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Laura (aunt)

7:29:12 PM


I am learning that this disease must exit our body. So yes the fact that you are noticing more things happening is a good sign. Remember the old saying; better out than in.

Please continue to ask questions or stress your concerns as we are here for you.

Love In Christ,

1:24:23 PM

Hang in there Chrissie...

You’re exactly right...taking the protocol will make things seem worse for a while.

This thing works on your it just a part of the healing process...or did I eat something I WORSE?????

Don’t worry.

Unless you’re going on a food binge, the evidence you’re seeing with your skin is just part of the process. It’s a good thing! It means you’re body is pushing it out.

It’ll do this for several months, so don’t let it upset you. About the time you think it’ll never ever end you’ll start to see some improvement...and that’s when you’ll bust a move and do the happy dance!




9:55:56 AM

Hi everyone,

I am soooo grateful that I have the protocol to help me and since taking it I have had a big reduction in the amount of bites and crawling activity has lessened considerably, which is great!!!! :-)

I feel it helping me and the candida issues are helped also in the last two weeks since I started candida rid, olive leaf and monolaurin. They are really good!

My pimples are in some ways improving, lessening or drying up, well they wax and wane now.

However today I have more itchy sores appearing on my back, where I have been spraying the wps. Is that a good sign?
It doesn't feel like it as they itch and are uncomfortable.

However, I'm wondering if the meds and the spraying is bringing the sores out more?

Did people find as they took the meds that more things would surface? My back and arms in particular is a bad area.

It is distressing when we get more sores isn't it, but I guess like layers of an onion, many layers of this disease come up to the surface.

Slow and steady is definitely something to keep In mind. We do want to run before we can walk, don't we?


12:27:39 PM

Hi Laura and Karen,

Thanks for your kind responses :-)

Laura I love avocado but I only generally buy two a week as they are so expensive here. I keep meaning to buy the frozen ones and see what they are like, but they are great!

Karen, that's cool you were brought up near the shore. I was inland as a child, it must have been nice as a child to have the shrimps and also to be by the sea.

Yes, I think vegan is fine if the person is healthy, but I'm not so, I feel I might not be assimilating nutrients the way a healthy person does.

Well, I tried fish again and my skin didn't break out and my digestion coped better, so slow and steady.

One thing I did notice is the next day I felt a little bit stronger.. So that's good and I will persevere!

Laira (aunt)

9:27:17 AM


Have you considered giving the protocol containing the Omegas more time before introducing new foods; especially fish? You might instead try eating more avocados for the extra nutrition support. The following information came from Health-line's magazine about the nutrients in avocados as well as the benefits of eating them.

Vitamin K: 26% of the RDA, Folate: 20% of the RDA, Vitamin C: 17% of the RDA, Potassium: 14% of the RDA, Vitamin B5: 14% of the RDA, Vitamin B6: 13% of the RDA, Vitamin E: 10% of the RDA, contains small amounts of Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorous, Vitamin A, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin) and B3 (Niacin).

The benefits are:
They contain more potassium than bananas
The contain healthy monounsaturated fatty acids
Loaded with fiber
Can lower cholesterol and triglyceride
Can help absorb nutrients from plant foods
Loaded with antioxidants that can protect your eyes

I know this is a great amount of information, but thought it was important to understand the many benefits of adding avocados to your diet.

In Christ Love,

11:50:24 AM

Wow...Chrissie...that's an interesting question about the fish.

It IS good for the things you listed...but having that kind of reaction would indicate to me that it's not worth it.

I wonder if taking more of the Omega would have the same benefit as eating fish? Maybe ask John?

In any case, I'm sure living in Scotland you're used to having fish as a part of your diet.

That was true for me as well. I now live further inland, but I grew up close to the coast, and having a "shrimp man" was a part of everyday life. That's a contact with a shrimper who will call you when he has several pounds of fresh caught shrimp for sale. I used to always have several pounds of shrimp in my freezer...but those days are gone. I'm now too scared of the mercury.

Where I live, home made shrimp gumbo with a side scoop of potato salad is a big part of Christmas. I miss it terribly, but...I'd give it up forever to say goodbye to MD.

My daughter is a vegan and has shared several points of evidence of its benefits in her overall health improvement. I've heard the evidence that supports this decision...and I'm glad for my daughter.

However...she doesn't have MD. I'd tried to cut back on the amount of meat I ate for a while...and was really feeling like something was added back organic grass fed ground beef.

The most I eat is a pound a week...spread out over the week, but I do feel better when I eat it.

I've read somewhere that MD robs you of iron on some level...but I don't remember where I read it, or if it's true or not...but if so, it would make sense why eating the meat makes me feel better.

Glad to hear you are doing some things to create peace and harmony in your life while you wait for your next step.

Take good care of yourself!




7:30:53 AM


I was just listening to vashti bunyan there and singing along. I realized I needed something soft and comforting and I love her voice, she has the voice of an angel... So delicate and her voice helped! :-) Her albums are on YouTube, good for anyone who's nerves are frayed, just beautiful!

I wonder what people could suggest. I have been vegan two and a half years, started for health reasons at first. It did help the inflammation and digestive issues, and I did take b12, d3, flax. Of course now on the wonderful protocol there are omega oils from fish. But with all this happening re my ovaries,
I wondered if I should take fish again for my health,
John agreed.

So yesterday I bought some fish and ate it. I can't afford organic so it's normal fish. So I woke today more fibres coming out, more spots, and cuts, even on my face one bleeding and small red tracks underneath the skin. I know it's a reaction to the fish. I wonder if it's the Mercury?
Now the omega tablets don't cause that, but I know they are made with anchovies which have the lowest amount of Mercury!
What do people suggest? I bought another two tins and some fresh fish, I will use it as I cannot afford to waste it. But, instead of twice a week as I planned I now know I need to be careful.. Maybe I will use them up slowly a small amount once a week and see how it goes. Any advice?

I really think our systems are so hypersensitive that our body sees so many things as a toxin. I also had digestive pain going through to my back as harder to digest than plant foods and not used to it.

I'm very happy I can take the omega oils no bother at all and I know that they will help me, but I hoped to boost my health more with the fish.

I will tell you why.. They did research on poor little mice, they injected endometriosis tissue into them and the mice given fish oils had many less lesions than the other mice. Also, fish good for cognitive function and I'm dizzy a lot and also it's protective and fights against cancer. But I do wonder how polluted our oceans are.

I did not expect such a reaction, as there were no additives to it.

Oh well, any advice much appreciated.


3:28:38 PM

Aw thanks so much Karen and Ruth,

Karen what a wonderful post!!

You hit the nail on the head! I have Been worrying far too much and need to calm it right down, find distractions and find solace away from the whirring brain...its not helpful!
Everybody's prayers are so lovely and much needed. Ruth you said in a previous post to sing uplifting songs. I got on YouTube and sang some psalms and also I love, ' third day,' 'revelations,' and I poured my heart out.

I am bloated and feel dizzy often with my stomach ... But my Morgellons symptoms I feel are slowly but surely taking on all the lovely protocol nutrients, so I'm very very grateful to have it indeed.
I persevered and asked to speak to a gynaecologist who saw me two years ago, although he has nothing to do with my case.
I explained to several secretaries it was making me dreadfully anxious not being able to speak to an expert about results so far, especially as my levels are abnormal and the cyst there too.
So, it paid off and the doctor phoned today. He said he thought that it's likely that it's an endometrioma cyst and he thought it likely to be benign (though he cannot be sure until biopsy)... This is because of my medical history and my endometriosis. So, it was good that he thought this and put my mind at ease a bit. Although I won't be happy until it is taken out and biopsy done of course I won't..
I have been feeling terrible about it, since last Tuesday when this all happened. Now, I just have to wait till the other doctor comes back and hope they can schedule me soon.
However, they are fully booked and there is a waiting list of 12 weeks for operations. So, obviously I'm very concerned in that if I have to wait till March, if it is malignant this could be a matter of life or death. Also, symptoms will deteriate even if it's the endometriosis causing it.
But I can only ask and see how it goes.

But he did make me feel better.. Oh I was feeling so bad.
I only feel I have the energy and fight to fight morgellons and to fight my dogs ill health too. A hysterectomy I can cope with, cancer well.. Not on top of everything else I have Been through.. I can't deal. I may be strong, but hey enough is enough.

So, let's pray he is right and it's benign. It is upsetting to wait isn't it, but in terms of lyme, morgellons and candida and my general immunity.. I cannot afford to let it make me sick with worry. It's outwith my hands. I'm doing my best..
Thanks again and god bless you all.. Mel sent the protocol again today! I'm so grateful I have it and I know it's helping my immune system.

I'm exhausted and don't want to fight anymore big battles, but hey for some reason we all have had some major hurdles to climb.



1:15:41 PM

Thanks Aunt Laura, I will do!
God bless,

11:03:10 AM

HI Chrissie,

I'm SO sorry you're going through this right now.

The delay with Christmas and the wait is another challenge, and that has to be making things so much harder.

Please keep posting and let us stay with you on this day to day if it helps. Like John B. are not alone...and that includes others with you on this earthly journey. reach out to this community with posts as often as you feel the need for support...someone will always respond.

If possible, do some things that will take you out of what I call the worry spin cycle. We all do it...when we're worried about something, and especially if we're alone, the worry becomes circular. We start with one unknown scenario that has some possible negative outcomes and then sort through every possible negative aspect in an attempt to find a solution to each one. Once that's done, we do it all over a circle.

Being prepared for possible contingencies has its merit, but too much thinking about things we can't control can be upsetting.

When I get like this, I need to move around. For some reason physical movement changes something with whatever neurological chemical trail I've been carving into my brain with worry.

Other things help getting my environment in good order...I know it doesn't sound like exciting entertainment, but I find cleaning house to be very helpful to me psychologically. Of course, the trick is to have enough energy to do so...but even small changes have a soothing effect, like straightening up one drawer, or a nightstand top.

Read something a movie...go on Youtube and find something funny or interesting.

Do anything to take yourself out of the moment right now.

I love stories of faith and how people overcame obstacles...just google or do a Youtube search, and I'm sure lots of that type of thing will show up.

Make a pot of tea...use some of your best dishes...I love my fancy teapots...they make me smile! Light a candle. Make some fairy cakes off the recipe section...and have your own tea party.

Pull out your computer or even just writing paper and start anything to distract yourself for now.

In the meantime, please know that the people reading your posts, myself included, will have you in our thoughts and prayers.



10:59:00 AM

Dear Chrissie,

We are all praying for you to be well and that God will make a way for you to have the operation at the right time.

Praying that you will feel God's presence with you through the dark days, that you will hear His voice, that you will know the comfort of the Holy Spirit each day and throughout each night.

Laura (aunt)

6:43:02 PM

Dear Chrissie,

Please continue to keep us posted. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

In Christ Love,

7:41:23 AM

The cancer nurse I spoke to said that I could still have cancer with levels at 51 so she said they will hopefully sort an operation out sooner rather than later.
Though it is Christmas my doctor off all week and most of next week.
I hoped the nurse would say my levels were low, but she didn't.
Waiting game now... I will keep taking the protocol and praying, still watching my diet and trying to get enough water and rest.
Thanks for prayers.
God bless,

6:05:45 AM

Dear friends,
My levels are 51,normal is 0 to 35,so not good that it's higher but I don't know what that means, it could be my endometriosis causing it to be higher I don't know.
What is good is that it's not over 65!!:-)
As over 65 with a pelvic mass in 90percent of cases indicative of cancer.
So I was mighty relieved it wasn't over 65.
I will need the ovary taken out and biopsy to be sure as test inconclusive.
Please pray that the biopsy will be all OK,and that they don't leave me too long before they do the operation and that I'm OK.
But,hey I'm glad the levels are not higher!!

12:07:41 AM

Thank you Tara :-) prayers are much appreciated! I phone re blood test results today. They aren't conclusive but can still be helpful as to whether they think it cancer or not. Oh Lord!!!
I mean, it's hard enough fighting morgellons and lyme etc, I cannot deal with it being bad on top of everything else.
So, it's a waiting game and hope and prayer. Of course I will be getting an operation too (hysterectomy) and a biopsy.
That will be conclusive.
Still taking the protocol and still very grateful to have it helping me. How i wish this wasn't happening, however :-(

11:36:57 AM

Praying for you Chrissie!


4:18:44 PM

Thanks Karen :-)

12:03:23 PM


You are in my prayers.



1:17:00 PM


A reading of over 65 in a patient with a pelvic mass is malignant in 90 percent of cases.

Please pray it's not over 65.

1:09:41 PM

Dear Deanna and Laura,

Thank you so much for your prayers.

I had the CA 125 blood test today, May take a few days for results and then wait for another hospital visit.

Unfortunately, it isn't conclusive,it doesn't show if women have early stages of ovarian cancer and even then the raised protein could be because of another inflammatory process in the body.

The only thing is a biopsy, but they cannot biopsy an ovary (dangerous) so the ovary would need to be surgically removed to see if cancerous, then biopsy taken.
Day at a time.

Yes the protocol doesn't just help with morgellons and lyme but it is helping my general immunity too, thank god (and Mel and foundation helpers :-)) I am still 100 percent fighting the morgs, no fear!!


10:06:48 AM


Please know I am sending prayers now!!

I also agree with Laura, please do not give up hope AND please stay the course of your healing journey!!

No matter the outcome God is holding you in the palm of His hand and this protocol will ONLY benefit you!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,
Laura (aunt)

5:58:08 PM

Dear Chrissie,

You are in our prayers. God bless you and please do not give up hope. Continue to eat healthy and stay positive in mind and spirit!

In Christ Love,

3:49:15 PM

Please, can people pray I will be OK as I'm feeling scared.

I had an internal exam today and my ovary looks weird.
I have to get a blood test to check that I don't have ovarian cancer, prayers would be much appreciated,

Love Chrissie

1:46:31 AM

Hello Julie and everyone,

That's really excellent that after five months of the protocol you only have a few sores now!

