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12:51:12 PM

Hello all..!!

As I just mentioned in the Fundraising thread, I am a little late with my November donations "but" I am not letting that stop me!!

I just made my "November" Monthly Mel Movement donation today and I hope if you haven't already done so you'll join me now!

Go Fund Me.

Can't imagine where I would be without Mel and this amazing Protocol he sooooooo FREELY shares with others?!?!?

I thank God I don't have to worry about that today and I thank you Mel for your continuous service to the Lord!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,


10:44:14 AM

You deserve so much more. You give so much without asking for anything in return. Thanks for everything you do.

I just gave Mel a birthday gift, via paypal.
This is apart from what I give towards the HE CURES FOUNDATION.

I would like to call on everyone on this forum to please help Mel and donate to the 'Mel movement'. As Karen said, it's sad that he had to ask.

This is the season of giving, please give to this wonderful man. He has given us all so much. He's given us back our health. HEALTH IS WEALTH. He has given you your wealth back.

Go Fund Me.

Thanks for everything Mel

5:31:33 PM


You are a friend to all of us when we need it the most and often when so many others have abandoned us.

Each of us has cried out for help from you in our darkest hour and you have been there for questions asked.

You provide a free service for all of us out of the goodness of your heart year in and year out.

I don't know how you do it...but I don't even want to think where we would all be without you. problem, Friend.

We have your back. I'm only sorry you had to ask.

Look for something on Friday...the eagle must scream first (pay day).

I deeply encourage everyone who reads this post to do the same...a little or a lot...every dollar sent in is always put to the best possible use by this man who is the master of making every cent count.

It's not only Mel's birthday this month, but it's the holiday season as well.

Let's all show him how much we appreciate him and all he does for us all year round.

Go Fund Me.

With warmth and love to all,



3:31:14 AM


You have been an answer to my prayers.

I started the protocol 4 months ago not knowing if I had Morgellons or something else. I had many lesions on my lower legs that I thought were bites from bird mites.

Since beginning your protocol I am slowly starting to get better. Before finding your website I was starting to give up hope. You have been a great blessing to me and I am hoping I can be of help to you.

I would like to ask everyone out there who is reading
this to please help Mel in his time of need.

He is a blessing to all who have this disease.

Go Fund Me.

And remember: Those who do not give up hope, Get Well!

May God Bless You Mel!



10:58:00 AM

I too wanted to encourage others to have a giving heart and express their appreciation to Mel and all that he does for us.

He has been very obedient to the Lord and is dedicated his life and helping others to get well from this horrific toxic disease

He understands what we are all going through and wants to be there for each and everyone of us because he to suffered from this alone.

God had a plan for this website and protocol and Mel is seeing it through so that all of us can benefit in restoring our health. Mel starts very early in the morning and worked diligently all week in seeing that we all have what we need.

Of course he has hardly asks for any financial assistance,
but I feel it is our duty to help as much as we can to relieve Mel from the worry of I’m not making ends meet this month.

Our community can pull together for Mel as we all do for one another.
Please support our Mel and make an early Christmas blessing in donating what God puts in your heart to give. For many years Mel has put towards lots of his money, time, and effort in giving families an extra chance at life.

So please let’s continue to support Mel so that he can help many people to come whom are suffering from Morgellons/Lime, n other toxic diseases.

Go Fund Me.

"In my distress I prayed to the LORD, and the LORD answered me and set me free. The LORD is for me,
so I will have no fear.?” Psalms 118:5-6

Thank you and God bless
Laura (aunt)

7:04:19 PM


I want to thank you for your continued commitment to the members of this community. But most of all, I want to thank you for staying true to our Lord. You once promised Him after you get better, you would devote your life to helping others with MD. You have stayed true to this promise and I am most grateful.

The years of research and dedication that has gone into this ministry is amazing. Each day that you show up, make calls, and reach out to the people in need; you are staying true to the Lord. Again, I am most grateful.

Times are tough for all of us as we battle this disease. But we must remember that without this ministry and its leaders, we would be lost while still searching for answers. Therefore, I encourage any members who are able to give back to this ministry; please do so. I can only imagine where I might be right now if God had not led me here. We truly cannot put a price on restoring our health and ultimately regaining our lives.

Go Fund Me.

Once again, I am most grateful for your commitment to this ministry and our Lord.

In Christ Love,

4:34:38 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

That has been my trademark opening for many years now and hopefully for many years to come.

In the two years of this threads existence, I noticed today as I reread all the beautiful kind posts of others, that I had only made three previous appeals personally.

Unfortunately for me, the fact remains that each month since this post was started I have become terribly uncomfortable having to worry about getting just my basic living expenses met.

So I thought since December is my birth month and I shall be 72 years young, and have served this Community for 9 years now, I feel I have earned the right to ask for just a little help from you all, so that this month I don't have those anxious moments.

I believe I have been a life line for so many people,
I have done everything I could do to help many keep your
anxious moment's to a minimum.

So how about MANY of you, try to help me, not to have
anxiety in my birth month, please give just a little back.

Go Fund Me.

Thanks and God bless,

8:21:42 AM


I am only posting to encourage others to do the same. I made my 'Mel donation' back in Sept for the next 4 months.

Mel does a lot to help everyone without being greedy about his own needs. Please support him in whatever way you can so that he can meet his own needs and keep helping the people on this forum and the people who will join this forum in the near and distant future.

P.S: I give to Mel via paypal with a message 'for Mel'......I prefer paypal.

I'm not a fan of Go Fund Me. Although Mel said he has never ever had a problem with Go Fund Me!

11:15:13 AM

Hello again!!!

As I just posted in the Fundraising thread my October Supplements were delivered on Friday thus I made my "Monthly Movement" donation to the He Cures All Foundation today.

Earlier this month I committed not only to the above but also to the "Monthly Mel Movement" where I will also donate to Mel when my monthly supplements arrive.

My donation I made in early October included the "Monthly Mel Movement" donation for this month but I felt it was important to remind others that if you too can give in this way, please DO consider it!!!

I was recently told that the importance of this website lies in lifting up the ministry and not the man but the bottom line is if there was no man (Mel) there would be no ministry... I for one DO NOT want to see this ministry go away!!!

Go Fund Me.

God Bless You Mel and God Bless all of those who can give, support and pray for both Mel and this WONDERFUL ministry..!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

9:56:42 AM


I loved your post and your idea. I've been contributing to both (He Cures All and Go Fund Me) for several months now. I don't have a lot of extra funds, but it still hasn't come near the money I've spent on false leads, smoke and mirrors, and weird concoctions prior to finding Mel's site.

