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9:44:32 AM

Sasha, Kim, NN, Olysea, and Ashley M,

I am so sorry to hear of your babies n you being affected by this horrific disease. I'm sure you have so many concerns and questions.

I too am a mother at the time both me n my 3 year old suffered from Morgellons. We are now going into our 8th month of Mel's protocol. Please know we all have been where your are and know you n your baby will get well.

God lead me to this website when I had no hope. I almost gave into the enemy. the blood of Jesus Christ over you n your family n know your in the right place to restoring your health 100%. We are a community of love, support, and prayer.

So please feel free to call me if needed. Lean on the Lord through this healing process.

Mel has set up this website that has answered so many questions.

In my thoughts and prayers

10:33:50 AM


Pleas- pleas! Good day!

I need any help!!! Me, my Husband and my 1 year old baby have the Morgellons.

pleas help,

thank you

2:21:17 PM


Please know that both you and your new baby will get well.

Mel says children are the easiest to cure.
If you are breastfeeding then that is good.

Many on this site also have Morgellons and children from birth to teens so they will be able to help you.

They know just what you are going through.

Try not to worry any more as you are safe now you have found Mel and this site.

Love and God bless.
Ashley M

1:39:53 PM

My newborn (1 week old) and I have Morgellons.

I need research and understanding from others who suffer with the disease.

Please help me as to what I should do for me and my baby.

12:59:00 AM

Hi Amy

Mel's Protocol is just above. The FAQ section is useful too. I am sure a mom will chime in for you soon.


9:02:22 AM

Where do I need to go to see the protocol? I am thinking of having a baby and wanted to know what are the risks of my baby having Morgellons?

12:37:53 AM

Hi Sasha, Kym, Nykki and Mel,

I would like to add a little bit of hope for other mums. I have had a lot of success for my now 3 year old with Mel's protocol. I wrote the post 'Success for my toddler on the protocol', which outlines what I have been doing. With advice from Mel and John B., I was able to tailor the protocol for my little one. I have been giving him MMS as well. This is something that takes time and we all go through ups and downs with it. Patience is not one of my strongest points, but I do know it is something that is needed. Once my little boy began on the protocol it didn't take long to see results. I am happy for you to contact me by email and you can ask Mel for my email address if you would like to. It is not always easy, but I try to remain positive and never give up hope.



9:44:48 AM

Hi Sasha,


My contact information is at the end of our welcome letter in the forum, which I might add is a wonderful tool to use in order to navigate our website most effectively.

Most new visitors are in such a hurry to ingest the information that they often go right by some of the key tools we developed to help navigate the website.

I would like to say slow down and be calm, for you have come to a safe place; a place where it is very possible to restore your health.

All one needs to do is read and listen, and be willing to make the changes necessary. Soon you will be on your way to getting your life back.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


7:35:34 PM

thank you so much for your reply. it means so much to me. This is so incredibly difficult. I would LOVE to chat and will contact mel (if I can figure out how). : )

7:24:50 PM

Hi Sasha

I am also a new mum who has been dealing with disease since my baby was about 4 months old. She is now 12 months. I don't have all the answers but I do know how important it was for me to find support from Mel and others on this website. Please ask Mel for my email address and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

For the moment my best advice is to stay strong because I really believe we can beat this! My baby and I are experiencing improvements every day.

I look forward to talking with you.

11:54:28 PM

To NN and Kym, I too am a new mom, facing what looks like Morgellons for me and my baby. I would very much love the opportunity to chat or email with either of you regarding your struggles with this, the decisions you made regarding breastfeeding and or how you treated your babies and the outcomes of the treatments.

when dr.s cant and wont help, the only answers I can find are through talking to other people going through the same thing. If either of you or any other mothers have a minute to impart any wisdom or just want to connect and support each other I would be ever so grateful! Much love to all the families going through this. Lets stick together, because all of us know how alone this affliction can make you feel. My family wants to be supportive, but they just dont believe that a disease the cdc says isnt real could be real. I am hoping I can find an online family at least for advice and emotional support to get through what lies ahead for me and my 9month old son. Looking forward to talking with you.


5:50:22 PM

Hello Kym,


Most people are new to this experience when they find our website, but the more that you read, the more you will come to understand that many people are getting well. In a way, we are all one big family, and you are never alone.

Let me direct you to a few threads that may bring encouragement and hope to your personal situation.

First, take a look at Success for my toddler on the Protocol.

In addition, I suggest that you read all the threads by Gina on the Testimonial Page so you can follow the progress of Gina and her children.

Talking with you on the phone today, I got the feeling you have been reading our site already. We look forward to monitoring your family's progress as you return to health.

As I mentioned today, I will talk with you next weekend.

God Bless, Never give up Hope!


10:32:16 PM

I am fairly new to this experience. It began around March. It has effected my entire family. It started with case of scabies, I believe, and then the skin manifestations began a few weeks later. I have a 7 month old that I am most concerned for. I breastfeed and I desperately need guidance on how to help him. Please assist me with information or guidance anyway you can.

2:07:25 PM

Hello Nykki.

Welcome as always.

Many times people go away for different periods in time. All are always welcome back if the need arises.

I remember when you first came to us as a frightened pregnant mother with Morgellons, and how we all rejoiced when your baby was born Morgellons free.

As I mentioned in our phone conversation, "First Do No Harm" has always been our number one concern. Not being a doctor, it would be impossible for me to give you advice on how to deal with your baby.

What we have learned from the past is that many children have gotten well just by taking the Wellness Protocol. Obviously, mothers who are breastfeeding pass along the same benefits they realize from being on the protocol.

It is my hope that by allowing this post to be published, other mothers who have faced your situation will respond with encouragement and suggestions to help you nurse your baby back to health.

I sure hope we helped a little today.

God Bless you both, Never give up Hope!

NN **

4:02:53 PM

Hi Mel

Long time no speak. I havent been around lately because of the amount of time I spend being a new mother but im writing today because i really need to talk to you concerning the possibility of my baby girl having morgellons. Also I am trying to reach Pam but i lost both of your contact info. Please send me your email or call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX whenever u get a chance. I hope you are well and still maintaining your optimal health.



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