How I Cured Morgellons

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10:33:20 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

First let me say thanks to Linn for bringing this to our attention.

Also thanks to Deanna for her insights.

I have often said my "MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE," therefore we wish to bring as much as possible to you all. With this being said I'd like to remind you that both this program and the series on cancer confirm the approach we have taken for ten years already! (Restoration of the Bio-terrain).

My only concern is that those who lack patience might mix protocols in the hope of accelerating the healing process.

Unfortunately that has never worked out well, and those people only seem to extend their healing process.

We have been doing this right for many years now and remind you all that at this time, ten years later, there is still no silver bullet! (QUICK FIX).

Thanks again to all who contributed to this thread.

God bless you all,

Those who did not give up HOPE got well!!!


11:03:34 PM

Thank you Linn!! I can't wait to listen to this!!!

I also wanted to share that there is another free summit going on right now, called curing cancer. I watched/listened to the first episode tonight and it was amazing how much they discussed is in line with our protocol, right down to fixing the bioterrain.

I believe curing disease would be a better title for this and thought this was a great place to share additional knowledge available to us!!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,


6:52:05 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm so glad you're enjoying the summit too. I also learned why the full moon time the parasites actually swells and wants more food. The best time for parasite cleanse is this time. Depends on the parasite some Dr D'Angelo said should do the parasite killing between new moon and continue after full moon. For other parasites three days before until few days after full moon.
He said if do so during this time, the amount used can be lowered because they want to be fed. They are active.

This reminds me to thank lovely Leah monthly reminder of the split.


1:03:03 PM

Thank you Linn and Peter
Your posts have answered questions for me and certain things have at last fallen into place.
It is so important that any who have Lyme/MOrgs and who have a heavy metal burden eat chelating foods in order to help break up the biofilm.
Love and God BLess.

12:47:51 PM

I can't thank you enough Lynn & Peter!!!! I've been listening to this for the last couple hours and it's spot on & can't take enough notes!

Thanks SO much!!

11:10:57 AM

Amazing information. Thanks Peter/Linn. I have to get into the summit and register. Wonder if this guy Daniel Pompa is one of the presenters. His website tends to have a lot of heavy metal toxicity and slowly pulling it out of the body.
Laura (aunt)

10:36:17 AM

WOW, WOW, and WOW!

This is wonderful information. I actually made a breakthrough connection regarding Lyme, heavy metals,and parasites. This puts my concerns to rest and further validates the importance of restoring my bio terrain as well as my immune system.

Thank you Linn for providing this amazing source of information. Thank you Peter for breaking it down and wording it in terms easier to comprehend.

I pray members of this community recognize this triangular relationship to our disease and why it is so important to stay the course with our protocol.

In Christ,

2:14:24 AM

Hello Linn

Thank you for letting everyone know about the parasite summit. Here is a brief review of the summit host's presentation for folks. Here are some fascinating aspects for you guys.


There is a triangular relationship taking place with toxic disease. Parasites carry Lyme and other related infection; Lyme related infections are connected to heavy metals; Parasites are a huge sponge for heavy metals. When there is toxicity in the body, the body needs to ease that burden. Since parasites are a huge sponge for absorbing heavy metals, the body may actually keep parasites around when there is toxicity issues with heavy metals. Add in that biofilm is often made with heavy metals, and this triangular relationship is better understood.

There you go, folks. This is likely the reason why Morgellons parasites don't disappear quickly, and why heavy metals could mean heavy parasites. You must understand and allow time for this protocol to address this trio. People with lower metals toxicity are more likely to avoid parasites, perhaps one reason why some family members are affected and others are not.

This presentation also discussed heavy metals testing. Since metals target loading in organ tissue over blood, muscle testing is more favorable for obtaining accurate results than is blood testing. Lastly, this presenter emphasized that Lymph favors spirochete bacterial infection over blood, which is why I have always advocated that you move Lymph.

Hope this was helpful.


Linn **

11:57:26 AM

Hi everyone,

There's an amazing summit on parasites. Today is the first day. There are about Thirty different speakers throughout the few days. I listened to one just now. Very good information and knowledge.

Just type in


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