Yes, clove oil is good I used to take a few drops internally daily as an anti fungal but stopped it when I started the protocol. Good idea, thanks to put clove oil and olive oil on sores, though I think it would need to be pretty diluted for me as it's nippy, isn't it otherwise.

That's good it helped you and that the wps solution helps now.

I wish I could get rid of bras permanently but being curvy I need them(no bra burning here!! :-)). The bras I use aren't padded though. I put bicarbonate of soda in the wash it helps to clean the morgellons off the clothes.

Well, I have been on the protocol six weeks now. The first thing I noticed was the thymic formula helped me with my energy levels,
there is definitely something about it regards that. I think it helps soothe the tired adrenal glands. I also felt more relaxed after taking magnifizyme, the magnesium calms the system down. And I have less biting sensations since starting the protocol and the bites I have are less severe, which is very good!!! Also, less crawly itching under my chest area which is a bad area for me.

I do think the protocol encourages things to come out!
(better out than in, as Mel says).

I have many, many pimples and spots coming out, especially on my back and arms and stomach and face, often with fibres that have a crawly itch when they come out. My scalp has been itchy on and off and I especially experience the body tickles throughout my body during the night (as we speak) little fibres coming out.

Don't you just hate those little, annoying, squiggly tickles? It's like someone standing there tickling you all over with a feather repeatedly!!! ARGH!!

I definitely think there's a huge fungal component to this. It's so strange that it gets so much worse in the nighttime isn't it. Also, when the body heats up or sweats, it loves it and the tickles are worse. Also, is anyone else perimenopausal?
I'm having hot flushes and the hormonal imbalances and the sweating, well that brings out the tickles and fibres even more, so it's fun and games!! Hormones definitely play a part in this. Many of the people who get this bad are women in my age group, often with a history of immune dysfunction and candida (both seem to come together).

It's great that the protocol supplies soo many healthy, vital nutrients to help restore the body, giving it many nutrients it may have lacked for years!!!

Well, I still have a coated tongue re candida issues (but it's not as bad as before! ). I'm looking forward to starting the extention kit very soon.

When I take the colloidal silver I hold it in my mouth a few moments to help the candida issue there, it helps my mouth and body re candida. The silver also really helps against morgellons taking over.

A low carb diet has definitely helped the fungal element and it's absolutely essential to keep to the diet. I'm not going to lie, I get bored with eating healthy all the time, but it's what we have to do, no question about it!!

The wps solution sprayed externally helps to bring out the fibres. I haven't started taking the wps internally yet, I think it will make a big difference, alongside the protocol nutrients in fighting this.

It's such a battle to fight this isn't it. But, it's great we have these weapons to fight it with (I'm sooo grateful and happy to have the protocol).

We also have the wisdom of those fellow warriors who have fought it before, or who are fighting alongside us.

Ha ha, I just had an image in my head of Mel in a big metal warrior costume, with a sword in his hand. His wee face peering out the helmet :-).

Julie B

9:32:17 AM


I am so glad you were able to join the Saturday conference call.

I read your post asking about bras. I have always worn lightly padded bras for modesty.

But when I contracted this, I had to get rid of all my bras. Everything I used in the wash got rid of the critters except the padding in my bras.

I purchased some cheap bras that had no padding and did fine.

As for the skin, my husband and I tried everything. The only thing that helped us was applying rice bran oil or olive oil with clove oil in it after showering.

3/4 teaspoon clove oil to every 2 ounces of oil. Before finding Mel and this protocol, I was covered in sores from my neck to my feet.

Using the oil mixture after showering healed my skin up and helped tremendously with the itching. During the day if I had itching I would apply a drop or two of straight clove oil to the spot.

The itching would stop almost immediately. Be careful though as clove oil is a hot oil.

Now, being on the protocol for 5 months, I only have a sore pop up now and then. I spray the WPS water on it and it works amazingly well.

Julie B.

2:31:18 PM

Thanks Laura :-)

No, I just add flaxseed which really helps to keep hunger at bay and is soo good re omega fats. Yes, I only have avocado a few times a week, apparently you can buy frozen avocados in the store, haven't tried that yet, but may try them. Or if you Try freezing them let us know how you get on.

I made celeriac mash today, with vegetable stew, well I don't like it as much as potato but it's a good low carb substitute, boiled up with vegetable stock, then I mashed it with olive oil and some sea salt, garlic powder. Very filling, hearty winter food.
Later on I just had some almonds I roasted in the oven with sea salt and lemon water as a small meal. My food is very rustic, simple.

God bless,
Laura (aunt)

7:02:45 PM


Thank you for sharing your smoothie recipe. It sounds refreshing and healthy. Do you add any protein mix to it? Someone told me you could cut avocados and place them in a freezer bags and freeze to keep them fresher for longer periods of time. I have not tried it yet; but it is on my list to do as avocados are rather expensive and sometimes spoil before I eat them.

Thank you for sharing and may God Bless you!

In Christ Love,

6:05:37 AM

Hello Again,

In the conference call 25th November;

Julie and Cheryl mentioned sometimes they find it hard to eat three times a day in order to take the protocol with food.

Sometimes for me, just a handful of almonds or Brazil nuts and a glass of almond milk is enough, or an avocado and some nuts and lemon water.

I also like a smoothie made with avocado, lemon juice, flaxseed and fresh spinach and water, zapped in a blender it's lovely and creamy and filling and quick to make.

Get some yeast, gluten free stock cubes and make up a quick savoury drink with half a cube in a mug of hot water, I think the sea salt and the little bit of fat in it helps and it's so quick to do.

Now I was having a reaction to fruit so haven't had any apart from lime. Lemon, avocado for ten months. However, I read recently that just adding three raspberries mashed up to yogurt gives a little taste of the fruit and it's acceptable to the system... And it seems to be ok so far.. Ha ha I bought a small punnet and froze three raspberries at a time in tiny wee bags, fit for a mouse not a big human :-) but needs must!

Stevia and xylitol don't agree with me, so it's the tiny serving of raspberries... This is like rationing.. Isn't it! Nonetheless a little bit of yogurt and raspberry with some sunflower seeds or sesame seeds thrown in or almonds or Brazil nuts, is quick, tasty and it's enough for a small meal.

Hope this helps.

5:48:06 AM

Hi there,

Mel encouraged me to post on this thread, so that if there's anyone else from Scotland on here, feel free and post here too.. You are not alone!

Well I took part in my first Saturday conference call at the weekend and it was good to be part of it and to start to connect with people in this community too :-)

Aunt Laura mentioned that Stevia solution was helping her, dabbed on to Morgellons sore places it is helping to heal them.

I mentioned that I think that the herpes virus is part of this as the cold sore ointment ZOVIREX helps me heal sores and cuts that just appear, these sores itch like cols sores, are particularly bad at times where sweat gathers like around bra areas. Can other women who need to wear a bra tell me, do you also have constant problems re Morgellons symptoms under the bra area and what, do you do apart from kleen green, washing and wps spray in case there's something else I can do,as this area is a constant battle has been for years now, any sweat and the pathogens have a party and the itches commence ARGH.

(opportunist pathogens especially in the heat) and at times these sores would weep (for years they were intolerable for me, chronic and weeping and itchy nothing I did seemed to help,they took over alongside the long scratches that had the fibres inside and actually formed a complex Maze all over my stomach, criss crossing and rapidly reproducing in front of my eyes..

The doctor said I had done it to myself by scratching.. What??? Firstly my fingernails are short. Secondly it had a fungal growth pattern to it and the sores were weeping and seeping with fibres inside. How could they not take a sample, skin scraping, microscope, examine? And how did this describe what was happening on my back where I could not reach, which I also showed her?

the weeping and itchiness was the worst thing....So I tried doxycycline but it only helped marginally, the first thing that did really help was colloidal silver . And then the second thing was ZOVIREX. I find the ZOVIREX also helps with the bartonella long cuts that I get too, with or without long black fibre inside them. Very interestingly Mel mentioned the sores could be (MRSA) now I have never heard of that before and it does make sense. And I read that colloidal silver helps with Mercer (MSRA).

Years and years of using alcohol solutions, scabies cream, dilute vinegar, flagyl cream, mustard solution (ouch) nizoral shampoo (put on skin left on, helps a bit with fungal long sores with fibres but doesn't help with the sores, Neem oil (people were complaining I smelled of some strange concoction.. I denied it of course :-))

Witch Hazel, sulphur paste,permethrin cream (Don't even go there, it's toxic and weakens your immunity) and other insecticides for clothes sprayed on my skin in the beginning (NO, JUST NO!!!), zinc and caster oil cream (helps a bit) and many many other substances and potions.

SO, after years of trial and error topically for me it comes down to sulphur soap, kleen green and wps solution spray (Mel introduced me to recently, cheap and effective), colloidal silver dabbed on or internally taken and cold sore cream.

I stopped the topical application of nizoral anti fungal shampoo because it's quite a strong chemical to leave on overnight all over my body as I did and I think it may weaken the immune system as well as fight fungus, as most pharmaceutical things do.

I read a funny post from Joyce (she with the hairy computer :-)) where she said she would have put anything and everything on her no matter how bizarre to get rid of this... Yes, my friend, how we all know!! This disease has taken us to some atrocious, awful ridiculous places. For years I went to bed lathered in some weird potion, including hair, hair covered in a bin bag, pillow covered in a bin bag.. The dog looked at me with a seriously confused look in her eyes and walked away at the smell of all the potions.. She seriously thought I was losing my marbles..She went for the first time in her life to sleep in the other room, to avoid me greased up and looking like a Martian... I saw that look in her face!!! Why oh why couldn't her mum be not bonkers?? And she was not far wrong.. I was sailing close to the wind several times..
But.. We can learn from those that have went before us and we can learn from each other.. Thank god!!!!!

To sum up I find colloidal silver and ZOVIREX to be helpful for the sores and I think it's best for people to keep it simple and as gentle as possible for their immune systems. Otherwise the potions may help in one level, but hinder immunity on the other.

I was fighting, fighting, fighting these pathogens day and night.. But not focusing on restoring the bio-terrain as well.. Not realizing that if we all had a strong immunity that would be the solution. But, we live and we learn.. So its utterly and hugely important that if you are new to this disease that you read all you can on this website and forum and gather so much important information to help you in your fight.

Because we are all fighting too and their is a wealth of experience here to learn from.

We have already fallen down the rabbit holes, so you don't have to!! :-)

God bless,

10:44:47 AM

Hi there,

I regularly put some epsom salt in my bath and it does help and before I was on the protocol I would have a bath with epsom salt and bicarbonate of soda mixed and found that the bicarbonate of soda helped soften my skin but it also helped to heal the skin eruptions and cat scratches (bartonella).

I have a few weeks until I start the wps solution and as far as I know it's OK to have an epsom salt bath whilst taking wps.

However, does anyone know if a bicarbonate of soda bath should be taken when on the Wps?
The reason why I ask is that I know that bicarbonate of soda taken internally could have a reaction chemically. With the Wps.,so I wonder if it's OK to bathe in it? As I say I know it helps my skin symptoms get some relief but I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing!

Becca N

1:31:40 PM

Welcome Chrissie!

I'm happy to hear your having some relief! You have come to the right place, I'm learning so much as well! I can't wait to follow your journey!


9:37:04 AM

Hi everyone,

Well I dearly wish you all good health in 2017!

For myself I'm so grateful I listened to Mel about MMS as there's no way in a million years I would have taken it otherwise.
It definitely does help, I use it every day im taking 9 drops, daily in two doses though I take a little food alongside as I was dizzy if I didn't and it's a fine balancing act.

I have been taking mms now since Summer time and I feel it work on my scalp it tightens the skin as if killing of something.

I still have black specks and bite sensations, Bartonella scratches appear all over, burning sensations on leg or feet, painful bones and inflammation at times.
Some days worse than others, heat makes it worse also if I get wet or damp, well then the black specks all come itching out..

Not good when live in a damp cold country!
However,it has improved thank god thanks to mms! :-)

My dog still bites at herself at times and scratches, but she mirrors me, so isn't as bad either.

I speak to Marie on here nearly every week and I'm so happy Ruth gave me her number.

If it wasn't for this website we would never have spoken!!:-)
Despite our age difference we can talk for hours!!
Age means nothing, it's the spirit and personality that counts.
It's great to be able to talk with someone who understands you and you understand them about Morgellons and how it is distressing and things we react to or struggle with.
But we also talk about other things, about things we like, about wonderful experiences we have had, connections, good things.
As Marie is a storyteller she takes me to order places with her evocative stories, with her words, she makes me laugh out loud or think of times long gone.. We care about each other and she is my friend now, even though we will never meet in person no matter!
And it's lovely to chat away, it's company.

Especially since I still feel unsafe being around people, though it's better than it was.
But because it has flared up three times now I'm very very wary being around people.

I saw a video with the lovely Joni Mitchell and the guy said, " is it true you are a recluse? "

To which she stated, " people don't understand, "

But fellow Morgellons sufferers know only too well exactly why she has kept to herself.

Yet I saw a strength in her face, a nobility, I was really strung out and stressed with Morgellons symptoms that day and so I sought out this video of Joni to see if she looked like she was coping..

Well she was..she was still strong, despite the fight she has endured.

It's important to see that, to hear it and to see it in ourselves.

To see that all strength is not lost and that we are still here in ESSENSE even if we lost some parts of ourselves along the way.

We will never be the same person again, but we have learned so many things..

We live very simple lives and take nothing for granted.

Health we realise is the most wonderful thing we can have. Our values change overnight. Often it's about survival nothing else.

In some ways it's good to cut the wheat from the chaffe,and not fret over material things or things that are superficial and do not matter. Is this a spiritual lesson? I guess everything is really.

