warrior already.

I've had grand kids the last couple of weeks and haven't posted, but I've read everything on my phone on the fly. One of our little adventures was to go see the new movie out "Incredibles 2" was SO good. The mom (Elasta-Girl) is such a hero...she does it all and doesn't give up even though all of the bad guys come at her at once. As silly as this sounds, it made me think of this disease in all of it's manifestations of frightening symptoms, not to mention the head games that we endure from family, friends, and the medical community from it not being recognized by the CDC. All of these things are the "bad guys" coming at us all at once and it takes strength we didn't even know we had to handle it.

It's not so much physical strength we need...because that kind of strength will ebb and flow with's mental strength...and THAT'S what will make all the difference.

Dealing with all of this takes the mental strength of Elasta-girl (Leslie already) or Mr. Incredible (Thomas) to hang in there and not give in to despair.

It's so wonderful that you are really doing EVERYTHING you can to move forward. Reading this site, listening to past conference calls, participating in conference calls and prayer on Sunday...and posting.

All of these things are key to the path to wellness. The reading and listening will give you valuable information, and becoming connected with the group will give you the emotional support that is so needed for all of us.

Eradicating a toxic disease is a lengthy can be done for sure...there is no doubt, and there is a multitude of evidence to prove it on this site... from the written and spoken words of those who have done it.'s a long road...and so easy to become discouraged, get tired, give up, think there is something else out there that's a "quick fix," think "maybe this'll work for others, but not me" (Laura said that once, and I think that echos what we all feel from time to time), and then give in to one of the worse things any of us can do...becoming isolated and just trying to tough it out on our own.

That is a bad idea for many reasons, but primarily because being alone with our thoughts combined with the symptoms of a toxic disease is a recipe for a lot of needless discouragement and anxiety. are so smart to become involved early on, and we are so glad to have you!

Thank you for the congrats for Mel and me. We are a work in progress. I live in Texas and have some hoops to jump through before I could make a move to Reno which is 1800 miles away. To make the move, I have to have some work done on my house and then sell it...I have to get my retirement in order...several things must happen before Mel and I could reside under the same roof. Moving forward in this direction might even take a year or two, but that's a good thing because we are learning more and more about each other as time unfolds. this point in time, we remain a couple and both understand that working toward these kinds of life changes takes time. sounds bad, but it was really about him not wearing himself out to prepare for my visit. I'm going over there to help him pack for his move to a new home...not to be entertained and waited on hand and foot...and Mel tends to be the Host with the Most and will go to great lengths to cook and clean (even more than he usually does which is almost OCD) and then get so tired. This is a "working visit" but we'll both be so happy to spend some time together.

Ok...enough of my rambling. Point are doing everything right...and just like you said..."Due Diligence is KEY!" You have MUCH to look forward to.



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