How I Cured Morgellons

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Laura (aunt)

8:40:41 AM

Dear Deanna,

You said it perfectly; WOO HOO! Thank you for once again sharing your light! You are such a blessing to this community and I pray God continues to restore your health!

I agree with your truth about the people who all play such an important role in our recovery. To me it is like making sure your bucket has no holes in it as you begin to fill it with water. In order for our healing to begin we make sure there are no holes in our process. This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Protocol = physical, Leaders and Community = emotional, GOD = spiritual!

Congratulations my beautiful sister in Christ. You understood the true meaning of "The Sum of ALL Parts"
God Bless you as you continue forward....the finish line is calling your name loud and clear!

Love In Christ,

9:19:28 PM

Hello my fellow warriors,

I am rejoicing in the fact that I've been battling a cold/flu for 5 days now, as that means this AMAZING protocol is working and it has returned my immune system to the "operational" status that God intended it to be!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Thank you Jesus my one true savior, Mel the man, John the supplement King, my coach Peter, AND each and EVERY member, past, present and future of this community for bringing me to where I am today.... Battling a cold/flu vs full blown Lyme/Morgellons!!!

I "definitely" have something extra special to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and EVERY day and I was reminded of that today with this beautiful message!!! Soooooo grateful I never gave up and soooo prayerful you won't either!!!!!

Peace, Love & MANY Thanksgiving Prayers, to each of you and your beautiful families!!!!!

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