I don't hear from Fiona since she moved, but last I heard was she was doing very well on the protocol and wanted to move forward!
So I still think of her and wish her well.
I think she will be doing very well as she was healing well :-)

God bless everyone here x

2:18:11 PM

Hi Carl,
Yes I'm sure Mel will give you my email address and if you give me your number I can phone you!
Best wishes,Chrissie

2:14:08 AM


Me and my family are also from Scotland and over the last week or so, my mum has been showing the typical signs of Morgellons.

Could someone please get in touch with me! Mel has my contact information!

We are so confused and need advice

9:05:27 AM

Hello Lady T,

Thank you for your eloquent as always reply.

Im sorry it's been a wee while dear lassie since I said hello.
Yes fiona you can get a title,what would you like to be called?
Maybe Lady T has a name for you?

I'm struggling just now as my little dog is sick, losing weight and poorly and I'm trying my best to help her as well as fight the Morgs in both of us!
It feels like constant battles to fight and I am tired and fed up with it all.
But i never surrender!!!
I do the best I can!
I watch big bang theory for a laugh.
I have talked to some truly splendid people on the phone who also have Morgellons but who I like very much.
I have made tasty interesting meals.
One lovely lady told me homeopathic ledum 30 c helps her Morgellons symptoms.
So me and little dog have just started taking it.
I know yesterday and today my system had a, " clear oot! "... Im trying to be polite, dear Lady T, a lady should probably not talk about evacuating her bowels but I think quite possibly that the ledum us cleansing me out.
Do people find that when a product is working?
Me amd woofy stopped taking diatemeous earth internally.
We took it quite a while so good to let other things work.
Mms,silver,oregano and clove oil, msm,digestive enzymes are what I'm taking daily at present.
Still have like fiona the pimples all over arms and back.
Still crawly in head and bra area argh that bra area..wish I was small enough to liberate myself and burn it!
Alas, a lady needs decorum and a brasserie if she is not a tiny delicate flower!
And still black specks and fibres.
But oil pulling with coconut oil, oregano and clove oil daily, still candida bad all over and in mouth but I fight it.
Anti candida diet but introduction of a few potatoes,sweet potato, brown rice pasta been great.
Still no fruit.
But potato, ahh I missed my humble friend from the earth.
Trying to give my wee dog all the love I can and to stay afloat.
I smiled Lady T at your hubbie doin a Scottish accent:-)
I bet he's a character as well as you!
Yes, Charles Stanleys little monthly book was great all the stories from all the inspirational people. The format is changed now but yes do important to learn and grow and help each other be the best versions of ourselves we can be!

Fiona I'm really pleased you are doing so well on the protocol, that's tremendous!! :-)
As long as ye pace yersel hen an no overdo it! ;-)

Take good care all Xx

9:48:41 AM

Hi guys

That's me in month 3 of the protocol and I'm on 8 drops per day of the MMS. The crawlies have diminished significantly and I really only have to deal with them on my scalp on and off during the day. I have itchy skin in places and quite a few lumps and bumps on my chest (apart from the obvious ones). I also have little pimple type spots appearing in random places but they don't bother me in any way. And that's pretty much it! If it wasn't for the afore mentioned issues you wouldn't really know I was ill. The terrible nausea and stomach cramps I experienced originally have stopped and my energy levels are great although I'm careful to get plenty rest. I'm still purging the black dots and hairs but they're very small and I'm keeping a diary of the numbers to gauge how I'm doing.

So basically I've been out and about and enjoying life. I've kept busy, spending time with family and friends doing interesting things and sharing lots of laughs. From the start I didn't want this disease to define me, it's something I happen to have, temporarily. I also signed up for a home study course with a qualification at the end of it and I'm loving using my brain again! I would recommend that anyone with this finds positive ways to distract themselves. I believe that you can get caught in a circle of stress otherwise. You feel stressed and anxious and that perpetuates the disease. Try and find joy in something every day and your health will benefit!

I'm eating buckwheat, brown rice pasta, oatbran and rhubarb now with no problems but I don't intend to try anything else till I'm 90%. I eat oatbran porridge for breakfast and I have buckwheat crackers with soup everyday but the brown rice pasta and the rhubarb are an occasional treat - I don't want to push my luck! My favourite meal at the moment is stir fried veg with some spices and quinoa, I love it!

I had a chat with Mel recently and explained to him that I felt it would be beneficial to have a question and answer session with the 100% folk. I have so many questions about what they do now! Whether this could be a thread (I think that would be the best way as folk could contribute over time) or a conference call. The problem is that when folk recover completely they tend to disappear and I completely understand why - they want to put this behind them. If there is anyone out there though who is willing to answer questions please tell Mel!

Lots of love to you all


P.s. can I have a title too please? :-)
Lady T

4:11:30 AM

Yo countess Chrissie -
I was thinking about you (and Fiona and this thread) this week when my spouse did a funky version of a Scottish accent - it was something English - Irish and Scottish (better than what I could do - but we all laughed with him )
and sometimes in your writing I can feel your accent - like with the yer - ;)

Even with the singing -
Think I heard some Scottish diction just now! Ha!

And talk about a rippling effect - I smiled from ear to ear to imagine you singing - and then you have such varied music selections dear countess -bah! So fun!

I had (and have) my share of singing days - need them - meets verbal needs for my extrovert/introvert mix!
And also, like you said - releases joy into the air and releases Body stress. "Let us all sing...." Ahhhh

An old quote comes to mind from your post!
"God respects me when I work - but God loves me when I sing"

And while the theology is not spot on with that quote - cos God loves us always A when we work - or even if we are angry with HIm!
And because work is a gift from God (which is why he gave us flow) well he has to enjoy and live us when we use given talents - etc.

But That point about he love us when we sing.....
It always strikes something in me about the power of singing - God does love it when we sing- it is good for us as humans and it can cast off heaviness!

And like you said -we "need to remember to sing and play"

And actually for me - long before I had MD I had to grind out my contentment - I had to grow into "being" and even tho my testimony does not have any "major" milestone events that brought me to God - it was only when I let him fill that hole inside (a hole only he could fill) that allowed me to "be" and find contentment - it allowed me to sing a new song!
when I was "finding myself" in my early 20s - I really learned first hand the benefit of exactly what you talked about in your reply - ;)
And when you said the words song and play - it reminded me of back in 91 and then in 93- I had this long work commutes - and every day I would hear the radio teaching of chuck swindoll - Larry Burkett - Charles Stanley - and this show called focus on the family (which has some controversial views - but their daily guests had stories that fortified me - taught me - and some stories are still with me in small ways - )
And so even tho yes - I have a high optimism personality over all - I am still human - and as Martin seligman (thrive book) shared about how he shifted his pessimism to become intentionally more optimistic!
I believe we can all grind out contentment with knowledge - proper input - and right thinking!

The garbage in - garbage out idea comes to mind!
So as folks heal from a chronic illness - make sure to feed your spirit man - feed our mind with stuff that gives life - get under sound teaching -
this is how we get rooted and grounded in god's wisdom and joy
(Which is sometimes so simple it can sometimes confuse the wise of the world - who miss potent stuff)

We are not necessarily perfect - but we can find overall contentment as we able to problem solve and learn to live with joy!

So much wellness comes from feeding on truth and Finding mentors and teachers who can minister to your soul -

And for me - so much of my outlook "now" is really from dear ol chuck swindoll in the days of the early 90s - he even wrote a book called "laugh again "- and his daily teachings were so good - but it was also the way he laughed during and at the end of his shows - and I see now that he modeled JOY!
(thru laughing and all that) and I benefitted greatly!
- also - chuck's personal story is InspirIng!

Chuck had parents who kinda did not want him (really) and I think he was told he was a mistake - (something like that) and he Once shared about how his grandpa (or uncle) filled in the gap In his life!
Chuck's story is a story of how a surrogate can meet the needs when primary people can't!
It is is such a powerful message of how God brings others to fill in the gap in our lives!

It is such a powerful story about how things can really suck - but God had make the crooked way straight!

God can bring so much good from wrong - good from let downs - and good from rejection - God can bring good from lack or from situations that were bad -
he "works all things for good" and invites us to boldly come to him to recieve his love and to rest in him and to see how he provides and has a way of restoring our lives and then giving us "desires of our heart"

God gives us desires that we did not know we even had!
And many times it is only thru adversity and trial that this is accomlished - for some reason- we sometimes need adversity!
but God has very very good things in store - tomorrow and later - but also for right now - and that is worth singing about! :)

I was actually thinking about this recently also because of the forum thread I read here where "child abuse" was involved for someone - and my heart was moved for that person!

the righteous side of anger pissed me off because it is so wrong - and I am sorry to those who heal from this kind of early trauma!

But healing is available - God says we are new creatures in Christ - and because he knows the number of hairs on our head - because he is all powerful - and because he made our hair and our head - ha!
well he also knows the specifics of what each person needs to heal and recover with!
God can help each one let Go of the pain as they find ways to cope (there are some amazing books out there for starters) and God can use the past to shape and carve out a very healthy (and useful) future - it takes time - but he can and will provide the resources - people just need to ask and seek him....

And I have mentioned on Mel's site before how during my tough days of MD - I had seasons of listening to Joyce Meyer - and sometimes I played four or five shows in a row! It empowered me!
And side note - joyce's healing story also has Child abuse in her background - and she has testimonies about how God has healed her - she also has various resources For anyone who has similar backgorunds to work thru!
Joyce is not perfect - but her varied teachins have counseling aspects and it is hearty!
And so many people have some hurts from childhood - or from life!
Or from getting a disease that involves body bugs and then it gets labeled as Delusional! Not friggin fair! BUt God has good in store - yes he does!

And for anyone out there who has some suitcases of emotions packed from childhood - it is never ever too late to work on healing -
keep this in mind as you work thru MD- ;) this can be a holistic time in many life Areas!

and like rabbi Schneider once said - "time does NOT heal all wounds" - time by itself is not enough to be therapeutic - sure - it can sometimes soften parts - but often "time" just stores things or masks issues -
sadly -- time in and of itself is not usually enough to assuage and repair pain and brokenness -

but the healing hand of God can heal all - as he leads the people and resources into someone's life to give them what they need - and so I write this to the lady who shared her story - but to anyone else who also has a bit of angst to maybe work thru from childhood - suitcases can be - unpacked - sorted and new bags can replace them with an improving you!

I also prayed for everyone with 'MD this week -because with Mohammed Ali dying last week - it brought up some dementia talk Arond here - and ya know.......
I believe that folks who do all this healing for MD will likely never get Alzheimer's - just from what I have learned about some possible correlations with dementia - and how a couple researchers think it is maybe an expression of a third level diabetes - or related to heavy metal - fungi and toxins and then leads to dirty web like neurons -
And even tho I am far from being a grandmother -(I hope) --I smile to think that Because of my MD healing journey - I will LIKELY be very healthy in my old age - I could even sing about it! All this good stuff you are doing for your body is PRICELESS - and you are strong and healthier each day ;)

And dear countess c- maybe as a grandma someday - I will call you to help me possibly locate a version of "wombles of Wimbledon - common we be" to enjoy with -'grand baby or two ! Ha!

Oh and this reminds me when Joyce Meyer shared a child story-
Her older son once complained to Joyce about her having a bad parenting style!
Joyce had a great reply (paraphrasing)
Joyce told her son that no parent is perfect and then she shared that she (as a parent) tremendously improved from her parents - and then she said "son - the good news is that you can improve on what I have (or have not) done!"

It was a great reply -
There is no perrfection - but we improve.
Joyce had that freedom and confidence to "be" human and to make small strides for improvement -

We do small things to improve and instead of always seeing how we do not measure up - we have to be intentional about seeing the very real ways we are doing so many things right! Parenting is humbling - whew - I know ! But so is life - and we have to become more and more mindful of making sure we have helpful thinking !

perspective matters!
Oh it takes time - but when we get away from misguided thinking - from the constant put downs - or from only flaw finding- when we identify and get rid of
stinking thinking -
We can embrace more joy and more life celebration! More freedom!

when we get under solid teaching - and wisdom -
When we listen and learn from people who are seasoned and who can minister to our soul and mind -
we then get sculpted - edified - and strengthened!

And when we belt out a song from Annie - that kind of singing and being in the "now" is ----- it is life giving!

God does not always move us "from" things - because many times his way is to delivers
us "through"them!

And MD is one crazy affliction - oh my goodness - but God has your back and fixijg the body terrain is a key part!

and another thing that made me sad last month was seeing the practitioner letter on Mel's site is dated the year 2006- yikes - ten years! ??
Ten years have gone by and this illness is still considered delusioal?
after all these years the mainstream allopathic medical community is still NOT taking this seriously-

I saw a show about AIDS and how they had to have parades and fight to get research and medical seriousness - what will it take for MD awareness?

My heart aches for anyone who has this affliction - but I have extra empathy for those who were lables delusional on top of it! Wtf! Talk about adding insult to injury !
Talk about making someone more upset!
And for some folks - this delusional diagnosis means no benefits - oh wow -

so I do hope that the truth will be revealed about this illness - there has to be some more breakthroughs coming!

Also - it might be time to get an updated doctor letter here - because ten years is a bit old! In the research world articles used usually have to be within 3 to 5 years (unless they are seminal) and so I assume that a medical doctor would want a more current document (just a suggestion guys) -

And so just like the prorocol has advanced here - well I pray and hope the needed outside research will get done- argh!

I firmly believe that "cestodes" are involved - along with nematodes and the Trematodes - from what I passed and from my informal (but decent) research in the topic!
Then the slime - and fungi and the mycotoxins and bacteria and virusses that come as byproducts - and maybe for some dental exposures exacerbated things - and other toxins from jobs or life of travel -
But this is another prayer I pray - for MD awareness to be raised!

