How I Cured Morgellons

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12:36:19 PM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Today I am writing what I hope will be my last appeal for personal donations.

As I've mentioned in previous posts of this nature, and unfortunately for me, the fact remains that each month since this post was started I have become terribly uncomfortable having to worry about getting just my basic living expenses met.

Two things have become painfully obvious over the last year. One is the exploding numbers of sufferers seeking my assistance, and two, some unforeseen and significant increases in my basic monthly expenses. These two realities have meant things have had to change, and soon, in how this site is operated.

As most of you know, starting in February there will be a small monthly charge ($5:00) to gain access to the site. This will allow for operating funds to actually exist, and because of this, my hope is that I will no longer have to personally fund basics like office space, phone service, internet access, and website expenses.

An operating fund will also allow me to take a small salary to compensate for some of the time I spend (50 plus hours a week) serving this community. Right now, the time necessary to attempt to meet the increased demand precludes my having outside employment to make up for the shortfall in my personal expenses.

This decision has been a long time in the making, and has not been made lightly.

I've spent a great deal of time in prayer, reflection, and earnest conversation with others who have this community's best interests at heart to determine the best path to allow me to continue to offer service as I have for the last several years. In these conversations we've considered all aspects and it's taken several weeks to hammer out what we believe to be the best possible solution to meet our financial goals and have the least effect upon the many.

It is my hope that this new system will eliminate my need to appeal for personal donations. However, I Might not see the results of these changes until the middle or end of February, and in the meantime, I now find it necessary to ask for help to meet this February's expenses.

I will be forever grateful to those who have donated to me personally, for it has allowed me to continue to help others!!

So please consider this one last plea, and please pray with me that this new concept will eliminate the need for me to ever have to ask again.

Go Fund Me.

God bless you all!

It is true, those who did not give up HOPE got well.


7:20:58 AM

Thank you Deanna for the idea to use receiving the pills as a reminder to send a donation. Sending a monthly gift to Mel now.

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