The information found on this site and from this community has truly been an answer to a prayer...and that's what I hear over and again from everyone else as well. It seems that everyone here has found the site after an end of the rope plea to God for guidance.

It has to be all Divinely inspired because we all seem to have found this site after earnest prayer, and Mel does what he does because of a promise he made to God. I've personally watched him...and he is dogged in his determination to continue to provide the service he does for all of us. There's no getting him off dead center...he will go down fighting to make good on his promise.

However...I hope he doesn't end up having to "go down"...because losing the support of this man and this website would be devastating to so many...and that's actually an understatement.

As often noted, I'm personally involved with Mel. But even if that were not the case, I would offer what I could to this sweetheart of a man who's voice and manner sound like someone who would beat you up with a hockey stick (so opposite of that...but the contrast is pretty entertaining).

What price would any of us give to regain our lives?

I would have sold my soul to get my life back...but with Mel we don't have to...we just have to follow the protocol.

The supplements do require some financial outlay every month...but...what huge bang for the buck! Health care is the wild card for all of can financially devastate anyone...derail the best laid plans...but this protocol will help you restore your overall health...not just from toxic diseases. I've read this from others and heard it said on conference calls over and again.

To me, this is a great investment as it could offset future health care costs that could soar into the unknown if we get sick with almost any kind of ailment.

I've now segued to addressing this illness with the protocol only, and in the last six months since I made that choice, have seen more progress in how I feel, AND improvement in my lab work results, than I had in the year and a half prior where I'd been doing a hit an miss adherence to the protocol and multiple prescription drugs.

This means I'm no longer paying a doctor...except for intermittent visits to get an order for lab work.

I'm no longer paying for prescriptions.

Granted, with insurance, these costs weren't totally out of reach...but my insurance isn't great anymore.
As a matter of fact, it's downright awful. Every year it's costing more and covering less. If it keeps going in this direction (which can only be assumed), it'll soon become downright useless.

The deductibles and co-pays added up fast...and it's safe to say these costs were equivalent to what I now pay for the protocol...and sometimes more if I got sick with something else and needed to go to the doctor.

If I factor in the above plus all the snake oils and pie in the sky I bought prior to finding Mel's site, then this is a drop in the bucket.

With these realities in mind, it seems only fair (at best) and advantageous (for a more personal stake) to offer support to this man who offers support to us all day in and day out even on his days "off" (which are a joke, by the way)...I've watched him on his days "off."

He gets up at 3:00 am and works for about six or seven hours so he'll have time to ride his bike to the grocery store or do some other needed personal errand or task. Every day "off" he tells me he's going to go fishing or get on his raft (there's a lake behind his apartment) and he'll call me back in a couple of hours and say he's not moved from his computer and phone.

Bottom line...he's there for all of us without fail.

Go Fund Me.

We need to do what we can to keep him going.




10:38:02 PM

Hi everyone!

When I first decided to take Mel’s diet and supplement protocol seriously, I did everything I read that I was supposed to do.

I printed out the FAQ’s along with the list of all the daily supplements to be taken and I started listening to past conference and prayer calls.I read as many of the forum posts as I could keep up with.

I have a notebook that I keep important notes that pop out at me from these calls and the forums, I also keep a lists of questions that I have.

I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to call in on the conference and prayer calls. I write the times down, stick post it’s everywhere, set my alarm... anything I can think of to remind me to call in and I look up and I either completely missed the call or I’m across town with grand kids in tow when it is time to call in.
I’m having problems sleeping now but, in the beginning I slept through all the calls. I love it when I do call in and I hate it when I don’t. I don’t understand why I can’t get it together and call in for these most important ways that we communicate with each other. I am happy that they are recorded!

Two months ago I was able to make my first donation to the He Cures All Foundation and pay for one on one coaching with Mel.

Just 4 months on the supplements and eating an alkaline diet and my body is already beginning to heal.
I don’t know how long it will take for me to get well but I have healed so much that all I can say is that I’m a believer!

I’m a believer in the supplements and eating a healthy
alkaline diet.

Most of all, I’m a believer that Mel paved the way for all of us to truly heal from this disease by putting all the pieces to this Morgellons’s puzzle together for us.

We don’t have to do this alone and we don’t have figure everything out about how to get well. Mel has already done that for us.

After I paid for the one one on coaching, Mel called me and told me to print the FAQ’s and listen to past conference calls and then let him know when I had done that. Truthfully, I had already done these things but I figured I could read some more forums, and listen to more calls as I always learn something when I do this. I wondered how long I should wait until I emailed Mel.

Then it occurred to me that while I do want to talk to Mel and I 100% believe that Mel is one of THE most important parts in the sum of the parts of me ( and all of us) getting well, I am committed to paying for one on one coaching with Mel every single month from now until forever because I am a believer!

I believe in him, his protocol and I believe he wants all of us to get well. If I don’t use all of my one on one’s for one month, I’m still going to sign up for more the next month. Mel gives us so many opportunities to communicate with him and each other through the forums and conference calls without ever having to talk to him in a on one on coaching type situation.

Folks, his kindness in doing this will never pay his bills.

Go Fund Me

Perhaps we should look at his Go Fund Me Account as just exactly that... a way to Go Fund Mel for everything he does for you and I, for each and every one of us so that we can beat this disease and get well from something that most people in the medical profession do not even acknowledge exists.

All I have to do is remember what it was like when I was being told I was delusional and this was all in my head, all while I was getting sicker and sicker.

Finding Mel’s website was a miracle to me. I believe God answered my prayer for healing by showing me Mel’s website.

Sending money to Mel’s Go Fund Me account is me thanking God for answering my prayers.

Please don’t think I have a ton of money because I don’t.
I just believe that Mel and his protocol are giving me my life back. For that, I want to make sure that I help him in some small way to keep a positive cash flow to Mel by using the only method I know how, one on one coaching with him.

Trust me, I have lots of questions for him.

I also make a donation to the He Cures All Foundation.
The supplements are a big part of me getting well.
Everyone who wants to get well and is willing to do what it takes to fight this Morgellons battle should be able to take these supplements, even if they can’t afford them.

Even a small donation made by each one of us adds up. I can’t imagine not being able to take the supplements as part of my getting well regime.

We all could make sure that doesn’t happen.

I am in the middle of my 4th month on the protocol and I am very thankful.

4:10:25 PM


Thank you so much for doing this for Mel.