Oh and by the way - the reason I came to the forum today (and then found countess C's post reply) -
was because I wanted to share some information I found about DE (diatomaceous earth) and WHY we should NOT take de internally- or if one does - to only use it sparingly -
Here is "one" reason why we should say No to using DE....

De taken internally
"can perforate the colon" and in the long run it can pull from immunity - "there is discussion about whether DE is amorphous or crystalline - but all amorphous DE has crystalline and any crystalline is way too much" (per Don -5-2013)
So De might cause subtle - but real - damage to the colon -

I am going to try and find out more about it from this guy in one of my yoga classes - this kind of stuff is his area and so I will report back "if" he has anything to add.

And by the way Cc-
you mentioned a lot of nice "bath" options - ;)
And when you said Epsom salt - it reminded me of my very favorite magnesiums -
it is magnesium chloride and it has been shown to be extremely helpful for many chronic illnesses - esp. Lyme disease -
Also - there is a skin oil of magnesium chloride that some folks use / cheap and all natural too!
and I know a ND who uses magnesium chloide to help people with migraines - and actually - it was This same guy from my yoga class that brought us in some magnesium chloride granules - (I gave him some doterra essential oil drops in return ;) ) anyhow -magnesium chloride is really good for a bath too - it is supposed to be one of the most available and balanced magnesiums - and lupus folks use it on their sores. Just an idea....

Ok - that is all from lady T - and thanks again to countess C for the note - have a great week and cheers.
-and to everyone who reads this
- be strong -take things one day at a time - one hour at a time -
And try not to grow weary - but if and when you do - I invite you to see for yourself (if you do not know already) but see how awesome God is and boldly take him up on his word when he says he will give rest to the weary and he will restore and replenish - and "all things work for good to those who love the lord...."
Peace and harmony to you!


6:13:30 AM

Dear Lady T,
It's Cc here ( countess chrissie;-))
Thanks for your eloquent and expressive reply:-)
The two times my morgs was severe before I had no bath,I'm so grateful now to be able to help my healing with epsom salt,bicarb, mms DE baths.
Peppermint baths,lavender baths..
All good.
Will get some betonite soon when funds allow.
Lady T you are so right, especially in the midst of Morgellons turmoil we need sonething else to take our minds off the unpleasantness of the whole situation and symptoms.
And we need to rest our minds and get a break from It all.
I find cooking therapeutic.
I throw everything together often haphazardly watching the recipe build up,the colours of the various vegetables and spices and enjoy the whole process.
Colours are so important, I made roasted red pepper hummus last week amd it was the most amazing perfect shade of bright orange.
Had with lots of other colourful foods, green and purple and red etc.
It cheered me up.
Singing helps.
Last few days I have been singing..
..underground,overground common are we
The wombles of Wimbledon Common are we..
Making the best of the things That we find :-)
Who knows were that came from..
It's a children's TV programme I Watched in the 70 s.
Before that I was singing ..
Somewhere over the rainbow..
Amd also..
The annie soundtrack at the top of my voice..
The sun will come out tomorrow..
Bet yer bottom dollar that tomorrow there will be sun!!!,,,
I'm Not even particularly into musicals.
But,I'm making a deliberate effort to cheer myself up.
Cheesy songs.. Yes..over the top..Yes..
But I'm trying to rise above the quagmire of the daily Morgellons grind.
If even just for those moments when the multicoloured food winks at me from the plate or my daft lyrics echo through the rooms around me.
Its part of the battle.
When we say.. Hey we are more than this illness..
We are still ourselves.
And we need to remember to sing and to play.
Even in the midst of the worst of it..
Especially in the midst of the worst of it!!!
Love CC

Lady T

7:27:21 PM

Hey Chrissie - I mean Countess C- cos with a cool ancestry like that it does really fit! And the shepherder decades in the family line might have been a true gift to the family!!!
so often our culture looks down on some of these "lower professions" when we shouldn't - because not only do they have great meaning (like think of the care for the sheep and how that impacted economy and wares) - but I have also heard that many folks talk about how "active and physical jobs" are key to health and wellness -
Many active jobs can be a gift to our mind and psyche --- and also to our physiologic wellbeing - and whew - all these desk jobs and hours of sitting indoors has consequences!
- when I re-read your little post reply - that is what I thought of - how God likely "appointed" that loss of materials in the family in order to bless more in the long run --- and maybe keep the lineage not only around - but going strong - !

maybe this can also really ply to those of us with MD - maybe getting this affliction will end up helping is way in the long run - and even preserve us in ways we might not have otherwise had - I know MD was the catalyst for superior health for me - even tho it was such a friggin nightmare journey!

And Chrissie - when you mentioned the mess of the clay and vinegar body application - I FORGOT about that mess!
- I forgot how it would get on the wall - or later I would see a few dried drips on the door trim - oops - and how I found a way to apply with less splashes - and I forgot how I did get quick at applying the clay and vinegar / but how a couple times I would walk in and think "I canNOT do this right now - I don't want to...... Argh" - but then I did it!

Oh and side note - the docum. I saw showed the elephants eating it and rolling it - hmmmm and I have said this before - but I wish so much i had gone to drinking sonnes clay 7 early on - but "hey ho" I did the best i could to problem solve, stay stable, and take it one day at a time - as I fought for health!
Anyhow - with the body clay stuff -
I also knew how long I would let it dry and then had tank tops and loose shorts that were perfect for wearing over the clay (it was summer at the time)
I did this clay coverage for about 60 or 70 days (covered with clay and vinegar) maybe longer -
And thankfully I was able to be home a lot - but when I had to go out - I would shower - spot treat any sores with the paste (but I had less sores as the days passed) - and then when I got back home I would cover again - I also recall making a thinner and thinner mix of it - to where it was a "barrier" and so thin- and then I evolved to peppermint showers and covering with different oil mixes - as great as the clay was for that season - it was nice for the next mode. After the weeks of returning to oil mixes - I started daily gym visits and that also was when inside was doing better - but the gym meant hot tub - pool dip and misc - so my skin could then go a while with nothing - it truly was a problem solving process and trying new things!

Like during clay coverage days - when I found French clays (the green and brown and silky white clays at a local store) I mixed made a thin paste - and the hue was more tan - and was way less obvious -
I know everyone cannot do this clay covering - but Countess Chrissie - when I read how you used it - It was so like what I used to do - and I was reminded of the great relief it brought me.

I see in hindsight that those couple plus months of applying daily clay did more for me than protect my skin from additional damaging sores - it made me feel normal ((and I needed that))
In hindsight-- I see the relief it gave me allowed me to "center" - and breathe - and exhale!
and have a break from the skin symptoms!
the relief allowed me to "be" ----as I kept on taking my supplements and mms and healing my gut!

So anyone reading this now - hang in there -try things and keep at it!
I know this is hard and my heart goes out to you - but never give up - don't be moved my what you see because things are subject to change! Healing is at work and God is on the move - stay strong and take it one day at a time! ;( Hugs ;)

Anyhow C - I love the little picture you described of the Victorian home and all that - so beautiful - and maybe you should do some creative writing while in this healing mode - I have a few notebooks with some misc writings from my healing mode and they are very dear to me!
I know some people have to watch how much they write-vent this way - there is helpful venting and then there is unhelpful venting - esp if venting at times when one is really in the thick of things - sometime a good nap and some protein is the best thing for that! Ha! Or a massage !
But sometimes creative writing that has nothing to do with the illness of r current stress can be a VERY helpful thing.

Sometimes I would just rhyme words (like elementary rhymes) while getting some sun with my dogs- other times I would write "MD update" and list my progress - or I would make s thankful list (it helps attitude) mor I would doodle - or reflect on years gone by and smile - or make lists for the future -;) ahhhhhh
Or I would pray and write a favorite bible verse - and write how it spoke to me --
I also took photos and had some other "easy and cheap" hobbies - and I share this because I think we all need to find hobbies or small things that breathe life into us - even without MD - hobbies and little fun things are a gift from God and they fill us with meaning and refreshment!
Like I think Mel took up sailing and has his nature observing!

When I say to find hobbies - I am not talking about all the "adventure junky" and "wanderlust crazed" activity - I am talking about discovering simple things that enrich your life in a special way - and it might start with a daily walk - writing lists -
Making up short stories or drafting cheesy poems - also could be exploring used books - ( that changed my life because used books were so cheap I explored way more and found GEMS)
or it might mean getting a cheap paint set and painting - or just writing beautiful descriptive settings like you the countess just described here- ;)
In closing - the powdered Seaweed sounds amazing C, and the bath idea - very cool! I personally cannot take baths right now cos I took way too many while in the throes of this MD - Even tho some of my early bath days were special in my life - and I loved spending hours and hours of my adult life listening to jams while soaking in the tub (sarcasm there because I did not like spending hours and hours doing that- but MD came and i did what I had to do - we all do - but God got me through and he will deliver you too ;) )

anyhow - maybe someday I can try some seaweed baths - thanks for the tip - oh and I still do take some kelp tablets (cheap and good) each week - but less and less now.

We'll have a great day everyone a nd talk to you later C! <3
Peace to all!

1:18:18 PM

Dear Lady T,
Countess C!!!???
Now yer talking!!!
Ha ha you made me laugh!:-)
Oh how lovely that would be, Id give lots of money to charity, but stay in a nice victorian house with a garden facing a Cove by the ocean.
If I was countess, I'd be sitting there now with my little dog, in my lounger, surrounded by my blossoming flowers in my elegant garden:-)
Alas I'm just plain ol' chrissie.
Though I have to say a friend traced my family tree back to 17 th century Scotland and my ancestor was from French aristocracy and came to Scotland, lived in a castle ( there are still ruins of this castle even now) but somehow the money and titles were lost.
Then followed several generations of Shepherds.
They lived in little rustic cottages.
I'd imagine it was a hard life,but a good one.
I like sheep:-)....
Anyway I digress dear Lady, from the story of my ancestors being workers on the earth to your story... of the earth..clay..
I was very interested to hear your success with betonite clay.
I forgot to mention I was only reticent re ingestion of the clay.
I did purchase some and I too was going to take internally with physilium husk as a parasite cleanse and heavy metal detox when I read about ( I think it was levels of lead) it was newspaper articles in UK, saying certain individuals had purchased various samples of Betonite clay and had tested it in laboratories and it was over the safety limit for quite a few things.
So I just mixed it several times with Apple cider vinegar and made a body paste with it and it did help.
Messy yes..
Did I feel like one of those elephants when I had it on all over??
But there's also something liberating about mixing it up and covering yourself from head to toe in mud...
I think my inner child likes it:-)
My adult self however doesn't like if it splashes over the walls, floor etc..
Hey ho..
Can't win em all...
I also like putting a fair amount of diatemaceous earth into the bath alongside some apple cider vinegar, it's relaxing.
And another thing I absolutely adore but hhaven't done for years is powdered seaweed baths.
Anyone with insomnia, get powdered seaweed and have a seaweed bath,it smells divine, you will be so relaxed with it.
You can pretend you are in a rock pool.
The iodine is so healthy.
It's lovely.
I have two long baths daily since my third morgs infestation.
I didn't have a bath before during the first two times.
A bath helps with my healing very much.
I couldn't live without it again.
But yes, I'm hoping I can get the specific betonite clay you mention in the UK and take it internally.
Sounds like good stuff x
Lady T

5:21:09 PM

Hi Chrissie - I mean lady C! Make that Countess C- has a nice ring!
Your reply to all was nice to read -
And the only thing I really have to chime in with is just my experience with bentonite clay! So this piggy backs in what you said - but it is also meant to share!

Bentonite clay comes in different forms - and saws documentary on how some elephants cross many miles to go and drink from clay filled sources - which is a way they detoxify

And because clay comes from the earth - it needs to be cleaned for internal use!
There are many sources of bentonite clay - our local health food store (a local owned place) has huge jars of different bentonite clays - and then French red clay - French white (oh so nice) and some green- and cheap!
So For external use - I would mix redmond's powdered clay with vinegar and it was amazing on my skin!
Some days I would make a "tan colored" mixture for my face - it was less obvious then the lighter colored paste - and it also had different properties and as we all learn - Things need to be changed up often!
But the French white clay was special - silky smooth and I could feel something different!
And so during a couple really hard (active sore) months - the vinegar and clay covering my skin was a daily rescue - and thankfully I could be at home to do that.

When you read about the impurities - that's only one type of bentonite -
The cleaned powder is amazing! However - some believe that powdered or liquid clay should never ever be placed in plastic cos it can pull stuff from plastic!
And when I heard doctors offer a prescription for bentonite clay I laughed because they are probably jacking up the price and then serving it in capsules!
When we can buy huge containers of the cleaned bentonite - but so many are conditioned to only check with their doctor - who is not trained for parasites or for natural remedies - it all starts in medical school curriculum being determined with agenda - but I digress.

