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2:54:11 AM


I am happy for you that you found the website and the protocol and that it is helping you :-). It is good you are now part of the community also.

That's also good that you managed to have a lovely time away, despite health challenges. And that you relaxed in nature.
It sounds like a gorgeous part of the world!

Your description of the seals, otters, deer and waterfalls describes just what we need as food for the soul whilst we work on healing our bodies.

I remember last year seeing a seal up close for the first time, well I was in love!!. He bobbed up close. I saw his gorgeous big, watery eyes and his beautiful mottled skin and he was indeed a happy fellow!. Well, he was looking at the humans on the shore as much as we were looking at him!. He was not afraid, it felt like he was playing the, 'now you see me, now you dont,' game. He would surface, watch us and then effortlessly and elegantly dissappear under the water, until he bobbed up at another bit. He seemed to be enjoying himself :-). I was simply transfixed and felt blessed to have this communion with him. Do you know what really got me? It was the delicate way such a robust creature could slide through the ocean like a ballerina!!! His movements were indeed eloquent and quite poetic.

As I walked away, after he had swam away, I felt quite moved :-).


8:09:03 PM

Hi Denise,

I really enjoyed reading your posts.

It is wonderful that after just 2 weeks on the protocol your pain lessened. I hope that it has continued to lessen and you are able to get a good night's sleep now.

It is great that you have been listening to old calls, coming to new ones, and trying to learn new and healthier ways of eating. Doing those things is certainly a plus in helping you get well.

I'm glad that you decided to go on that trip.

Reading your description of the seals with their young, the otters wrapped in kelp, the deer nibbling, and thundering waterfalls surely made me wish I had been there to see it all for myself.

I love the Bible verse you posted, Romans 15:13. It is wonderful to think of the God of hope filling us with joy and peace.


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