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2:21:20 PM

Thank you all so much for the support. I'm sure I'll have more questions lol...... I will try the WPS when washing. But before I do so.... what is That? Haha. Sorry, learning here.

I wanted to update you guys.... I was handling things the wrong way. I was so angry at the Lord, but have since realized that these trials are for my own good. Forget losing the house and any other material possession! I will love Him, praise Him and put him first whether I have everything or nothing. God gives and He takes away!

God bless u all for the support!
Jenny S.

10:11:11 AM

Hello Brian,

We are praying for you and please know that you can find help here. Continue reading and start what you can of the protocol. Congratulations on realizing that working on diet is a great start. Thomas and Karen have given you some great suggestions. If you have access to coolers, keep veggies, salads and if possible a little protein available. We watched for sale almond butter early on. Make sure you find a brand that does not add sugar. We'd even just eat it off of the spoon occasionally. Pick up lemons/limes to add to water. If you have an opportunity to make some hard boiled eggs, those will keep well in your cooler for a while. Keep in mind that you may be very limited with food at first, but as you progress in your recovery you will be able to introduce more.

You are on the right track with the laundry, but try soaking it for 1/2 hour or more if possible. We had to wash our clothes after every use, which I know will be difficult while living out of your car. Washing in WPS was a lifesaver for us. Soaking clothes for 1 hr in WPS got them clean each time. Even though you should not take WPS internally until second month on the protocol, it may be worth ordering for your laundry. You can find information about how/where to order on the protocol tab of this site. Relatively speaking, it is not terribly expensive and it goes a long way.

When possible order kleen green for your car and other things and try to vacuum out regularly.

Do not give up hope, Brian. No matter how dire the situation feels right now, people HEAL with the information provided on this website. Many of us start this journey feeling as down as you described in your post, but believe us when we say it gets better. It is a long journey, but you have support.

We will continue to pray for you and please keep us posted.

Jenny S.

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