And this leads me to my sweet sonnes #7 clay- and this is my number one product for detoxing everything and anything - it is special and not only has it been cleaned - but it is in a collodial state and so it is a bit "charged" and works like a magnet in the Body- and over time can get at tapeworms too!
I hope to start a thread on the clay topic - or in my own thread I will share more about how I used it and how it healed me - but I overlooked how powerful it was and in hindsight I see it more - but I first learned about p and b shakes (psyllium fiber and sonnes 7 clay) on the "curezone" site back in 2003 - and nowadays there are too many quacks on curezone - or a lot of BAD info - but tons of people shared what they passed after 6 months of p & b shakes - and it cleaned me up too -
But somehow I forgot many things and always a healthy eater - I did not really know how to clean my inner pipes. I could have studied it more - but this is why I left a premed program back in 94 - I did not want to study the human body - but God wanted me to eventually study it in this way years later -
So anyhow - In 2009 I did my annual round of two months of clay and fiber shakes (used Apple pectin powder to break up the use of psyllium) and even with awesome results - never realized how potent it was....
So anyhow - when I finally brought sonnes 7 clay into my protocol - was when I turned the biggest corner - it was my antibiotic and was key!
The sonnes products are special and the clay is unique - and so I invite you to read more about it - and the best part - it runs between 15 and 25 a bottle - but should be used with fiber - and minimum twice a day for 6 mos just to really see - Great Plains makes a liquid clay but they sell it in plastic! Sonnes is in glass and it is unique as the mica is removed and it is in a collodial state and I took mine at night to not interfere with protocol - I will share more later

But thanks for your reply lady C - and PS - my dog is doing well - mms helped it majorly - and I still give home probiotics and for a while he was on monthly ivermectin - but he is holding on well - scarred nose - but healthy for the most part!
Peace to you

8:53:11 AM

Argh argh argh I was nearing the end of my long response and my phone cut out, meaning my response went into the ether!!
I hope people learn from my daftness :-) And if respond by phone have enough juice in it!
Thanks very much to Ruth,Gale, Peter and Lady T for responding to my post,much appreciated :-)
Yes thanks Ruth,I listened to the conference call on the forum it was good,you were there too:-) alas the others I cannot hear as I don't have a computer just this phone.
I agree it can Make people feel a bit vulnerable sharing things on here and I know sometimes people don't always know what to say!
And I am happy at any time to help others too!
But because it was my story of how I got morgs and what I'm doing to cope and heal it was important for me to know that people read it and to see if others had similar experiences etc.
Any time if you want to talk, please get my number from fiona, it would be lovely thear from you!:-)
Peter,thanks for the kind welcome!
you are exactly right! I needed validation. Especially as isolated again for the third time with this.
Peter, I'm a vegan so I struggle a lot with anti candida diet as before I ate a huge amount of carbs and cannot do that now.I still eat a fair amount but have restricted starchy carbs and upped my vegetables intake.
It's harder to follow the candida diet I think with a vegan diet.
Have you any tips?
Unfortunately I cannot get the protocal as I'm very poor and simply don't have enough resources.
I think it's an excellent protocal, however and worth every penny and at a good price I think anyone who can afford it should do it.
Im doing my best with what I can cobble together however and the protocal teaches me the things that are helpful which is really good.
Gale I would like to correspond with you!
Sorry you struggle with the isolation and worry re infection issues too.
There was a typo in my story. It said maybe Barbara gave me morgs? But it was her infected trousers that reinfected me a year and a half later( my second infestation) . The original infestation was absolutely from birdmites.
And the third time it was fleas/ insecticides that reactivated it.
But I'm trying within my means to work on all aspects of myself to get stronger.
It's really really hard to cope with at times :-(
Lady T( love your cool name)
Sorry you lost one of your dogs and that you suffer from your animals being affected by morgs too.
It's a constant source of stress for me too.
I feel so much for my poor dog.
Im glad you're now drinking the lemon n olive oil ( it's touted as good for lyme disease disease)
I have stopped it since taking MMS as I find my body struggling with what I'm taking as it I try not to over do it.
The garlic is strong but so is mms.
Gale I was very scared re mms and would never have taken it in a million years until my third infestation and talking to Mel..he said I need it.. Pure and simple.. So I trusted him and ordered it.
Im glad I did. It does help a lot!!
But.. It began to hurt my stomach this week so I reduced the dose and ate a little alongside it.
If you listen to your body, take it carefully and cutback if it is too much you will be ok Gale.
I already have a sensitive stomach lining, you see,so I have to be extra careful.
Just listen, your body will telL you.
Lady T ( can I be Lady C!! I'd quite like to be a lady!!;-))
I understand when you thought my post was complete as I didn't ask any questions.
Also I tried to be succinct as I was covering a lot of areas!!
And I was wary of scaring people as I have suffered three times reinfection now so I was careful of my wording because I didn't want to frighten any one.
I had just gotten through a hellish couple of months and was only just resurfacing.
But i definitely need support and I was reaching out for that , as I said we shouldn't do this alone...and I want to support others too.
We all need to be heard esp since medics and vets are not listening!!
Ha ha no fiona is definitely not my assistant in magic tricks.
Eh fiona?
She is her own assistant and her own magician roled into one!! :-)
I don't believe if people fully work on diet, bioterrain, emotional health,etc that they would get as badly affected over and over.
Im staying anti candida for life now and taking some meds even when I recover ( I better recover!!!)
But all parts have to be dealt with.
It's not enough someone following the diet and the protocal if they are in a toxic job,or destructive relationship with others or with themselves.. Then they will never recover.
Also, forgiveness is key..
If anyone is holding onto pain,or grudges or hurt from the past I believe they will not heal..they have to have forgiveness and let go.
Its probably a spiritual journey as well.
But this fungus candida is a huge part for me I have had it 21 years it's ingrained so I have a very hard fight to try get rid of it.
At present I take serrapetase first thing,then later vitamins, milk thistle,silver, mms,NAC, msm,aloe vera, oregano oil, probiotics, diatemeous earth.
Anti candida diet.
Epsom salt, bicarb soda baths and mms bath when you are at your ultimate number of drops of internal mms then it's OK to start the baths. Mel Says 20 activated drops no more then every second day in Bath.
Im only taking mms 2 x3drops daily internally of mms as my tum dictates that.
Sometimes I run out of something have gaps in treatments but Try my best to cover liver,digestion,anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral contituents.
I put my post alongside fionas as Mel asked me too to encourage new folk from Britain.
Hey British people, please say hello,don't be shy!!!
Where are you all?
As far as diatemeous earth goes I can only speak regards my experience.
I have used it for years, for me, my dog,my departed cat,internal and external no problem at all.
It has tiny shards that puncture the exoskeleton of insects but it does not do that to mammals.
I've used on and off and I prefer to use it now one heaped tablespoon a day, food grade ( work up to this amount) it keeps my bowels regular and they say helps detox heavy metals.
I used as a talcum powder all over for a year or so it did help with morgs, though Kleen Green is better.
The dog gets covered in it to kill fleas and eats daily.
Kills all worms but not tapeworm.
From my research people working day in day out in the silica industry get affected by breathing it in, as anyone would breathing in any huge amounts of fine powder to their lungs.
But,normal day to day domestic usage is fine for me and woofy.

I use it instead of betonite clay as I read that bentonite can have many impurities, can't remember exactly what now, but I am happy with diatemeous earth.
It definitely doesn't exacerbate my Morgellons.
Dusty environments ( not DE dust but dust dust make me worse,moldy environment ( second hand shops)chemicals make me worse( insecticides, pesticides),toxins, the wrong foods( allergens),
I've always been allergic to petrol,paint,tobacco and polyester too.
And very electric with static electricity and what helped me a lot this time around is silver and mms and they work electrically in the body rather then chemically which is very interesting.
And did I mention I was premature when born and figure that's to do with my immune compromise too.
There's many pieces to this jigsaw puzzle we have to put together!!
Yep,it's a huge fight we have on our hands my friends.
Oh to be liberated from it!!
One step at a time..
Check out... Israel. One day over the rainbow video.. On you tube.
This makes me smile when I see him, his Maori like frame, little smile and the rainbow and if I watch that I start singing and humming the tune for days after..
Whatever gets you through the night.. As John Lennon said:-)
Love me n woofy x


11:16:58 AM

Hello all and welcome.

Thank you John for your comments which go a long way in explaining my historical reticence with the use of Diatomaceous Earth. However, as was pointed out here already, we always remain open to new ideas and information here, and I am happy for those who have experience with using DE to share their thoughts and specific instructions as to how to use it (and more importantly, how NOT to use it).

For the moment dear Scottish ladies, I would encourage you to continue to post in this thread rather than creating your own so we can develop some community here for your geographical region.

Thank you all again for your loving support of this ministry and each other.

God Bless; Those who did not give up Hope got well!


11:03:21 AM

Good Morning Ladies,

I love this thread and the wisdom and encouragement that is being shared here. What a blessing!

I just wanted to chime in on the issue of cleansing and the use of DE. As Lady T pointed out, we all need occasional cleansing, but especially those who are dealing with chronic illnesses like Lyme or Morgellons which typically involve multiple coinfections and compromised organs and organ systems.

We are all conditioned by Western medicine to focus on symptoms and their immediate relief. In doing so, we fall right into a trap because it turns out that masking symptoms while generating new symptoms from side effects is big business.

The message being shared here in this thread is very different: Healing happens from the inside out. It is a process that takes time. It is complicated, yet at the same time made simple by the wisdom that was placed within us by our Creator. Our focus here is the restoration of the bioterrain and the empowerment of the healing mechanisms within us.

Getting back to cleansing, Logos has a very effective and very intense seven day cleanse called MagnifCleanse that is designed for an occasional deep cleanse, i.e.- "Spring Cleaning". It contains many of the ingredients mentioned by Lady T.

Colon Pro Health on the other hand is a gentle fiber maintenance cleansing formula that is designed for long term use to gain all the many benefits that soluble and insoluble fibers bring to our health.

Logos does not currently sell Diatomaceous Earth for a couple of reasons. First, it is very cheap and easily accessible, so we can't really offer our customers any advantage in price or quality by carrying it. Secondly and more importantly, like MMS, it has the potential to be misused or abused by people who don't understand that more is not necessarily better. Not to mention the very real hazard to those who might breathe in the powder.

That being said, much like MMS, DE can be quite safe when used correctly, and it does offer many benefits from binding toxins and heavy metals to helping the body to purge worms and other parasites.

Finally, one should know that there are those in the Morgellons community who contend that the ingestion of silica may actually feed the disease. Those folks are typically of the opinion that Morgellons is a manifestation of a form of nanotechnology that has been unleashed upon us for profit and population control.

I do find it plausible (and even probable) that bioweapons that utilize nanotechnology do exist, and there is no denying the research that Dr. Wymore has published shedding light on some very peculiar aspects of the fibers related to this disease.

However, as Peter often points out, we do not need nanotechnology to arrive where we are. It seems obvious that Morgellons is a symptom of mankind's many toxic influences on the planet. Genetic manipulation holds great promise in the right hands, but even with the best of intentions, we are unable to anticipate the ramifications of our expanded creative abilities.

Even without our influence, we know that organisms generally have the ability to adapt to environmental changes, share DNA and change forms in response to threats or opportunities.

Which leads us back to where we are and the importance of restoring and maintaining the integrity of our bioterrain. It is absolutely essential.

Love and blessings to you all.

John B.

3:45:53 AM

Dear Chrissie

I want to say hello and welcome you to this community. I also want to thank you for your post. Out of respect for this thread, I don't usually respond here. This is so that people who share a national heritage and a geographical location abroad can become better acquainted as a group.

Please know that you are validated and loved, and please feel like you belong. I hope you remain and I hope you commit to following Mel's protocol.

Strength and Love,


3:29:07 AM

Hi Chrissie,

Just wanted to say hi after reading your post. I relate to much of what you have said and know that there is great challenge with the loneliness aspect of this condition. If it wasn't for at least reading other peoples experiences and knowing we are not alone it would be so much harder.

I stress about the contagion part too but as we've read in these pages, once we clean up on internal world the external world will take care of itself. I used to see A LOT of white things flying off me constantly and now I am definitely see much less. I also get the lesions and my face is now the worst part. It really is not fair, I get it. At least we can cover the other parts of our bodies! In saying this though, the worst place on my body used to be my lower right leg and now this is healing really well.... slowly, but now they are mostly scars and I am positive that they will fade with time & some persistence in wearing them down :)

I too have some emotional issues around this disease which I know logically are not true or correct, and like you said, we are NOT this disease, we didn't ask for it, and we should not be ashamed of it. BUT.... somewhere deep inside I have some negative emotions on this which I am working to heal also. It's good to treat our WHOLE selves, learn to love and accept ourselves as we are, and I do believe this is such an important part of our healing.

I hope you and Woofy are doing well and that you are staying strong in your journey. xx
Lady T

12:26:31 AM

Hey Fiona - thx for your reply! Happy dancing with you!

And sorry if there was any confusion about DE!
I respect that the leadership here errs on the side of caution and I am not sure why they say no DE-
but if they tell folks not to take DE internally - I suggest folks go with that - because hey -there are many folks who got healed without biyearly de cleanses - right?

but for me personally - I know many folks that use it internally and I also feel comfortable doing it twice a year - or as God leads me. My favorite herbalist actually once talked about letting DE sit in water and then to drink the water part - I completely forgot "why" and he has gone offline the last year - but it is something I would like to follow up on! Further - DE is already in many food products and supplements - and my herbalist- well I feel he was more of an authority on it - and then I also just know what it helped me pass - yikes!

So in closing - Mel's suggestion to not internally take DE will be respected by me -
- but it is part of my healing story and so I cannot leave it out at times when I share my backstory!
Also - I think it is also important to note that Mel did not even use the exact protocol as suggested right now - which suggests that there are modifications and improvements all the time here - and if they NEVER suggest DE - well I am down with that - cos I do see they are still open to things - (but I "am" surprised that purified bentonite clay is not part of every healing protocol)

And with that said - I also know first hand as to how overwhelming this disease can feel - and for your mental sanity it might be wise to X the DE off your list and do what is suggested!

Sometimes when we are staying stable and coping thru ongoing crisis mode - it can help to follow a protocol that is right there! Ahhhhh
And because life is such a gift - it is also always wise to err on the side of caution - and let's restore health safely and slowly!!
Sometimes slow is safer - it feels stalled - but many times it is safest!! And so everyone keep that in mind if it feels like "forever" - slow and steady allows the body to repair better for the long run!
Have a good day Fiona - xxoo
Lady T

12:00:15 AM

Hey Chrissie -
Well for starters - your story post was riveting and actually came to my mind a few times since I read it a while back! Esp. the part about the bird's nest and dead bird - that has come to my mind more than a few times when I see the nests in my back yard!
I also loved your emphasis on candiaisis and the fungal connection to healing!

-here are a few thoughts for you to chew on as to why I think folks did not chime in - or at least why I did not....

