How I Cured Morgellons

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Becca N

4:28:06 PM


I love Ezekiel products and have for years. I only like egg and tuna salad sandwiches on Ezekiel toast.

Looking and mentioning food(including water) makes my stomach turn. It's the only thing getting me through this. I love their cereal and wraps.

I love how each person's body reacts, rather fascinating.



8:00:12 PM

Hi Amy,

I agree with Kelly. I lost my appetite for awhile and Kelly told me about her almond butter bread. It was delicious and extremely easy to make.

I think you'll be satisfied. I have regained my appetite.

Amy B

7:08:29 PM

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions and responses.

It sounds like what Mel often tells us - every one is different. Some may be able to eat the flourless but still gluten containing Ezekiel products like Ellen talks about in her posts and conference calls and some may not.

Thank you again for everything!

Love and blessings - Amy B

12:06:23 PM

Hello Amy and Laura!

I just wanted to share that I actually eat more bread now than I had eaten in over 4years before starting the protocol.

Due to what I thought was an autoimmune disease, which I now know was the first signs of lyme disease, I gave up all grains which meant no bread.

One of the MANY blessings of this website was that I was able to add bread back to my diet... it just so happens to be grain, gluten and sugar free. Oh and it's delicious too!!!

Both recipes can be found in the 2016/2017 Recipe thread and both are very simple to make.

I hope you like them as much as I do!!!

Love, Peace & Prayers,

I actually make Carrie's Hamburger Buns as dinner rolls once a week and typically bake a loaf of the almond butter bread every other week. Both are delicious and

5:56:44 AM

Hello Amy and Laura,

I, like Peter gave up store bought bread of any kind. I do however eat lots of bread that I bake from really easy recipes. They are gluten free, grain free, sugar free, and yet...somehow delicious! And, the curb my craving for bread.

Check out the recipe page for a bread I posted not to long ago that only has 4 ingredients.

Kelly :)

3:35:19 AM

Hello Amy

Please excuse that I have not responded sooner. I never used Ezekial products. Because I wanted to completely avoid Gluten, I chose to avoid wheat altogether in favor of the "Ancient Grains" like Buckwheat, Amaranth, Millet, and Spelt. However, Ellen was very enthusiastic about Ezekial breads and such.

Perhaps you might visit her thread titled, "New Warrior from Massachusetts." Their is a lot of dietary practices and suggestions that she included throughout this thread. Hope this helps.


2:31:16 PM

I just started the morgellon Journey 3 months ago and i stopped eating any type of bread, however i was craving it so bad i decided to go back to ezekiel a few times a week last week and i did noticed alot of crawling and bitting.
I dont know exactly if it was because of the grains or just the morgellons didnt like it.
As for now i will stop now.
Amy B **

8:30:16 PM

Hi Peter – I was talking to dear Mel and he suggested I post this question to you, as you might be more familiar with the Ezekiel breads and products.

I know others have eaten them while on the protocol, and I thought I remembered you speaking highly of them on a recording I listened to…..but we weren’t sure – so here goes:

For all warriors- new, ongoing and 100% – what are your thoughts for if/when these products are OK to try and if no reaction add into your diet while getting well? Or is this something you don’t recommend?

For me - I am in month 17 of the protocol and was plugging along slow and steady at what I would call 90%, with Lyme being my bigger challenge; so I had added back in a variety of things, this included without issue.

And then…..the tri-fecta fool moon craziness in Feb happened, and I saw a revisit of some older symptoms. After talking to Mel and doing some sleuthing together, we are hopeful that the little Lyme buggers may not be very happy with my protocol, lyme extension kit and full moon dosing of WPS!!!! Praying that this is the case!!!!

So, Mel advised that I tighten up my diet and get more rest. For the diet – do I need to go back to early days and slowly add more things in, or, am I OK with things that hadn’t given me issue until the tri-fecta? Ezekiel bread OK, or eliminate for now?

Thank you for all your wonderful research and advice! You are such a blessing to all of us!

Love and blessings to all - Amy B

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