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4:07:27 PM


Thank you so much for all your kind responses.

I have actually started to feel somewhat better since having found this site, and getting a better understanding of what's going on and what I need to do ...

Slowly but surely making changes to my diet, I have made notes on what you have recommended to start Peter, Laura, Chrissie, Brenda and Ruth...

I probably will be asking a lot of questions as I go along.

I really appreciate the support.
Thank you

11:25:26 PM


You have four heartfelt, honest testimonies offered here for you to consider. Each one of them is given to share the truth that this protocol is changing their lives from crisis to wellness. Follow what they have written. Let the information they have shared lay a foundation for you to build on. I would encourage you to learn about the history of Logos Nutrtionals and the people whose lives have been restored here.

I hope you will remain here, and that you will commit to this treatment approach. If you do, you have every opportunity to overcome Morgellons. Believe it. The science is sound. Mine is now the fifth in this testimony for you.

Strength and Love,
Laura (aunt)

10:50:51 AM


First of welcome to our community. All of the information you will begin reading is overwhelming to say the least. If I might offer any advise that would be to stop searching for a different answer. In the beginning we all seem to have difficulty accepting we have MD (Morgellons Disease)and so we continue to look for the quick fix. The truth you will soon understand; there is no such thing as a quick fix. Believe me if there was....we would already be using it.

Next, I recommend you start reading the journeys of other people who have had MD and are now living normal lives once again. You will make connections to some of their symptoms and reactions to certain foods. Each person has a story of how it started as well as a story of disbelief. Once you understand it no longer matters how you got this disease and begin focusing on the cure; you will be on your way to freedom from this disease.

The science behind this disease is based on facts. The protocol was developed by people who had this disease and are now free from it. I encourage you to read and understand the science behind this disease and your will realize why this protocol works. Understanding the science also takes away the fear you may be experiencing. There are many articles from the Logs's website as well as from previous warriors from this website explaining the science. Again, it is based on facts and research.

I have learned that it takes time, diligence, and perseverance to restore my bio terrain and immune system. I have been on this protocol for only 10 months but have been battling this disease for over 2 years. It took me over a year to find this website and a few more months of reading the forum before starting the protocol. I am grateful for this website but even more grateful to God for leading me here. I place my trust in Him.

"Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal." Isaiah 26:4

In Christ Love,

8:23:20 AM


I'm in Scotland and I have morgellons, lyme, candida and bartonella caused by a bird mite infestation in my previous flat. I was swarmed at and bitten by the mites and like you I then developed morgellons.

Do you see tiny black specks or fibres coming out of your skin? Not everyone has lesions.

It's great you have found this site so quickly. Cut out all sugar, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and limit unrefined carbohydrates. Follow an anti candida diet.

Get some sulphur soap and kleen green if you can afford it. Start drinking lemon water daily.

Are you able to get some colloidal silver, that will help too.

You are not alone, thousands are in the same boat, but you have come to the right place for help and understanding.

Hang in there!

2:09:12 PM

Hi Kerry!

So glad you found us and that you wrote. It’s not an accident that you found this site.

If you are not sure that you have Morgellons then keep reading the forum posts and listen to past conference calls. Then decide. While many of our symptoms are the same, we all have different ones as well.

I believe I was led to this site. It found me and when I started reading and listening, everything made sense. I did have lesions but they were small, not the large ones like some of the others described as having. We all have a wide variety of symptoms and I could be wrong but it seems the one thing we all have in common is that crawling sensation. I call them the crawlies and I got the bites as well.

I have been on the protocol for a little over 5 months now and they are so much better. I still get them but I know how to get rid of them when I do. They are not the huge problem to me, like they were in the beginning.

Try Mel’s lemonade elixir, it’s a sure remedy for me and it works pretty quickly. Also, go alkaline. Eat and drink an alkaline diet and see what happens. I got immediate relief when I ate alkaline foods and if I ate sugar or highly acidic foods or drink, the crawlies were my litmus test.

Bathing with Epsom salts and other oils gave me relief as well. If you decide you do in fact have Morgellons then you are at the right place. Everyone here understands what you are going through and you are not alone, sores or no sores.

