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How I Cured Morgellons

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9:28:01 AM

Hi deby - I have been meaning to come back and add the amazing "activated charcoal"
Be careful because it stains - especially if used straight - but wonderful stuff (has to be activated charcoal and not what folks use for BBQ) can buy in bottle or in bulk -
if you add some activated charcoal to coconut oil it works excellent

I know some folks that applied the activated charcoal directly (dry) then later add coconut oil -

One capsule to two ounces of coconut oil - more at first - less as it goes along and less purging
Or just a hint of activated charcoal to the coconut oil can make a nice overall skin cover -

2:54:47 PM

I saw your post and was wondering if you have found relief.
If so what helped the most?

My 5 year old has complained of this problem on and off and I'm realizing it must be a morgellons symptom.

He is beginning to purge via skin and also in stool.

Thank you and God bless.

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