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10:40:23 AM

Hi Micky,

Thank you for the kind words and healing blessing :-)

It's really great to hear that you are doing so well.

It sounds like you might have had a herx, but I'm glad that it's over and you're feeling good again.

I love your joyful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

I hope that this year brings you complete health and many blessings.


5:51:55 PM
May the falls of restored health bless you

Hi All
I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. As I feel better and better, I find that I am spending less time at the computer and more time working and engaging with others face-to-face.

Its been almost 9 months now since I've been on the protocol and I have been feeling very well. The only set back recently was a runny nose along with a slight headache and aches all over my body for over a week. I'm better now and have gained back some of the weight I lost, which puts me at a whopping 96 pounds. My goal for this year is to break 100!

I'm still pretty strict on the protocol and diet and it has become a way of life. I do, however, have a cheat day every month where I might have pizza or pasta, but, thank you Lord, I haven't felt any ill effects.

I am sleeping much better these nights and continue to nap when I can. I itch occasionally but rarely feel any stinging. I still find some fibers is my bedding but nothing compared to the past few years.

I am grateful to those who have gone before me and continue to post, like Mary. I loved hearing that she remains 100% healed and now eats what she wants. That's very encouraging. I am blessed by my friends in the community who stay in touch even when I am out of touch. Thank you especially Chrissie, Leslie, and Cheryl.

May healing blessings rain down on you all!

When I think about the Lord
How He saved me
How He raised me
How He filled me
With the Holy Ghost
How He healed me
To the uttermost
When I think about the Lord
How He picked me up
And turned me around
How He raised my feet
On solid ground
It makes me want to shout
Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!
Lord, you're worthy
Of all the glory,
and all the honor,
and all the praise!!!

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