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Linda A

8:10:20 PM

Hello Everyone,

This is a little background and why I believe with all my heart that this protocol works, and why Mel needs and deserves to be paid forward for all that he does.

If it weren't for Mel who contracted Morgellons and became very ill, he would not have searched for the cure, the amazing manufacturers and this protocol and he promised God that if he got better he would do everything that he could to help others.

And help he has . . . he has not only been cured by following the exact protocol (diet, vitamins, research) but has helped countless others to regain their health and to be able to return to a normal life once again. He has tirelessly given his time, his finances, his prayers under a lot of stressful situations of his own.

He has been here for us and those to come after us will have the same opportunities if everyone could just give what they can to Mel's Go Fund Me Account., buy some great "One-on-One Coaching", and support the HCAF (He Cures All Foundation). Every little bit helps and it is the best way to to help Mel to be able to continue his mission to serve God and to follow his heart.

Every little bit helps and it is the best way to to help Mel to be able to continue his mission to serve God and to follow his heart.

He truly loves the people he helps and is loved so very much in return.

There are testimonies and stories on this website alone with advice, recipes, etc. You only need to ask and someone will help with the answer as everyone here has been through it. This website is invaluable to so many of us who are trying to regain their health.

Morgellons is not to be taken lightly. It is real and it is frightening. I have been sick for 12 years.

I found Mel's website about 5 years ago after trying just about everything out there. Mel helped me with not only the protocol but calling me and also Gave me the opportunity to talk to others directly and on the forum.
I was able to hear how Amber's little boy was cured of cancer, the stories of Peter, Justin, Bill, and so many others who regained their health.

I got better and felt better than I probably ever had before. Then due to life's stressors, things beyond my control (mold in my apartment, stressful job, raising a granddaughter, and lots of personal family issues on top of being sick) I had a breakdown and couldn't work any more.

For the last few years I felt like it was hopeless and I would just probably succumb to it all.

I still continued getting on the website at least once a week and just reading and one Sunday listened in on the prayer meeting and Mel called on my phone

I was nervous but excited and I am once again back on the protocol and determined thanks to the He Cures All Foundation and Mel and meeting a wonderful caring sweet group of warriors who are uplifting, caring and getting better.

I am once again thankful for Mel, this website, the manufacturers, the knowledgeable and loving people.
Mel has given all to so many and I know I will get well again because of this.

So please please think of contributing.

This affliction is not going to go away and even if you don't get sick, there may be someone you know and love who may need the help this website offers.
Mel needs our help to continue his journey.

Thank you and may God bless you richly.


Have you ever read this whole thread, go ahead and see what others have said about his tireless willingness to help other's!

10:39:38 AM
Click the picture to begin you're health's restoration

Hi Everybody,

Alexander Pope once penned, "Hope springs eternal in the human breast" and I can't think of a better example of that thought than Mel. If there is one predominant theme of this website, it certainly has to be HOPE. The hope you find here originated in the heart of Mel, the one who began this website.

There is a subheading at the top of the page named "Hope and Inspiration". If you click on that link, it takes you to a page that Mel created specifically to encourage, inspire, and give hope to those afflicted with toxic disease.

If there is a motto for this website, it certainly has to be: "Those who did not give up HOPE got well!"

There is so much HOPE throughout this website!

Since Mel continually gives us hope and support when it comes to fighting this disease, I think it would be great if we would give him hope and support by purchasing one-on-one coaching with Mel and/or donating to Mel's Go Fund Me account.

When you purchase one-on-one coaching with Mel, you have the opportunity to speak privately with Mel by phone or Skype. You can ask him questions about the protocol, your symptoms, or whatever concerns you most in dealing with this disease. You also can call Mel when it is convenient for you, as long as you call within his regular coaching hours.

To purchase coaching with Mel, click on the "One-on-One Coaching" link at the very top, left hand corner of the page. That will take you to a page where you will find more information about coaching and a place to enter your information so that Mel can contact you.

For those who already have purchased coaching, please consider making a donation to Mel's Go Fund Me account. Donating to Mel's Go Fund Me provides him with hope and support, by letting him know that we care about him and the sacrifice he makes to do what is far more than a full time job.

Mel works tirelessly keeping up this site, reading our posts and posting them to the forum, doing the work necessary to keep the He Cures All Foundation going, holding conference calls on Saturdays and prayer and fellowship calls on Sundays, working with the manufacturers, reading and answering emails, working with Margo to make some nice and helpful videos available to us and others. There are so many other things I could add to the list, but you understand that Mel works very hard on our behalf, and he should not have to worry about finances. It's not right.

So once again, please consider purchasing One on One Coaching with Mel, which is sure to be an enormous help to you.

Also consider giving to Mel's Go Fund Me account.

Thank you Mel, for all of the help and encouragement you continue to give me and others through coaching, and for all of the many other things you do to make this a fantastic website and community.

God bless.


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