Mel is dealing with this reality because he's provided a very needed service for free for years.

Who can do that? Who can go without an income for years while putting in 50 plus hours a week?

Probably not many of us could or would do that...just to help our fellow man.

Mel's been well for a long time.

He's done this website for a long time.

He could have worked for all of those years and not had to have been in this situation.

I'm so glad he did though...thank you idea where I'd be without you.

I hope this works...your idea for all of us to lend support to help him keep this all going. My concern is that if it doesn't, Mel will be forced to go find a job somewhere to make ends meet...just like the rest of us do.

That would be such a shame. I'd really miss this website...and have huge concerns for those who need it now and in the future.



2:20:03 PM

Hello All,

Mel, my friend,

thank you so much for putting me in touch with these 3 special ladies - Laura, Cheryl, Deanna.

It was awesome connecting with them.

Blessings to all
Julie B

10:37:11 AM


Thank you so much for this post. You verbalized perfectly how I have been feeling about Mel and his big heart and needy bank account. I talked to him a month or so ago on the phone. He had paid his bills and was relieved he had $6 left. I wanted to cry.

I am thankful that even though both my husband & I have Morgellons, my husband has been able to continue to work. But we were in free fall. If the Lord had not led us to Mel's website and the protocol, we could have lost everything.

I remember how thankful I was when I found Mel's website and protocol. I can't even imagine how awful it would have been to not be able to afford it. So to pay it forward I joined the "Monthly Movement" to give to the He Cures All Foundation.

About the same time I determined that I would give to Mel monthly whether I needed his calls or not. I didn't have a name for it. But "Monthly Mel Movement" is perfect!

I keep a list of my bills. I want to be intentional about this, so I added these to my list. It's in the budget. It's not negotiable. I donate to Mellow's Love at Go Fund Me on the 1st of the month. And I donate to the He Cures All Foundation on the 15th.

I remember when Mel needed a new computer chair and tricycle. Everyone rallied quickly and his needs were met. I wonder if there was a monthly goal that was posted for Mel's needs and also for the He Cures All Foundation, if it wouldn't give us a visualization of what we needed to give and pray for.


12:35:32 PM

So I’ve struggled with what to say, what to do and most of all HOW this could happen since reading Mel’s post on 10/03/17… I have come to know, love and respect this man who literally saved my life and I know how hard it is for him to ask for help from others!! Just as hard as it is for you and I to do the same!!!

Since taking on the role of Chairperson and Treasurer for the He Cures All Foundation, my time has been spent trying to grow the Foundation to a level that Mel could “possibly” take a small salary to cover his VERY minimal needs!! Thus I have not wanted to confuse or complicate my request by asking others to support Mel individually.

I have since realized that this will NEVER happen…. Why? Because Mel will always add another person in need to the Foundation before he will help himself!!! Let me repeat, Mel will ALWAYS add another person in need to the Foundation before he will help himself!!!

I also understand that Mel’s One on One Coaching which we ALL know is both phenomenal and lifesaving is also supposed to help cover Mel’s minimal needs. Again, this will NEVER happen… Why? Because you will pay for the first round of calls and then Mel’s advice of read, read, read the website, come to the weekly conference calls, post in the Forum as well as connecting you with others and calling in to check on you fairly regularly, will be all you need to begin and maintain your healing journey thus you won’t purchase another round of One on One Coaching calls and Mel won’t see any form of income after your initial contact with him. I find it absolutely heartbreaking that a Man who has helped thousands of people over the last 10 years struggles on a monthly basis to cover his own minimal bills!!! Remember Mel goes without a lot of things, such as a car, a cell phone and even Kleen Green if it’s not donated to him!!!

Mel’s giving, loving and generous heart that he possesses is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing for others, for ALL of us who are on our healing journey now, for all of those who have been healed as a result of Mel’s Protocol and moved on… most of them moving on in MUCH better health then they EVER were and for ALL who will come to this site in the future!!! Take one minute to imagine EXACTLY where you would be without Mel and this community… it’s BEYOND frightening isn’t it?!?!?! Sadly, the curse side of Mel’s giving, loving and generous heart mainly affects him and him alone…. As when you put EVERYONE else before you there is NOTHING left for yourself!!! Yes, he teaches us and he knows that you have to take care of yourself first before you can help others…. AND he does that, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually somehow he hasn’t quite grasped the financial aspect as of yet… Why? Because he made a promise to God and is doing EVERYTHING he can to keep that promise!!!

Mel is demonstrating a wonderful example of what the Bible teaches us; Acts 2:45 They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need. Shouldn’t we do the same???

We (those healing, those who are healed and those who have not yet even been afflicted by the horrors of our ever increasing toxic world) would not be here if it weren’t for Mel… please stop and ask yourself what you can do to assist him in continuing his ministry with this AMAZING community???

I’ve been doing this and my answer is, this post… as well as a commitment to not only participate in the “Monthly Movement” each month for the He Cures All Foundation but to also commit to a “Monthly Mel Movement” from today until I’m no longer here on this earth to give!!!!

My hope and prayer is that YOU will consider to do the same!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers!!!!

9:40:05 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome as Always,

It always saddens my heart when, once again, I'm compelled to reach out for help personally. I have not been promoting my Go Fund Me account for the last ten months with the hope that once I started my coaching service it would fill in the gaps for me financially. It had done that for the first few months, and then it slowed down a little as we approached summer.

Once it became apparent that someone was serious about restoring their health, I would attempt to connect them with others who are further along in the process of restoration, knowing this would mean that I'd need a continuous flow of new people. No one has ever been denied coaching because they couldn't afford it. All they had to do was fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Unfortunately, without a positive posting flow from former coaching clients, which has not been the case, my coaching business has declined. So I ask once again from those who received coaching and derived benefits, to please consider making an occasional post in my one on one coaching thread about the benefits of the service.

I ask those who can afford to, and who have derived benefits from our website, to please make make a small donation so that I may maintain a home from which to operate.

Go Fund Me

Thank you for your consideration.

God bless you all,
those who do not give up HOPE get Well.

2:07:53 AM

Hello Folks

It's time again for everyone to step up and help Mel continue in his service to the greater toxic disease community. We must always remember that it does not work without his daily diligence to keeping this web site up and running. The truth remains that there simply is no time for him to pursue other needed sources of income. Please open your hearts and give what you can. I will lead the way after I make this post.

