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4:34:24 PM

It is there waiting for you Mel .Things will fall into place.

You will know when it is the right one.

No mold, no damp, easy to heat, the right views, a lemon tree in the garden? A glasshouse for your tomatoes and the right feel to it.

And you will need a tall tree for, Liverwurst, little Salami, Isaiah to land on when they find you.
(Read Hope And Inspiration to learn about these birds)

I have sent my little contribution...a drop in the ocean I know but drops mount up.

I see Karen says you have found somewhere...

Come on everyone...let us get Mel settled. It is the least we can do for him when he has done so much for us .

God Bless always.


9:35:13 AM

Hello Everyone and Welcome,

Just wanted to give an update on my house search. I've been posting some pictures of a house I was most interested in, and though it was great in many ways, things fell through when it got to the final negotiations. I'm not the type of person who moves around a lot, so it's very important to me to make a good choice on my next home and not make too many compromises. This is not a real setback though. I've been looking and there are a few more houses I'm interested in that are in my price range.

As of today I have seen three places I could have been happy calling home, yet nothing has worked out. I never give up so it's out there and I will find it!

A big thanks to those of you who have contributed to help making this move possible.


Please, If you are unable to contribute even a little, yet I have help you some way, you might consider posting something positive about it, as it could motivate some one else to contribute.

Above all, please continue to pray for me as I look to find a just right place that I can afford.

I am at peace as I believe the lord has something even better out there for me!

God bless you all,

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