First - the post seemed complete - and even after reading it again - as nice and detailed as it is - it seemed "complete" and did not seem to need or invite feedback - even though usually feedback is assumed to be welcomed - there are some posts that leave us thinking and not moving into reply mode..... And sometimes there are no words - hm....
Also - I agree with what Ruth said about the shy factor - because certain personalities express in differ r ways!
and who knows - maybe other things are at play - because commenting in forums is always a mixed bag as people vary!
Forum sharing is one of my least favorite venues - but they have perks - obviously!
And with your post - I was under the impression that this was Fiona's thread - and I am not sure how threads go here - having only just started my own thread ((the healing journey of lady t thread)) - and so as awesome as your post was - I kinda thought it was to fiona - and to all indirectly - but assumed mainly for her also from your interacting with her in previous posts - and in the story post - you even mention you refer to her as sounding like your assistant! So please start your own thread for your updates - if u have not yet done so!

And then another suggestion is to maybe add a note saying that "feedback is desired" - or - directly ask some questions - because honestly - your story post seemed like a share that was complete (if that makes sense) - and it seems like a question invites directly!

further - when I read some past posts with updates from folks - many of them have updates with no follow up at all.

And then for me - not only have I "not" had follow up comments after some heart-pour posts - I also have sensed some dislike - and actually was told something about it as well - but I did not take it personal because I know it is a natural social thing - plus -
I came back from nowhere posting here and wrote with such energy- so I can see why a few folks might have been turned off - or threatened - or jealous - or highly critical of me - or just not a fan of lady T!! It is what it is ....
but God also led me here and if he wants me sharing here then I know he will continue to give me favor - and for Mel and Peter to value my input is more than enough!
And when Peter quoted me recently - wow - how affirming! how encouraging - and while it is a desire of my heart that folks would know my heart here - I know a few folks might not ever warm me to me - and that is ok - I am too old - or seasoned with life learning - to let that stuff sink in - and as I am confident in Christ and not in a popularity contest I can not take it personal and will let God tell me when to stop sharing here!
But we all need support - which is why you spoke up here - <3 - and this is also what I get when I share and interact here - I get support too!
we need each other - which you so beautifully mentioned in your thread!

Oh and also keep in mind that this forum is very low tech (so 2008) - and this low tech forum has plus sides to the simplicity - but many drawbacks - like no notifications when folks reply - and I am sure I have missed comments for me - like I just saw Fiona's reply to me just now!
so I think another reason why there was no direct feedback to your story post was because right after you posted - Fiona chimed in and the thread evolved from there! And maybe because the way the forum is set up - the post seemed like one in a moving convo?


a few more things I liked from your post was the succinct way you covered a very long journey - not verbose (even though wordy is sometimes fine) but you smoothly hit some key points as you shared your journey!

and sorry about the loss of your cat - - and I do think our pets will be in heaven - on our welcome team when we get there!!
Your cat story also resonated deeply with me because my dog died in April and I think he was MD asymptomatic - our other dog has MD symptoms (other dog might have given it to me actually) and so I have been treating him all along with me - and so when the healthy dog died it was a shock (we sorta expected the other one to go first) so Chrissie - when I read your story share post - and came to the part about your dead cat and then your dog being treated - I felt comforted in a way that was very human and felt a love connection from one pet lover to another - and to me - this is sometimes what you will never see as a fruit of your sharing!!!
Further - sometimes people cannot articulate things at a certain time - it is later when we feel something of notice it - and I think this is another reason why folks don't share - human affect is complex at times and we have layers -
So do keep that in mind as you share in the future - you might get plenty of feedback - but still not get notice of how valuable your share really was - maybe God will give glimpses - but in heaven you will see so much more - but we always reap what we sow and investing in others (by pouring out) is a very powerful intrinsic and sound "inevestment" ;)

And I have a feeling that Those who read this forum in the future will appreciate much of what you shared too! Some of my most helpef stuff came from a different site that was active 8 years ago!

But I also think folks cannot respond when they are chewing on stuff! Sometimes it is very hard to move into comment mode after we read hefty stuff - as we process and think!!!

The commenting in certain blogs and other forums can be quite superfluous - and sometimes less is more! Sometimes there becomes this rote and disgenuous type of commenting that is almost obligatory - Or so shallow - and while there is a place for it - especially for those who are all anxious and cannot ever silence their thoughts ((almost comment junkies))
Well - as noted - my least favorite place to leave comments are in mots forums ---- but I think Mel, Peter and JohnB do a nice job at structuring things here - very nice - because social situations get messy and people can easily have power plays and jealous feelings or just feel honest dislike for others - because let us be honest - sometimes as humans we like certain folks more than others!

God made us very diverse and it is ok to be not be liked by everyone - it still hurts - or can! But in my maturing path - I learned that it is actually very natural to not have everyone like me - and usually has nothing to do with "me" - and a famous quote even says "woe to the man who "is" liked by all"---- ha!
And so regarding this forum and site - as low tech as it is - it is well structured and is meeting very real needs - it is a place of hope and LOVE Fills these pages - love!

And while it is ok to maybe dislike - we are still able to love thru it all those that do not care for me can just skip over posts with lady T- and if I feel dissed - I can let God clear up any misunderstandings or mistakes on my part! Like if I failed to introduce myself and what it!

- it is god's spirit inside us that gives us the grace to not be easily offended -

It is also god's grave that gives us the ability to speak up and talk it out if feeling wounded - like you noted here <3 ;)
And not saying you even felt "that" dissed - so my writing here is more general on the topic overall -
it is the Indwelling presence of God that has allowed all of us to stay stable and strong when criticized or dissed. We still feel ---cos it hurts ----
but God soothes and comforts and fills and restores - because HE is the one who meets all of our needs -
and no human can ever possibly do this at our core! God fills the biggest part- so when people let us down - they can't really let us down because they are not the ones holding us up- God is- and he knows exactly what we need and when!

Also - when I have "had" a few people respond to my posts (but trust me Chrissie - most of my posts have NO follow up) a but the ones that did have some replies - well it was because I mentioned them - like with Sheila - I said her name and how we shared the sore dig thing! And then wonderful Gale will always be special to me cos she was the first person I connected with - - but I said her name and directed it at her - does that make sense?

Another part of your story that came thru loud and clear was about the mold and viruses - and this info helps as a nice resource! It confirms what the leadership here keeps saying - and even your great point about stress was another reminder.

And then your journey growth with your self love and your understanding of emotions is spot on - and my goodness are so many people in the dark when it comes to some of this emotional wellness - so your post was rich my friend!

All people need to learn more about how to build self-esteem - how to silence the inner critic - how to chill when they cannot control this disease - or when it is not on their time table -
And we need to identify the personal baggage that mixes with some very real wounds - and so many folks get a chronic illness like MD -and then see they have other "personal housekeeping" to do - which you noted!!!
people slowly heal physically while they also learn a bunch about self-awareness - normal strengths and weaknesses - and like you so poignantly said - they learn self-love! And Chrissie - I just tracked with you the whole time I read your post!

Ok - one last tidbit and I am not just looking for things because you asked - this is legit!
all this week I have been making a drink inspired by you - and the funny thing is that I knew I read it somewhere - and coming back today reminded me it was you!

you shared about your blender drink - and I was needing something new in my life this week!
I blend a whole lemon - add the the olive oil you noted - but I leave out the garlic (sometimes I take garlic caps) anyhow - I add in some vitamin c powder and a heaping teaspoon of calm magnesium!
And it is yum! Really refreshing!
So thanks to you because the lemon and oil part was one of the best tips I have gotten from this entire forum - I might try the garlic ((and still laugh when you say your pet responds to your drink)) but my version is like all natural lemonade and I thank you!

In closing -thank you for following up with your desire for feedback cos it gave me a reason to share tonight!!!
And thanks for not just staying silent and burying your feelings - you could have left here or just kept quiet - but as you modeled this healthy speaking up - like gale did before - you show us all a nice example of communicating and clarifying - this is so key and we all keep learning more as we go!

It also gave me the chance to let you know how much your story stuck with me -
and actually every single story shared here has resonated with the readers in ways folks might not ever see!!
because "we are one" with this illness and the details of personal stories are really the essence of life -

And another thing I love that you chrissie reminded everyone about (in a different post maybe) was how those who do not have this disease do not have a clue about the sci-fi symptoms (something like that) - and that is also another example of your seasoning and learned wisdom that God has granted you - so keep sharing (as he leads) because your words are being soaked up my friend - and be sure to start your own thread if you do not have one yet!
Peace to you!

9:42:44 PM

Hey Chrissie, you are welcome to contact me too. I have google talk and I think that is free. I have never spoken with anyone else currently fighting md and I can never seem to make the conference calls. At least I haven't yet.

Why shouldn't you swallow de? And can you share what gave you confidence in mms as the idea of swallowing chlorine scares me too!

5:17:57 PM

Hi Chrissie,

So sorry that you felt disappointed that no one commented on your post.

I know that it sometimes made me feel quite vulnerable when I have posted personal things. Its lovely when people do post a response but it doesn't always happen. It doesn't mean that people don't care or haven't read your post.

Lots of people feel too shy to post at all but I'm sure really valued reading your story. So maybe try to see it as a way of helping others here as well as being part of a community.

Another thing you could do to feel a part of things is to comment on other peoples' posts and in that way encourage others and reach out to them.

When I feel lonely I listen to conference calls and as well as loving hearing the voices it is full of such helpful information.

Hoping that you are doing well,

God bless,


8:59:29 AM

Hi everyone,

It's chrissie from Scotland again.

I have to say that I felt a bit disappointed that I wrote my story here and no one responded.

A big part of this... Is isolation and feeling alone in it.

I wanted to feel like I was part of a community, but if no one responded then I didn't feel that.

I feel it's important that everyone is acknowledged, :-(

6:02:10 AM

Hi Lady T

Thank you so much for the fab suggestions and info! Great advice as always and much appreciated. You're like a ray of informative sunshine on here lol!

I checked out the cleanse products you talked about but unfortunately I couldn't find them for sale in the UK. I'm disappointed because they sound really good. I may be able to do the p&b shakes though, I'll have a look for that today.

I do have DE powder though I'm wondering if it would be as effective for a cleanse?


My logos arrived in the UK today! That's way speedier than normal *does happy dance

I'll go and check out the p&b just now
but in the meantime God bless.

Lots of love
Lady T

12:50:07 AM

Hey Fiona - just wanted to chime in on a few things you might want to do while waiting for the protocol....
I do not know how long you were on the protocol - but I think there is a little leeway to where they are in your system - I know with most herbs it circulates for a while!
Anyhow - this short break might be a good time to do some deeper cleansing - and it could be a "happy accident"
Maybe consider a colon cleanse - my fav is from health plus inc - and it is affordable and just wonderful! But there are so many little kits out there - and so I am sure you have some health food stores or places for quick access.
I feel so strongly about the small intestine and large intestine connection to morgellons - that this is the first place I would suggest folks start - with a smile but long colon cleanse ---/ but even a ten day one to start!

now foods has s new colon cleanse out (an a.m and p.m bottle) and it is 15 US dollars - and trader joes has some - but peek around locally and see what you did - it could be a really powerful thing!
Mia basic "colon cleanse" bottles usually use fiber, senna, cascara sagrada, and a few other things -and in my opinion - it gets at the inner layers of fungi and strands of misc!

The reason I suggest everyone needs to do colon cleanse is a.) because of what I passed while doing mine (omg) and b.) the immune system is related to the mucosa lining and the colon cleanse helps scrub things out so the mucosa lining works better.

I did the health plus inc colon cleanse for thirty days (and at night I took sonnes #7 clay- which is a "charged" type of clay and really helped me rid pathogens) - anyhow - I did colon cleanse for 30 days - it was crampy the first 20 days or so - but it was because it was killing stuff - but if it cramps too much you just take half the scoop for a couple days - I also felt good from the herbs - later I will share more of my story - but I used Healh plus colon cleanse on and off back in 2002 - 2003 - and 2004 - and part of 2005. In hindsight I see that I might have had morgellons back then, but it never manifested because of my aggressive colon cleaning- yeah for that!
And yes - we do want to protect the colon and so I took breaks - have to - and so I also did the "p & b" shakes - psyllium and benronite clay - and passed worms and misc.

In 2005, I was telling everyone about the need to cleanse and it was not received well - we were new to a job and I really started off looking like a quack. It seems we all have these blinders to parasites - heck - even after passing stuff I began to discount the experience !!!
Maybe because it just really seems like a pet problem only! But they say some people have bodies that are hospitable to some oasis yes that normally only like let's - anyhow - I think
we all want to dismiss the idea of worms - but worms are so vast they outnumber many things on earth (per fearsome fauna book) further - we were meant to live with some inner parasites - the first caveman had the signs of a few worms -
but Hulda Clark noted that it becomes a "worm disease" when the body has a breakdown - and I think the aggressive slime and fungi with MD allows worms to go from a symbiotic state to a "disease" state -

and studies have shown that fungus in the body can change and morph what toxins are there. So let's say you have some slight heavy metal buildup - well candidias fungi can interact with those metals making them more harmful - further - the worms - esp. Ascaris - can release Bacteria and viruses into the body - on top of any prexisting bacterium - and so many people have Lyme bacteria hanging dormant - or giardia - and well - all of this becomes the "crash" of MD.....all of this mixes with whatever dental toxins you might have had and the immune system is so burdened it gets weighed down - and organs get stressed - etc.

And so if the mucosa lining of the stomach is 80% of immunity - doesn't it make sense to aggressively clean it out? I think it does and healing should involve some colon cleansing ----

For me - I only now see how awesome I helped my body from those early years of colon cleaning - then in 2006 I was having thyroid problems and was praying about what to do----
And God led me to the "inner out cleanse" from body-redesigning - and it was life changing!

