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How I Cured Morgellons

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8:24:08 PM

Hello my fellow warriors, past, present & future!!!

I know there are a lot of new people here which truly saddens me as it just means this world is becoming more toxic ALL the time!!!

However, the VERY bright side is that we have found the answer, the solution THE protocol..!! When we follow its design, also known as, the SUM of the parts... It literally reverses toxic disease!!!

We are blessed people indeed!!! Unfortunately, the man who has given all of this to us so freely continues to struggle to keep his head AND this website above water on a monthly basis!!!

I am writing this to remind those of us who already know and to inform those new to our community... Mel set this Protocol up so that "we" the people of this community would benefit from the manufacturer's generosity, not himself personally. That is why we enter the Morg10 code for Logos and the Morg15 code for Kleen Green. Mel is not collecting ANY of the discounted funds that we pay for this life saving protocol.

Mel's only forms of income, until recently, have been his One on One Coaching Calls and his Go Fund Me page for personal donations. Remember 93% of donations given to the He Cures All Foundation go to the recipients of the foundation, that leaves a mere 7% to cover administration fees.

As of Feb 1, 2018 this site went to Pay Per View "but" once again Mel's generosity was VERY evident with a minimal monthly fee of $5 to participate in this community. Yet the numbers show that even though thousands of people are visiting this site there are only a TINY fraction of those people paying the $5 monthly subscription fee. After all Mel and this site have done for us don't you think THE absolute LEAST we can do is freely pay $5 a month,not only while we are getting our lives back as a thank you but even afterwards as we DEFINITELY woulnd't be where we are without this website AND without Mel there will be no website?!?!?!?

Please warriors think about HOW you can help Mel, purchase a monthly subscription, purchase one on one coaching, make a monthly Mel movement donation or make a one time donation, there are several ways to help, not only today but on a regular basis so that he can continue to help others... Just like us!!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

4:03:19 PM

Hello everyone,

This is my story about my recovery in process.

I will add to this thread when I can.

All of my family survived a very bad attack of MRSA.
This is my second bout of Morgellons and the first time that
I had it, it cost about 10,000.00 to recover. I also had Lyme disease.

Thanks be to God that we recovered from these diseases naturally.

I want to especially thank Mel for his love and devotion towards helping others recover.


Please donate to Mel whatever you can afford since he pours his heart , soul and time to helping others.

Thank you everyone for your help and devotion.

God Bless you all!

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