How I Cured Morgellons

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9:28:01 AM

Hi deby - I have been meaning to come back and add the amazing "activated charcoal"
Be careful because it stains - especially if used straight - but wonderful stuff (has to be activated charcoal and not what folks use for BBQ) can buy in bottle or in bulk -
if you add some activated charcoal to coconut oil it works excellent

I know some folks that applied the activated charcoal directly (dry) then later add coconut oil -

One capsule to two ounces of coconut oil - more at first - less as it goes along and less purging
Or just a hint of activated charcoal to the coconut oil can make a nice overall skin cover -

2:54:47 PM

I saw your post and was wondering if you have found relief.
If so what helped the most?

My 5 year old has complained of this problem on and off and I'm realizing it must be a morgellons symptom.

He is beginning to purge via skin and also in stool.

Thank you and God bless.

7:51:00 AM

Hi Laura,

Yes I concur with extra virgin organic unrefined coconut oil alone does the trick. After washing, dried place plain coconut oil, the itch disappears right away.


1:49:26 PM

Having had a problem with this which has now resolved I'm posting to let folks in the future know what has been a help to me.

After research and reading this is what I felt:

I either had parasites, or a fungal or bacterial infection.

Because I have taken multiple doses of Parabolish I felt that parasites may no longer be an issue.

I did try all manner of topical treatments including some strong antifungal and antibacterial things.

However during reading on the subject I have decided that best practice for cleansing the area is never dry toilet paper. This seems to cause a lot of problems for folks. Also never use coloured toilet paper. Sensitive baby wipes can be good for some. For me I would rather not use wipes because of the enviromental problems they cause. I have found a cleansing gel that is mainly aloe vera but with added seaweed extracts and essential oils and using this with toilet paper has been most helpful and is what I will continue to use.

Also after showering never towel dry the area. Instead dry with hair dryer on cool setting.

I now have the aim of keeping the area clean and dry and not using any creams or ointments as moisture in that area will encourage infections.


7:09:50 AM

Hi Laura,

sorry you and your daughter are suffering. Yes stay away from all refined carbohydrates and sugar and alcohol and yeasty dried fruits and only fruits should be lemon and lime probably at this stage of your symptoms, a few berries if can tolerate.

Also cut back on oily and greasy food too, stick to wholefood only.
And probiotics essential. Msm sulphur helps me both internally re the powder and externally re sulphur soap.

I think your itch is candida itching also make sure you have enough fibre in your diet maybe take aloe Vera as a colon cleanse to sweep everything out of there so things don't build up and ferment.

Take care


11:30:09 PM

Dear All
Thank you very much for such wonderful suggestions. We are just trying to stay away from sugar as much as we can and bread. We are doing just protocol of minus sugar and acidophilus for her since shes allergic to milk or lactose we cant give her colostrum. Also giving her lots of vitamin c. Any more suggestions please free to comment.
Thank you kindly from a mom heart!

12:51:14 AM

For the anal area-
coconut oil - is a great option -
would Also would suggest to try using glycerin - or a lotion with glycerin....
Castor oil (excellent for calming many MD external symptoms)
And zinc oxide paste works -
Some have used over the counter antifungal creams with success
Or even diaper rash cream.
Also have known some who used extra virgin olive oil with DE added - and a few drops of a mild essential oil - or they just plain olive oil . ;)

Clean the anal area well with mint soap
Or Sumter soap -

Or clean it with baking soda and borax and then apply- your choice of oil....

Some have cleaned the area using diluted MMS on a warm washcloth -
I remember one lady w MD who had ferocious itching anytime she consumed basic carbs - (sugar) so another reminder to stay away from sugar to help heal - and to also remember that MD is a systemic affliction.

It has a fungal component, which likely varies person to person - but I believe tbe itching is related to fungus and parasites as this is a whole body disease -

And servers as another reminder to keep on the protocol to heal the whole body.
The tendency is to think of just the area impacted - like if a woman has a vaginal yeast infection they mistakenly only treat that area/ when the fungal hyphae are throughout the body (candiasis is prevalent) - and I think anal itching is the sign of the systemic infection with a possible nest or root system in that area - but also gunk all in the intestines --//

The anal area will heal more and more as the protocol helps rebuild the immune system -
It might help to keep a journal - note various symptoms and what you ate - certain foods might cause more itiching and you need to stay in tune with how your bkdy responds to different things - because as noted throughout Mel's site - we are different in our response to certain things .

12:27:51 AM


This can be so frightening, especially with a child involved. It wasn't so long ago that I was in your shoes. Buy some organic, extract virgin coconut oil (Costco has huge containers) and apply a small amount of the paste to your clean, rectal area with a Q-tip. The heat from your skin will melt this almost immediately so take care not to apply too much at a time or you will be dripping. Cover completely and be sure to apply a little up into the crack toward your back. At minimum, do this before bed but maybe upon rising if symptoms are extra troublesome. This will relieve symptoms and kill the things taking hold of that area. Let's take that area back, shall we? I sure hope you are able to begin the full protocol. Reassure your daughter that you have found the answer. For her, she need only take the Essential Flora and Colostrum pills once daily while eating a healthy diet. We can discuss how to approach the diet if need be. She will feed off of your confidence in beating this thing. That is a precious gift in and of itself. You got this.

10:32:39 PM

Drink lots of water...I'm sure you've already assumed that. Have you tried coconut oil? Using regular soap around sensitive regions can disturb the ph I heard...making it itchy. Could be toxins leaving the body though. I'm no doctor, but coconut oil seems to help nearly everything. Put some in your food too
Laura **

12:10:03 AM

Dear friends

I am new to the forum and started with symptoms about 3 months ago , crawling, biting, itching and crawling fibers so tiny that most can only be seen in front of my magnifying mirror. I also have a daughter who is 9 years old and recently she began feeling ill, i did noticed a few black tiny particles on her white sheets that i thought were mites, but now that i have seen them come out of my scalp i know she is infected as well.

We have been bathing in salt water twice a week and my child and i have been experiencing itching in the rectum. Its terrible because i we cant see anything, probably because is inside of us.
My question if any of you have felt this and what have you done to help with the itch.

Im desperate for help as i feel terrible for my child she doesnt know what is happening to her.

Thank you,

Many blessings.

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