In His Love,

10:48:17 AM

Blessing is the projection of good into the life of another. It isn't just words. It's the actual putting forth of your will for the good of another person. It always involves God, because when you will the good of another person, you realize only God is capable of bringing that. So we naturally say,
"God bless you."

Mel I know how much you have blessed me and so many others. It's time to return our appreciation and bless you.

I've never once heard Mel complain or grip. He continues to do Gods work and help others.

May God meet all your needs through His riches and glory.

God Bless you Mel

3:16:29 PM

Hello Folks

I heard this on the radio this morning, and it made me think of Mel. "Where your treasure is...also is where your heart will be." Let's not forget that the treasure of Mel's gift to you now resides in your heart. If your health has been restored, then listen to your heart "and give." Let's demonstrate our love and be a hero for him!


Deborah B.

9:27:16 PM

Hello Everyone,

Just dropping in here to write a little about the visit my daughter and I recently had with Mel at his small apartment in Reno. We had an awesome time enjoying Mel’s company, helping with some Foundation needs and just catching up.

What always strikes me when I visit Mel is how simply, even austerely he lives. In order to invest more of his resources in the lives and health of all of you, Mel has chosen to live a lifestyle that most of us would consider unacceptable. He has a tremendous amount of expertise and education and could easily get a well-paying job in order to make things easier for himself. He chooses to serve God and those stricken with toxic disease instead. It never ceases to amaze and impress me.

Don’t get me wrong, Mel has a pleasant apartment and some lovely furniture. His belongings are all twenty or more years old, but he keeps his place impeccably neat, clean and orderly and truly loves living there. I doubt he will be able to do so much longer since making the rent is already a challenge for him and it will soon be going up. He has been trying to find a cheaper place with no luck. He says he is not worried about it, just trusting God to supply his needs.

One morning I went to cook up a meal for the three of us and pulled out a pan from the cupboard. Mel jokingly said “Now don’t you laugh at my pans!”. Laugh? I almost cried. He had four pans that looked to be thirty plus years old. The older style Teflon coating was almost gone and pealing off. Underneath was ancient aluminum. Most of you know that Teflon is a known carcinogen and should not be cooked on even under the best of conditions. Never when it has begun to break down. Aluminum is thought to be a risk factor for several degenerative diseases as well. I told Mel he had to get new pans to protect his own health. He said “ I know they are not great but I won’t get sick and God will protect me so I can keep doing my job.”

OK. I am all for trusting the Lord and am learning to do so more each day. Mel challenges me by his example to be less worried and more trusting. Just the same, I got a little bossy with him and said that we WERE getting new pans that very day! He kept saying that he didn’t need them and the money could go to help someone needing the protocol. Everyone reading this who loves Mel will be glad to know that I won the argument that day and my daughter and I took him shopping and bought new pans. I’m grateful to have been able to help but came away saddened that I could not do more. I’d love to be able to write him a check every month so he could have a car and make his rent payment without worry.

The truth is that most of us are not able to do that much to help. However, if everyone of us who has been or is being blessed by Mel’s work would take the time to send just five or ten dollars a month to the Foundation or his Go Fund Me account it would make all the difference. It would allow for a small stipend to cover Mel’s basic needs or at least cover the phone bills. Did any of you know that Mel pays the phone bills for all the calls he makes out of his own funds? I saw one of those bills and believe me, my family could not afford to make international calls like that and cover those expenses without breaking our own budget on a monthly basis. I bet a lot of you figure the Foundation pays for the office overhead. Not so. Mel does that. I imagine that some think he has a life outside of the Foundation and the website. Not really. Did you know he recently lost his weekly transportation arrangements and now walks to the grocery store for supplies?. The man is incredibly healthy folks, but he is in his seventies and doesn’t even have the convenience of riding to the store to shop each week.

So, forgive me for this long post and semi-rant about Mel’s needs. I hope he doesn’t kill me for being so open with you all about what I saw last week. ;-) He might be a bit embarrassed. We are all family here who have shared a lot over the years.
I have never heard him complain.

This man, who has shared the most and sacrificed the most; needs our help.

Will you please think about what you can do to help?
Every little bit helps, large or small one time or
semi regular basis, it all will help, the man who has help so many of us!

Go Fund Me

I‘m confident you will be blessed in return if you support and make possible the awe-inspired recoveries that are happening every day in our little corner of the world.

What a miracle this healing community is!
We should all be living in a state of amazement every day that this is even possible.

Your help will amaze and bless us all. Mel will be blessed too. Lets make it happen. Let's work together to keep this service available in the years to come and to make things easier for our friend and faithful Leader, Mel.

God Bless,

Deborah B.

9:02:09 AM

Hello Mel,

A simple Thanks, can never be enough for all you have done for so many over such a long time.

But know we all pray for you and God is listening.

Stay well.

Take more time for yourself now.
Rest your hip on the days it needs it.

God Bless You and keep you safe,

12:08:51 AM

Hello Everyone,

I have been on the protocol for about one month so I'm sort of a newbie, but I can already see improvement in my overall health. I love this forum and the one person that turned my life around Mel. I call him my guardian Angel because I feel I have a renewed spirit since joining this amazing group of warriors.

Just to give you a brief background of my life, I have dealt with this toxic disease Lyme/Morgellons since 1998. I saw so many PCP's and specialist I lost count.

Finally I was put in touch with the founder of MDR and she referred me to a Lyme/Morgellons literate doctor. After contacting the doctor, I had to wait a month before I could be seen due to the number of patients she had. My doctor visit went quite well and I was assured that I would get better but I would have to have an IV (rocephin) for about a year. So I had pic line inserted and proceeded to the hospital three days a week for 7 1/2 months. I dug into my savings and spent thousands on monthly office visit and pharmaceuticals.

At this time I joined most of the forums and but felt out of sync with most of the people that participated in them. I did not feel the closeness to the members I sometimes spoke to. Some were ok but my spirit felt empty and plus I was just plain scared. My weight had dropped from 130 pounds to 92 pounds and my waist length hair fell out. I was to ashamed to go anywhere so I just stayed home and hid away from family and friends.

My wonderful teenage son would help me to and from doctor appointments and even cook for me. Things got worse as my bank account dwindled. There were no funds for patient assistance at any of my current doctors to help with payments or meds and so essentially no money, no appointments. They would not even return a phone call. I lost a lot of material things, but I gained so much more.

So I did not receive any additional help from doctors and very little from the forums. Because as most of you have found out Lyme/Morgellons doctors do not take insurance. To many have been sued and or had their license taken away for malpractice. So I stopped all pharmaceuticals and was bedridden for almost two years.

