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Laura (aunt)

10:32:49 AM


Please research "mold" under the search engine tab. I do not have mold but understand it is something you want to get away from. As far as the clothes situation, I would consider bagging clothes until everything is under control.

Spray the dirty clothes with Kleen Green leaving them in a zip lock bag (use the jumbo size) for two days and then wash. You might try using Kleen Green, Odoban, Borax, and a clean laundry detergent to wash your clothes in. Once they are clean, bag them in new zip lock bags and place them in the drawers.

It took me over a year of using this process before I began to hang clothes in the closet. Even now I bag under garments and night clothes. I spray my closet with Kleen Green two times a day to ensure it remains clean.

Are you on the protocol? Hope this information was helpful.

May God Bless you with this process.
In Christ Love,

2:04:31 PM

What about being in your clothing in one drawer of your dresser...getting into the clothing put on your pajamas, you are scratching all over. I take the pajamas off and put on another pair from another drawer. All is well. I go to sleep. I empty all the drawer and wash it all is well. The drawer is now on the back porch. I will clean it thoroughly with the Kleen Green. I hope this works. I will clean the entire dresser and all of the drawers. I've also washed all of the bed clothes, etc. Anyone have a problem with mold???


8:56:03 AM

Hello Carol,

MMS was the original name of what today,
is referred to as WPS.

Welcome, You have arrived at the place of great healing.
I'm sure you will be welcome by others with more information on how to proceed, but wanted your question answered for you.


God bless and Welcome, It's true, that those
who do not give up HOPE get well!


6:58:19 PM

What does the term MMS stand for?


I'll share more later about my experiences.


10:06:47 PM


I have had the same questions and i can totally relate. I have realized that my kids do really well when i keep their immune systems strong. We can't afford the whole protocol, but definitely do the probiotics, omegas, and dietary advice as best as we can. I believe their immune systems will be better with tlc:) Unfortunately, it seems fibers are everywhere, not just our house, but just unavoidable everywhere you go. So i think that we just have to focus more on internal well-being as everyone here seems to say. I do try to be good with laundry, kleen green, and where long sleeves when it's not too hot:) Worry and stress are definitely something to keep away from. Will pray you get well soon!


Laura (aunt)

8:09:56 PM

Dear Dessarae,

I certainly understand your concerns, loneliness, and frustrations. However, you have come to the right place in order to restore you health as well as your life. Please read the FAQ's and listen to the conference calls.

If you have not started this protocol please read about the value this protocol has to offer and then make a decision to start.

This journey is not easy. But it can be done; slow and stead wins the race.

The leaders of this community base their information on facts and research. The people of this community who have stayed the course have restored their health.

May God Bless you as you take the next step of this journey.

In Christ Love,

3:39:04 AM

Hello all,

I am learning how to try and cope with Morgellons and it is challenging. I do know Kleen Green is a necessary product to have. I want to know if the pain ever stops, I get very sick and weak, I don't know how to cope with that and also not knowing if I can ever hug my children scares me. How contagious is this?

6:35:01 PM

Thank you for all the information offered on this site!

Knowing people's experiences with both their dealings with these infestations and their use of effective products helps a lot.
I need to have a few questions answered though...what is Wps and what is morgellons?

Also, has anyone had greyish/black spots on their tongues and been treated with Nystatin by a doctor?

11:16:33 AM

Hi everyone,

When using kleen green, it's 1:7 mixture.

When use for the environment, spray and leave it soak, do not wipe off. Afterward dried, you can go back and scrub off or wipe off.

I hope this helps


8:35:17 PM

Hi Will,

I did not see your post sooner. NO, no one else carries it. Only through their site or logo's.
They continually offer 10 to 12% off the price. It is well worth it, even though it seems expensive.
I consider it more important than going out to eat!

This is a expensive disease, but we have no choice if we want to get well.

Hope you get well soon :)


3:58:50 PM

Is the only way to get Kleen Green via internet? Does Home Depot or Lowes carry it?

10:59:33 AM

Hello Everyone,

Welcome as always.

I never used Kleen Green during my time fighting Morgellons, simply because I could not afford it. Therefore, I never really formed my own opinion of it.

All that I have ever heard is positive, and many people have used it with outstanding results. I know Peter loves it and John B also thinks it is extremely beneficial. It has been talked about on our website for many years!

Although I was regretfully a bit gruff with miss Cathee upon our first encounter, I cherish and have the utmost respect for her and her continuous support of those suffering from toxic diseases.

