How I Cured Morgellons

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1:06:15 PM

Hi Laura,

You and Cassandra are raising some great questions for which there should be concrete answers, but so far there are not for a number of reasons that we won't waste time lamenting here.

Unlike Lyme and its well known common confections, however, there is no consensus in the scientific community as to what causes Morgellons or if it even exists for that matter.

We do know that a large percentage of patients who suffer from symptoms associated with Morgellons test positive for Lyme and/or related confections. Likewise, we know that a large percentage of Morg patients suffer with fungal overgrowth and/or chronic mold exposure.

Significant private and/or government resources would need to be expended in order to sort out all of these relationships, and until the financial opportunities related to doing so outweigh the socio-political reasons not to, we are left with the obvious conclusion that regardless of what the causative relationships are, restoring and maintaining our bio terrain is critical to surviving and even thriving in these last days.

So take comfort in the knowledge that you are on the right track. We need to keep pressing for answers from the powers that be while managing the risks we are exposed to as best we can.

I am thankful for the opportunity to help you do just that. Blessings to you and yours in the new year!

Love Always,


8:09:27 AM

Hi cassandra,
I too have lyme and bartonella and EBV and candida and morgellons. And to be honest I'm not sure what else is there in the mix, possibly babesia.
I developed morgellons after being bitten by bird mites but had candida previously and possibly had lyme before I got morgellons.
The basic protocol as well as the lyme extention kit should be very helpful in helping you fight the different illnesses. Maybe email John at Logos for any other information if you want to target specific pathogens?
Laura, yes the majority of people with lyme dont develop morgellons, but a percentage do. We don't know yet why some get it, some dont.
Many people with morgellons have lyme and co infections as well as mold and candida issues.
Many of us have different pathogens that we need to fight like bartonella, epstein Barr virus, mrsa.
It likely took years for our immune systems to become so weak that morgellons was able to take hold.
The F1000 research paper by Peter mayne and colleagues called morgellons borrorelial dermatitis as they found the lyme spirochette in the lesions of the people they tested with morgellons.
They likened it to bovine digital dermatitis where cattle are getting infected by an illness that causes black specks to appear on their hooves and lyme like symptoms.
Apparently, Dr Randy Wymore has discovered the black specks we produce are made of keratin and collagen. It is not known why we produce them.
Is it an immune response?
Mold and fungus is definitely involved in morgellons. We have a good response with anti fungals internally and externally.
Agrobacterium has been found in the lesions of morgellons patients. Now, Agrobacterium is usually found in decaying plant matter.
So... As many of us are infected re gardening, direct contact with the soil or bites from insects who have a direct contact to the soil..
Something very strange is infecting the insects, animals and us from the soil. Why would a human have a bacteria that was only previously found in plant matter. What is happening?
Is it chem trails? Pesticides? Cross contamination? What's in our soil?
We still have so much to learn about morgellons, what causes it.
Meanwhile, we focus on getting our bioterrian as healthy as we can.

12:42:16 PM

I also have lyme and mold exposure, i wanted to know exactly if morgellons are a part of the lyme or the mold? I know there are alot of people infected with lyme and bartonella yet they dont have morgellon? If you can elaborate on this i will appreciate it.


10:31:24 AM

Hi Cassandra,

I also have Lyme & Bartonella along with EBV. I also have Morgellons.

The Morgellons led me to why I had been sick for 10 years....Lyme Disease.

I am on Mel's Protocol along with Buhner's Herbal Protocol for Lyme. I have not had an issue but that doesn't mean someone else won't.

There is another huge issue when you're infected with Lyme that needs to be addressed but I won't gross everyone out here but happy to get together with you by email or Facebook if you'll get me your info.

Glad you're here!

Mel and Logos has been my savior and by far the best protocol anywhere and it works!
Cassandra **

10:52:55 AM

Hi there ,

I wanted to ask everyone if its possible to have these infections co-existing Morgellons.

I have chronic Lyme as well so i wanted to use certain herbs to target these two infections, but i'm still on the protocol .

I'm really not sure what to do :(

Please give me your advice.


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