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2:21:20 PM

Thank you all so much for the support. I'm sure I'll have more questions lol...... I will try the WPS when washing. But before I do so.... what is That? Haha. Sorry, learning here.

I wanted to update you guys.... I was handling things the wrong way. I was so angry at the Lord, but have since realized that these trials are for my own good. Forget losing the house and any other material possession! I will love Him, praise Him and put him first whether I have everything or nothing. God gives and He takes away!

God bless u all for the support!
Jenny S.

10:11:11 AM

Hello Brian,

We are praying for you and please know that you can find help here. Continue reading and start what you can of the protocol. Congratulations on realizing that working on diet is a great start. Thomas and Karen have given you some great suggestions. If you have access to coolers, keep veggies, salads and if possible a little protein available. We watched for sale almond butter early on. Make sure you find a brand that does not add sugar. We'd even just eat it off of the spoon occasionally. Pick up lemons/limes to add to water. If you have an opportunity to make some hard boiled eggs, those will keep well in your cooler for a while. Keep in mind that you may be very limited with food at first, but as you progress in your recovery you will be able to introduce more.

You are on the right track with the laundry, but try soaking it for 1/2 hour or more if possible. We had to wash our clothes after every use, which I know will be difficult while living out of your car. Washing in WPS was a lifesaver for us. Soaking clothes for 1 hr in WPS got them clean each time. Even though you should not take WPS internally until second month on the protocol, it may be worth ordering for your laundry. You can find information about how/where to order on the protocol tab of this site. Relatively speaking, it is not terribly expensive and it goes a long way.

When possible order kleen green for your car and other things and try to vacuum out regularly.

Do not give up hope, Brian. No matter how dire the situation feels right now, people HEAL with the information provided on this website. Many of us start this journey feeling as down as you described in your post, but believe us when we say it gets better. It is a long journey, but you have support.

We will continue to pray for you and please keep us posted.

Jenny S.
Laura (aunt)

7:31:23 PM


I have a difficult time eating enough greens which are very important to our diet. Peter (a previous warrior) once told me to include pure moringa into my protein shakes for the added vegetable support. It works wonderfully and after doing some research of my own, I found it to be a "superfood"! It is a vegetable powder loaded with calcium, iron, vitamin K and vitamin C. The one I use and know is very clean is made by Kuli Kuli.

As Thomas mentioned, you need to stay away from all types of sugar. Begin reading food labels in order to know exactly what you are eating. If you are not sure of certain ingredients, you should google it. This part of my journey amazed me because of all the junk so many foods have.

Reading journeys of others who are dealing with this disease will help put your mind at ease. It gives you hope that you can and will beat this. It is not easy, but this is the way to get your life back.

There are so many people who have had to overcome this disease. But please feel confident in this protocol because it was designed through research from people who have lived with and conquered this disease.

May God Bless you as you begin to place this in his hands and have FAITh in our Lord!

"I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken." Psalm 16:8

In Christ Love,

12:32:48 PM

Hi Brian,

The good news is that you've now found a system that will work! The food will be a bit of a challenge, but maybe Thomas can give you some tips. He is a truck driver and lives in his truck when he is on the road which is several days out of the month.

I love to cook, but get too busy to do so all the time because of my have a few "non-cooking" ideas.

If you have a cooler and can get ice, that would be helpful...then you can keep some cut up veggies on hand.

Also...sometimes I buy a big salad to split for lunch and dinner.

It's best if you can find one that's not a salad bar / self serve so you know it's a little cleaner...and even better if you can find one that has organic ingredients, but if not, just cutting out grains, dairy, and sugar will be helpful.

Sometimes I've found it's cheaper to buy a ready made salad than go to the store and get all the ingredients...but you just have to watch the prices. Some grocery stores sell ready made salads too.

Also...I've seen some little individual cook stove / kits for camping out...powered by a propane canister, I think. Last time I checked, these are pretty might want to check at Walmart in the camping department.

These come with single serving utensils and a little pan. That way you could cook an egg, if you wanted to.

Every journey starts with the first step, and now you are on the right road!

So...welcome to this group and know you'll have lots of prayers and emotional support along the way.




12:10:10 PM

Hi Brian,

I too lost my family and home at least partly due to this challenge. I empathize with your struggle of wanting to live. Please read my journey: Thomas's journey. In it you will find my diet, my journey.

I lived in my semi truck for six months before I was able to finally find a place to live. I threw all my coolers and my fridge away due to some strange green fungus that grew on them.

I still live in the truck during the week because I am an over the road truck driver. I live out of just regular cheap plastic coolers from walmart.

Everyone's body is different so what works for me may not fit your body type. The really good thing about this challenge is that your body will react to foods almost immediately and tell you what you are not ready for. There are some basic foods that are needed for healthy digestion but just add one food at a time for about a week so you know for sure what works for you.

I recommend starting with with kale, baby spinach, green onions and sauerkraut. You can also eat Brussel sprouts in a microwaveable bag . You can buy all this at walmart. I also recommend avocados and almonds. At walmart you can buy easy open salmon cans pretty cheaply. They also have duke' s dried sausages. They are a little expensive but just eat 2-4 for lunch and the salmon for breakfast.

Sauerkraut gives the gut probiotics. Green onions gives the body probiotics. Brussel sprouts and kale give the body sulfur and some other minerals the body is depleted of. Try to slowly reenter the protein in your diet. Try to eat no more than 2-4 ounces of protein at a time. Quinoa is also Very helpful and a good substitute for starches.

I strongly recommend you consider cancelling all dairy, starch, and any sugar including refined sugar and even fruit for now. Get as much rest as you can. Take at least one or even two naps a day.

You have to find a good balance of nutrients so your body can fight. Only drink water. Alternate between distilled and purified. It's cheaper in gallon jugs at walmart.

This is the most difficult one: stay as positive as possible. At least stay focused on the cure but don't concentrate on the cause. This is actually key.

You Can work your way out of this. It is the battle for your life. And it is very difficult, but Don't give up please. We all feel and have felt or are feeling your pain. You are not alone.


Brian **

1:28:10 PM

Hello everyone,

I spoke to Mel the other day and wanted him to know how serious I am about getting well. With this being said, I have a dilemma. I am a single man now living out of my car. I have nowhere to live because of these creatures. I cant seem to get rid of them. These mites have cost me my home. To be honest, Im devastated, but am trying to push forward.
Back to my challenge, is there a way for me to follow the diet w/o cooking?
Any ideas? I want to make sure I follow everything to the "T". Also, Ive been washing clothes in borax and ammonia and it still doesnt seem to kill these mites completely. Any ideas on this?

Im so down and even considered taking my own life..... but I want to live. My life has never been this bad. Thanks everyone for your support.

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