I ate healthy food at that time and prayed a lot. So when I look at where GOD has led me, I rejoice because I know my healing is coming.

I feel such a sense of calm and relief because of how Mel and others have received and counseled me. Mel deserves to live his life without worrying about basic monetary necessities that so many take for granted. He has dedicated his life to this forum and I feel we all should give back.

Go Fund Me

For one day we also may be on the receiving end of needing a helping hand. So for me it's just a matter of paying it forward for all, the financial contributions and counselling and sacrificing he has so eagerly given to others.

GOD bless you Mel!


8:19:17 PM

I knew that there was something that was wrong, but did not understand until I read this. I could hear it in your voice.

I am so sorry to hear of this possibility.

I first of all I wanted to thank you as I always do, for being there for me from the Beginning and working for me to be a part of the he cures all foundation, eliminating the stress, so that my family and I can get well.

I also wanted to let you know that God makes a way for all of his children as you have for us.

I'm sure that things will work out in your favor.

I pray that over you n your life as you have prayed this over all of ours.

Please stay positive n know you are very loved, appreciated , and loved.

Please know God is working behind the scenes.

3:49:29 PM

Sometimes the very same thing that you admire about someone can also have you frustrated with that same person.

This is the see saw relationship that I have with Mel.

Laughing and talking about the latest health restoration of someone who is now Morgellons free, sounding like a proud father whose child just graduated with honors. Discussing my sister whom he tries to help. She does not listen well.

It took over eight years for him to finally charge a little for consulting, in order to help make ends meet. He gives more time than he's ever paid for, but he does not seem to mind.

As he laughed today he went into coughing. I said,"that almost sounds like a smokers
cough.” But you know I don't smoke" Mel answers, "I'm choking on my reality, I'm probably going to be forced to move”.

Then I saw this thread that was recently brought forward by Amanda, a thread that had been quiet for over a year as Mel focused on the He Cures All Foundation and those families in need.

Most of us just take for granted all the phone calls, everything else he does on the web site, the twice weekly conference calls, all the time he has given to keep all of us fighting the fight. And yet our champion is barely keeping his head above water on social security and a few health coaching appointments.

This is very real! Mel needs help so he can keep helping all those who freak out from this horror! Where else could they go, and ever HOPE to be treated the way we all are by him! He has helped so many.

We need to help him avoid being Evicted!

Go Fund Me

Please take this very seriously!

I doubt that any of us carry the stress and burden that this man does.



12:10:03 AM

Hello everyone:

We can't thank Mel enough for all he gives and continues to give to this community. Working countless hours coaching, counseling and supporting. We all put our very burden on him without knowing the already full work load he has on top of not being able to pay his own bills!

I don't think it's fair.

How would Mel be able to run this community without the bare necessities he needs? I myself benefits from the He Cures All Foundation, and correct me if I'm wrong I think Mel's rent should be factored in as a addition expense.
Now I know Mel would never go for this! Because he would say " it will take from family's and people who really need help"
But the fact of the matter is without Mel there is no Foundation!

I made a commitment, When I'm well I will be a forever donor to the foundation and Mel, I couldn't possibly just get well and move on with my life, knowing the only reason I have my life back is because of your hard work, with little to no pay.

My God Bless Mel,

God bless you all,
God bless this community!

Amanda R

8:48:04 PM

Hello everyone,

Yesterday after the Saturday conference call, I spoke to Mel regarding the recipe section. I wanted to personally help because, I notice the overall work load on the website has increased. Mel replied by gladly welcoming any help on the website he could have.

Well, somehow in Mel’s insane schedule I was blessed to witness what it’s like to be a web administrator. After looking at the traffic statistics, I saw in disbelief that over 8,400 plus people in the month of January alone visited. These visitors accumulated over 100, 000 pages. Seeing how Mel is basically responsible for making sure each morning the website is updated and answers calls from around the world, I am in awe. Not only is the website updated for us, but he attends to conference calls, prayer meetings and emotional support.

Regarding one on one coaching, whether you pay or not Mel stills offers to be a cheerleader and emotionally support us through our hardships. One on one coaching even if you don’t pay is still available through filling the correct paper and necessary registration process.

I truly often think to myself how fortunate we are to have Mel. Personally I believe he deserves more credit. Mel is the kind of person to help other people instead of himself. His usual reply is, “I just want to pay the rent, buy my food, and I still dream of building a clinic”!

Based on looking at this page, it has been nearly a year since Mel has asked from help for himself as this focus has been on The He Cures All Foundation and helping families in need.

Throughout the eight years of the website he has devoted his energy and time, his life to this beautiful website,

I am sure he could use our help now, but does not ask.

Go Fund Me

With love,

5:08:02 PM

Philemon 1: 4 I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers, 5 because I hear about your love for all his holy people and your faith in the Lord Jesus. 6 I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ. 7 Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.

Mel, on this day, I rejoice in our love and friendship , and always, I thank God for you!

I've had the great blessing of knowing Mel for over 15 years through our Logos relationship. How I love this man! He was always so sweet and jolly on the phone, leaving me with a smile on my face every time we spoke.

Then he became ill with Morgellons and we shared a time of weeping. Even then, in the midst of his suffering and agony, Mel purposed that once he was well(and we all claimed that healing in the name of Jesus) he would do all he could to help others who were dealing with the dreadful scourge of Morgellons, providing education and resources, and more importantly, understanding and HOPE. Hence his website How I Cured Morgellons ( was born.

Mel being Mel, he wanted to do more to provide to those without the resources the necessary products using his own money.

The consequences of Mel's dire accident with the deer (I believe the Lord allowed him to stay here on earth as He wants Mel to continue about His work!) have severely impacted his fiscal situation.

Although Mel is still the very essence of a true giver, he's been left in a position of needing at this time to be a recipient of any and all financial help you're able and willing to contribute.

He has been and continues to be such a blessing to me and countless others, and I pray that through the generosity of those that know and love this man, we can restore his fiscal health so he can continue to help others with their physical (and emotional and spiritual) health!!

God bless you Mel!!

12:02:39 PM

Thanks Mel -

For reaching out to me on my Birthday!!!
and especially for saying young lady. I made it to 60 partly due to your help fighting the dreaded Morgellons

Took My vitamins already today.

I'll be twisting balloons at a Country Club later on. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

You've helped so many people. Love your heart!

4:55:53 PM

Hi Mel!!!

thank you for saving my life three years ago.

With your patience and phone calls you helped me get better. I'll never forget your kindness. Me and my children thank you so much.

