How I Cured Morgellons

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12:12:18 PM


I'm so sorry you are going through this as well, but you are in the right place here.

What are you using for your symptoms and for your dogs?

I'm concerned you are going to be homeless soon.

Please keep in touch here and get as much help and support as you can, you are not alone!

Take care,
Jen + 5

10:05:40 PM

Welcome Anthony!

Yes, I remember the initial doctor visits only to be left feeling more confused. If you have found your way here you are certainly not losing! Read all you can on the website and get on the protocol asap (knowledge is your defense against this disease and the protocol is your offense.)
Laura (aunt)

11:18:00 AM


Welcome to our healing and understanding community. Even though the people in the community live in all parts of the world; we have all experienced the same nightmare. The good news is that you found us and now there is hope!

I encourage you to read as much as possible and use the search engine to ask questions. Everything you read is based on people who have already experienced this and their journey to restoring their health.

There is a science to what you are going through although doctors have not done much research on it,
The leaders of the community have spent many years of research on this disease. The information you will begin to understand is based on facts through their research.

This is overwhelming so please stay strong as you begin reading. You have come to the right place to begin restoring your health and life. It is a process and requires perseverance. But you must not give up.

As you begin reading the stories of people in this community, you might connect to some of their: symptoms, medications and cremes that did not work, environment situations, loss of jobs, pets with symptom's, as well as anything you may be going through at this time.

Continue to post and ask questions. You might try attending some of the conference calls where you are able to talk to other people of this community going through this. There are many people who have restored their health and have moved on with their lives. But we hear from them occasionally on the conference calls.

I pray God gives you the strength and perseverance to begin your journey of restoring your health.

In Christ Love,
Anthony **

1:48:15 PM

This all started around Aug. for my dog and I. I've seen 4 drs, including infectious disease who refused to do any blood tests, but gave ivermectin. Anyways I quit working because in close quarters quys are itching and I don't want too spread it, though I'm sure I have! In a month we'll be homeless and will travel south from Toledo, OH with some foods where it is warmer and live in my car I guess. Thanks!

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