Thanks to all for the great comments regarding Kleen Green enzymes. This product has proven very effective as a nontoxic cleaner, pesticide and external application for many sufferers with Morgellons.

Cathee very graciously offers a 15% discount for any customer with Morgellons wishing to place an order. Simply type MOR15 in the code box upon check-out on her website: Kleen Green .

Thanks again, God bless,


9:55:44 PM

Hi Noma,

Welcome! I dont know how helpful I am going to be, I feel Peter may be well suited for this question. However, damn, hmmm, reading to your Cedarcide/Collembola post brings back so many memories for me. I totally know what you are talking about as I too was contemplating the $500 price tag for the sprayer and the insecticide - before I settled on and committed to the $500 price tag for the whole protocol mentioned within these pages. I researched collembola also and thought the problem was related to me maybe just having "bugs" and/or Collembola or another bug etc --> but in 2 different apartments and in 2 COMPLETELY different cities?

I too thought it was just insects causing these skin issues and sensations (I have had mites in each place I have lived (3 apts, 3 cities, in 5 months)).

I think its safe to say here that many of us did, and do have/or had insect component/related issues. I think it is part of M. However, if you DO have M, getting rid of your insects unfortunately, I hate to say it, will not necessarily get rid of this for you.

I have come to see that these bumps/ what I call itchy "bites" are not coming from insects, they are coming from inside us. :( When I eat perfectly well (diet is somehow related - and on another link in this site), there ARE less of them.

There is I believe a film/fungus on our skin that attracts insects; but I believe it can be removed over time with taking MMS, spraying KG the skin and treating the skin with other items, also with bathing in the MMS =--> when the body (and in my case the mind!) is ready for it.

I do spray KG (or Kleen Free, when I am low on funds) in full concentration directly on my floors and baseboards and patio/window entries at least 1x a week.

I think M is very much like having Cancer. You can go through hell with Cancer, make lifestyle and diet changes, eat well, cut the cancer out, "heal" it, go into remission and then feel better. You can return to a wonderful well being and live in a symptomless life indefinitely; AS LONG AS you DO NOT RETURN to whatever habits/thing MADE YOU SICK. We cannot continue as we always have up to the point of this illness...that seems to be the nature of this particular beast-y - and it sucks.

You are not alone though, Noma. I know your pain, confusion and suffering and I will be praying for you today. My God is a Healer.

1:36:23 PM

I am using kleen green and appreciate this forum very much. I wonder if kathee or anyone else here can let me know the protocol for killing fungus with it as i have come to understand that the fungus which grows in our skin can be as problematic as the insects which are attracted to it (apparently skin fungus attracts a number of parasites and makes us a tasty treat for many of them)

i also would like to know if kleen green can be used in an industrial fogger (we bought one and bombed the house with cedarcide, a non toxic, natural cedar oil insecticide)

thanks ahead of time for letting me know (anyone who has had complete recovery or knows of someone who has)


7:59:58 AM

You are in the right place to help you and your family. There are many here who are getting well and who have beaten this affliction.
Read as much as you can of the postings here. When I first found this website I was very ill and could only read a little bit every day. Now it is the first place I go to in the morning and when I get home from work. I can't tell you how much better I feel in four months time.
Restoring your health is a slow process but well worth every minute of being on the protocol. The diet as well as the supplements are equally important.
There is so much help here from the kind and caring warriors who tell their stories to the many recipes and so much more.
Take care and know you are in our prayers. Just knowing that I wasn't alone any more and there was hope is more than I ever thought possible after eight years and you will be ok.

9:55:44 PM

Diana, Hi, I just saw your post. I am behind on my reading. Thanks John B for your valuable response.

Diana, you have a lot of support here. Take one day at a time. I recently discovered listening to meditation music on U Tube is calming at night. You can choose from many and they play for 3 hours. That's just one small tip of many on here you will find as you read.
I wish I could say more to comfort you. We have all been at the beginning of this and you will settle into the protocol in time and start to feel better. It is a journey and many are winning the war with this illness. Prayers and Hugs to you.
John Burgstiner

9:09:15 PM

Hello Diana,

So glad to see you are settling in with the protocol and beginning to make all the dietary and other changes necessary to restore your bioterrain. Occasionally I am asked about testing, and since you mentioned it, I thought this might be a good place to talk a little about the subject.

There are many different types of diagnostic tests available to your doctor as he or she goes about assessing your condition and planning or adjusting your treatment. They can tell much about your health with a standard comprehensive blood panel along with a few other tests to look at vital organ functions, immune status and inflammation markers. They can also order tests to confirm specific infections that are suspected, and some less traditional tests which peer into metabolic pathways to reveal various deficiencies or imbalances.

