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4:38:21 PM

Hey Chrissie,

The picture you paint sounds both frightful and lovely at the same time. Thank you for sharing that experience with me! I think you should be a writer.

It is always good hearing your sweet voice on the calls as well.

I hope you are feeling better and the healthcare you need has come through for you.

The Lord bless you!


6:30:04 PM

Aw Cheryl,

thank you very much for your kind and considerate post!

I hope you are feeling a lot better re brain fog and it's so good to hear you on the calls :-) Thanks also for your prayers!

You should see the snow here, it's very heavy. Earlier trilions of hailstones fell from the sky, I was caught up in it.
I laughed, because it was exhilarating and surreal and beautiful!!! Though sore on face and hands.

It has blanketed all outside and is clear, white, sparkling but icy underneath... So although beautiful, it can be treacherous!

It felt like a dream when it fell all around me, swirling down! :-)

God bless you,

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