Now it's time for you to take good care of yourself. You are so nice you probably are trying to help everyone else so much that you are forgetting about your own health.

Please take the time out so we can have you around for many years to come.

Love you - Never give up.


3:31:21 AM

Mel is awesome and I'm extremely grateful for him and this site! He really does "work tirelessly to help those in need".

He def gave me some reassurance that I could get well and at a time That I needed to hear EVERYTHING he told me because I was very sick and felt suicidal, depressed and totally overwhelmed /hopeless!!

Over the last year Mel has kept in contact with me while simultaneously blocking my posts/self expression; he has alternately kept me focused on "positive or nothing" mindset.

Though this has angered me at times, I continue to care and appreciate him because even through this he STILL gives all he has to help others and this is very clear.

I am very grateful for his generosity and I know 100% I would have eventually killed myself had I not attempted to put my trust in God and "believe" in the power of this protocol for restoration.

Mel man I'm happy for you. You need a break! I have offered my assistance in the past and yeah, it still stands!

Praying for you!

With love and appreciation always,

9:33:19 PM

Yes indeed, it's time to help Mel.
Trying to find the words to describe what a blessing Mel has been to my family and I is difficult to say the least, but, I'll give it my best shot.

I've never known anyone like Mel. He works tirelessly to help those in need. When people come here they have been beaten up and ridiculed by the medical community and often times their families. I will never forget the day I got that first phone call from Mel. He gave me some tough love and assured me that I could get well and help my family too. I can't say I fully believed him at the time, I was pretty sick and felt hopeless. I figured if a stranger who had been through this already could believe in me the way he did then I owed it to him to believe in myself and do exactly what he asked of me.

Over the last couple of years Mel has seen me through some very tough times. He also has witnessed us getting well and shared in all of our victories and accomplishments. We have laughed together and even cried. He is like a father to me. I know he truly loves and cares for my family and I, because has proven it time and again.

He gives all he has to help others and the only thing he asks in return is to be there for one another and support one another through the website. Without his generosity I can say without a doubt my family and I would not be enjoying the health we are today.

Thank you, Mel for all the ways you help us. I think your break is well overdue. I'm still praying that the Lord would bless you abundantly so you can bless others, because I know you will. I pray that you can find the strength and peace that it takes to continue this cause so that others will get the opportunity to heal as we have.

Deborah W.

9:31:07 PM

God bless you Mel and for all your hard work. It is true in order to help others you have to stay well yourself. Hope you get much needed R&R!

2:03:05 PM

Hello Everyone,

Mel asked me to remind you who have been here the longest, to please pick up the slack while he is resting!(Respond to posts) He reminds us that the newbies need the most care and understanding, so please chime in and make them feel welcome here as you have been!


2:45:33 PM

Dear Mel,
You know that you hold emotions in your hips like you hold stress in your neck and shoulders. I learned that from yoga. I am happy your hips (and those that love you) are reminding you to “do no harm” to yourself and reexamine your life.

Also, remember to take some quiet time and really listen to your soul since that is where your purpose in life lies. Your purpose can shift so listen…. Listen carefully. My life has dramatically changed in the last 2 years since I believe I was not following my heart and purpose. I like this view of the world now. It fits and feels right. It is nice to have a feeling of peace, love and joy. I wish the same for you.

We are all so grateful for your kindness, your humor, your guidance to better health…and most important HOPE. You have saved many of us so Thank you!

Now, it is time to be Happy with your Work … the way, it is Working! In 12 months I was able to have Thanksgiving with dear friends and felt pretty great …..I had one tiny bite of stuffing and realized I do not like it. I was happy with my turkey, salad and being alive.

Much Love and Good Will to you, Dear Man…Dear Soul.
Hugs and Cheers,

PS. It is ok to ask God for help. Ask Him with pure heart, Believe and let it go then you will be amazed. It makes me laugh when I forget about something then there it is at me feet just as I prayed.

9:49:26 AM

Hello everyone, welcome as always.

Well, after two people who I know very well that care for and love me told me how tired I look, I finally believed it had merit! I tried telling them both it was not enough surfing and sun (It's winter you know), but they didn't buy it. They both reminded me that I have complained about not getting enough time off these past two Summers because of the enormous increase in the website.

My concern is my hip replacement, which appears to be failing. It is once again creating an awful lot of pain, which as we all know is taxing to the energy of our bodies. Other than that I am just a little tired!

Meanwhile, due to the unbelievable growth in toxic diseases and the amount of requests for my help, I have spent more and more time sitting at my desk using one finger to type, and making phone calls. As my friends have reminded me, something has to give or give out, and I can't help anyone if I don't take care of me first. Therefore, I have decided to take some time off, go see my hip surgeon, find out what is, and create a plan to fix it!

I will also get back into my Bowflex regimen and try and spend more time outside in the sun, when temperatures permit! My herb vegetable garden has grown and has become a labor of love as well as a little time consuming, so I will think of new ways to maintain that production while cutting my labor. I have many requests for my cherry tomatoes, homegrown lettuce, etc. I will have new bath tub garden pics soon!

As I approach my seventieth birthday, I have been advised that if I want seventy more, I need to cut back to a five day work week like the rest of the world. (YOU THINK???)

I will be taking some time off from November 30th till December 9th. On Saturday the 5th of December, I will have a new post up outlining some new options available to communicate with more of you in less time than it takes now.

So until then, may i suggest you read, read and read some more! Did I ever tell you the highest percentage of those who get well take the time to read the whole website, some even twice! Simply amazing.

I am not being mean when I tell you to read; I know how difficult that is when you are sick. Remember, I was there once. For me there was no one to even talk with, except Shannon Z and John B., let alone a safe website with a community and a history of health restoration.

One day I will no longer be here, so I set this website up like a library for just that day. Use it - it's free! I have always said it is not easy, but hundreds, maybe a thousand others have said it can be done!!!

God bless you all, Never ever give up HOPE!


P.S. - I am so tired I sent the Thanksgiving post out twice, forgive me.

11:34:30 AM

Shannon **

On this Thanksgiving Day, I would ask everyone to remember and pray for the man who started all of this, Mel Friedman. I have known Mel since before his journey with Morgellons began. I have seen him suffer and triumph over this disease with my mantra to him being "do no harm".

