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3:47:59 AM

Hello Folks

I want to post for everyone on my research and my personal experiences after finishing my third week of taking the Logos Zycran Urinary Support supplement. First, l will share the research I have done. Then, what I am seeing personally. I think you will find this fascinating.


The Zycran ingredients are compelling. Here is why. Zycran combines a non fiber, non starch, enzyme based prebiotic with a specific soil based probiotic, both delivered through the natural alkaloids within cranberry. Now think about this for a moment. Probiotics, like the essential flora we take, build and colonize the healthy bacterial flora in the gut. Prebiotics, on the other hand, actually feed these colonies and allow them to thrive once they are established. These prebiotics are usually delivered through specific fiber or starch based foods, like asparagus and Jerusalem artichokes.

But when we look closer at the Zycran ingredients, we see something very unique. A non fiber, non starch prebiotic enzyme combined with a broadly studied probiotic strain, each delivered through the established alkaloids found in cranberries. This means product synergy capitalizes on the hidden connection between digestion and the urinary tract, and draws upon this specific potential to target bacterial adhesion in the bladder. Truly remarkable in it's scope and sequence. The studies reviewed also indicate that it's efficacy is in hours, instead of days or weeks.


I am seeing my bladder empty more completely. I am seeing a noticeable layer of biofilm residue in my urine. And I am seeing an unexpected improvement in bowel function and stool elimination. What then becomes noteworthy, is the profound and often overlooked relationship between digestion and urinary tract efficiency, and how this product accelerates nutritional science to manifest this truth.

I hope you will join the conference call this Saturday, where John Burgstiner, CEO and Owner of Logos Nutritionals, will be on board to facilitate a further discussion on product development. It should be very enlightening. Go to the "more communication is better" thread on this forum page to find how you can join the call. It will be well worth your time.


Peter **

6:57:16 PM
Logos Urinary Tract support

Hello Folks

I have a history of urinary tract difficulties. Experience and much research has led me to understand the tremendous value of nutrition in urinary tract support, and to discover that when we introduce specific nutrients designed to boost immunity and inhibit bacterial adhesion, we can readily resolve current infections and secure prevention from future infections. My search for answers has led me to Logos Nutritionals Zycran Urinary Health, a unique blend that does just that. I really believe in the efficacy of the ingredients in this product.

Traditional antibiotics are a common treatment approach for UTI's, but with increasing concerns about adverse reactions and the emerging threat of drug resistant microbes, Zycran Urinary Health Is a safe and welcome source of relief and additional support. If you suffer with recurrent UTI's I hope you will investigate the potential urinary tract benefits Of Zycran.


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