Anyhow - my two biggest problems - which I believe is what led me to get MD - was that I had candiaisis - likely since the 80s and then I had antibiotics too many times to even count- had so much dental work done since I was 7 and 8! Really- and then in 2010 and 2012 I have expensive crowns put on - and s root canal sealed - when it should have been removed - and I think this was the tipping point for me- and so I am actually glad I got MD and not cancer, MS, etc.

I also did not realize how powerful the sonnes clay was for everything!! Oh / and the potent need for colon cleanse - or I would have done it all along - I minimized it and think I did it in 2009 but got tired of it....
and I knew my gut needed to be cleansed - but did not know how and well - let's also just say that I am a light eater and I did not like vitamins - so I did not have enough nutrients coming in (and inside I had malsbsorotion).in 2013 I began using different vitamins and minerals - but still forgot to do colon cleanse ---

I have since tried so many brands of vitamins and LOve the Logos because this healing formula kit is really powerful for healing bodies-;)

And so while you wait - try and get your hands on colon cleanse.

Also -if it were me I would take a b-complex vitamin - get a low dose - never time released - and if you can get one with methyl b-12 (it is even better) - before I found Logos, Jarrow B-complex was my first choice for the b-complex - it is superior -as it has methyl b12!
You could also consider adding some extra niacin. I know the folks here want us to limit offering suggestions outside the protocol - and for good reason because too often people come with the latest thing they are excited about and it just adds confusion -

But seeing that you are waiting and seeing that every day counts - if it were me - I would take a little extra niacin because it flushes toxins out - it feels crazy on the skin - and I actually will have to share more about my experience with it - but you get used to it and side note - pot heads use niacin to flush out their system for a drug test - and it helps the - lol!
But the 1960s research of dr. Hotter showed that niacin and b-complex was effective for Curing schizophrenia - well guess what - the folks also had to get off sugar - and hotter called schizophrenia a genetic Disease that was also related to toxins and might even be a third type of diabetes - so interesting!
dr. Saul is the one who has carried the torch (per Doctoryourself site)
- during my breaks from logos I did lots of experimenting with niacin - a little goes a long way and it is cheap
And I am glad I had the chance - think it has value - But to get well sooner - I would have done logos from day 1 and stayed on it !

Anyhow - to This day I now toss a little extra niacin into a drink sometimes - I add b-complex - dash of flax oil (or olive oil) and maybe a slice of Orange - mmmm and now that I am more in aftercare protocol - I have taken some niacin on stressful days - -

But only do the niacin if you are home because it can (like a 500mg cap) can make your skin look bright red - it feels like light sunburn - but goes away in an hour -
But again - I only suggest this for someone who is waiting for protocol - cos it is a detoxifier .

Also - if a local store has some cod liver oil - this can feed you with some major EFAs - and omega 3/DHA, which is crucial for healing from this -

Als - if you have access to some food grade diatomaceous earth - maybe you could try a de cleanse! I did a ten day cleanse with DE (just add it to water) and it was really helpful -

Last thing to suggest Fiona - see if you can get some powdered vitamin c - and some HCL/Pepsin capsules or tablets
Both of these have perks -
the powdered vitamin c is powerful for short term use (it is never to be used with mms cos it counters it) but in earlier posts here - JohnB talks about powdered c in some threads - where folks asked him about intravenous C and also siping vitamin c Throughiut day! so maybe search for that info -
but I also know many folks (like my hubs and online pals) who use a lot of powdered c for short term immune boost - and during hard herx days I would use it too - not ideal for long term use - but can be amazing in spurts.
And then the HCL-pepsin capsules are something I found later (and many supplements - like the thymic formula --- already have a little tiny bit of HCL in them -) but Hulda Clark (parasite expert) suggests folks use HCL ongoing if possible - kills so much in GI - so I take one with my big meal of the day - esp. If meat - and I always take one when dining out - and I have some big time traveling friends who say their HCL- pepsin tablets stop them from getting sick when eating foreign food.....

Anyhow - sorry the 13th was bad for you <3

glad the oat bran cereal has been agreeable - this is how baked potato wedges felt for me - I cover them in olive oil and salt and bake - really satisfying and gave energy / but I also started getting more and more fortified from all the vitamins with our protocol - and i did not need to eat for all my nourishment as I healed (if this makes sense) because the comprehensive logos items feed cells and get absorbed so I was more and more satiated - more nourished - another byproduct of the money we spend for them - it is like food in each bottle!!
And lastly -
I sometimes think of your story and smile / you know - the time when you passed gold! LMAO!!

Can you pass some more gold soon so we can give some to our dear Mel!? Ha! Which by the way - I am going to that thread now - because a little help goes a long way.
Peace to you Fiona
And peace to all who are on this healing journey
- we are united and today we fight - we stay strong and M's God's grace keep us strong and fortified!

8:44:44 AM

Hi everyone

Friday the 13th - unlucky for some and definitely for me! Not only was it a full moon but I discovered that my logos kits which should have already arrived in the UK have actually arrived in Brazil instead. Whether they get forwarded on from Brazil or Logos send me out replacements I'm going to have at least two weeks with no protocol apart from the silver and the Mms. I'm really hoping it won't make too much difference to my progress.

I've been doing fairly well, the rashes on my face and chest came back but I've managed to get rid of them again with witch hazel this time. I still have crawlies but mainly just on my scalp now so it's a work in progress. Avalon organics do a nice peppermint shampoo so I'm using that at the moment to see if it helps.

I've started having oatbran porridge in the morning and my energy levels have risen dramatically. I obviously need a little bit of carbohydrate in my diet to give me a boost.

I'm still purging the black dots and hairs and also white bits from my scalp. Someone talked recently about stuff coming from their saliva glands and this has started happening to me too. They are little white blobs in all different shapes and sizes and they feel fairly hard. I've also found a couple of white blobs in my ear so I'm going to start putting a drop of silver in them. I'm not really bothered about what any of it is, as long as it's leaving that's fine with me!

I have everyone else out there who is struggling with this in my thoughts and prayers daily and send love and healing wishes to you all.

It's sunny today so I'm off to practice my highland fling in the garden.

Lots of love

5:09:03 AM

Hi there,

It's chrissie from Scotland again.

I thought I would share some of my story.

It started with a dead bird on window ledge and a nest coming in to my bedroom through an old fireplace in a rental property.
This was summer 2011, at one point my feet got swarmed at, and badly bitten. I thought it was baby fleas.

Then morgs symptoms affected me and my cat badly. After 7 months, spraying, cleaning battling, I spoke to environmental health who mentioned bird mites.
At month eight my cat took a reaction to medication and I lost her and I moved and took nothing( on advice of bird mites websites) to get rid of mites.

But alas I did not know I had Morgellons at this time!!

I'm so glad when I see people here, like Fiona getting on top of the problem so quickly and getting Nutritional supplements to heal internally.

I will say this, my Morgellons never went went down to manageable levels mostly specks hands and feet and was no longer infectious, I have been severely reinfected three times now. This is my third time, two months in and I'm fighting with all my might!!

I gave my friend Morgellons when I was first infected, she tested positive for lyme. Maybe she gave it to me?

The second time I was reinfected was through my friend giving me a pair of trousers.this third time it was fleas biting me as my dog brought flea infestation into the flat.

Also at night I sprayed permrthrin in March this year, to kill the fleas, my morgs symptoms went crazy I had that sesame seed egg thing dangling from my hair Again!!

In 2013 I got, just once the seed things dangling from my toes,it was terrifying.

My dog has morgs and has deteriated again,even though we fought it in 2013 and it got much better over time but never went away.

Now this is not a scaremongering story.
Yes it has been horrendous often but I have a lot to say here.

I know we are all immune compromised, I know we have to work on our bioterrain thoroughly.

From my experience we have to be careful when getting crawlies on the head if around immune compromised people or people with fungal issues.

My friend got it because sHe had fungal issues. A friend here Im getting crawlies on head every time near him,now I don't know if he now has morgs or it because as his girlfriend says. There's a lot of mold on his flat..
So, obviously I Try to avoid contact.
But fungus is a huge issue here.
Why did I never fully heal?
My gut reaction says.. Fungus..21 years ago,ago I got systemic candida from allergy to penicillin and most of those years i followed anti candida diet and many meds.

But I also think STRESS feeds the fungus,I had stressful jobs,low self esteem,lack of support in my life.
I have always been a worrier and the fungus loves that.
Every time you get stressed your feeding the fungus monster!!!
So I have to say in my experience true healing will only take place when we are able to self love And take the appropriate medicine and food!

The candida caused havoc, illness endometriosis ( operations) allergies, etc and then the weakened immunity that allowed Morgellons to thrive and have a party, ugh!

So what have l learned from all of this?

I made a mistake by taking one medicine then another, then another.
We need to fight this monster by taking an arsenal of Nutritional supplements that fight so many different pathogens at once!!! It's war!!!

We need to fight biofilm, help the liver, help digestion,fight viral ,bacterial and fungal pathogens all at the same time!!

Internally and externally and we need the Anti candida diet.

But we also need community.

In 2013 I hid away for a year listening to Christian radio for support, yes it got me through the worst.
But second time the lesions were bad long track marks, long fibres. Even worse than first time.

I should have tried to work on healing my emotions as well as my body.
I should have reached out so I wasn't alone, the Samaritans is not enough.
WE need self acceptance and self love to heal this too.
And support!!

It's not who we are.

We are not this dis-ease.
I allowed myself to feel bad. I felt like a leper.
Now I realise that was emotionally so unhelpful, because not only was I suffering the disease I was putting myself down.

It's not our fault we have this.
We need to be gentle on our minds and bodies in order to heal!!!

Now at present I am not able to afford the protocal but I am researching and talking with the lovely Fiona. Ha ha, the lovely Fiona( I make you sound like an assistant on a magic show..Hey Fiona.. Will you pull a rabbit out the hat or perform some special magical trick that makes all our morgs disappears? Ha ha;-)),

I am targeting this affliction with silver, going to get mms (after talking to Mel I'm no longer so scared of it)

I'm taking milk thistle,vitamins, NAC for liver and immunity, need to get a biofilm buster either serrapetase or Japanese knotweed, need to get cats claw for Lyme, taking Msm and diatemeous earth internally, turmeric for fungus and immunity, probiotics.

Will get some protein powder for amino acids. Just started on digestive enzymes.
My cocktail every day ( lucky lucky me!!) after food is six or seven garlic cloves( yum!;-)), a whole lemon including skin, olive oil and water Zapped in nutribullet and gulped down with a tortured look on my face as my dog sniffs the garlic,cocks her head and looks at me as if I have lost my mind, ha ha.
It's to kill candida biofilm And to help lymph nodes release toxins.
Now I'm doing all this this time after researching the protocol and deciding the essential things needed.
Of course if I could afford the protocol I would get it.
I urge anyone that can afford it- get it, it's good and thorough stuff.

But I'm doing my best within my means and my dog is taking diatemeous earth, silver, msm as well.
And we are using Kleen Green and it does help. I used apple vinegar to spray on us before, Kleen green is infinitely better.
I have lesions, track marks, long fibres coming out lesions.
I believe I have Bartonella and borrerelia as well as a myriad of other stuff going on.But Epsom salt and bicarbonate of soda bath every night really helps and Kleen Green sprayed afterwards.
Before I did not have a bath..a bath really helps people!!!!
I have black specks coming out everywhere,crawlies esp at night and bite sensations.
But since taking baths and some of the meds the bites and crawlies are not as bad.
Though it's a work in progress.
Last few days I'm distressed feeling symptoms near my friend with mold issues and also getting bites and fibres coming out my face cheeks and a lesion on my chin.
How dare it affect my face's the worst place isn't it!!
But i think the herpes virus is involved.
Over the years with lesions I tried everything, sulphur,mustard,ethyl alcohol, fresh morning pee( ha ha I kid ye not, the girl was desperate! ;-))

I find cold sore cream helps with lesions.
And they feel like cold sores are very itchy.

Attacking this on all fronts means learning maybe for the first time in our lives to fully love ourselves and accept ourselves even when with disease.

That is a hard one,but I think having community here will help me this time around.

I tried to do it alone before. Don't do it alone.
We all need to fight it together.

Love chrissie and woofy

Ps.. Sorry this is so long, I fought it so long on my own now I can't shut up, ha ha X


11:13:46 AM

Hi there,

I'm chrissie from Scotland.

Im very pleased that Mel phoned me and gave fiona my number too. It's hugely important to hear people's voices, people that are going through or have went through All of this Who understand.

Besides I was phoning the samaritans about morgs and I swear they think I'm a crazy woman...which does not help!!

I know it all sounds sci- fi to anyone who isn't experiencing it.

As I said to Mel I'm glad to speak to Fiona, she is lovely!:-)
We are both from the west of Scotland, no Bullshit, same sense of humor. We are both determined to fight this.

We talk based on our reality - no scaremongering allowed! Or we would give each other a kick up the bahookie ( Scots word for bum;-).
Seriously though, I was very much suffering with the isolation as well as symptoms and now I don't need to be alone in this.
That really does help.

We are not little morgs islands awash and floating there by ourselves. We are so ostracised by the medical community,ignored,insulted, mis- diagnosed etc, so we do need to reach out to others, pool resources and help each other fight this.

I Loved your post fiona, challenging the big man MD to a fight!!!! Ha ha like it, you scarey wench you ;-)

But quite right..we have two choices.. Either curl up in q ball and let morgs take over.. Or..kick it's ass..

So there's only really one choice then is there.


8:43:59 AM

Hi everyone

I'm now on 2 drops of Mms, the silver finally arrived and I'm delighted to report that I already have less crawlies! I didn't even have an increase of them over the full moon we've just had. What I did get was an increase of the candida coating on my tongue which I thought was a little strange. Why would the full moon affect that? I haven't eaten anything different so I know it wasn't that. However it is the nature of this disease to wax and wane so maybe it was just a coincidence.

