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12:21:33 PM

Hi Cass,

Thanks for reaching out. So glad you found your way here.

However, chronic diarrhea can come from many sources and it alone can be life threatening due to electrolyte depletion and dehydration. I suggest you seek immediate medical attention to determine what the cause of your diarrhea and malabsorption is.

It does not sound like you are able to derive much benefit from the protocol at present, so stop the supplements, give your GI tract a rest and go see your doctor.

What you eat is critical to recovery, and avoiding allergens is great, but eating a high sugar diet will sabotage any progress you might make.

NO ONE can help you or diagnose you over this or any other forum without access to much more information than you have shared - even if we were practitioners. A good doctor can quickly rule out many of the potential factors contributing to your current condition and help you zero in on the cause(s).

From there, we can make some suggestions about natural means to support his or her treatment plan. You may reach me through the Logos website or Mel can give you my email address.

Please keep us posted and let me know if you or your doctor have any questions or concerns about our protocol.



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