When he came to me about starting this website, I was against it. I feared he would be swallowed up by the needs of others. Mel, with his tenacious personality, ignored my warnings and I am glad he did, as it has helped many re-gain their lives back. However, my fears are being realized. Mel came to my office this week and I can see the changes in his health and his outlook. I am not the only physician who has told Mel that he needs to protect himself "from" himself. Mel knows no boundaries when it comes to helping others. He gives too much and takes nothing in return. Of the money donated to this cause, Mel has taken none. He doesn't believe in personal gain, only in fighting this terrible disease. I do believe it is starting to take a toll on Mel. He needs a rest and our help now. So on this Thanksgiving Day please pray for Mel, respect his boundary and offer your help to the man who has helped so many.

Shannon Zamboni M.D.

9:08:39 PM

Hello everyone,
I've only been on this site for a few months but I don't know where I'd be without it and Mel's unselfish giving of advice and comfort. I know many may find it hard to believe that Mel does this without asking for anything in return but he does and I am so amazed and grateful that he does. I can only imagine the number of people he helps and I agree that it is time to give back to Mel. He is a true beacon of light for those of us dealing with a disease that doesn't even officially exist. Thank you so much for everything you do Mel!


10:53:53 AM


I have known Mel for about 13 years now.

When I met Mel he was a vibrant successful business man. Over the years, I have watched both his health and his finances deteriorate because of his quest to heal others.

Mel has found a protocol to help hundreds if not thousands of people. Many have not only followed it but have been cured to include himself, of Morgellons disease.

I believe in his protocol (all natural, by the way) though not easy, because of the changes people must be willing to make. I have read the stories of restored health each year.

More attention is now being focused on Morgellons then ever in the past, but remember Mel has been serving others through his website for nearly eight years, I know that he has personally paid for many peoples treatments due to their own inability to do so.

I urge you to go To his face book and share a little something about how you were helped, for you see no one believes it's free!

Mel does't want your money, only your story to prove his worth to an unbelieving world.

Where would you be today without Mel's HELP?

9:51:30 AM

My friend Mel has the biggest heart and such a giving Spirit!

Mel was diagnosed with Morgellons about 2 years after I met him. He never gave up during his painful journey to find a cure for this disease. He cured himself and has dedicated his life to helping others through his website. He spends multi hours on the phone each day.

With his savings depleted, he needs our HELP! Read the testimonies of all the adults, children and families he has helped!

Let's PAY it Forward with LOVE!! Thank you
Nelson Cyr

9:28:24 AM

When I think of Mel, my friend and tireless helper of many who have been and are afflicted with Morgellons, Lyme and other devastating diseases, I am reminded of the Bible story of the ten lepers who were healed by Jesus in Luke 17:11-19. This one particular leper, a Samaritan ostracized by the Jews not only for his disease but also for his unbelief, was the only one out of ten who, when he saw that he was healed, came back praising God and threw himself at the feet of Jesus, thanking Him. I see and know Mel as the modern-day, healed and thankful leper of sorts cured not only of Morgellons but of also other life-threatening afflictions. ... We don't get together that often because sometimes for weeks at a time he's holed up in his office responding to hundreds of requests for help and information. But I can attest to his single-minded devotion to the cause of helping those who come to his website. I've seen him tear up because of people's end-of-their-rope hopelessness and his declining resources with which to assist them financially when they've spent all their money on options that went nowhere. Of late, I've seen him carry out personal items that he is selling to make ends meet and to carry on his charitable efforts. I've never had Morgellons, Praise God, nor the many other health challenges that Mel has overcome, but I, too, am grateful to God for that. But when I saw that he had set up this GoFundMe account, I wondered, just as Jesus asked when the thankful leper came back to Him: "Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Was no one found to return and give praises to God except this foreigner (Samaritan)? Then He said to him, 'Rise and go; your faith has made you well'" (Luke 17: 17-19). ... I can tell you that Mel gives all the glory to God for what he remains able to do, but as I observe this thankful Morgellons survivor, an “ex-leper of sorts,” I find myself asking, "'Where are the other nine?" Where are all those who have been helped by the information, advice and support provided by Mel's website? I understand that once helped, very few return or stay in touch or volunteer any kind of financial support to help keep the effort moving forward. ... But I know that there are many out there who probably appreciate the help that they've received. I also believe in the basic good in most people. Therefore, I am contributing $100 to this fund with a challenge to the many who have benefited from using the information on Mel's website (or those planning to use it) to match that amount. ... $100 is hard for some, easier for others. Many can forego 20 x $5 lattes or movies or sports tickets or take-out meals to help Mel make a difference in someone's life. Many can sell something that they really don't need. A mere 500 people with $100 now blessed with good health can help Mel reached his total funding goal. Or how about $5 from each of the thousands of site visitors-- even that little from many can eventually help Mel make a difference. Thank you each so much for the time you spent in hearing me out. It was the least I could do for a dedicated senior I see working endless hours and struggling just to help others in greater need than most of us.

3:49:56 AM

Hello Mel,

Months ago peter put this on my go fund me page, I loved it, I cried.
I sure hope he doesn't get angry with me.

Mel's Mighty Mission;

It was just over three years ago when I first spoke to Mel Friedman. I was three months into my nightmare of having acquired Morgellons disease when he called. What I have never told Mel is that the day of his call, I was actively planning to commit suicide.

Well, thanks to him, that never happened. I have heard it said that the single most important thing in the life of any person, is another person. That is true for me, and Mel is that person. Thanks to his foundation and his protocol, as I write this today, I am healthy and whole again.

Each and every day, this man gives the best of himself to everyone who reaches out to him for help. His only purpose has always been to provide hope and healing in the midst of deep despair.

Over the course of the last three years, I have personally seen him give thousands of dollars of his own money to those who needed treatment.

His love of children is unlimited and his indomitable spirit is priceless. It is my hope that everyone who has been helped by this beautiful man step up and give so that he can continue his ministry. He is worth every dollar that you give.

Thanks for saving my life. I love you, brother!

Always, Peter

P.S. Your commitment to others is unequaled. Your spirit is unequalled. Your leadership is unequaled. And the love you show us is unequaled.

One other thing. My love for you is unequaled!


10:30:32 AM

I am grateful for Mel's commitment to those suffering. I have been so blessed to have the site, community, and support created by our dear friend Mel. I'm so happy to share with others on Facebook Mel's GoFund Me. It Is with extreme gratitude I can give back to the man who gives so freely to myself and others.

Mel man has been Tyler and I's angel. I wouldn't be where I am without this site!!!

Ruth Wright

8:18:22 AM

Thank you so much Melissa for posting this. I hadn't known that Mel was on Facebook so have now connected there with him and am grateful to have had the opportunity to support him directly on Go Fund Me.

