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Laura (aunt)

10:32:49 AM


Please research "mold" under the search engine tab. I do not have mold but understand it is something you want to get away from. As far as the clothes situation, I would consider bagging clothes until everything is under control.

Spray the dirty clothes with Kleen Green leaving them in a zip lock bag (use the jumbo size) for two days and then wash. You might try using Kleen Green, Odoban, Borax, and a clean laundry detergent to wash your clothes in. Once they are clean, bag them in new zip lock bags and place them in the drawers.

It took me over a year of using this process before I began to hang clothes in the closet. Even now I bag under garments and night clothes. I spray my closet with Kleen Green two times a day to ensure it remains clean.

Are you on the protocol? Hope this information was helpful.

May God Bless you with this process.
In Christ Love,

2:04:31 PM

What about being in your clothing in one drawer of your dresser...getting into the clothing put on your pajamas, you are scratching all over. I take the pajamas off and put on another pair from another drawer. All is well. I go to sleep. I empty all the drawer and wash it all is well. The drawer is now on the back porch. I will clean it thoroughly with the Kleen Green. I hope this works. I will clean the entire dresser and all of the drawers. I've also washed all of the bed clothes, etc. Anyone have a problem with mold???


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