In a perfect world, one might expect that the more information is made available to your doctor, the easier their job of making you well would be. Unfortunately, in the real world of Lyme Disease and Morgellons, all too often things don't work out that way. The problem is a lack of consensus among practitioners and a lack of consistency among laboratories. Many lab tests are notoriously plagued with false positives or false negatives. Finding two doctors who agree on what Morgellons is (assuming they think it exists at all) or how to treat Lyme is almost as impossible as getting similar results back on the same blood test from different labs.

Just as unsettling as the lack of standardization in labs is their apparent tendency toward bias in reporting results. Some doctors have reported seeing certain diagnostic patterns in lab tests that are common to one lab while others are common to another. Hardly a perfect science!

From the standpoint of the medical practitioner, all of this compounds the confusion that already surrounds the Lyme and Morgellons communities, and further complicates the efforts of those blessed few who are actually trying to help. Not to mention the patient, who suffers on with the added burden of financial stress from enduring one battery of tests after another.

That being said, the practice of medicine is as much art as science – or at least it used to be. However imperfect tools they may be, there certainly is a time and place for diagnostic testing. In the hands of the right practitioner, they can be an invaluable source of feedback as they proceed along with you in your healing journey. However, the best practitioners treat the patient, not the symptoms or the test data.

Mel has often noted that testing seems to be more valuable the further along one is in their healing journey. In fact, he waited to invest in the metabolic testing panel until he was basically healed, and the results of the testing confirmed that. The reason he feels that way is this: early on, the test results of one Morgellons suffer rarely differs substantially from another because they both suffer from a fundamental failure of the bioterrain. At this point, regardless of what the testing shows, the pathway to healing is basically the same. Once one gets stabilized on the protocol, when the toxic burden is removed and organ systems and cellular energy potential are restored, finding and addressing residual coinfections seems to be easier and is certainly much more cost effective.

I hope this helps you understand the value and limitations of testing. Keep your head up Diana. A quick look around here will tell you that you are not alone, and you are going to come through this changed for the better. We are all praying and pulling for you!



5:52:31 PM

Nancy, I need great plains help..Right now I am very sick and want to start the whole protocol..Will get the kleen green too. Please help me and my family... Diana
Nancy G

10:27:24 PM

John, Thank you for this valuable information and for taking the time to explain this in detail. I feel much more comfortable now about using this product and it is also great to know to not use for prolonged exposures and I will be sure to use it wisely should I purchase it. It definitely has helped many.It is so nice to have this information and one less thing to worry about in decision making! Your support here is so appreciated beyond what words can express.
Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

10:20:04 AM

Hi Nancy,

Excellent question and a very legitimate concern given that so many in the Morgellons community are dealing with fungal overgrowth issues.

One might ask "Why use plant or fungal based enzymes in the first place when animal sourced enzymes are so effective?"

The answer is that they are active across a much broader pH range, they are more temperature stable, and they are often equally effective at lower dosages. They are also more cost effective to produce on a large scale, which makes them more suitable for industrial applications, i.e. cleaners like Kleen Green.

Supplemental plant based enzymes may be produced in manufacturing from fungal or bacterial sources. The living source produces the wanted enzyme under specific conditions and the two are then separated and filtered away from each other. When proper quality control procedures are followed, the final enzyme has no trace of the original organism that produced it.

As a manufacturer of custom blended supplements (including fungal derived enzymes), Logos goes to great lengths to ensure the purity and potency of every raw ingredient we use. Upon arrival at our manufacturing facility, every raw material is quarantined and tested for purity, potency and microbial contamination.

Contaminated raw materials (which are detected on rare occasion) are returned to their supplier. Our quality control process dictates that products are tested twice more: once during production and again as finished products.

As a very satisfied personal customer of Natural Ginesis and Kleen Green, I am confident of the company's equal commitment to quality control. I have found the product to be invaluable as a nontoxic household cleaner, insecticide and deodorizer (it totally eradicates dog smell on contact).

I would also add that Kleen Green is not expensive if used properly. It is highly concentrated and very powerful, so a little goes a long way. It should be diluted in a 1:7 ratio with water for normal cleaning and for skin applications.

By the way, prolonged or repeated exposures to industrial strength enzymes is not necessary and is not recommended as allergic reactions can develop. Like everything else, too much of a good thing is usually not good.