I have been amazed at Mel's generosity in ringing me in the UK so often to help, advise and encourage me.

Thank you Mel! I appreciate you so much.

God bless!

8:58:07 AM

Hello Everyone,

My name is Richard Evans and I have known Mel since the early 1970's when he was in the prime of his life. What a life it was! He was a good looking Ford male model who had just sold his clothing company to devote his time, money and energies to pursue his passion - promoting table top hockey. Mel gave me my first job upon graduating from college. My degree in accounting was perfect for his need at the time, plus no two people seemed to love hockey the way we did. We developed the first prototype professional table hockey game for Coleco Industries way back then. Unfortunately, we were way ahead of the times in that venture.

I never saw a man happier as he lost all his money. Love has always out weighed money to him!

I moved on to Atlanta Georgia and Mel began his new business, interior plant design and pond building in Manhattan, while continuing to model. His was the first business named THE PLANT DOCTOR, I believe anywhere in our country. The business flourished and life was good.

Then not more than three blocks from his home, Mel was run over by a drunk driver and spent the next 13 months in three different hospitals, having four operations and then being told he would never walk again! Well, needless to say, he did walk again, albeit with a noticeable limp and a great deal of pain.

However, Mel never let his limitations affect his zest for life or his love of people.

In 1999 we decided to make our second business venture together, what we hoped was our retirement business: Oreck Floor Care Center in Reno Nevada. Within three years, we had two stores and a mobile van for the handicapped, for whom we did in-home demos. Mel's new Illness (Morgellons) and old injuries eventually forced him to leave the business, but he left carrying a burden for the needs of the handicapped and the downtrodden.

Once again, our life paths diverged as I ended up back in Atlanta, but we have stayed in contact over the years.

I have watched with amazement as Mel has battled and overcome a life threatening and financially crippling illness with MRSA and Morgellons and survived a near fatal car crash, only to emerge healthier than ever, pain free and enthralled with the challenge of leading others to overcome debilitating illness and claim new purpose in their life.

Today Mel is a young, vibrant muscular 70 year old who still thinks he’s a kid. He has always loved life, and now he spends all of his time and energy helping others restore their health at no charge to any of them. Free - that’s right Free!

Just check out his website to better understand who and what he has become and his commitment to helping his fellow man. You will see a seven year track record of faithful service to others who are desperately ill, an overwhelming task that leaves him unable to work a regular job in order to meet his own needs.

Mel has been my friend a long time and I have always admired his big heart, but I have never been more proud of who he has become. I know you can use a little help buddy, and I hope that others who read this will take the time to visit your website and join me in contributing to your noble cause.

Your friend Flash
John B

11:19:19 AM

Beautiful post Melissa.

It is true - the world does not understand why Mel does what he does, but there are those who should. However, for those who do care and might have resources to share, it is not that easy to discern who the true servants are and who the wolves in sheep's clothing are.

All someone has to do is visit Mel's site to see his track record of service and dedication to transforming lives, but people are so busy and distracted they often fail to go that extra step and invest the time to really check out his story.

This is where your input may be helpful - to motivate them to look further. The more they look, the more his proven character and remarkable ministry will shine through.

Although Mel's directness and single minded determination may be off-putting to some (these are the very qualities that enabled him to beat Morgellons and still drive him to help others now), no one can question his heart or his integrity.

I pray that those of you who feel compelled to respond on Mel's behalf will overcome any fears or hesitation to do so. Thanks again Melissa for speaking out even in the midst of your own challenges.

Selflessness is the greatest fruit of love and the greatest enemy of darkness.

Blessings to All,

John B
Melissa **

1:00:13 AM

Hi everyone,

I wonder how many of you who read this have been helped by Mel?

How many of you have been called by him and in how many different countries? Did you know that the phone bill has been paid out of his own pocket for eight and half years?

I remember after finding this website, reading tons of information and listening to the conference calls, I decided to move across country to be helped by Mel and treated by Dr. Zamboni.

I have had many health issues in the past ten years and felt I needed a new approach. I've also had seventeen operations in nineteen years, which contributed to my current condition. Dr Zamboni has sent me to many different specialists in order to pinpoint my issues. Besides Morgellons, I have chronic Lyme and unfortunately many other issues, including high blood pressure and an irregular heart beat. Dr Zamboni is God sent and she and Mel have a great respect for one another, which I have seen personally!

Now lets talk about Mel. When I first moved here, he would not come near me. He would bring me plants, vegetables, misc. soaps and lotions, and little treats. He would leave them at my front door, ring the doorbell and make a quick departure before I opened the door. I would look out the peep hole and could see his ponytail as he was walking away.

Mel also helped me find my first apartment in Reno. When it was time to move to a new apartment, my primary care giver was on vacation. Mel helped me move and started spending time trying to help me even more.

I was very worried about exposing him to this again, but Mel would always tell me that God would protect him. I could not begin to tell you how many doctor appointments he has gone on with me. Considering the brain fog, it was a blessing to have someone with me who is as comfortable as he is when talking with doctors.

Getting to my point, Mel hasn't asked me for one dime for all of his help and time, nor has he asked anyone else. I know from being around him, how little money he has because all of his time is dedicated to this website and all of us!!!

He would never ask for help. He is just too proud and knows all too well that most toxic disease sufferers have very little money!

Let me share that prior to Mel's car accident in July 2013, where he almost died while trying to avoid hitting a deer, Mel was not only busy with the website, but, he had two part time jobs in order to supplement his SS check. It took him almost a year to recover, and during that time the website doubled in attendance and continued to double again this year, requiring more time than ever before.

A while back, Mel joined Facebook only to be able to start a 'Go Fund Me' account, a prerequisite, but that has not helped much. I feel like no one believes that someone would do what he does for free!

I know that many of us are on Facebook and although we may not be capable of contributing money, we can validate Mel's story on his Facebook page (Mel Friedman) or comment on his go fund me page (Mellows Love).

Mellows Love was actually the first web address of his website for three days, back in 2009, prior to changing it to in hopes of making it easier for sufferers to find help. For this website and helping others is his love, and he has always worked for us for FREE! His reward is us restoring OUR health!

Mel, I'm not sure I would still be alive if it wasn't for you, my dear friend!

I feel it's time to try and help him out for a change. So, go out to Facebook (Mel Friedman) or his 'Go Fund Me' (Mellows Love) and say thanks Mel!

It's true, you never asked me for money!

Thanks to all and God Bless!


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