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How I Cured Morgellons

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Laura (aunt)

9:15:24 AM


Thank you for sharing the information on your new healthy diet. I could hear the enthusiasm in your voice the other day as you were making new recipes. I have also started researching more on the "Keto" diet and am considering using it as well.

Although I do not use the coconut milk, I do enjoy the organic unsweetened raw coconut flakes. The following information is on the benefits of eating coconut in moderation:

Iron - we need iron for the formation of hemoglobin, which is the protein in red blood cells that is responsible for getting oxygen to each part of your body.

Zinc - a mineral crucial to the strength and health of your immune system.

Protein - rebuilds cells and helps you maintain healthy tissues and muscles.

Fiber - reduces your risk of constipation and by encouraging proper digestion and regular bowel movements.

I believe your consumption of coconut milk and oil may be a great addition to your diet which ultimately seemed to help with detoxing.

Once again, thank you for sharing this with the community. It is such great information and I am looking forward to reading your recipes.

In Christ Love,

1:23:27 PM

Hi Everyone,
Please forgive all the typos in my post below. I did it on my phone when I was having to wait somewhere for a long time. Sometimes autocorrect and tiny screens are not my friends.


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