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Laura (aunt)

4:41:43 PM

Dear Karen,

I love this! We have all had some profound message from out of nowhere happen to us. Thank you for sharing this.

In Christ Love,
Karen **

8:36:02 AM
Pennies from Heaven

It was actually a quarter...and it was the strangest thing this morning.

I'd just gotten up and put my head under cold water and was combing it out. I wasn't standing even close to touching the sink, or any piece of furniture. I was wearing a bathrobe I'd had on for a little while...and know I had nothing in the pockets.

My eyes were closed as I combed out my hair because I'd also sprayed it with alcohol after I rinsed it and didn't want to get any in my eyes.

Suddenly I heard a something hit the floor. I turned around and opened my eyes and saw a quarter...still spinning from hitting the floor and then land head's up.

This came out of nowhere...and absolutely no explanation for where it came from that I could determine. Interestingly...the force it hit with to make the noise it did, and to make it spin so much would suggest that it fell from something high...but there are no pieces of high furniture in that part of the room.

I do have an antique armoire in the room but the coin landed a good six feet away from it and if the coin had been on the top, so it couldn't have fallen because there's a little edge of wood around the top surface. It would have had to have "jumped."

Lol...I know there are those who think those of us with MD are delusional...and if I think that quarter jumped off the armoire, then I could count myself in the delusional club.

It was a pretty worn I took a pic of it and texted it to a friend and asked her if she could determine the date. She said it looked like 1979 to her.

Of course...I let my mind wander back to that year. It was one of those turning point years. We all have them. For me, it was a very joyous time because I had one baby and one on the way. I was young...just 23...and full of energy and health. However...there were some pretty serious financial concerns at that time too...and the very pressing realization of having to have something different happen to adequately provide for these two precious little lives.

It was also a time that I couldn't take charge of things (a very scary thing for me) I had to depend on others (my now ex-husband) go out and make that happen because I was an obviously expectant mother which was not a good time to go out and find a job. That's when I started praying...and praying a lot. I also had huge faith...and...some wonderful and almost miraculous things happened that had no real explanation...except that it was an answer to a prayer.

And so...I can't help but feel this was a little message Beyond...a little encouragement to let me remember that Someone much bigger and stronger than me is in control of things...and that I need to continue to have faith that things will all work out.

I wonder...are there those who will read this and decide that the DOP diagnosis for those of us who are suffering MD is accurate? After all...who would think a quarter flying out of nowhere and hitting the floor with enough force to make it spin would see it as a Divine message...if not someone delusional?

I also have the thought about what Mel shared with me yesterday. He gets numbers from his webmaster about how many visitors come to this site each month. The numbers are broken down into returning users and new users and how many pages per user are read. I was floored when I saw the's amazing how many people are searching for answers to this disease. Those of us who post regularly are just a very small fraction of the number of visitors to this site each month.

In light of this, I had to almost laugh when I reread what I've written in this post so far...and hope this doesn't scare anyone off with the idea that at least one member of this community could be "delusional." This disease does push us all to the brink sometimes...but this did not happen during one of those falling apart moments. It was just a quiet morning and business as usual...and then...CLINK! The coin dropped.

If there's anyone reading this who may be scared off by any "delusional" associations, please know that I am a very functional member of society and have been a competent professional for almost thirty years in the same field. It would be very difficult to pull that off and actually be delusional...especially in this last two years when I've been pulling it all off while fighting this disease. It's taken a lot of strong mental health to stay afloat through all of this and I attribute my having done so to my faith in God and constant prayer.

However..there's no explanation for coin dropping...but, in my mind at least, it did me a little extra glimmer of faith and hope, and I hope it does for others reading this post as well.



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