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9:51:55 AM

Hey Micky,

Thank you for posting about the baby shampoo and Cotz sunscreen.

I use silver drops in my eyes but they still get itchy at times. I will definitely try washing them with baby shampoo.

I looked up Cotz sunscreen and there are so many great ingredients in there. I can see why it would be great for skin and promote healing.

Your part-time job editing the missionary pastor's book sounds so interesting. It must be a great inspiration and faith builder to read about the experiences he has had, and the miracles he has seen God do.

I am glad that you are feeling so well.

Thank you for the prayer :-)

This old song is in my head this morning, so I will share it with you. This is David Cassidy and the Partridge Family in 1970 singing, "Come On Get Happy".

Hope it brightens your day :-)


5:43:06 PM

Hi Mickey,

Thank you so much for your helpful tips...both are easy and affordable...and now we know are also effective.

Your editing job sounds like so much fun. God's hand is evident in you getting this sounds like a real win / win.



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