I finally got rid of the rash on my face by using coconut oil (after trying quite a few other things) but the rash on my chest was a bit more stubborn and it was eventually sudocream (nappy rash cream) that did the trick.

I've been putting a drop of the silver in my eyes every day and I've tried using an eyewash as well but they are still full of floaters so if anyone has advice on what else to try I'd be grateful.

I've started purging some white stuff out of my scalp (it looks very like dandruff) and I still have the black dots and hairs, some stinging and pimpling every day. I have to use Kleen Green to purge because I've noticed that if I leave anything oily on my body it makes the pimpling and rashes worse. I also noticed that the things that work best to remove the rashes and pimpling on me are things that dry the skin out. I think I must be like Peter and will do better being dry.

I can really feel the difference the protocol is making, I have more energy, I'm clear-headed, my skin and nails look better and that's after only six weeks of being on it! I still get days where I'm fatigued and I have bouts of nausea but I know that it's caused by die-off so I welcome it when it happens.

I feel like I'm in a good place mentally at the moment. I'm ready to keep my head down and get on with what I have to do regardless of what the disease throws at me. I don't want to waste any energy wishing I didn't have it because that won't make me better.Fighting it will! Come on MD - do your worst because I'm ready for ya!(and I'm Scottish so I don't fancy your chances lol)

We can do this, one day at a time and one foot in front of the other.

Lots of love

9:10:03 AM

Hi Peter

Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated. No wonder we're all so good at helping each other - we've had such a great example set by you and all the other lovely folk who take time to share on here. We need to look after each other, lift each other and metaphorically hold hands through these challenging times. The comfort I get from knowing someone out there understands and is walking this road with me immeasurable and I believe it will contribute to my eventual recovery.

This last week has been difficult, I had an angry red rash appear on my chest which started bleeding and sore red patches all over my face. Coconut oil is helping my face but very slowly and I dabbed TCP (an antiseptic lotion) on my chest and it's clearing superfast!

Excitingly, I also purged a piece of gold this week! This is new as I've only ever had the black dots and hairs with the occasional piece of glitter before. I'm hoping that if I purge more gold I might end up with enough for a nice piece of jewellery.

The crawlies continue to be bad even though I'm like a ninja with the Kleen Green so I can't wait to start the MMS later this month. The sovereign silver still hasn't arrived *sigh and I'm looking forward to that too as I have lots of floaters in my eyes that I'd like to see if it helps with (as well as internally of course).

Despite my relatively short time on the support kit I can see a difference in my nails. They were really pitted, brittle and flaking/breaking all the time but they're definitely getting smoother and stronger. I can also see a very slight difference in the candida coating on my tongue.

I'm really hoping that one day John B will announce that chocolate is the key to curing this but until then I'm sticking rigidly to the diet and eating mostly vegetable soups,casseroles, salads, organic chicken,wild salmon and yesterday I made vegetable pizza with an almond flour base. Broccoli soup is my favourite and so easy to make which is great for 'fatigue' days. I'll pop the recipe up on the foody thread.

Nessie is a little shy but I'll definitely try and get a photo next time I feed her! *winks

Lots of love to you all

12:20:28 AM

Hello Ladies

This thread and your posts here are so powerful and therapeutic. You guys are doing more good than you know. Like a breath of fresh air!

I am inspired to see how you lean on each other and support one another. It makes us mindful that Christ the midst of suffering, help others.

Send me a picture of your Loch Ness friend next time you feed it. (LOL)

Strength and Love'

12:07:05 AM

Hello Everybody

Again, you folks are making this thread powerful and highly therapeutic!

Keep sharing. You are doing more good than you know. I am continually inspired when I read here.


9:06:11 AM

Hi Ruth

Thank you so much for that great advice, I'll order from iherb from now on. I'll definitely ask Mel for your email and will be in touch. I can't tell you how delighted I was to find your recipe for cupcakes! If I have all the ingredients I'm going to make some this afternoon. Holland and Barrett do a chia muffin mix that we can have too but it's quite expensive so I haven't tried it yet.

Lots of love

4:31:31 PM

Hi Fiona,

It is very chilly still in the North! It may be called spring but doesn't feel like it yet.

Good to read that you have started the support kit and are getting things ordered. Its a lot to sort out at the beginning but you sound as if you are doing really well getting organised.

Like you I ordered silver from Amazon and it took ages. I've discovered that ordering Sovereign Silver from iherb, although in America, works out cheaper than Amazon. On your first order you get a discount and also get 10% back on future orders. I get a 32 oz bottle of silver as that works out cheaper than the 16 oz bottle. They use DHL to deliver and have good tracking. There is a handling and tax charge but even with this added on its a lot cheaper than Amazon. I actually put in an order today and delivery date is 4th April although paying for tax may add a day or two on.

If you would like to email me about anything Mel has my details.

Love Ruth


1:19:45 PM

Hi Mel

Thank you for your lovely welcome, I'm delighted to have been among the best first posts ever but a little disappointed I didn't come first as I feel sure you must have a prize for that. Maybe dinner for two at an anti-candida restaurant?

On a more serious note, that's me been on the support kit for two weeks now and I've had a lot of nausea and quite a few stomach cramps which is a great sign. I'm looking forward to starting the extension kit and MMS after this next two weeks and I'll be adding monolaurin. Disappointingly, although I ordered the silver from Amazon UK it's been posted out from the States and is taking FOREVER. I possibly should have ticked 'airmail' instead of 'rowing boat'.

I'm only on a little tablet (I don't have access to a PC or laptop at the moment) so I'm a bit limited to what I can get up to online currently but reading the forum is enough to keep going for the foreseeable future. It would be lovely to chat but due to the fact that nobody outside Scotland understands a word I say (think Shrek but higher pitched) I tend to stick to emails!

I've noticed that the crawlies are a lot worse when it's raining which is really unfortunate given my location. You would love it here Mel - it's freezing! If tanning beds weren't so bad for you I'd go for one, but they are so I won't. I'm praying for a good summer, I think it would really help.

I'm off now to iron my kilt.

Love to you all,

12:30:37 PM

Hello Fiona,


In the early days of the web site I had the time to welcome almost everyone. That rarely happens any more, time does not allow it as often.

Your first post prompted me to respond as it is among the very best first posts ever.

The fact that you understand how IMPORTANT READING IS, is a great start.

Please print the FAQ's as your basic guide!

Don't worry about cleaning to much, as we have learned from hundreds of folks as you get better the environment will slowly take care of it self!

Reading the entire thread of children and Morgellons will help ease your concerns, as all the children have gotten well here.

Diet and rest are part of the sum of the parts and must be given equal consideration at all times.

Let our four mantras be your guiding light to your health's restoration!


If ever you wish to speak with me, just send me your phone # and we will arrange something, or come to Coffee Tea with Me on the conference call line every Friday and Saturday morning, afternoon where you are. The information can be found in forum thread under the title More communication is better.


I Look forward to following your progress as you take back your health.

God bless you and the family, Never ever give up HOPE!


1:56:02 PM

Ruth, Babs and Mary,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome, encouragement and kind thoughts. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found a forum with such a lovely group of people.

Ruth I absolutely will keep posting updates, reading everyone else's stories has been hugely beneficial to me including your own and I'll be looking forward to hearing how your progressing and thinking of you often.

Babs I'm so glad you joined the forum, we have a lot in common. Bird mites seem to be a recurring thread in many people's stories, it really makes you wonder what's gone wrong for this to happen. I loved your comment about young folk have strong immune systems, it really reassured me which is much needed at the moment as my youngest has just come home with a nasty cold. I'm literally locking myself in my bedroom till he's better! I'm looking forward to comparing notes with you ( if that's OK?) as we go along because you won't be far behind me on the protocol. And you're right, we will get better.

Mary I'm so glad your family are unaffected, it gives hope to rest of us that we can see this through without passing it on. The fly thing is awful isn't it? I don't see them but sometimes when I breathe in through my mouth I feel something 'catch' at the back of my throat and I am suspicious it's them. I'm so glad you could see the humour in my ramblings for what it was, I was a little worried that I would offend someone or that they would think I was making light of a traumatic situation. It's just my way of coping and I end up laughing at my own jokes for ages (I'm easily amused) so it makes the day a bit easier.

I'm off now to go and catch a Haggis for my dinner.

Lots of love to you all,

1:55:22 AM

Hi Fiona,
Welcome! I'm glad you found this site also and are starting on the protocol. It does work and because you are so intelligent, you already had started with the right kind of diet which you're fine tuning. I too, had flies, but never saw how they came out of me. Always seemed to fly out of the area of my head. I didn't like that most of all, but it stopped and hasn't come back. I didn't have any black ooze, but did have the kidney pain. I never got it checked out and it is gone, too. My family never contracted it and I believe that the cleaning really helped. I did put my son on Colostrom for a bit and Flora once a day which he still takes. Husband went on the full vitamin protocol for about a month and felt so good, he stopped. He didn't feel he needed it so let it go also because of tight finances. He had rosacea type stuff on his noise and cheeks, but that clears up when he avoids alcohol and wheat and exercises. I think there are so many people walking around with things that aren't M.D. but are fungal/candida or parasitic in nature. I think everyone should eat like this and take the Logos/Silver protocol and even the MMS once in a while. Anyhow, you will get better, it just takes perseverance and time. Your energy will get better as you heal and there will be less cleaning needed. I really enjoy you sense of humor, too! It's really important to healing and keeping the toxic stress/anxiety at bay, so keep it up! Say "hi" to Nessie for us!
Warm Regards and God Bless,

4:43:12 AM

Hello Fiona,
I'm also new to this wonderful site. Like you I came in contact with bird mites and a bite on my head. Then black ooze came from my body but is now almost non existent. I also am afraid of passing it to my son. So far he is pretty healthy except for some scalp issues. So I convinced him to cut his hair really short. He just graduated from college and graduated with honors. So thus far I'm hopeful it will not affect him. Young people have really strong immune systems so I will continually pray for your sons to also be ok. I will be starting Mel's protocol within a couple of weeks. I am anxious to get started. I don't really sleep and am always fatigued. It has helped so many others that I am hopeful. Oh yeah I eat a lot of garlic and use coconut oil in and on everything also. Take care Fiona. We will get better....

6:11:28 PM

Hello Fiona and welcome to the forum.

Thank you for sharing some of your experiences and I'm so sorry that you are having such a tough time but congratulations on starting the protocol today.

You've tackled things so quickly and now started the protocol promptly which I am sure will help to start to turn things round for you. There's a lot of reading involved here but there is such a lot of essential information.

I live in NW England and am now in my sixth month of MMS and keeping going with everything as slow, steady and patient as I can!

Please keep posting as it would be great to hear how you are getting on.

I'll be praying for you,

Love Ruth
Fiona **

10:42:02 AM

Greetings from Scotland!

I've been reading as much as I could of the forum for the last 2-3 weeks and decided to come on and introduce myself to all you fellow warriors out there. What a fantastic resource this site is, well done to Mel,John B and the many folk that contribute to make it what it is. If ever there was proof that Angels walk amongst us...

My story:
In December last year we had bird mites come into the house we were renting and I got bitten for about a month before I figured out what was doing it. At the same time I had severe pain in one of my kidneys and received antibiotics from the doctor. The antibiotics didn't really help but the pain suddenly stopped so I thought no more of it. By the end of December I had the crawling sensation, biting and itching despite not being able to see anything on me so I assumed I had a bird mite infestation. I bought every product known to man that is supposed to help (my bathroom looked as if a chemist had set up shop) and went about applying them with crazed enthusiasm. Then on Jan 2nd the inside of my mouth began oozing black gunge (I now know this to be biofilm). It was obvious to me that I was going to die in the next 24 hours and had my husband take me to the emergency dept of our local hospital. The doctor I saw was at a complete loss, shrugged and said "it's very black isn't it". He was actually wrong, it was darker than black - a whole new colour that hasn't been invented yet. Anyway the best he could come up with was to give Nystatin drops for oral thrush. I went home and did some investigation on the Internet ( inbetween writing my will - I had a lot of kleen green and sulphur shampoo to distribute between friends and family)and discovered it was likely to be either a fungal disease or parasitic waste. I opted for the former because the latter was too horrible to think about. I immediately started a good quality Garlic supplement and my mouth cleared up within days. I had been using coconut oil on my skin and it was also around this time that I discovered little black dots and hairs coming out of my skin when I applied it. Also, once, to my horror a tiny but complete fly. I knew then that there was an internal parasite invading my body. So, a parasite and fungus, it sound obvious when you're as clued up as I now am but back then I had never heard of Morgellons. What I did do though was start a good multivitamin, probiotics, msm, graviola bark (anti-parasitic), DE powder and keep going with the Garlic. I also instinctively stopped eating sugar and starches so I was on the right track but making mistakes with things like peanut butter.

So where am I now? Well, as time has passed I've become very fatigued, the crawlies are still bad and my skin occasionally takes on a grey hue. I purge slightly less of the dots and hairs than I used to and I've recently discovered due to more kidney pain that I have multiple kidneys stones and several cysts in one kidney. I started Mel's protocol today, the sun is shining (it doesn't usually) and I'm feeling very optimistic.

The worst thing for me is the possibility of passing this on to my husband and two teenage sons. It would break my heart if any of them succumbed to it and it's my main motivation for keeping up the crazy cleaning routine even when I can hardly stand with tiredness. The diet is easy for me, I was already a fan of all things organic and fresh and the only things I drank were herbal tea and filtered water. So now I just have to look to the future armed with the best weapons available to me for fighting this. I'm having to sell my car to keep myself on the protocol for the next six months and I'm not sure what will happen after that but at least I've made a start.

I have to go now because the Loch Ness monster needs fed and it's my turn.

Lots of love to you all,

P.s. sorry if my spelling is bad - it's because my spelling is bad.

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