If you truly can’t afford the protocol then check out the He Cures All Foundation.
Like you, I am on disability with SLE Lupus and initially thought I couldn’t afford the protocol supplements. I think Morgellons likes those of us with compromised immune systems
as there are many like you and I following Mel and his protocol.
In my case, I was able to make some changes in my finances and buy my own supplements but I understand everyone has their own issues.

I pray that you stay around for awhile while you decide if you have Morgellons.
There is a prayer conference call every Sunday Afternoon/evening that you can call in if you wish.
There are conference calls Friday afternoon/evening each Friday except for the last Saturday of each month, the conference call Saturday is at 9 AM pacific, so that our friends across in Europe can join in.

If you decide to “step into the ring” and enter the fight of your life, you will find community here! You are not alone.

God Bless You!

12:26:54 PM

Hi Kerry

Welcome to the website and thank you for sharing your story. I've read and heard others here getting symptoms following bird mite issues.

I'm from the UK in England and have been connected here for over two years now and very nearly well, just a few small issues remaining.

There is a lot to read here but it really helps so much to read through the forum posts and the articles a bit every day. Also listening to the calls that can be found in Conference Call Archives or in the forum thread More Communication Is Better. There are diet articles that will help. The main thing is to exclude all forms of sugar, including carbohydrates like bread, pasta, rice, fruit apart from lemons and limes. Its good to start tackling the diet first as it takes a while to work out what to eat. There is lots of advice here. Also keep posting any questions you have.

Kleen Green can be ordered direct from the UK - a company called ttps://
You can used it to clean the house and also spray it on your body, use it to wash clothes. It has to be diluted exactly as explained in the instructions.

Know that you're not alone and that help is here. This website was an answer to my prayers when I was desperately asking God where to go for help and not to be alone with it all anymore.

Kerry **

7:43:47 AM

Hi I am new to this page / forum and not entirely sure whether I have morgellons or not as at present I don't have any lesions.

My story regarding this goes as follows...

A couple months ago I became aware of a bird mite infestation in my home after my daughter found some small tiny insects in her bedroom and was bitten. We sourced the location to a swallows nest on the wall that had been built close to ab air vent.

I had the birds nest removed, the area treated and I proceeded in cleaning and clearing the house. My daughter moved out straight away and soon went to university and had no further symptoms.

It was a week or so later when I started to be awoken during the night with intense crawling sensations. I did everything I could do to clear up the infestation using cedercide products and various other natural means and cleaning. It seemed to improve for awhile but then I started to get the pinpricks and the crawling even when I wasn't in the house.

I reluctantly moved out and had the house fumigated, this has been the last option to get rid of the bird mites...
I got rid of all my clothes, shoes, towels, bedding everything.

I haven't seen anything more in the house after my return but my skin has not recovered fully. I am still feeling itchy, and crawling sensations. I am managing to sleep during the nigh but I wake up feeling anxious and despairing as it feels like there is no end to this...

I've only had it a matter of months so God love those who have had this for years my heart goes out to you.

The crawling sensation would drive you insane.

I have managed to remain a certain level of comfort from bathing with Epsom salts or using various external treatments but I really feel that it is all down to treating my already impaired and compromised immune system.

I've had hep c for 23 years, I had only just finished treatment three 3wks before the infestation..

I also have hypothyroidism so I know there is undoubtably work that needs to be done on the immune system ...

I don't know where I stand with the infestation. Whether it is now the effects of having an infestation, fungus, bacteria and the likes that has me itching and scratching...

I am currently on a long term disability benefit and I know that the protocol is way outside what I can afford. ...

Simply praying for help and guidance to at least be directed in the right direction.

Has anybody else come across morgellons symptoms without lesions?

I did get bites to begin with but now it's just this underlying crawling sensations and just general feelings of irritation.

Feeling somewhat feverish on waking too.

Please any I help or guidance is feels very overwhelming even all the info to begin.

Is there any directions to be found on food / duet? I haven't come across that so far having only just found this website.

Warmest regards to you all

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