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2:29:08 AM

Thank you Thomas and Karen.

I will try the bison. I'm still working on keeping my alkaline balance around 7.5 and so far it seems when I add meat I get out of whack for the day.
I will say that their burgers looked really really good and oh my, they smelled great cooking on the grille' when they were cooking.

I thought to myself that I am definitely getting better because 4 months ago I had no appetite and food did not smell good! It felt great be outside, great to be with my family and great to feel somewhat normal around them.

A " sneaky substitute " sounds like a plan!

I definately am going to try some of the other bread recipes, The buns were my first and my body reacted well.

One thing I've realized in these past few months is that for me, variety in the foods I eat and the way they are prepared helps me feel more normal, especially since I I will be eating this way as far in the future as I can imagine.

I like to cook and I'm excited about trying new recipes.

I felt safe being with everyone outside and am not quite sure how we'll handle the holidays indoors, but I'm not going to worry about that right now.

I can tell I am getting better every day. I feel better and see that I am healing. Everything is working together to make me well.

Thank you Thomas for the encouragement. I am going to win this war. Not fighting is not an option.

I believe this protocol works.

Karen, I love the idea of starting a thread for the holidays and parties. Being with others is so important in fighting this battle.

Loneliness is not our friend!

Having some fun foods and alternatives for holiday recipes will help to keep the sense of normalcy that is so important as we integrate this protocol into our daily lives.

In the beginning I ate the same stuff every day because I didn't know what else to eat and I didn't feel well enough to cook very much.

I had to stop thinking and eating like I was on a diet.
This is not a diet. This is a life altering change in our eating habits, I cook differently today and I eat differently today.

I expect that I will be eating this way for the rest of my life. I might as well introduce some of these new recipes to my family and friends...Smile!

Laura (aunt)

7:12:13 PM

Dear Brenda,

Thank you for posting this information. I struggle so much trying to stay connected with my family; especially my grandchildren for fear of this disease. It sounds like you had a great family day and even ate healthy.

Please contininue to keep us updated on your new family traditions. It makes me hopeful!

God Bless you on this journey. I pray for you to cross that finish line a winner.

In Christ Love,

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