Thanks again Nancy for your great question.

Peace and Blessings and a very Merry Christmas,


Nancy G

12:12:44 PM

John, or anyone-

I have read much on here about Kleen Green and read many good things about it, I talked to the company and understand the way it works, etc.
What confuses me, although it is made from enzymes, it is also made from innocuous yeast! This means fermented yeast- so I can't wrap my brain around how this can help with anything fungal, mold related? I see the many reviews on how good it is, but this really confuses me? Fermented yeast is how beer and wine are made right? If I have a fungal load or fungus on skin or in my environment, it is not added up to me. Sugar is a big no no right- fermentation is sugar and yeast process???
I mean no dispute here what so ever and am very happy it is helping many. I am trying to decide where to spend very limited funds and it is coming down to Kleen Green or more Dr. Bonners Peppermint products and just want to be sure I am not adding yeast to my environment with I know I have a fungal load - Maybe my brain fog has me all confused- again this is not a dispute at all- it is clarification so I spend my limited funds wisely!
so any feedback is very welcome.

thanks so much


1:01:10 PM

Hi Natalie.

Great question. I was initially bitten by a bird mite just prior to showing symptoms for Morgellons. I can honestly tell you that I have been using Kleen Green daily and diligently now for over 2 months and that I have seen no further indications that there are mites or any other insect pests within my apt!!

This product is also wonderful for your skin and general use as a means to reduce and even eradicate fungal and mold build up within your home. Works for laundry also. Although it is somewhat expensive, I have found the investment to by worthwhile after experiencing the positive results! You will be pleased with it's benefits. Hope this is helpful.

God Bless


12:17:43 PM

How is this product with bird mites?

11:06:43 AM

Welcome everyone.

Although this thread only began in October of 2011, those of you who read the entire forum starting back on page 18 will see continuous mention of this product in a positive light.

Although I have personally never utilized Kleen Green, after a couple of years of listening to other people's praise, I was recently offered the company owner's contact info by Peter. After speaking with Cathee and examining the ingredients carefully, I came to the conclusion that both she and her product are for real.

Like Logos Nutritionals and A2Z before her, her company has graciously offered a discount to the Morgellons community represented here.

Therefore, I decided to bring this to your attention in the hope that it will bring you some relief of your topical symptoms.

Welcome to Cathee and Kleen Green. Thank you very much Peter.

God Bless all of you.

Never, Never give up Hope!


11:12:34 AM

Thanks to all for the great comments regarding Kleen Green enzymes. This product has proven very effective as a nontoxic external application for many sufferers with Morgellons. We are happy to provide a 15% discount for any customer wishing to place an order. Simply type MOR15 in the code box upon check-out. Our web address is: . God bless and peace to all. Cathee

3:52:55 PM

Mi Mark

I wanted to tell you that I puchased the Kleen Green product last week and have been seeing good success with reducing the severity of the pimpling on my arms and feet. I apply it 2 to 3 times per day and it does not need to be washed off like MMS does.

I have spoken with the company owner and she has shared with me that she has had numerous reports from new Morgellons customers that it is helping them with this.

She suggests using a 1 to 7 ratio for spraying on skin. I add 1 ounce of the concentrated kleen Green to an 8 ounce spray bottle and fill it with water to the 8 ounce mark. I believe it is helping keep fibers on my arms less active.

I also spray it on my feet after putting my socks on and it seems to keep the itching and pimpling from more redening while my feet are in shoes. I do this 2 or 3 times a day on work days when I am in shoes for long periods.

Finally, the owner tells me that Hospitals and Restaurants use this product for insect control and you can use the same mixture above to spray your home...baseboards and such...for pest control.

I hope this is helpful and I will pray for you and your son!!

God Bless.

11:39:59 AM


I ordered Kleen Green

Can I ask someone...

I read it is good for the 'pimples'?

for my sons arms

should I spray it on full strength? or 4oz diluted with a quart of what.. water?

thanks Mark

1:08:05 PM

Agree. I use Kleen Green as a spray. 4 oz to a quart and find it stops the crawling. I also think that the mms bath is great and much cheaper than running through the expensive Kleen Green. So, mms bath followed by a spray down is the best financially.
Debra **

10:04:25 AM

Hi Mel - I wanted to remind everyone that another product that is great to soak in and soak head in is Kleen Green by Natural Genesis. Enzymes break down parasites and insects. This product really works wonders and it really feels great on the skin. I highly recommend it- may be more effective in the bath than mms I think. Also good for cleaning and spraying around the house.

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